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Martial World - Chapter 321


Chapter 321 - Hidden Murderous Intent




Lin Ming threw the long spear. With a metallic clang, the Purple Comet Spear's base was suddenly connected by a taut red chain!

Fire that had manifested into a crimson red chain had attached onto the end of the spear!

’’Total Annihilation!’’

Lin Ming waved the red chain in his hand, with himself as the center. The Purple Comet Spear drew a massive full moon. Wherever the spear went, Corrupt Wolves exploded like bags of blood!

In only a single breath of time, over 20 Corrupt Wolves died a horrible death. Then Lin Ming moved, instantly appearing in another place on the battlefield!

With a shout, he swept a giant circle with his spear once again, over a dozen Corrupt Wolves decimated!

’’This is just too inhuman...’’

Shi Linkai gulped. Although a Corrupt Wolf wasn't considered too strong, it had a robust and hardy body. To cut a wolf in half from the waist took at least 80 or 90% of Shi Linkai's strength. Once he chopped too many times, his arm began to feel sore.

But every time Lin Ming shot out with his spear, he would pierce seven or eight beasts. With a sweep, more than a dozen would perish.

This was inhumanly savage power!

Lin Ming's power was already far beyond the level of a normal martial artist. Especially after he had completed a small portion of Tempering Marrow within his right hand, his strength had risen to another level. It could simply be called unstoppable, able to break through even the toughest defenses.

Not only that, but the Purple Comet Spear was an incomparably sharp weapon. Although the Corrupt Wolf had a strong defense, that was only in comparison to a normal martial artist. In front of the top high-grade earth-step Purple Comet Spear, the defensive capabilities of a Corrupt Wolf were no different than tofu!

As Lin Ming killed his way around the battlefield, Corrupt Wolves were reaped like wheat. Against these second-level Corrupt Wolves, there was no need to use his vibrating true essence. Slaughtering them with the spear was the best way to conserve his strength.

The spear was a weapon that was inherently forged to engage in mass warfare.

At this moment, Lin Ming heard a roar and saw a massive two-headed black wolf rushing towards him. Two-headed Corrupt Wolf?

This was a top third-level vicious beast, and its strength was comparable to a peak Pulse Condensation master.

Then there was another roar, and next to the two-headed wolf was a giant Iron Storm Bear. Its strength was no less than that of the two-headed Corrupt Wolf. And what was terrifying was that the Iron Storm Bear had an amazing defensive power. Within all of the third-level vicious beasts in the Seven Profound territory, it had the absolute strongest defense!

In a massive assault of forces, a vicious beast with astounding defense was much more formidable and difficult to deal with than an agile vicious beast!

Two top third-level vicious beasts appeared, charging straight towards the army's formation!

If these vicious beasts were to rush into the formation, they would easily be able to rip their way through the soldiers' tower shield wall, creating a massive opening. Once a gap was opened in the defenses, vicious beasts would begin pouring in from there!

Lin Ming chose to greet them first.

Shi Linkai's eyes widened as he watched Lin Ming run over. He also wanted to run over and help, at least to divert the attention of the Corrupt Wolves surrounding him so that Lin Ming would be able to kill those two top third-level vicious beasts more easily. But at this moment, Lin Ming's speed reached an extreme, and he suddenly turned into a fading afterimage.

As his steps treaded forwards with Golden Roc Shattering the Void, the packs of Corrupt Wolves that tried to block Lin Ming were simply useless.

Pu pu pu!

Blood sprayed into the air. All of the Corrupt Wolves in Lin Ming's path were torn apart by his spear! As Lin Ming rapidly moved ahead, all that was left behind was a brilliant fog of blood!


Facing this insolent human, the Iron Storm Bear sent out angry roars. The Two-headed Corrupt Wolf King also howled, rushing towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming didn't even pause, his spear pierced forwards!


An azure spear light cut through the void, slashing straight towards the Iron Storm Bear. Its chest was ripped in half, blood gushing out!

