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Martial World - Chapter 296


Chapter 296 - I Do Not Accept




When Shi Zongtian finished reading this list of 30 names, Zhang Shaoshan took the lead and said, ’’Valley Master Shi! I have a question!’’

Shi Zongtian frowned as he was interrupted. He asked in a low voice, ’’What is it?’’

’’I would like to know who evaluates the talent rank? And what is the basis for this evaluation?’’

Shi Zongtian said, ’’The names of the talent list were decided by Fairy Maiden Qinghong, and an elder from divine Phoenix Island. They evaluated the results of these past years' Martial Meetings of every sect!’’

’’Then this is a list that was comprised from the various Sovereigns and elders of the sects? I haven't even challenged most of these people, isn't the conclusion of my talent just too biased!?’’

Zhang Shaoshan's public denouncement of divine Phoenix Island's judgment could be considered extremely rude. But he was also voicing the thoughts and emotions of many other people.

’’What a tournament tests is strength. As for this list of names, we are not looking at strength, only talent! As for those 30 people for which there isn't enough information, we shall reexamine them and then decide where they belong.’’


Before Zhang Shaoshan could speak any further, Mu Qinghong coldly humphed and said, ’’You. If you feel unsatisfied with our decision, then you can choose to not participate in this joint training program. Do not forget, the resources of this program are provided by my divine Phoenix Island. As for who we grant it to and why, it is all decided by my divine Phoenix Island's authority! It is not for little outsiders to think they can mess with! If you find it unfair, then you may leave!’’

As Mu Qinghong spoke, there was true essence fused into her voice, causing an extremely intensely oppressive feeling. Zhang Shaoshan immediately paled and drew backwards several steps. He bit his lips, not speaking. Since he was in others' house, he had to bow his head. No one was willing to not take these resources. Not only that, but they were resources from divine Phoenix Island;they were most likely much better than anything he could obtain from his own sect.

At this moment, Shi Zongtian continued to speak, ’’Now I will announce the final heaven-step talent list. There a single person. This is... the Seven Profound Valleys' Lin Ming!’’

As Shi Zongtian's words came out, Lin Ming suddenly felt the air around him becoming stifling, as countless eyes suddenly turned to look at him, their vision as cold as the icy tips of a sword. Except for Jiang Baoyun, Qin Wuxin, and the others from the Seven Profound Valleys, everyone else was looking at him as if they could devour him.

Zhang Shaoshan's eyes were red. This was jealousy, and this was also the blocking of his 'spirit'.

A heaven-step talent could enjoy treatment equal to a core disciple of divine Phoenix Island! It was said that core disciples of divine Phoenix Island could practice with medium-grade true essence stones. A medium-grade true essence stone was worth 100 normal pure true essence stones! Even if it was Zhang Shaoshan's father, he absolutely wouldn't be willing to cultivate with medium-grade true essence stones. This was simply burning away money!

In addition, a heaven-step talent could stay at divine Phoenix Island. divine Phoenix Island was comprised of 90% women. Not only that, but they were the most talented, beautiful, and proud maidens! Even though no one dared to show any impropriety towards someone like Mu Qianyu, if they could befriend a woman at the Xiantian realm or above and become her companion, they would be able to cultivate with her. This was a fate that could only be found and not searched for!

Thinking that so many good things had all fallen upon Lin Ming, Zhang Shaoshan's eyes were so red with fury and jealousy that they looked as if they were on fire. But as Shi Zongtian continued to speak, the resentment in his heart was pushed to the extreme.

Shi Zongtian said, ’’Every month, a human-step talent will receive 500 low-grade true essence stones, and once they reach the late Houtian realm, they will obtain one Heaven Opening Pill.

’’Every month, an earth-step talent will receive 500 low-grade true essence stones, five medium-grade true essence stones, and after reaching the middle Houtian realm, they will obtain two Heaven Opening Pills.

’’Every month, a heaven-step talent will receive 20 medium-grade true essence stones, and immediately receive one Heaven Opening Pill. After reaching the Houtian realm, they will receive two Heaven Opening Pills. They may also venture into the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm to adventure, and will also receive a low-grade earth-step flexible armor as a gift.’’

