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Martial World - Chapter 310


Chapter 310 - divine Spear Complete




At this time, Lin Ming who was cultivating didn't know what Mu Qianyu was thinking, nor did he know that his cultivation speed was far too exaggerated for someone who should have a sixth-grade fire origin energy fusion compatibility.

Lin Ming had already entered into the ethereal martial intent state and sealed off his six senses, completely immersed in the happy feelings that came with cultivation.

The 'Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians' was naturally an unbelievably marvelous cultivation method with a thousand benefits. However, it was only a Body Transformation cultivation method. Above Tempering Marrow was the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

This cultivation system couldn't be used to break through to the Houtian realm or Xiantian realm.

Lin Ming wanted to open the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, but he wasn't planning on giving up on reaching Houtian, Xiantian, and the Revolving Core realms.

So Lin Ming had been missing an essence gathering cultivation system to cultivate his true essence. The 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' just happened to fill in this missing space.

Although this cultivation method had many flaws, because of the presence of the Heretical God Seed, all of the fire attribute fire origin energy around Lin Ming was as docile as sheep, freely allowing Lin Ming to manipulate it in any way he wanted. Because of this, Lin Ming could cultivate the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' with half the effort and twice the results. This was simply a cultivation method that was tailored towards Lin Ming's strengths!

When Mu Qianyu had first cultivated the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' she had reached Pulse Condensation at 15, Houtian at 17, Xiantian at 22, extreme Xiantian at 26, and now at 27 years of age, she was a half-step into the Revolving Core realm!

Lin Ming's current cultivation speed of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' was far inferior to Mu Qianyu, someone who possessed a truly terrifying superior seventh-grade fire origin energy fusion compatibility. Even if Lin Ming possessed the Heretical God Speed, that was a speed that he couldn't hope to reach.

But the greatest advantage of the Heretical God Seed was that it could grow. What would happen once he absorbed another Flame Essence?

If that happened, the Lin Ming's cultivation speed would constantly increase, and in the future, he might even surpass Mu Qianyu!

Thinking this, Lin Ming was increasingly hungry for the Fire Worm Tribe's Flame Essence. If the Southern Wilderness wasn't so far away, he would have probably wouldn't have waited for the spear and directly paid a visit to the Fire Worm Tribe.

Because of the incomparably rich and pure fire origin energy, the top quality cultivation method 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle', in addition to the perfect fit of the Heretical God Seed in assisting him with the cultivation method, Lin Ming's cultivation speed would be able to progress at 10,000 miles per day. 10 days later, his cultivation had already reached the peak of the early Pulse Condensation period.

Of course, this was also partly due to the amazing merits of the Heaven Opening Pill.

On this day, there was suddenly an extremely loud explosion sound outside of the cave mansion, so forceful that even the protective array formation fiercely trembled. Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu didn't know what happened, so they hurriedly ran out of the cave mansion, and saw a disheveled and messy Ancestor Chi Yan doing a jiggy dance in joy.

’’Haha, I did it, I finally did it!’’

Seeing Ancestor Chi Yan like this, Mu Qianyu breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't know whether to laugh or to cry;for a moment, she even thought that the entire eight trigrams fire array formation had imploded.

’’Haha, Nephew Lin, you came at just the right time. What do you think about my great array formation now?’’ Ancestor Chi Yan waved behind himself. Because he had been continually working night and day for the last 10 days to perfect his array formation, Ancestor Chi Yan was covered in soot and dirt, most of his robe burnt black. He looked like the crazy old hermit he was.

Lin Ming looked at Ancestor Chi Yan's eyes that shined with an aberrant light, and gulped. He nodded, ’’It's um... very good. Perfect.’’

’’Haha, today - no, tomorrow, I will forge the best spear for you! First, I must rest for the evening and adjust my condition to its best form!’’


The next morning -

All the materials were placed atop the stone altar. There was the 10,000 year Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo, the 10,000 year Sacred Flame Parasol Tree, a little bit of crystallized fire that was left behind after a Vermillion Bird underwent nirvana, a palm-sized piece of Purple Comet divine Metal, and about 20 jins of Profound Thunder Stone. These were the main materials to forge the spear.

