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Martial World - Chapter 308


Chapter 308 - Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle




The 'Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians' had stated that after going through Strength Training, Flesh Training, Viscera Training, Altering Muscle, and Bone Forging by tempering the body with true essence, the biggest impediment after that would be the human marrow. If the marrow is not tempered, it cannot be shocked, and it would be vulnerable to injury. This was the greatest weakness to Body Transformation martial artists.

But after the tempering of the marrow had been fully completed, not only would it eliminate this vulnerability, but it would also enhance the fusion of true essence and the body, within and without, true essence would be seamlessly unified from all directions. Only when this was achieved could one attain the most stable and perfect stage.

Lin Ming stood near the deep pool and continued to revolve the 'True Primal Chaos Formula', feeling the Tempering Marrow boundary. After this change in his hand, the true essence really did unify, and had experienced a qualitative leap.

The 'Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians' was right, but as Lin Ming thought of the exceedingly harsh conditions necessary to fully complete Tempering Marrow, he felt a headache creeping up. If things continued like this, he would probably have to reach the Revolving Core realm before he had the strength to collect the pills he needed to finish Tempering Marrow.

Although Tempering Marrow belonged to a completely different cultivation system from the essence gathering system, it was still better to break through sooner. At least, the best outcome would be if he could do so before he turned 20.

But no matter how heaven defying a talent one was, it was impossible to reach the Revolving Core realm before 20 years of age. After, it would still take an unknown amount of time to collect the materials he needed. If he missed the best time to temper his marrow, then his marrow would age, and it would become much more difficult to fully complete Tempering Marrow.

Just how should he proceed?

Lin Ming quickly took a bath, taking a spare set of clothes from his spatial ring, and then returned to the cultivation chamber.

Mu Qianyu saw Lin Ming come back, his hair slicked back and wet, a new set of clean clothes on, and looking quite refreshed and gallant. She finally breathed a sigh of relief. ’’Lin Ming, did you take the Heaven Opening Pill to wash your marrow and muscles? I think that you released a very small amount of impurities.’’

The Heaven Opening Pill had an extremely dominant power to wash the marrow and muscle, especially when used by earthly martial artists. They would often discharge thick layers of gray sludge, but Lin Ming only discharged a bit of the foul Houtian air. This was why Mu Qianyu had asked.

’’Mm... I ate it.’’ Lin Ming awkwardly nodded. When he had taken the Heaven Opening Pill, 90% of the medicinal efficacy had been used by him for Tempering Marrow;the little bit left behind was in his meridians. He hadn't used any to wash his marrow and muscles.

Mu Qianyu's eyes swept Lin Ming from head to toe, and finally gave a satisfied nod, saying, ’’I don't think your cultivation rose by much. Probably, the medicinal efficacy is hiding somewhere in your body. But you don't need to worry about that. After you take the Heaven Opening Pill, you only need to go into seclusion for a period to slowly pull out and absorb the power of the medicine. After that, your strength should be able to break through to the middle Pulse Condensation period, or maybe even the late Pulse Condensation period. But this type of cultivation doesn't come from practice, so it's best if you also spend a good period of time consolidating in order to have the best result. If you eat another Heaven Opening Pill before you reach the Houtian realm, it probably won't do you much good. It's simply not worth it.’’

’’Uh... I, um, I understand.’’ Lin Ming half-heartedly smiled. After such a lie, he also had to use more lies to conceal his last lies. Where was there any leftover medicinal efficacy in his body? All of it had already been cleanly sucked out. His cultivation hadn't risen by much, and he was still quite far from reaching the middle Pulse Condensation period.

Mu Qianyu beckoned Lin Ming over and said, ’’Lin Ming, sit down over here, I want to test your fire origin energy fusion compatibility.’’

Lin Ming hesitated, and then nodded. He sat cross-legged in front of Mu Qianyu. He didn't know just what the standards were for Sky Spill Continent or what grade of fire origin energy fusion compatibility he had.

’’Relax your body. Don't try to purposely control the way your body absorbs fire origin energy.’’

