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Martial World - Chapter 305


Chapter 305 - Path of Refining as the Path of Martial Arts




Within the massive fire array formation, the more Ancestor Chi Yan listened, the more he was shocked. From the first time that Lin Ming had mentioned the 12 fire rune columns he had been shaken. The so-called fire rune columns and the 36 spiral runes were all completely terms from the ancient array formations!

The extraordinary and ancient array formations that had been passed down to these times were already incomplete. Any archaic array formation jade slip was a legacy that every array master longed for in their dreams. Even the appearance of a single one could set off a bloody and terrifying war!

This boy actually understood the ancient extraordinary array formations? Just who was his master?

Moreover, what startled Ancestor Chi Yan the most was that Lin Ming's perception of the Dao of array formations was simply terrifying!

The styles of ancient array formations were complex and limitless in profundity. Even with the best teacher, without several decades of time, nothing would come of it. But this young boy who looked at most 18 years old, actually had the perception and vision to see the flaws in his own array formation?

Even before when he said, 'the created fiction will drain the fire origin energy of strength, and will also disrupt the force fields that contain the fire origin energy. Not only will this wear down the array formation, causing it to need repairs every four or five years', that was also a very accurate and true judgment. After he first laid down this array formation, he had to repair it every four years. It wasn't until later when he had added in a very precious material into the array formation that he managed to forcefully extend the deadline to every ten years...

Just what was the origin of this boy?

Lin Ming finished speaking in less than half an incense stick of time. And Ancestor Chi Yan who was in the fire array formation, had fallen into a long silence ever since Lin Ming spoke. All of that murderous intent that he had been giving off was also contained.

Mu Qianyu was standing by the side, not sure what to say. After a long time, Ancestor Chi Yan's hoarse voice sounded out from within the array formation, ’’You... what is your master's name?’’

Lin Ming said, ’’Master is an expert that I encountered when I was 12 years old. As for his name, Master never mentioned it.’’

’’12 years old... how old are you now?’’ Ancestor Chi Yan asked in a somewhat trembling voice.

’’Reporting to Senior, junior is currently 16 years old.’’

’’16 years old! Haha! 16 years old! Laughable! Hilarious!’’ With an almost insane chuckle, Ancestor Chi Yan flung his sleeves and a wall of the fire array formation opened up. He wore a long red robe, and his hair was split in half, crazily scattered all around. Like this, Ancestor Chi Yan stepped out of the eight trigrams fire array formation.

Ancestor Chi Yan's face was deathly white, as if he was near death, and both of his eyes revealed a lonely and bitter light. ’’A 16 year old snot-nosed brat... studies array formations for a mere four years, but can actually point out all the mistakes in this eight trigrams fire array formation that I used 20 years of painstaking care and effort to lay down! Too pitiful! Too laughable!’’

Lin Ming had originally wanted to point out some flaws in Ancestor Chi Yan's array formation, and then propose some areas of possible improvement. As exchange, Ancestor Chi Yan would forge the spear for him. But he didn't think that he would stimulate such a crazy and ferocious attitude. This old man wasn't at all normal from the start, and it seemed that he had psychotic tendencies.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment, and cupped his hands together, saying, ’’Senior must be joking. The junior has only studied a few limited array formations, and Senior's eight trigrams fire array formation just happened to be similar to the fire formation that my master taught me. Therefore, I was able to notice some flaws.’’

’’Four years? Has only studied a few limited array formations? ...Haha!’’ Ancestor Chi Yan's lips twitched. Lin Ming had said all of this so easily, but array formations were an art which had to be studied in a very orderly way. If there wasn't a solid foundation, just where would a high-level array formation like this eight trigrams fire array formation come from? Thin air? And it was also one of the incomparably complex and esoteric ancient arrays!

’’There truly is no limit in this universe, there is always someone higher! I was truly a frog in a well, average, mediocre!’’ Ancestor Chi Yan looked to the skies and deeply sighed. The eight trigrams fire array formation ripped open again, leaving a gap the size of a person. Then, he turned around and walked inside, as if he were in a trance.

Lin Ming paused, hesitant, and then entered the eight trigrams fire array formation, following Ancestor Chi Yan.

’’Lin Ming, your master taught you about ancient array formations?’’ Mu Qianyu was able to slowly come to terms with this unthinkable truth after a long time. This was much more stunning than Lin Ming absorbing the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder with a trivial Bone Forging cultivation.

As soon as Lin Ming heard this question, he felt a bit awkward. He didn't want to lie to Mu Qianyu, but since things had already come this, he had to continue lying. ’’I don't know what an ancient array is. What Master taught me, I studied and learned. The truth is that I cannot arrange any array formation, I only know some superficial knowledge.’’

If he wanted to arrange such a large-scale array formation, Lin Ming would need at least a cultivation at the Revolving Core realm. Lin Ming naturally didn't have this ability.

Mu Qianyu hadn't thought that Lin Ming would have such a master. If Lin Ming's master was at the Xiantian realm, then she wouldn't be surprised. After all, the talent that had emerged within Lin Ming really made one think that he wasn't some common mortal martial artist. But hearing Ancestor Chi Yan's depressed words, Lin Ming's master might even have a high chance of being a supreme elder who had flown into the Realm of the Gods!

This sort of character could call himself an emperor if he wished. Within Sky Skill Continent, he would be the king of kings, the highest possible existence!

If Lin Ming had such a master, then why wouldn't he follow him into the Holy Lands to lead a saintly cultivating life? Why would he join the small Seven Profound Valleys?

Mu Qianyu was puzzled.

Or maybe, his master had already flown into the Realm of the Gods?