The azure spear light actually hadn't even been given the slightest pause by the Iron Storm Bear's tenacious body. This was a top third-level vicious beast known for having the strongest level of defensive power within the Seven Profound territory, but in front of the Purple Comet Spear, its vaunted defenses were nothing more than thin paper!

After the azure spear light ripped through the Iron Storm Bear, its forward force still hadn't stopped, cutting towards the Two-Headed Corrupt Wolf King. The Two-Headed Corrupt Wolf King was famous for its speed, but it simply didn't have a chance to respond;its body was split vertically in half, one head on each side!

A single spear move slayed two top third-level vicious beasts! It was no different to killing an ordinary Corrupt Wolf!

Shi Linkai was dumbfounded. Even Zhuang Fan, Lu Wuyin, and the others sucked in a breath of cold air. What sort of cultivation was that? They couldn't imagine how an early Pulse Condensation period martial artist could be so strong that they could instantly kill two third-level vicious beasts that were equal to peak Pulse Condensation martial artists. Not only that, but he had only used a single spear move to kill both of them!

Before, they didn't know just what it meant for Lin Ming to become champion of the Seven Profound Valleys' Total Faction Martial Meeting. They only knew that Lin Ming was a great and powerful figure, and had created a record that had never existed in the past 200 years in the 36 countries by becoming the champion of the Total Faction Martial Meeting. But they never knew just what sort of concept that was. But now that they had a front-seat view, they were able to experience what this title truly meant.

After he killed the two third-level vicious beasts, Lin Ming's footsteps suddenly paused, and his spear slowed down. In that instant, he had once again felt a faint hidden murderous intent from the crowds of people around him...

’’You want to hide yourself with the help of the crowd?’’

Lin Ming coldly snorted. His soul force and perception already far surpassed the Seven Profound Valleys' Mirage Faction's. When he first struck out, he had felt this faint murderous intent. Now, after killing the two third-level vicious beasts, he felt it again.

But by the time he expanded his perception, he had lost trace of this person, and was unable to find him.

This caused Lin Ming to furrow his eyebrows. This enemy of his must be well versed in concealment techniques, and was able to use the killing intent of the 10,000 strong army to hide from him. Was this someone sent by Ouyang Boyan?

After the Moon Seizing Sect had been annihilated, all of the Xiantian masters were recalled to the Seven Profound Valleys' Total Faction. With the collaboration of the Array Faction and an array master of divine Phoenix Island, they had been able to set up a giant reinforced array formation around the mountain rage and close it off, to prevent a sneak attack from the South Sea Demon Region. Since this happened, Ouyang Boyan had probably left behind several trustworthy subordinates within Sky Fortune Kingdom.

Murdering a Seven Profound Valleys direct disciple was no minor matter. If this matter was made known, then Ouyang Boyan would most likely be put to death. He could probably only trust his personal apprentice...

Logically speaking, an apprentice of Ouyang Boyan should be someone from the Acacia Faction. But Lin Ming didn't think that a disciple from the Acacia Faction would be so proficient in concealment techniques. If it wasn't for Lin Ming's prodigious soul perception, he would never have been aware of this.

With a hidden enemy lurking behind him, Lin Ming couldn't feel at ease. 'I can't expose any more of my strength! This enemy probably hasn't noticed that I've discovered him. In this case, I have to keep my cards in hand and lure him in, take him by surprise, and kill him in that moment.'

Lin Ming's single spear move that had killed two third-level vicious beasts may have been shocking to a common martial artist, but it was simply nothing to a genius of the Seven Profound Valleys. Not to mention Lin Ming, Jiang Lanjian, Qin Wuxin, or even the most disappointing direct disciple Fang Qi, would be able to accomplish the same.

Those two monsters were equal to a normal peak Pulse Condensation martial artist, but Huan Xiaodie and Fang Qi had battle power that reached the early Houtian realm, or even the middle Houtian realm.

With such a difference in strength, instantly killing a pair of third-level vicious beasts was simple!

