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Martial World - Chapter 306


Chapter 306 - Swallowing the Heaven Opening Pill




’’Once every three years is not a problem!’’ Ancestor Chi Yan blurted out in excitement. He was just too hyped up at the moment. He had deduced the model in his mind, and it really would be viable!

’’That's great! And the second is about the distribution distances of the spiral runes.’’ As Lin Ming confidently spoke, Ancestor Chi Yan's eyes became increasingly bright. Everything that Lin Ming said were matters that concerned ancient array formations. He didn't imagine that not only would Lin Ming be able to notice the flaws in his array formation, but he would also be able to give him insights into possible solutions!

To find flaws and to give solutions to those flaws were two completely different concepts. For instance, there were some flaws that Ancestor Chi Yan could see, but couldn't solve.

It was hard to imagine that a mere 16 year old child had already understood the incomparably challenging and difficult ancient array formations to such a degree!

’’I also have to be careful of the angles and distance between the 36 spiral runes? Before now, I never thought that the connecting angles would actually have a subtle effect on the fire origin energy!’’ Ancestor Chi Yan eyes widened as if a great thought had suddenly dawned on him. He already looked over a square array plate, starting to imagine the scenario in his head.

’’Right! Right! It truly does have subtle effects on the origin energy force field! If used well, then it can even act as a natural boundary against the fire origin energy! Such a wonderfully innovative idea! It seems simple, but in such a complicated and vast array it so actually impossible difficult to find!’’

Ancestor Chi Yan was so excited that he could dance with joy at any moment. He constantly practiced the scenarios and constantly asked Lin Ming series of questions. Lin Ming was instantly able to speak on some questions, but some questions he had to think about for a long time. The conversation between the two became increasingly congenial and speculative, and Mu Qianyu could only watch in amazement from the side.

She watched as the young boy and old man talked jovially for over an hour until the sun began to go down, and they still didn't stop. Words and phrases came from their mouths that she wasn't able to completely understand, but she had a feeling that they were very complex and very profound.

As they conversed, Ancestor Chi Yan had a very eccentric appearance. Sometimes he frowned, sometimes he laughed, sometimes he was suddenly enlightened, sometimes he slapped his thighs in happiness, and sometimes he slapped his own forehead, saying 'how come I hadn't thought of this sooner?'. It wouldn't be difficult to say that with such exaggerated movements and facial expressions, he was just like a very old and crazy-looking child.

Seeing that these two would probably have a conversation that lasted all night, Mu Qianyu didn't know what to do. She stood up, brewed a pot of tea, then filled two cups to the brim and brought them over.

At this time, the two of them spontaneously picked up the teacups to drink, as if their throats had long become dry.

Looking at the two drinking tea with such a natural appearance, Mu Qianyu didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. A dignified and holy divine Phoenix Island Saintess had actually become a young maid for a day. She couldn't edge into their conversation in any way, and could only be responsible for pouring tea...

The truth was that Lin Ming was also obtaining a great deal of benefits from this conversation with Ancestor Chi Yan. In the memories of the Realm of the Gods' supreme elder, there were many facets that didn't suit Sky Spill Continent. For instance, there were some array formation materials that were only found in the Realm of the Gods, and he needed to look for substitutes in Sky Spill Continent. Also, because of his limited cultivation, there were many array symbols that he couldn't control.

This was all information that Ancestor Chi Yan had obtained after a long period of experimentation and experience, he told Lin Ming without any reservation.

Lin Ming silently remembered all of it. Although his current strength wasn't enough, at some point in the future, it would be useful when he wanted to lay down an array formation.

During the conversation, Ancestor Chi Yan's reverence and admiration of Lin Ming's 'master' increased with every minute. Simply by hearing the names of the unattainable materials and the near impossible array symbols the even he couldn't control, the power and breadth of knowledge of this master could be seen.

Really, knowledge was infinite. No matter how strong one was, there was always someone above!

Ancestor Chi Yan sighed as he felt this once again.


After another hour passed, Ancestor Chi Yan's face was a bright ruddy red. He pulled Lin Ming and said, ’’Nephew Lin, this is a great talk that I've had with you. This was enough for me to save another thirty years in seclusion!’’

This statement wasn't too exaggerated. These things that Lin Ming had spoken of, Ancestor Chi Yan might not have had such results even if he meditated for 30 years.

’’This chat with Senior has also been of great benefit to me.’’ As Lin Ming heard this title of 'Nephew Lin', he thought it was quite strange. But Ancestor Chi Yan considered him a disciple of divine Phoenix Island, calling him a good nephew was understandable.

’’Haha, don't flatter this old man! We are talking about you here! After listening to you, I have gained too many insights. I will have to ponder on them and improve my eight trigrams fire array formation. Nephew Lin, your spear refinement will have to wait until I improve the array formation. With the new refinement effect from the fire array formation, I will even be able to purify the Purple Comet to a certain degree!’’ Ancestor Chi Yan's voice was filled with excitement. After increasing the might of the eight trigrams fire array formation, he would be one step closer to his ultimate life goal of refining a heaven-step treasure.

’’Then... Nephew Lin, Mu Family's baby girl, you can stay in this old man's home. This old man will give you the best place to cultivate. The fire origin energy is incomparably rich here, and is absolutely superior to cultivating at divine Phoenix Island! If you cultivate here, you can absorb as much fire origin energy as you want!’’

As Mu Qianyu heard Ancestor Chi Yan's words, she didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Somehow, Lin Ming had managed to become the honorable Nephew Lin, while she remained the 'Mu Family's baby girl'. There truly were an unexpected number of events that occurred after visiting this kooky old man.