Mu Qianyu took hold of Lin Ming's hand and then closed her eyes. Then, Lin Ming felt a strange fluctuation of fire origin energy in his body, as true essence entered into him. He absorbed the true essence, letting it judge just what grade his fusion compatibility with fire was.

Maybe it was because the fire origin energy in the room was too rich, but when Mu Qianyu sat on the altar, she slightly perspired, releasing an extremely delightful and alluring fragrance. Since Lin Ming was so close to Mu Qianyu and they were facing each other, he was somewhat distracted.

A moment later, Mu Qianyu opened her eyes, a bit of disappointment on her face. ’’You are maybe an inferior sixth-grade fusion compatibility...’’

A martial artist that had this degree of fusion compatibility with any element was already heaven defying, much less Lin Ming who was a double-attribute. His thunder origin energy fusion compatibility was definitely higher.

But Mu Qianyu was still a bit dissatisfied. divine Phoenix Island's cultivation method had extremely harsh requirements of fire origin energy fusion compatibility. For instance, Mu Qianyu's fire origin energy fusion compatibility was a superior seventh-grade that absolutely defied the will of the heavens!

A sixth-grade fusion compatibility was just at the barest standard to study the core cultivation methods. However, if Lin Ming wanted to achieve the highest levels of this cultivation method, it would probably be impossible.

Mu Qianyu felt a great deal of regret. Besides his fire attribute, Mu Qianyu didn't have much in common with Lin Ming's other strengths. The only thing that could strengthen the bond between her and Lin Ming were the cultivation methods of divine Phoenix Island.

’’Inferior sixth-grade?’’ Lin Ming wasn't surprised. Although the Heretical God Seed was amazing, all of the other strengths of his body had no connection to the fire attribute, so of course he wouldn't have a fire origin energy fusion compatibility that defied the heavens.

'I wonder what will happen when I take that super valuable spear that Ancestor Chi Yan is refining, and then go to the Southern Wilderness to eliminate the Fire Worm Shaman. After I absorb the Eternal Flame Flame Essence, just what degree of fusion compatibility will my fire attribute reach?'

The greatest and most distinct feature that the Heretical God Force had in comparison to normal martial artists was that it had the capabilities to evolve and grow. Because Lin Ming had absorbed the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder, his thunder origin energy fusion compatibility absolutely surpassed a mere inferior sixth-grade.

This was the strange and unbelievable power of the Heretical God Force. Lin Ming sighed. The Heretical God Force was too powerful. It was no wonder that the supreme elder from the Realm of the Gods had taken this secret skill as the most precious one he had ever obtained in his lifetime, even above the 'Golden Roc Shattering the Void'.

Not only that, but even though the 'Golden Roc Shattering the Void' was extremely rare and precious, there were still some other people who knew about it in the Realm of the Gods. But the Heretical God Force was actually unique;this secret skill was obtained in some ancient ruins, and was probably created by some archaic Evil God.

When that supreme elder had discovered the Heretical God Force, it had already been sealed for a countless number of years. Afterwards, the supreme elder had carefully kept this secret skill hidden without leaking any details of it. This made it even more precious.

Unfortunately, that supreme elder of the Realm of the Gods hadn't been able to thoroughly study and research the Heretical God Force in detail. He had only practiced it to the third layer, and then he followed Tian Mingzi to the Verdant Feather Holy Lands to steal the divine Crystal Magic Cube, finally dying with his soul shattered.

Now, discovering any new information on the Heretical God Force depended on Lin Ming's own luck and ability. He stumbled onto the fact that it responded to thunder and fire attribute origin energy, but as for the other types such as earth, ice, wood, water, or anything else, he had no idea how to utilize those different types of origin energy.

Mu Qianyu looked at Lin Ming then hesitated, saying, ’’Lin Ming, would you be willing to study divine Phoenix Island's fire attribute cultivation methods?’’

Lin Ming nodded, ’’I'd like to try.’’

The cultivation methods of divine Phoenix Island were naturally far inferior to the cultivation methods that the supreme elder knew in the Realm of the Gods. However, although the supreme elder's cultivation methods were amazing, they didn't suit him. At best, there were just a few cultivation methods in the memories, and he couldn't choose a specific direction that he wanted to go in.

