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Martial World - Chapter 312


Chapter 312 - Fire Worm Church Leader




’’Benefactor, the Fire Worm Shaman's cultivation is at least at the middle Houtian realm, he might even be at the late Houtian realm!’’ Na Yi tried to keep her calm, but her voice was still trembling. She knew how astonishing Lin Ming's talent was, but she found it hard to imagine that Lin Ming's strength would have progressed so much in just a few months.

Now, she didn't have accurate information on just how strong the Fire Worm Shaman was. Much less how strong he was, the Fire Worm Shaman would undoubtedly be surrounded by countless masters. If Lin Ming wished to kill the Fire Worm Shaman in such a situation, he would have to have at least the strength of a peak Houtian master in order to dare to do such a thing.

Seeing that Lin Ming's current cultivation was at most in the Pulse Condensation period, would his true strength actually manage to jump past almost two whole realms?

Na Yi found this unbelievable. Even if it was the Southern Wilderness' Feather Emperor that was recorded down in the Faith of the Sorcerer's ancient texts, his strength wouldn't be so exaggerated at such a young age. In Na Yi's heart, the Feather Emperor of the Southern Wilderness was only inferior to the Faith of the Sorcerer. This peerless master had once created his own empire in the Southern Wilderness that was equal to a third-grade sect. His power was difficult to estimate, unfathomable.

’’Benefactor, let me search around a bit more so I can learn just how strong the Fire Worm Shaman is.’’

Lin Ming said, ’’That doesn't matter. Even if his strength is at the peak Houtian realm, I have enough hidden abilities to kill him, or I can even freely retreat if I wish. The reason I came today was to inform you that I will complete my promise to you, not to find out information from you.’’

Na Yi was speechless. Really, if Lin Ming had come to the Southern Wilderness to kill the Fire Worm Shaman, he would have already had some sort of plan. There was no need for him to come ask her for information on how to kill the Fire Worm Shaman. In any case, the information she had was limited, and she wouldn't be able to give any valuable advice anyways.

’’I understand.’’ Na Yi nodded. In her mind, Lin Ming was a paradox that managed to complete incredible miracles that others couldn't. She didn't think that Lin Ming was crazy or hotheaded, she just found it unbelievable.

’’When I go to kill the Fire Worm Shaman, whether I succeed or not, you need to take your little sister far away, as far away from the Fire Worm Tribe as you can. This place is too close, it won't be safe.’’ As Lin Ming said this, he took a foot long square box out of his spatial ring, and then gave it to Na Yi, saying, ’’This is for you sisters. In the future, whether or not you want to live an ordinary prosperous life or try to turn your fate and rebuild your tribe, all will be decided by you.’’

Lin Ming placed the box on the table. The sisters had given him a very great fortuitous opportunity. This was the kindness he returned to them to consider all of their debts fully repaid.

’’Big Brother Mo Lin... you... ’’ As Na Shui saw that Lin Ming was about to leave, she pursed her lips, her eyes trembling and shining wet. She didn't know what to say.

Lin Ming faintly smiled, gently rubbing Na Shui's head and said, ’’Cultivate well. Perhaps, in the future, we will meet again.’’

As Lin Ming said this, he left the house, activated his movement technique and instantly vanished into the horizon.

Na Yi saw her little sister's longing look as if she was reluctantly willing to part ways, and then sighed, shaking her head.

In the future, Lin Ming would most likely become an existence similar to the Feather Emperor. He would become a figure that dominated a land of several hundreds of thousands of miles. The disparity between them was simply a ravine that they couldn't cross.

How could he still be her Big Brother Mo Lin?

As Na Yi was deep in thought, she casually opened the box that Lin Ming left behind. As she looked at the contents inside, she was stunned silly.

The box was packed full of golden banknotes, each one worth 1000 gold taels. These packs of banknotes looked solid, and looking at the thickness, there had to be at least 1 or 2 hundred. This meant that this was a few hundred thousand gold taels. An average person could spend lavishly their entire life and never spend it all. Even if they used this to purchase cultivation materials for martial artists, they still wouldn't spend it all. It was enough for the two sisters to not have to worry about money ever again.

Near the stack of golden banknotes, there was a jade slip. And near the jade slip, there were a few bottles of pills. After opening the pill bottles, a light fragrance wafted out. These were absolutely top-grade pills!

As Na Yi held the jade slip in her hand, she let out a light breath. It was a medium-grade human-step cultivation method. In addition to these pills and golden banknotes, the worth of this box was no less than a million gold taels.

Although Na Yi had been a witch of the great Na Tribe and had been accustomed to wealth, the Southern Wilderness was poorer than the mainland. A great tribe with half a million people would find it difficult to put out so much money.

But Lin Ming had actually casually gifted this, just what degree of influence did he have?

Na Yi suddenly felt that, relative to this great world, the tribes of the south were insignificant ants...


Fire Worm City was 900 miles west of Fog Valley Tribe. It was the center of command for the Fire Worm Tribe, and also the origin of the Fire Worm Church.

Most tribes of the Southern Wilderness had a theocracy that dominated the secular leader. The Fire Worm Tribe was no exception. The Fire Worm Shaman Chi Yue had a higher degree of influence than the Tribal Chief.

Within the very center of Fire Worm City, there were seven great spirals towers. These spiral towers were all above 200 feet, with the largest one in the center at over 300 feet.

The giant complex that these seven spiral towers revolved around was the Fire Worm Church.

The curtain of night slowly fell upon the land. The noisy streets of the day quieted, and the lamplights of 10,000 families in Fire Worm City shined out, shining out against the endless starry sky. This was a rare scene in the entire Southern Wilderness. These past years, the Fire Worm Tribe had constantly been at war, plundering other tribes and taking slaves. Now, the total population of the Fire Worm Tribe reached several million. Fire Worm City also became one of the largest cities in the Southern Wilderness.