Those last words caused the entire crowd to go into an uproar. The disparity between them was just too great! The difference between them and a heaven-step talent was like a flea-ridden beggar following behind a gilded prince!

In comparison, not even mentioning the medium-grade true essence stones, but a heaven-step talent would also receive three Heaven Opening Pills. These could immediately be taken to increase one's cultivation! Not only that, but they could also enter the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm! Although no one knew just what this divine Phoenix Mystic Realm was, it didn't take a genius to know that this was some incredible and incomparably valuable place. Maybe only core disciples of divine Phoenix Island could enter! Also, there was the low-grade earth-step flexible armor. The value of that was just inestimable. It had to be known that armor was normally much more expensive than weapons of the same grade. And a flexible armor was one of the most expensive kind!

This was just too unfair!

Several people immediately stood up and said, ’’Seniors, we have words we wish to say!’’

These people were all disciples that were grouped together with Zhang Shaoshan on the earth-step waiting list. These individuals usually hid their strength and rarely participated in battles between geniuses. Still, they all had their own respective trump cards, and were absolutely confident in their abilities. Since they hadn't fought anyone yet, they refused to take this loss sitting down.

As for those 27 individuals that were truly chosen into the earth-step list, because they often participated in battles between geniuses, they naturally knew just where their abilities lay. Since they saw that Lin Ping from Peacock Mountain hadn't even made a sound, they naturally wouldn't speak up.

’’What do you have to say?’’ Mu Qinghong asked, her words somewhat cold.

’’Senior, if our assessment results are amazing enough, can we qualify to become a heaven-step talent?’’ A man with upturned eyebrows asked.

Mu Qinghong's eyes swept past his person. He was around 20 years old, and his cultivation was still stuck at the peak Pulse Condensation period.

'Humph, the toad truly thinks he can eat swan meat. He actually thinks he can be a heaven-step talent! Hilarious! When Young Mistress Qianyu was 17 years old, she was already a Houtian master. When she was 22 years old, she stepped into the Xiantian realm!'

If it wasn't for the fact that divine Phoenix Island needed to unite these small sects, then if these people were placed in divine Phoenix Island, they just wouldn't be worthy of investing any efforts in.

Mu Qinghong was about to reject the ridiculous requests of these people, when at this moment Mu Qianyu actually spoke up. ’’You can qualify as a heaven-step talent, as long as you pass the seventh floor of the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda.’’

Within the Sky Spill Continent, the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda was the general illusory magic array that was used to test the talents of individuals. When Lin Ming had first participated in the Seven Profound Martial House entrance examination, he had also gone up this pagoda, passed the fourth floor and was stopped at the fifth. As for the sixth-grade talent Qin Xingxuan, she had passed the fifth floor.

As for the sixth and seventh floor, each of these had an exponential level of growth in difficulty. To rush past the seventh floor was nigh impossible.

’’What? Pass the seventh floor?’’

The several youths that stood up suddenly had very ugly complexions. How could they ever manage to pass through the seventh floor? Wasn't this just making fun of them?

Of course, they dared not say this.

’’I want to know, as long as one is a heaven-step talent, they have the ability to pass the seventh floor?’’ The youth with upturned eyebrows asked, his eyes glancing at Lin Ming. The implied meaning of suspicion was obvious.

This youth acknowledged that Lin Ming truly did have superior and outstanding talent, but he didn't believe that Lin Ming could actually pass the seventh floor.

In fact, Lin Ming didn't have absolute faith that he could pass through the Exquisite Pagoda's seventh floor. Sky Spill Continent's general talent test Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda was not the same as the Sorcerer Holy Land which he passed.

’’Several Seniors, I wish to challenge those geniuses on the earth-step list and heaven-step list. As long as the age difference isn't too great, then those who win naturally have a higher talent! Isn't that right!?’’

Mu Qianyu smiled without saying a word. As for those other sects' elders, different looks flashed on their faces;obviously, they each had their own thoughts on the matter.