In the past, Lin Ming had wanted to study a thunder attribute cultivation method in order to make up for his lack of speed. But, to find a high-grade thunder attribute cultivation method manual within the Sky Spill Continent was much easier said than done. On the other hand, divine Phoenix Island's cultivation methods were already considered to be at the top.

’’Lin Ming, your true essence is far thicker and purer than that of a martial artist at the same level, and your body also has several special places within it. I think that you have already studied some sort of top quality cultivation method from your master. Although I don't know what sort of cultivation method it is, I have to say that the amazing cultivation methods of divine Phoenix Island won't lose out to any other fire attribute cultivation method.’’ These days, Mu Qianyu had spent a great deal of time with Lin Ming. With her cultivation and great eyesight, she was able to see that there were many unusual aspects about Lin Ming's body. However, she didn't ask about these, as every powerhouse had their own secrets to keep.

’’But, since you haven't formally joined divine Phoenix Island, the most I can pass on to you is the first few layers. Before I pass this onto you, you must swear that you will not leak these cultivation methods.’’ Mu Qianyu looked at Lin Ming with a very serious and solemn expression in her eyes, her each and every syllable pronounced clearly and loudly.

’’I swear upon my heart of martial arts, that if I do not have divine Phoenix Island's permission, I will not divulge anything.’’ Lin Ming took an oath without hesitating. Every sect had their own inheritances and legacies that were equivalent to their lifeblood. These inheritances and legacies were the fundamental basis for every sect.

’’Good. Then, this cultivation method is called the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle'. It originates from the ancient Phoenix Clan. Unfortunately... this cultivation method has a flaw, otherwise, even the few Holy Lands of Sky Spill Continent might covet it.’’

As Mu Qianyu spoke, she heaved a great sigh. The ancient Phoenix Clan had the bloodline of a Phoenix - that was a true God Beast. It wasn't an existence that a Vermillion Bird or any other Saint Beast could compare with. Since they had left behind a cultivation method, the terrifying fearsomeness of its power could be imagined.

’’The two great core cultivation methods of divine Phoenix Island are the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' and the 'Blue Luan Abstract Phantom Code'. More than half has been lost, otherwise divine Phoenix Island would have already become a Holy Land! Even though these two cultivation methods have flaws, their formidable power already surpasses many core cultivation methods of fifth-grade sects. If one wishes to study these two sets of cultivation methods to the core boundary, one needs the bloodline of the Vermillion Bird or Blue Lian. Otherwise, the fifth-grade sects would have already long rampaged and plundered divine Phoenix Island.

’’It is said that with the complete secret texts of the ancient Phoenix race, if one cultivated their manuals to the highest realm, then one's body could become like a Phoenix, rebirthing through nirvana in a sea of flames, immortal and indestructible...’’

As Mu Qianyu spoke, Lin Ming was shocked.

One's body could become like a Phoenix, rebirthing through nirvana in a sea of flames, immortal and indestructible?

If what Mu Qianyu said wasn't an exaggeration, then the secret texts of this ancient Phoenix Clan were no worse than the top cultivation methods within the Realm of the Gods, and might also be tied with the Heretical God Force that was left behind by an archaic Evil God!

Of course, the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle' and the 'Blue Luan Abstract Phantom Code' were just a small part of the ancient Phoenix Clan's secret texts, and most of it was missing, flawed.

Alas, these was how things were. Still, Lin Ming's heart couldn't help but stir and he asked, ’’Miss Mu said that in order to practice these cultivation methods to the core boundary, I will need the bloodline of a Vermillion Bird or Blue Luan. Does that mean that I cannot cultivate these methods?’’

Mu Qianyu sighed. Even if Lin Ming had the bloodline of a Vermillion Bird, he was limited by his fire origin energy fusion compatibility;there was no way he would be able to cultivate it to the highest level.

Mu Qianyu said, ’’divine Phoenix Island has a secret technique to transplant part of a Saint Beast's bloodline into you. However, if the bloodline is too thin, it will be insufficient to study the most core section of the 'Vermillion Bird Forbidden divine Chronicle'. Only if...’’ As Mu Qianyu spoke, she suddenly fell silent, her face flashing with the color of embarrassment.


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