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Martial World - Chapter 318


Chapter 318 - The Beast Tide Comes




’’Yours?’’ Zhao Yanming was stunned.

’’Mm... a Senior gifted this mount to me.’’ To a Revolving Core master like Ancestor Chi Yan, a vicious beast mount that could reach the Xiantian realm naturally wasn't anything too precious.

’’Gifted...’’ Zhao Yanming gulped, unable to imagine what kind of character this senior of Lin Ming's was. They could actually so casually gift away a tamed vicious beast with Xiantian potential like this?

Of the 36 countries and 16 martial families of the Seven Profound territory, only Grace Venerate Nation, the Zhang Family, and a few other forces had a Xiantian master;the other forces simply didn't have the ability to cultivate one. If a country had a Xiantian master guarding them, they would sleep peacefully, never needing to worry that an enemy would invade. They would have the upper hand in any diplomatic negotiations. Basically, what they said was what would be done.

If a country offended them, a Xiantian master could simply take the head of their emperor!

Thus, a vicious beast with potential to reach the Xiantian realm as an adult had an incalculable value.

Yet this sort of all-powerful creature was actually gifted to Lin Ming...

Zhao Yanming didn't know how to feel;he just stared with his mouth agape. Ultimately, he could only feel regret that this young Winged Flood Dragon hadn't grown up into an adult yet. Otherwise, with the support of a Xiantian level fighter, it wouldn't be a major problem dealing with this beast tide.

As Lin Ming returned, this message was deliberately spread forth from the City Lord's propaganda office, washing through the entire Green Mulberry City like a tide. In the morning, there were 90% less people planning on fleeing the incoming calamity. There were even some who had left, but returned after receiving the news.

The common folk didn't know just what sort of role someone like Lin Ming could play in a beast tide invasion. But, what they knew was that Lin Ming was a true hero who walked the streets of Green Mulberry City. With Lin Ming present, the people felt an invisible and vibrant faith stirring their hearts and souls.

Noon, City Lord Mansion -

Lin Ming's return alarmed all of the high ranking individuals within Green Mulberry City. If this were the past, then if someone with Lin Ming's status returned, a grand scale banquet would be held to welcome him home. The entire Green Mulberry City, including all of the celebrities and top figures of the other nearby cities would gather at this banquet, and experience the fabulous manner of Green Mulberry City's hero.

But now, faced with an enemy that brought the threat of annihilation, everyone was in a panic and weren't able to set a banquet in time.

Within the conference hall in the center of the City Lord Mansion, six or seven people had gathered around a table. These people were all of the major power players of Green Mulberry City. There were the heads of the major families, as well as Green Mulberry City's City Lord and Deputy City Lord.

Green Mulberry City's City Lord Zhao Yanming stood up first and said, ’’Young Hero Lin. I would first like to thank you on behalf of all the young and old citizens of Green Mulberry City. After the eruption of the beast tide, Young Hero Lin bravely crossed a great distance especially to return home.’’

Lin Ming waved his hand and said, ’’City Lord Zhao, there is no need to speak such kind words. I am also a citizen of Green Mulberry City.’’

’’Mm... then I'll dispense with the small talk. The reason that we are gathered here in this meeting room is to discuss how Green Mulberry City should resist against a potential beast tide outbreak. First, let me introduce the others present. This here is the commander of Green Mulberry City's 10,000 garrison troops, General Zhu Ping.’’

Zhao Yanming pointed to a middle-aged sitting at the side of the table. This man's cultivation was at the middle Pulse Condensation period, and he had a pair of thick and heavy eyebrows. His eyes were raised, making him look particularly sharp.

’’Zhu Ping greets Young Hero Lin.’’ Zhu Ping rose from his seat, cupping his fists in respect. Although he was just respectfully greeting him, Lin Ming felt a slight chilling murderous intent in that smiling face.

Zhu Ping?

Someone from the Zhu Family?