The truth was that they weren't satisfied with the lists that divine Phoenix Island had compiled. There were many talents that didn't expose their final trump cards and show their true strength. If one simply judged them by looking at the surface, it would simply create many inaccuracies.

Not only that, but the name list judged the Seven Profound Valleys to be very high. The Seven Profound Valleys was only in the middle of the pack of the 19 third-grade sects. Finally, only Lin Ming was chosen as the heaven-step talent. And, there was also Jiang Baoyun and Mugu Buyu who were chosen as earth-step talents. And Qin Wuxin was an earth-step talent candidate. This was even better than Peacock Mountain!

If this was only because Mu Qinghong had personally watched the Seven Profound Valleys' Total Faction Martial Meeting and thus they recieved such a high evaluation, then they wouldn't be convinced. She hadn't even come to see their own Martial Meetings, so why were they listed as inferior?

Mu Qianyu smiled, nodding, and said, ’’If you cannot wait for an official assessment, then you may begin your challenges now.’’

Mu Qianyu's voice just fell when Zhang Shaoshan took a fierce step forwards, and loudly shouted, ’’Lin Ming, I challenge you!’’

Everyone's eyes turned to look at Lin Ming, especially the disciples of White Peak Sect, they were anticipating this good show. They were very clear just how strong Zhang Shaoshan was. Last year, even Jiang Baoyun had been defeated under his hand! Lin Ming might be strong, but even he would find it difficult to defeat Zhang Shaoshan!

Lin Ming casually crossed his arms, sizing up Zhang Shaoshan. He calmly said, ’’I just turned 16 years old a little bit ago. How old are you?’’

’’Wha... what?’’ These few words had turned Zhang Shaoshan silly. Lin Ming had just reached 16 years of age? He thought that Lin Ming was around 18 years old or so - how could he possibly be 16 years old? A 16 year old actually defeated Jiang Baoyun? Not only that, but his cultivation was only at the early Pulse Condensation period. Was this for real?

Zhang Shaoshan couldn't believe this. He was already 20 years old. In any case, this four year gap between them had already lost him any qualifications to challenge Lin Ming.

At this moment, Mugu Buyu suddenly cynically laughed, ’’Jejejeje, little baby boy, let me play with you. If you can defeat me, then you might be able to take a few moves from this little boy's hand. How about it?’’

Mugu Buyu pointed a withered finger towards Lin Ming as he said this. The 'little boy' that he spoke of was naturally Lin Ming. That Lin Ming could actually convince this normally proud and stubborn Mugu Buyu, could also be said to be a testament to Lin Ming's fearless strength.

And who the hell was this?

Zhang Shaoshan was already furious from shame. Even if he didn't have the qualifications because of his age, he should at least battle Jiang Baoyun. Did this strange mummy fellow actually think he was worthy of challenging him?

’’Good! Then I am much obliged!’’ Zhang Shaoshan spoke with his heart bursting with rage.

'Some unknown mummy fellow from the Seven Profound Valleys dares to challenge me! If I don't show some cards in my hand, then you won't know how high the heavens are, and how deep the earth is!'

Mu Qianyu calmly smiled and said, ’’Who else would like to challenge?’’

’’I'll challenge!’’ The youth with upturned eyebrows said. He was 19 years old equally unqualified to challenge Lin Ming.

Jiang Baoyun slowly stood up, taking the sword case off his back. He said, ’’My age is similar to yours. I will be your match, I shouldn't be unworthy of you.’’

The youth with upturned eyebrows looked at Jiang Baoyun and nodded. He wanted to challenge Lin Ming, but Jiang Baoyun was good enough.

The arena was readied. There would be two matches, First, Mugu Buyu against Zhang Shaoshan.

’’Hehe.’’ Mugu Buyu slyly smiled. The bag on his back suddenly shook, and a flaming puppet jumped out, its entire body wreathed in deep red flames.

Lin Ming's eyebrows rose. It had only been ten days, and yet this Evil Fire God puppet was repaired? It seemed that the Puppet Faction Sovereign had personally repaired it...


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