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Martial World - Chapter 314.1


Chapter 314 - Night of Flowing Blood




’’You... you...!’’

Chi Yue vomited blood, his left hand grasping onto the spear shaft while his right hand vainly reached out as if here were trying to take hold of something. His face was colored with disbelief, a reality that he couldn't reconcile or resign himself to. He didn't think that one day, he would actually die at the hands of a young boy. Not only that, but this young boy's cultivation would be at a trivial early Pulse Condensation period!


Chi Yue fell to his knees, the light already gone from his eyes.

In the end, Chi Yue was only a most basic martial artist from a non-sect background. The reason he was able to lord over the Southern Wilderness was because it was an extremely remote location. But his talent, in comparison to geniuses like Jiang Baoyun or Qin Wuxin, was simply nothing at all.

The strongest talent that Chi Yue had known of was the Feather Emperor of the Southern Wilderness. But even the Feather Emperor's talent could not be compared to someone like Lin Ming.

Lin Ming pulled out the Purple Comet Spear with a spray of blood, and then the body was unceremoniously kicked to the floor. This was his grave, where he could pass with all his regrets.

At this time, the Fat Chief was an ashen gray, as the flickering flame of his hope faded away. His fat body trembled. What had just happened was no different to a nightmare. The unfathomable Fire Worm Clan Founder and Shaman had actually died like this? Until the time when that purple spear had pierced through Chi Yue's throat, the Fat Chief still wasn't able to believe this. This young boy was a demon!

All of the slave girls in the room felt as if they were in a dream. In their eyes, the Fire Worm Shaman was like a dark, evil god, incomparably powerful. And yet he was actually killed by this 17 or 18 year old boy!?

Then just how terrifying an existence was this young boy? Was he the reincarnation of the Sorcerer, come to save them?

Lin Ming looked at his right hand, an extremely satisfied smile crossing his lips. With the combination of his azure true essence and Tempering Marrow boundary, his defensive power had risen by another qualitative level. He was even able to use his empty hand to block Chi Yue's Flame Essence fire attack.

As for the power of fire that had sunk into Lin Ming's body, it was completely suppressed by the Heretical God Seed. It had failed to cause even the slightest bit of damage to Lin Ming's meridians.

The last time he encountered Chi Yue, he couldn't even think of controlling the enemy's flames. Apparently, the effect of the Heretical God Seed to control the power of fire was closely correlated to Lin Ming's own strength.

As he wiped out the last bits of residual flame on his palm, Lin Ming turned to look at the last remaining high-level Fire Worm character in the spiral tower - the Fat Chief.

’’What... what do you want? I... I can give you...’’ The Fat Chief trembled as he stepped back, his voice wobbling. These deathsworn guards around him were only at the Bone Forging stage. On the battlefield, they were similar to sharp blades that rushed forwards. But compared to the Fire Worm Shaman, they were no more than weak insects. In front of this demon, they weren't even worth mentioning;none of them were able to give the Fat Chief any sense of security.

Lin Ming glared at the Fat Chief with a look of loathing filled with utter disgust. This was a true degenerate, scum that should not exist in this world. He casually flicked his spear and frostily said, ’’You have nothing that is worth my interest. I only want one thing from you, and that is for you to die.’’

’’No... don't kill me, don't kill me! I can give you wealth, I can give you beautiful women! Even the throne!’’ The Fat Chief's face had already scrunched together;his entire fat body was unable to stop jiggling in terror. At this time, his was truly in despair. What had happened? He had sent out a sound transmitting talisman yet no one had come? Where were the masters of the Fire Worm Clan? There was such a loud sound... if they didn't hear the sound transmitting talisman, they at least should have heard the loud explosions and crashes.

Were they all killed?

Realizing this, the Fat Chief's heart sank to the depths of despair.

As Lin Ming approached, step by step, each and every footstep seemed to stamp on the Fat Chief's heart. An invisible pressure surged forth, making it difficult to breathe. A slave girl knelt down, throwing herself to the floor in the deepest kowtow, her eyes full of adoration and worship, completely paying respect and performing the rituals of the Sorcerer.

The Fat Chief's entire body was wet with cold sweat. He was too scared;even the group of Bone Forging stage deathsworn in front of him could not resist this terrifying pressure.

’’Kill him!’’

The guard captain suddenly screamed, and over 20 deathsworn took out their weapons, rushing over to bring down Lin Ming.

Lin Ming glanced over them without an expression, then coldly said, ’’All of you... walk the road of death!’’


The Purple Comet Spear thrust out, and countless rays of dazzling purple and white thunder blazed along the speartip. It was as if a purple sun had risen within the room.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The more than 20 deathsworn were pierced by this electric light. The power of thunder ravaged their bodies, destroying their meridians and cooking their organs. They died before they hit the ground.

In a single spear thrust, the more than 20 deathsworn had all died. Now there was only the Fat Chief left!

Several slave girls watched this scene in abstract horror. In a single spear, more than 20 top masters had been killed;this was even more shocking than Lin Ming killing the Fire Worm Shaman earlier. These slave girls' home tribes had been trampled upon by the Fire Worm armies. They had witnessed these top masters casually slaying their tribe's bravest warriors. But now, they all died to this young boy's spear!

What kind of terrifying strength was this?

The Sorcerer!

The Sorcerer had sent his envoy to save them!

A few slave girls prostrated themselves in devout worship. The Fat Chief was despondent;he slumped to the ground, his knees wobbling and weak. He was normally a monster who held the lives of others in his hand, he knew just how terrible death was.

Lin Ming gave a humph of disgust and icily said, ’’Killing you will only dirty my spear.’’