’’It's here.’’

Ancestor Chi Yan pushed open a thick heavy wooden door that was engraved with an sealing array formation. He pointed to a red altar on the far side, telling Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu to follow him there.

As the door opened, Lin Ming felt a surging wave of heaven and earth origin energy rushing over him. The fire origin energy was so thick and pure that it was almost to the point of substantialization!

If one practiced here, their cultivation would proceed at a breakneck pace!

’’A stone altar made from Violent Fire Ore, suppressing the fire spirit vein of the land...’’ Mu Qianyu mumbled. Indeed, this place was a level above in comparison to cultivating at divine Phoenix Island.

Seeing Mu Qianyu's surprise, Ancestor Chi Yan also had a satisfied expression. He had absolute confidence in his own cultivation, and this was where he usually cultivated. The reason that he chose this cave mansion in this uninhabited mountain range was to place down the eight trigrams fire array formation here, but to also cultivate in this precious location.

This was the center of the mountain range's fire spirit vein. The heaven earth origin energy here was thick to the point of manifesting. In addition, he had also spent a great deal of effort and time in order to carefully lay down an ancient spirit gathering array formation. This was definitely the cultivation holy land that all fire-attribute martial artists yearned for!

’’Whether it is improving the eight trigrams fire array formation or forging a spear, none of these can be done in a day. You can cultivate here for now;if you need anything, just tell me.’’

With that, Ancestor Chi Yan impatiently left, he couldn't wait to contemplate his array formation.


The wooden door slammed shut, and the sealing array formation on the door began to shine. All of the fire origin energy was completely contained within the room.

Mu Qianyu looked around the chamber. Not only was there the cultivation stone altar, but there were also daily necessities and other goods. There was even a bedroom on one side. Of course, there was only one bed.

But this didn't matter to Mu Qianyu. For those at her level, replacing sleep with mediation was simple and also a good idea. Not just that, but she wasn't used to using other's beds.

’’Lin Ming, I estimate that the time that Ancestor Chi Yan needs to perfect the array formation and also complete the refining of the spear will be at least a month of two. During this time, you should study some of the divine Phoenix Island fire cultivation methods with me;how about it?’’ After Mu Qianyu glanced around, she turned to Lin Ming and smiled. Although the master behind Lin Ming might be some peerless emperor, she didn't expect that she would form any relations with that person through Lin Ming. After all, that sort of existence was just too remote for someone like her.

Lin Ming hesitated and said, ’’Miss Mu, I plan on swallowing a Heaven Opening Pill first.’’

Mu Qianyu was surprised, she said, ’’You want to take one now? I think it's just a bit too early for you. A Heaven Opening Pill may be a top-grade medicine, but eating too many will affect your foundation, and you will also need to spend the time to consolidate your cultivation. It might be better if you wanted until you could attack the Houtian bottleneck before you take the Heaven Opening Pill.’’

Mu Qianyu lightly said. Naturally she didn't think that there would be any waste in Lin Ming taking the Heaven Opening Pill during the Pulse Condensation period.

’’No, I've thought it over, I'll take it now.’’

As Lin Ming cultivated in recent days, he began to gradually realize just how distant a realm the Tempering Marrow boundary was. It was possible that there wouldn't be much effect even if he took several Heaven Opening Pills, much less it having' any sort of negative change on his foundation.

What he wanted to find out was, just how great of an effect would an ordinary Heaven Opening Pill have? How many Heaven Opening Pills would he need to fully complete Tempering Marrow?

Mu Qianyu didn't try to sway Lin Ming. She was already accustomed to believing in Lin Ming. No matter what impossible matter Lin Ming tried, it seemed that if he decided to do it, it would never be impossible, and he would even be successful.

Mu Qianyu walked up, stroked back the hairs stuck on Lin Ming's forehead and said, ’’Then take it. I have a few bottles of Body Spiritual Ichor, and some other basic medicines. If you take them with the Heaven Opening Pill, the effects will be much better.’’

As Mu Qianyu said this, she turned her hand, and three crystal clear medicinal bottles appeared in her palm.

One had to pay attention when swallowing a Heaven Opening Pill. There were medicines that were able to direct the Heaven Opening Pill and allow it to display a superior efficacy. The Body Spiritual Ichor was only able to eliminate pill toxins to a certain degree.

Lin Ming received these bottles, and then downed the contents of all of them. Afterwards, he swallowed down that exquisite longan sized jade crystal like Heaven Opening Pill.

Afterwards, he sat down on the stone altar in meditation.

Once the Heaven Opening Pill entered his mouth, it melted, turning into a stream of heat that poured into his body, flowing into all of his meridians. A slight tingling feeling followed. Before this, Lin Ming knew that a major function of the Heaven Opening Pill was to wash the marrows and muscles, removing the foul Houtian air from the body. Of course, washing down the marrows and muscles was naturally an extremely painful and agonizing process.

As his meridians became increasingly hot, his four limbs actually became incomparably cold. This sort of alternating hot and cold feeling was very uncomfortable.

As the drug efficacy melted into his body, the fluctuations of energy within his meridians became increasingly violent and brutal, running through Lin Ming's body and causing pain like he was being stabbed by countless needles. Even though he had previous experience with taking extremely strong medicines, he still tightly clenches his jaws in pain, drops of sweat dripping off of his forehead.

’’Tempering Marrow...’’

This thought echoed constantly in Lin Ming's mind. He gripped his fists, and with a nearly obsessive willpower, constantly forced the medicinal energy deep into his bones, sinking into his marrow...


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