Within the highest room of the central spire, there were several people sitting around a round table. The man in the seat of honor was a bald man. He was dressed in a dark black robe, and on his head was tattooed in strange patterns. His face was calm and indifferent.

Besides him was a long and thick staff. This staff was shaped like a spindle, and there was a circle of white skulls hanging from it.

This man was the Fire Worm Shaman, Chi Yue.

At Chi Yue's right hand seat, there was a fat middle-aged man. He was hugging a delicate looking maid, and his pudgy stumpy hands were delving into the clothes of a slave girl, recklessly rubbing against her. The female slave bit her lips until they hurt, her whole body trembling but not daring to speak or react.

Although these fat man's actions were disgusting and lewd and his eyes smiled in a lascivious grin, his eyes actually revealed a hint of murderous intent. ’’Shaman Chi Yue, the soldiers and horses are already ready, we are just waiting for some masters of the Church to join. As long as Shaman Chi Yue calculates an auspicious day, we shall push forward, and we shall flatten the Agu Tribe in a single sweep! We will plunder their cultivation resources, give them to the Church, kill their heathens, and sell off the slaves to supply the treasure. The rest of the slaves will be used to serve us.’’

As the fat man spoke, his smile grew wider, and the strength of his hand increased. The slave girl paled in pain, and sweat began to form on her forehead.

But, she clenched her teeth, not daring to utter a single sound. This man who was groping her was the Chief of the Fire Worm Tribe, and he had extremely cruel and brutal methods for dealing with those he disliked. He was even more vicious than Fire Worm Church Founder. These past years, there were countless slave girls who were humiliated or killed by him. If she couldn't bear the pain and interrupted the conference of these three people, her fate would be truly pitiful. She had a sister who couldn't bear the pain and coughed, and then she was thrown into the army camp as a prostitute slave for anyone's use. Now, it was unknown whether she was dead or alive.

Chi Yue sat in the seat of honor, his right hand flipped up, his palm up, and his thumbs tapped his other four fingers. He seemed to be calculating something. A moment later, Chi Yue slowly said, ’’Three months later, when the Wolf Star intersects with the Sky Star, that is when you may dispatch the army.’’

’’Three months? Does it have to be that long?’’ The Fat Chief frowned. He didn't want to wait, and he wasn't satisfied with this time.

With the current strength of the Fire Worm Tribe, demolishing the Agu Tribe was easi. The only problem was how many losses there would be. Chi Yue's words represented the entire Fire Worm Church. Even if the Fat Chief was the Chief, he could not argue against him.

As the Fat Chief looked at the Fire Worm Great General on his right side, he nodded and said, ’’Then we shall go in three months. At that time, we shall be depending on the Church of the Shamans to help us at that time.’’

’’Of course!’’ Chi Yue said without a break in composure.

As the Fat Chief saw Chi Yue's expression, he was somewhat unhappy. Every time, this Fat Chief would have to beg the Fire Worm Church to send out masters. Once the cultivation resources were plundered, they were all handed over to the Fire Worm Church. If things continued like this, when would the army ever train a master that would be equal to the masters of the Fire Worm Church? Would they always be reliant on the Fire Worm Church?

Since the Fat Chief wasn't happy, he groped even more forcefully. Now, the slave girl could no longer bear the pain and uttered a groan.

’’Mm!?’’ The Fat Chief frowned.

As the slave girl heard this sound, her entire body instantly went ice cold.

Her body began to tremble, and now she only had thought in her mind, she was finished. Her fate would be worse than death.

As slaves, they didn't even have the qualifications to commit suicide. According to the laws of the Fire Worm Tribe, the slaves that killed themselves would be used to feed vicious beasts. And, according to the spiritual beliefs of the Southern Wilderness, if the dead were eaten by vicious beasts or humans, they would not be able to enter into the cycle of samsara, and they would never be reincarnated.

Therefore, while many slaves wished that they could die, none of them dared to kill themselves.

The Fat Chief's face darkened as he smiled. He was thinking on how he would punish this slave girl tonight to vent his heart's depression. But, at this moment, an icy voice fell from the sky, covering the entire spiral tower.

’’I apologize! I'm afraid that you will not have the opportunity to wait another three months!’’

This voice was full of a chilling murderous intent, enough that anyone who heard it would feel their heart race in fear from the hostile aura. The Fat Chief was immediately shocked. He stood up, frightened, and look above his head. He only saw the dark ceiling.

’’Who is it!?’’

The Fat Chief shoved the slave girl in his hands away, looking startled and alarmed. But, thinking that the Fire Worm Shaman was right near him along with many other masters, he felt a bit more at ease. These fellows would eat people and not spit out their bones, they were truly strong. Otherwise, there was no way that the Fire Worm Tribe would have been able to sweep across the northern Southern Boundary as they had these past years.

Chi Yue's complexion also changed. This person was actually able to hide from his senses, and even sneak into his tightly defended Fire Worm Tower.

’’Who is it? Come out and show yourself! Don't hide in the shadows!’’ Chi Yue kept his calm, and he had the ability and capital to remain calm. His cultivation had already reached the late Houtian realm, and with the help of the Eternal Flame Flame Essence, it would be hard for any other martial artist in the Houtian realm to rival him.

Within the entire Southern Wilderness, he wouldn't say that he was the strongest, but his strength definitely ranked in the top 5. Especially since he was in his own domain, he had help from many of his men. There was just no need to be afraid of anyone or anything.


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