Every one of these main materials was an absolutely top quality material, any piece enough to make even a Revolving Core powerhouse green with envy. With so many rare materials together, Mu Qianyu was unable to help sighing. This was simply too luxurious, even for her.

Ancestor Chi Yan saw so many top quality materials and his face shined red with joy. With these materials, in addition to the newly evolved eight trigrams fire array formation, he had absolute faith that he would be able to create the best work in his refining career!

With the experience of creating a top-grade weapon, he would also have a better grasp of forging a heaven-step treasure in the future.

Ancestor Chi Yan tied back his crazily scattered hair, and then spat out a cloud of dark green and purple flame. When this cloud of fire appeared, it was like the air had been lit on fire;the surrounding temperature dramatically surged by an alarming degree.

Lin Ming's pupils constricted. That dark green and purple flame was without a doubt a Flame Essence. It should be Ancestor Chi Yan's life's Flame Essence. In terms of how formidable it was, it was probably above the medium-grade earth-step.

Lin Ming had no understanding of how a Flame Essence would be above the medium-grade earth-step, he could only guess.

At this time, Mu Qianyu confirmed Lin Ming's thoughts. She looked at that the dark green and purple flame and exclaimed in praise, ’’That is the Silent Nine Emerald Flame, a high-grade earth-step Flame Essence!’’

The reason that Ancestor Chi Yan could walk with impunity throughout the entire South Horizon Region was, to a great extent, because of this high-grade earth-step Flame Essence.

The Silent Nine Emerald Flame shot out, fusing into the eight trigrams fire array formation. The flames suddenly turned into a dark green and purple, the temperature rising to an absolutely horrifying degree.

Ancestor Chi Yan first took out the supplementary spear casting materials. This included a massive amount of Aged Gold, Cold Star Iron, and Wrought Gold Heavy Water. These wouldn't be used to cast the spear, but would only play a catalytic opening role.

The Aged Gold, Cold Star Iron, as well as the Purple Comet divine Metal were all thrown into the flames. The Aged Gold and Cold Star Iron only took a brief moment before they melted into a muddle of mixed molten metal. Once the Wrought Gold Heavy Water and another batch of supplementary materials were thrown in, it became a boiling cauldron of molten metals.

Then, Ancestor Chi Yan took out the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo and the Sacred Flame Parasol Tree, immersing them into the boiling molten metal so that these two spiritual woods could absorb the metal essence.

Throughout all of this, the Purple Comet was still in the flame, completely motionless.

Ancestor Chi Yan constantly inputted origin energy into the eight trigrams fire array formation. With the addition of fire origin energy from the Primal Chaos Heavens, this massive fire array formation burned for over four hours.

Purple Comet was a material that could just qualify as being worthy to create a heaven-step treasure. After it had stayed in the burning flames for such a long time, it still didn't show the slightest hint of melting.

Ancestor Chi Yan took a high-grade true essence stone, and began to absorb the true essence stone's origin energy, while simultaneously taking out a purple pill from his spatial ring and tossing it into the flames. As the purple pill fused into the flames, it immediately turned into a drop of liquid that penetrated into the Purple Comet divine Metal.

With a 'chi chi' sound, the Purple Comet finally began to soften under the effects of the purple pill.


Ancestor Chi Yan took out a massive crimson hammer from his spatial ring. He flooded this hammer with true essence, and began to repeatedly smash down on the softened Purple Comet divine Metal, with heavy pounding motions.

Just this large crimson hammer was already a medium-grade earth-step treasure.

Wind whistled, flames twirled.

Ancestor Chi Yan stripped off his robe, revealing a naked upper body that was tightly corded in solid muscle. Just looking at this muscle, there was no way one would think it was the body of an old man.





The sound of metal clashing against metal reverberated throughout the entire mountain rage. Even Lin Ming, who was standing nearby felt his blood begin to boil and his heart rise with passion as he watched. The beauty and majesty of this absolute power was truly shocking.

Refining Purple Comet and removing the impurities was an arduous and exceedingly difficult process. Ancestor Chi Yan's entire body was streaming with sweat, and even the Aged Gold anvil under the Purple Comet was smashed apart.