Green Mulberry City had several prominent families. There were the Lin, Zhu, Zhuang, Xie, and Lu families. Of these, the Zhu Family had once been the top family of Green Mulberry City. This was because an empress concubine had been born from them, and that empress had a son who also became a titled prince. This was the current Tenth Prince Yang Zhen, and was also the greatest threat to the Crown Prince's ascendancy to the throne.

But later, the Zhu Family genius junior Zhu Yan had come into various conflicts with Lin Ming, with the end result of the Zhu Family being forced into a desperate situation with no way out. Finally, because they had no choice, the Zhu Family had been forced to expel Zhu Yan from the family.

Even so, the contradictions between the Zhu Family and Lin Ming weren't resolved. Lin Ming supported the Crown Prince, but the Zhu Family was long tied to the Tenth Prince on the same ship. Afterwards, Lin Ming had become a direct disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys, and in that single act, the Crown Prince had been able to rise to power with the upper hand. The Tenth Prince's status was precarious;in this case, the situation of the Zhu Family could be imagined.

With things having come to this, how could the commander of Green Mulberry City's armed forces, Zhu Ping, not hate Lin Ming?

Not only that, but Zhu Yan had been Zhu Ping's own nephew, Zhu Ping had watched Zhu Yan grow up. Seeing this young child brimming with talent and entering the Seven Profound Martial House's Heavenly Abode in a single attempt, it was likely that he would be the next head of the Zhu Family. But he was finally forced by Lin Ming onto a desolate and lonely road. Zhu Yan had lost all contact with his family, and no one knew whether he was dead or alive.

As Zhao Yanming introduced the others, Lin Ming responded to them with a smile. But, he was able to feel that those smiling eyes of Zhu Ping contained a very faint murderous intent. This murderous intent was very hard to detect. If it wasn't for Lin Ming's soul force and perception being far above others', he would never have noticed.

After everyone at the conference was introduced, Zhao Yanming said, ’’So now, I would like to brief you all on the situation of the Green Mulberry Mountain Range. The Green Mulberry Mountain Range is 6000 miles long, and the southern end of it extends into the Southern Wilderness. It then becomes the South Zhao Mountain Range. The mountain range is topped with large, vibrant jungles, with countless second-level and third-level vicious beasts. There are also many vicious beasts that are equal to a Pulse Condensation period martial artist, and even those fourth-level beasts equal to a Houtian martial artist.

’’If this beast tide truly erupts, it will be difficult for us to defend Green Mulberry City with our current strength. But we believe that there is only a very small chance that the beast tide will come. The vicious beasts of the South Zhao Mountain range are much closer to the Southern Wilderness. If the beast tide erupts, there should be a higher chance that they will impact the Southern Tribes. It's not too far away. There's no reason for the vicious beasts to rush five or six thousand miles to attack Green Mulberry City.’’

As Zhao Yanming spoke, he glanced at Lin Ming. Now, most of the people of Green Mulberry City felt as if they had been saved by a stroke of luck, and the beast tide was too far away, so the chances of it erupting were low. If a true beast tide broke out, then tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of vicious beasts would attack Green Mulberry City. At that point, the garrisoned troops at Green Mulberry City probably wouldn't even be able to deal with the vanguard, and it would be impossibly difficult for Green Mulberry City to stall until the armies came.

Lin Ming thought for a moment, and then slowly said, ’’I do not know if a beast tide will erupt from the South Zhao Mountain Range, but what I do know is that once a beast tide emerges from the South Zhao Mountain Range, they will absolutely not attack the Southern Wilderness. They will climb mountains, cross rivers, and travel the five or six thousand miles to attack Green Mulberry City.’’

’’Mm? Why?’’ Zhao Yanming's heart went cold as he heard Lin Ming's words. Although Lin Ming was young, with his identity, he wouldn't be one to speak nonsense.

Lin Ming said, ’’Because this beast tide is planned by man. The goal of the enemy is to forcefully annex the entire divine Phoenix Province, the 19 third-grade sects within and the countries under their jurisdiction. Even our Seven Profound Valleys is included among them. But the Southern Wilderness is a remote land withh no large sect;it naturally could not be considered a target.’’


Lin Ming's words scared everyone present!