As his voice fell, Lin Ming's pupils suddenly turned into swirling black vortexes.


The Fat Chief's eyes exploded, blood leaking from his head. The Fat Chief had barely reached the peak Viscera Training stage by relying on pills. Under the power of Lin Ming's Samsara martial intent, his spiritual sea had directly blown up, his brain already becoming a mush of gray matter.

Now there were only a group of slave girls left in the room. They kneeled towards Lin Ming, trembling.

’’You all can leave now.’’ Lin Ming wasn't a ruthless murderer who killed without compunction. The reason that he killed those deathsworn guards before was because their murderous aura was too heavy. They had followed the Fire Worm Tribe into many wars throughout the years, and had killed too many innocents and committed too many foul deeds. They had chosen to walk the road of death, and now the killers became those who were killed.

As he spoke, he poked his spear into the dying flame boy on the ground. Suddenly, a deep red fireball shot out from the flame boy's chest, shooting straight towards the windows!


The crimson fireball flew into the window opening and bounced back as if it struck some impossibly hard wall. The window seemed to be covered by an invisible film, unbreakable.

Lin Ming calmly put away the Purple Comet Spear. Before he had entered the spiral tower, he had already laid down the dreamland enchantment.

The enchantment of the Dreamland Pearl that Mu Qianyu gave him could only be broken by a martial artist at the Xiantian realm or above. This little medium-grade human-step Flame Essence was naturally useless against it.

'So, this Eternal Flame Flame Essence is actually an Earthcore Crimson Flame...'

As Lin Ming thought, he casually threw out several hundred azure true essence threads that shackled the Flame Essence. Recently, he had read through many ancient texts that described various Flame Essences and Thunder Souls, and he now had a very good understanding of them. The Eternal Flame was only a name that was given to it by the Fire Worm Tribe. But, this Flame Essence, within the Sky Spill Continent, was called the Earthcore Crimson Flame.

'The Earthcore Crimson Flame is a medium-grade human-step Flame Essence. Although its grade isn't too high, it has been carefully cultivated by the Fire Worm Tribe for all these years. Its power is already near the peak of its grade.'

When a Flame Essence was born into the world, its grade was already decided and could not be changed. However, its power could be slowly raised. This Earthcore Crimson Flame had been built up for a long period of time, and the energy within was close to the maximum saturation amount. This saved a great deal of time for Lin Ming.

’’Once I swallow this Flame Essence, I wonder what grade the Heretical God Seed's Flame Essence will rise to.’’ Lin Ming mumbled, his fingers interlocking as he began to seal away the Flame Essence.

Whether it was a Flame Essence or Thunder Soul, these were objects that could not be directly stored in a spatial ring;there had to be special preparations. A fire attribute or thunder attribute martial artist had to use their inner elemental true essence and seal it away. Lin Ming had especially studied these sort of seals, and he could now seal a human-step Flame Essence. However, he was not able to deal with an earth-step Flame Essence.

Once the Flame Essence was firmly sealed, Lin Ming found that the group of slave girls hadn't left, but were actually kneeling on the floor.

’’You haven't left yet?’’

The women kept kowtowing. One of them spoke up, her voice trembling, ’’Sorcerer... Sorcerer Envoy. Everyone's dead, if we leave we will die. I beg the Sorcerer Envoy to save us... please... we will do anything...’’

The woman's voice had no confidence in it at all. Her deepest wish was to follow Lin Ming as his slave or his maid, but she knew that she had no qualifications.

As he listened to these women's terrified sobs, Lin Ming sighed. This was a world where power reigned supreme. The strong ruled the weak, and the weak capitulated. This sort of unspoken law had continued for countless years.

Lin Ming wasn't a weak-willed soft person. He knew that the existence of tragedy was a rule of the world, he knew that heinous crimes and horrifying deeds were committed everywhere, and he also knew that he couldn't save everyone. But, since he had met these women, he naturally would not turn a blind eye to their plight.

’’Tell me, who here deserves to die?’’

The woman who spoke was stunned. She immediately clenched her teeth and slowly said, ’’Those who can live in the heart of the Fire Worm Clan are all high level members. If they haven't followed the army, looted, raped, pillaged, and murdered countless innocents, then how would they accumulate their military exploits and reach the positions they are at now?’’

Lin Ming was a bit surprised looking at this woman. Although she was a slave and although she was frightened, her words were still clear and her thinking was rational. Before she was captured, she was most likely the daughter of some aristocratic family. Of course, this wasn't strange. If a slave was selected to serve at the side of the Fire Worm Chief, then their background wouldn't be ordinary.

’’I understand.’’

Lin Ming took out the Purple Comet Spear from his spatial ring and removed the dreamland enchantment.

Then he jumped out of the window, disappearing into the endless dark night.

After seeing Lin Ming leave, the women stared after him, feeling anxious and helpless.

But quickly, they heard screams coming from outside the spiral tower.

The slave girls rushed to the window, looking out, and saw streaks of purple thunder flashing in the dark. In an instant, seven or eight people were burned to ashes. The women's minds trembled, shocked. The people who had died were either masters of the Fire Worm Clan or figures who held true power. Just choosing any one of them, one would see a great figure who compelled respect. But now, this black-clothed youth was actually cutting them all down like ants.

Although the women already knew Lin Ming's strength, witnessing it once again filled them with shock.

The long spear waved, thunder and fire danced together. With every spear thrust, several - or even a dozen people, died at once. And of these people, the worst among them were at the Bone Forging stage, and there were many who had even reached the Pulse Condensation period.

Tonight was fated to be a night of flowing blood...


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