Lin Ming exclaimed in his heart. This Aged Gold anvil was definitely an extraordinary object, and yet it was smashed apart by Ancestor Chi Yan to such a degree. The tenacity of the Purple Comet and its ability to withstand impact could be imagined.

After an entire day and night, after countless hammerings, the originally palm-sized piece of Purple Comet was finally small enough, just the right size to forge a spearhead.

The Purple Comet served as the foundation core of the spearhead, and then the Vermillion Bird crystallized fire was ground into powder and used to permeate the Purple Comet.

The 20 jins of Profound Thunder Stone was refined into its most basic essence by the Silent Nine Emerald Flame, and then also cast into the foundation core.

With a top thunder and fire material integrated into the spearhead, the hammering continued!

The giant hammer smashing into the Purple Comet became increasingly frequent. The wind picked up, and the surrounding fire origin energy actually turned into a massive vortex.

With every hit, sparks would splash out, arcs of bright electricity would shine, and that foundation core was gradually hammered into the shape of a thin spearhead.

Chi chi chi!

Ancestor Chi Yan sunk the spearhead into a giant bath of Glacial Ice divine Spring. That originally freezing cold Glacial Ice divine Spring actually started to boil, emitting massive clouds of steam.

This sort of divine water was extremely precious. The Refiner Faction Sovereign had once spent a great price in order to obtain some Glacial Ice divine Spring, so that his son Huo Yanluo could soak in it, and depend on this to jump realms and absorb a medium-grade human-step Flame Essence.

Now, this great amount of Glacial Ice divine Spring was actually used by Ancestor Chi Yan as a hardening agent.

After the quenching was complete, up to now, only the spearhead had been finished. A top quality treasure spear had to be thoroughly hammered nine by nine times for a total of 81 times. The first time hammering was the longest. Afterwards, the amount of time would be reduced, but the total time would always amount to around 20 days or so.

During this period, a reigning master would have to continually consume a high degree of strength. Sometimes, they would not only consume their true essence, but their life energy!

In order to refine a top treasure, a refining master needed to put forth his entire effort and soul. After a long period of time, there were some refining masters that would overtax their life to forge a treasure, and finally end up perishing!

Therefore, to request a refining master to forge a spear with all of their ability was very difficult. If it wasn't for Lin Ming assisting Ancestor Chi Yan in such a great manner, there was no have that he would have helped him forge a top class divine spear.

Time slowly passed, day by day.

Every day, Lin Ming would come over and take a look at Ancestor Chi Yan. But besides this, he spent all of his time cultivating. At this point, his cultivation was slowly reaching the middle Pulse Condensation period.

Finally, on the 20th day, the spearhead and spear shaft integrated into a perfect whole.

The long spear shaft was 10 feet long. It had the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo as the bone, and the surface was twined with the tree silk of the Sacred Flame Parasol Tree. It was both flexible and incomparably difficult to destroy.

With the spear shaft complete, Ancestor Chi Yan started to fully concentrate on drawing the array formation upon the divine spear.

At this moment, in the sky, thunder flashed, and clouds of fire gathered.

The peak of the mountain was the Primal Chaos Heavens. Above the Primal Chaos Heavens, the seven origin energy elements of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, thunder, and wind were in a free state, savage, brutal, and active.

At this moment, the thunder attribute and fire attribute origin energy seemed to be drawn in by some unknown law, gathering together.


With a deafening explosion, the Primal Chaos Heavens were ripped apart as if it were the work of some divine hand, and a massive pillar of fire and thunder shot down, bombarding the divine spear!

Ancestor Chi Yan was completely focused on his work, and his physical strength had already been drawn to the limit. He gave a stuffy cough as his entire body was twined with purple lightning and flames, and he tumbled off the stone altar.

’’Senior Chi Yan!’’ Lin Ming was shocked, he quickly ran forwards.

However at this time, Ancestor Chi Yan, whose entire body was burnt black, began to maniacally laugh, the pearly white teeth of his wide smile contrasting against his blackened appearance. ’’The heavens help me! The heavens help me! A divine weapon is born, bringing forth twin fire and thunder tribulation from the heavens! This is this old man's best work by far!’’


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