Planned by man?

Annex the entire divine Phoenix Province?

The Seven Profound Valleys was only a single area?

This was just too shocking! Everyone present simply had never heard of the divine Phoenix Province before. But listening to the intent behind Lin Ming's words, it seemed that the Seven Profound Valleys was just one of the 19 third-grade sects within. The scope of the divine Phoenix Province might be several times larger than the several hundred thousand miles large Seven Profound territory, or even dozens of times larger!

What kind of terrifying supernatural power could drive all of the vicious beasts in a radius of millions of miles into such a frenzy that vicious beasts tides would erupt?

With their experience and knowledge, this was simply an unfathomable act.

’’Young Hero Lin, these words of yours sound a bit like some fantasy novel...’’ Zhu Ping's fingers gently tapped against the table, a smile creasing his face. Although he was smiling, his words were filled with a mocking tone.

’’Does Army Command Zhu not believe me?’’ Lin Ming asked, his eyes narrowing.

’’Of course I believe! What kind of status does Young Hero Lin have, Young Hero Lin would never speak nonsense, your words are definitely true. I am just a trivial shortsighted person of Green Mulberry City, no different than a frog in a well. My experience is limited, it's difficult for me to imagine such a mighty power.’’ As Zhu Ping spoke, he always wore a respectful smile, as if he were truly speaking self-deprecating words.

Lin Ming faintly smiled, not responding.

Zhu Ping then said, ’’Since Young Hero Lin is so assured, then once the beast tide erupts, they will inevitably come straight to Green Mulberry City. How does Young Hero Lin believe we should face this crisis?’’

’’Keep a strong defense until support arrives.’’

’’Mm... as far as I know, Young Hero Lin has a mount equal to a late Houtian realm martial artist, called a Winged Flood Dragon. Right now, this Winged Flood Dragon should have the strongest fighting strength within Green Mulberry City. I wonder if Young Hero Lin minds lending the Winged Flood Dragon to the military?’’ Zhu Ping unhurriedly spoke as his eyebrows rose in a questioning challenge.

’’Mm?’’ Lin Min frowned. He wanted to borrow the Winged Flood Dragon?

Why would Zhu Ping want to borrow the Winged Flood Dragon? A Winged Flood Dragon wasn't of much use to the military.

The Winged Flood dragon wasn't an adult yet. Within such a large-scale beast flood, if it were improperly commanded, it would be in danger of being killed. Lin Ming didn't want to lend his Winged Flood Dragon to the military. If his Winged Flood Dragon really died, all they could do was apologize, and Lin Ming would truly regret it.

Thinking this, Lin Ming said, ’’The Winged Flood Dragon has a very wild and unruly nature;it is impossible for your soldiers to control it. If I lend it to you, then you will not be able to use it. I will keep it with me where it can display the strongest war strength.’’

’’Of course... what a pity.’’ Zhu Ping's lips twitched, grimly sighing.

This beast tide was a perfect opportunity to kill off Lin Ming!

The Zhu Family and the Tenth Prince were on the same boat together, there was no escape for either of them. As long as Lin Ming stayed alive, their defeat was a foregone conclusion.

Two days ago, Ouyang Boyan had been recalled back to the Seven Profound Valleys' Total Faction because of the destruction of the Moon Seizing Clan. Before Ouyang Boyan departed, he left behind two trusted subordinates to ambush Lin Ming;one in Sky Fortune City, and the other in Green Mulberry City.

The one lurking in Green Mulberry City had a strength at the late Houtian realm. His strength was just a step away from the peak Houtian realm.

In Zhu Ping's opinion, if Lin Ming returned alone, then with the strength of Ouyang Boyan's trusted subordinate, he would be able to assassinate Lin Ming.

But now Lin Ming had a Winged Flood Dragon. Not only was this Winged Flood Dragon very fast, but its strength reached the late Houtian realm. Like this, it would be very difficult to kill Lin Ming...

Thus, Zhu Ping had thought of an excuse to borrow the Winged Flood Dragon. But he had actually been declined by Lin Ming!


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