The two followed Ancestor Chi Yan to his residence, it was a cave mansion that was located in the center of the fire array formation. Perhaps because it had been roasted by the fire origin energy for a long time, the walls of the cave mansion had already been burned into a deep ruby red.

The inside of the cave mansion was filled up with piles upon piles of miscellaneous goods. There were array flags, array formation jade slips, array discs, and all sorts of other treasures. There were even two wooden puppets - these were probably the servant puppets that handled Ancestor Chi Yan's daily needs.

Seeing all this, Lin Ming could imagine that if someone were to live here daily, only concentrating on array formations and watching these dead puppets day in and day out, even the most normal and well-adjusted of individuals would have mental issues.

’’You will stay here today. This old man's mood is no longer suitable for forging a spear. Tomorrow, I shall fire up the furnace! What this old man has said will not change. I take back the rude words I said, and also apologize to this Little Brother! I will even put up some of my own collection of refining materials as an apology gift to make amends.’’ As Ancestor Chi Yan said this, he took out a hand sized lump of dark purple metal from his spatial ring and laid it on the table.

The metal in his palm was only the size of a hand, but when it bore down on the table, the table seemed as if it would fall apart at any time.

Lin Ming's eyes brightened. This dark purple, almost black whatever it was had to be much heavier than dark purple elastic iron or even heavy profound soft silver. Not only that, but he could feel a thick energy emitting from the dark purple metal that caused his heart to race. In the dim light of the cave, he could see the air around the dark purple metal twisting, as if it were distorted.

Before, Ancestor Chi Yan had said that if Lin Ming could point out flaws in his fire array formation, then he would immediately apologize and help Lin Ming forge his spear.

Ancestor Chi Yan had an extremely stubborn and unruly temperament;it was extremely difficult for him to lower his head and apologize to anyone. Lin Ming hadn't thought that he would not only apologize, but also offer up materials from his own collection. The value of materials that Ancestor Chi Yan would collect could be imagined!

’’Is this... Purple Comet?’’

Mu Qianyu was bewildered as she looked as this lump of dark purple metal, not daring to be positive in her guess. Because Mu Qianyu had had contact with Ancestor Chi Yan many times, she also had a deep understanding of many different types of refining materials. Purple Comet was a material that was enough to forge a top high-grade earth-step treasure. Or, if it was purified enough, Purple Comet could even create a heaven-step treasure!

A heaven-step treasure was a priceless object that would often only be used by emperors who were peerless powerhouses!

If the Purple Comet was used in addition to the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo and Sacred Flame Parasol Tree, then the grade of Lin Ming's spear might even surpass that of her own Vermillion Bird Sword!

The Vermillion Bird Sword was one of the twin Ice and Fire Swords of divine Phoenix Island, and also one of the holy treasures of her sect. How could Mu Qianyu not be startled!

’’Good. This is exactly Purple Comet. In my life, I have no plans to try and soar up to the Realm of the Gods, that is too remote a possibility for me. My ultimate goal is to forge a heaven-step treasure, and carve my name so it spreads through history. That is why I collect all the materials I can that can forge a heaven-step treasure. This piece of Purple Comet is too small to make a heaven-step treasure, but it's just right for me to forge a spear for you.’’

’’Senior Chi Yan, this is...’’ Lin Ming didn't know what to say. Such a material was extremely precious, even to someone like Ancestor Chi Yan. He didn't think that not only would the old man apologize, but he would also take out such a precious material. This old man was serious in keeping each and every one of his promises!

Ancestor Chi Yan gave a deep sigh and slowly said, ’’My path of refining is just like your path of martial arts. I said that if you can point out the flaws in my array formation, then I will apologize and forge a spear for you. Otherwise, I would cut off your tongue and waste your martial arts.

’’Since I wanted to destroy your martial arts, then I naturally have to pay an equal price!’’

As Ancestor Chi Yan said, he had already subconsciously placed Lin Ming on the same level as himself. A peerless master like himself was actually talking to someone like an ant about equality. No matter if it were Lin Ming's master or his terrifying perception of the Dao of array formations, Ancestor Chi Yan could see that 100 years from now, Lin Ming would become a peerless powerhouse of his generation.

Lin Ming sighed. Although Ancestor Chi Yan truly did have an eccentric, unreasonable, and sometimes cruel temperament, his heart of martial arts was actually incomparably firm and pure. Someone with such faith in their own beliefs could often walk further down the path of martial arts.

In truth, this kind of person was worth respecting a great deal. Thinking this, Lin Ming said, ’’Senior Chi Yan, about Senior's eight trigrams fire array formation, junior has some opinions. I can offer some humble words in the hope that Senior may be inspired just a bit.’’

’’Mm?’’ Ancestor Chi Yan's eyes shined, his voice beginning to pick up with excitement. Naturally, he couldn't look down on Lin Ming again. ’’What suggestions do you have? This old man is listening with all ears!’’

The eight trigrams fire array formation was one of his lifelines. In order to forge a heaven-step treasure, one of the greatest constraints was the flame itself. For instance, Purple Comet and other materials on the same rank had to be purified enough to make a heaven-step treasure. But to do this was much easier said than done. Even Ancestor Chi Yan didn't have the current ability to refine them to that extent.

Lin Ming said, ’’About the fire rune columns I mentioned before, the fire rune columns can increase the power of flame, but it will also dissipate the fire origin energy. But if three arc symbols were carved into the fire rune columns at calculated distances, then the symbols would be able to confine fire origin essence during rotation, reducing the fire origin energy that dissipates. Of course, the problem is that the arc symbols are easily worn out by fire origin energy, and would have to be redrawn every three years.’’

’’Once every three years is not a problem!’’ Ancestor Chi Yan blurted out in excitement. He was just too hyped up at the moment. He had deduced the model in his mind, and it really would be viable!


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