Thus, Lin Ming's performance just now was all within this hidden killer's expectations.

Lin Ming had to keep his other cards hidden. He needed to hide his strength so he could play the pig to eat the tiger.

'I will suppress my strength to the peak of the normal middle Houtian realm, and lure you in!'

During the stampede of the beast tide, this surrounding chaos was naturally the best time to assassinate Lin Ming. But it was also the best time for Lin Ming to kill this hidden enemy of his. Lin Ming didn't want to leave a ticking time bomb at his side;he wanted to completely uproot and eradicate all of Ouyang Boyan's influence.

’’Total Annihilation!’’

’’Sweeping Wind, Scattering Clouds!’’

Every move that Lin Ming made was a wide-range attack. With the flame chain on the spear end, the Purple Comet Spear was like a Flood Dragon diving in a sea of blood. Wherever it went, blood would rain!

Within the chaotic rush of clashing forces, the spear was absolutely the best weapon!

Of course, the requirement was to have an incomparably thick true essence and endurance in order to support such terrifying killing speeds!

But these were two aspects that were no problem for Lin Ming;he did not lack them at all.

His blood vitality was potent, and every breath he breathed out formed large snakes in the air that lingered on.


Lin Ming gripped the fiery red chain, the spear point drawing a huge half-moon arc. Blood spattered all over Lin Ming, covering his entire bodies muscle in a deep crimson shade. The veins of his body bulged out, just like twisted scarlet earthworms.

Puff puff puff!

The garrison army of Green Mulberry City took Lin Ming as the spearpoint of the army and courageously marched forwards. Within 100 feet of Lin Ming, vicious beasts were simply unable to approach. Once they did, they were completely destroyed by the spear light!

Even if there was an occasional third-level vicious beast that appeared with power comparable to a Pulse Condensation martial artist, it was still no exception. It would be just like an ordinary vicious beast, instantly slaughtered by Lin Ming!

’’This is too fierce;is this the power of the Seven Profound Valleys' Total Faction Martial Meeting Champion?’’

’’The vicious beasts that he has killed by himself are more than the rest of us combined!’’ Zhuang Fan's cultivation was just enough to reach the Pulse Condensation period, and he also fought with a sword, so his killing speed was the slowest. As he saw Lin Ming rush into the depths of a pack of vicious beasts, and be no different than a tiger within a flock of sheep, he couldn't help but envy. ’’Brother Wanshan, your Lin Family has truly produced a peerless monstrous talent. Within the next several hundred years, your Lin Family will probably become the top family of Sky Fortune Kingdom.’’

Lin Wanshan wasn't as happy as Zhuang Fang expected. Instead, he sighed, shaking his head, his heart bitter.

Some time ago, when the snow had still been falling, Lin Ming had obtained a great honor for the Lin Family to truly earn face for posterity.

But now that Lin Wanshan saw Lin Ming's formidable strength with his own eyes, he suddenly had very complicated thoughts and emotions surging within him. A question lingered within his heart, one that he couldn't let go of.

Could Lin Ming really be considered a disciple of the Lin Family?

Before Lin Ming had grown up, he hadn't even used a single bit of the Lin Family's resources!

Lin Wanshan even knew that when Lin Ming's childhood girlfriend had abandoned him for someone else, he hadn't been able to receive any help from the family. Lin Ming probably didn't feel much of a sense of belonging to the Lin Family...

If Lin Wanshan had anyone to blame, he could only blame his own Lin Family for not being able to see someone with such an outstanding talent in front of them. They had missed the chance to raise such a precious uncut jade. Otherwise, if they had been able to initially offer him help, provide resources, and help him recapture his first love, or even confront the Zhu Family because of that, then Lin Ming would have a deep sense of belonging towards the Lin Family. But now...

Lin Wanshan sighed with regret. But then, his heart suddenly skipped a beat. His eyes widened as he looked at a red shadow not too far away that was heading towards them.

’’This is bad, that is... a fourth-level vicious beast, Scarlet Flood Python!’’


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