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Martial World - Chapter 276


Chapter 276 - Tempering Marrow Realm




’’Martial intent?’’

With these two words from Shi Zongtian, all of the elders present were shocked. As they looked carefully, they saw that Lin Ming really had entered into a strange state, as if everything around him had no influence on him at all. This state was consistent to the supplementary martial intents that were described in the ancient texts.

A martial intent was something that could only be discovered, and couldn't be sought. One could only comprehend one through their own lucky destiny, and this had absolutely nothing at all to do with a martial artist's talent. It could even appear in the body of an ordinary person, or it could even appear in a completely wasted body.

Geniuses could be filtered and raised through generations by breeding, but a martial intent could not. In fact, in the countless talents of the Seven Profound Valleys' younger generation, there still wasn't a single person that had managed to comprehend a martial intent.

’’He actually comprehended a martial intent... this fellow has such dog-shit luck! There must be smoke rising from his ancestors' graves!’’ The Zither Faction's old woman clenched her teeth like rabid dog, glaring at Lin Ming with her eyes and chest rising and falling like a frog. She was angry to the point that she couldn't speak. This country bumpkin boy from the 36 countries had actually defeated her most beloved disciple and had broken her Zither Faction's core cultivation method, the Profound Winds Eight Melodies.

And what was most irritating was that this fellow had actually made a breakthrough in the middle of battle, and now even showed a martial intent;all of this was madly slapping her in the face over and over again. She felt that the Zither Faction had only served to show Lin Ming's superb qualities in contrast;how could someone arrogant like her even take this?

Shi Zongtian didn't care about the Zither Faction Sovereign's reaction, he only looked towards Mu Qinghong with some worry in his eyes. Shi Zongtian's mood was extremely contradictory at the moment. While he wanted Lin Ming to become better and better, he also feared that divine Phoenix Island came here to plunder their talent. It could be said that he was struggling with the positives and negatives.

Mu Qinghong smiled but didn't say anything. She already knew that Lin Ming had connected all of his meridians so that he wouldn't have a bottleneck from the Bone Forging state to the Pulse Condensation period. But, she hadn't expected that his breakthrough would occur so quickly.

’’He reached Pulse Condensation just after reaching 16 years of age. Compared to Qianyu, he's slower by about eight months. Still, this extreme speed is already very rare, I cannot imagine what sort of future this child will have.’’

Mu Qinghong's heart was filled with anticipation. Mu Qianyu was a fire-attribute talent, Mu Bingyun was an ice-attribute talent, and with the thunder-attribute talent Lin Ming, that would be three peerless talents. In the future, they would become powerhouses that would be able to change the entire situation in the South Horizon Region, and maybe even deter that titan hiding within the South Sea.


As the ninth round ended, the afternoon lunchtime finally came, and Lin Ming was still sitting in meditation, immersed in the ethereal martial intent as he was before. Of course, Qin Xingxuan hadn't gone out for lunch. A martial artist could easily skip a few meals, and even going for several days without sleep wouldn't affect them too much.

Jiang Baoyun hadn't left. Instead, he polished his treasure sword as he casually sat in a chair at the contestant waiting area, gazing at Lin Ming from afar.

’’Pulse Condensation period...’’ Jiang Lanjian murmured as he sat near Jiang Baoyun.

’’Mm...’’ Jiang Baoyun nodded. For a genius martial artist, it was easy to use the pressure of a true battle in order to break through. This was also the reason that so many martial artists had come to the Total Faction Martial Meeting.

’’Things are becoming more and more interesting. I thought that Lin Ming would just have me be a little serious, but now...’’ As Jiang Baoyun said this, his two bright eyes flashed with a thick fighting spirit.

’’You think that he might defeat you?’’

’’I can't say!’’

Jiang Lanjian was surprised. In his experience, Jiang Baoyun had always been a very arrogant man who had a very high view;there were very few peers that he considered his opponents. But now it seemed he had a high opinion of Lin Ming.

Jiang Lanjian said, ’’I've fought against him. Although I'm not his match, I was still able to face him. My Concept of Wind was able to wound him. But against you, my Concept of Wind doesn't work at all, I can't even touch the hem of your robe...’’

’’Haha, sometimes these disparities can't be so easily explained. Haven't you seen that after he fought Qin Wuxin, his strength has been constantly growing?’’

’’I've noticed but... I don't think the progress he's made will be able to cover the gap between you two. Even though he broke through to the Pulse Condensation realm, he just recently broke through, the amount of strength he's gained is limited.’’

’’Just wait and we'll be able to see. If there isn't an accident, Lin Ming will definitely face Mugu Buyu before me. Mugu Buyu's strength cannot be underestimated. That fellow's attacks are strange and peculiar. Even if it's me, I can't guarantee that I will be able to defeat him! After Lin Ming and Mugu Buyu fight each other, I'll be able to see just where the limits of his strength are.’’

As time passed, Lin Ming's breakthrough gradually entered into the critical period. True essence flowed from the body into the organs, from the organs into the bones, and from the bones into the meridians, where it began to revolve through every inch of flesh, making a full revolution and nurturing the body before returning to the organs and muscles, completing a full circle.

As true essence flowed into the meridians, it created a circulation that revolved within the body. This was the greatest difference between the Pulse Condensation period and the Bone Forging stage. If true essence flowed into the organs and bones, it was just like a carriage running into shallow seas and swamps: it would just be mired there. However, if true essence penetrated the meridians and flowed there, it was like a fast racing horse on a spacious main road. There was simply no comparison between them.

After this circulation continued on for several revolutions, Lin Ming felt heart suddenly still.

’’Mm? This is...’’

In that instant, Lin Ming could clearly feel a microscopic amount of true essence seep into the deepest part of his bones, fusing into his marrow.

True essence Tempering Marrow!

Lin Ming was jubilant with happiness!

The 'Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians' was a top Body Transformation cultivation method that had been passed down the Realm of the Gods and contained the accumulated knowledge of over a billion years. Although this cultivation method couldn't be considered incomparably precious within the Realm of the Gods, in terms of the Body Transformation stage, it was the most perfect and complete method, and the highest level cultivation method that existed. There was nothing better!

Sky Spill Continent's Body Transformation cultivation methods only contained six stages. Above the sixth Pulse Condensation stage were the Essence Gathering stages, which included the Houtian realm and the Xiantian realm. This was already a separate branch of cultivation from Body Transformation, instead turning towards true essence cultivation and soul cultivation.

However, the 'Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians' contained additional stages above Pulse Condensation. This included Tempering Marrow, where true essence entered the marrow, and after that was opening the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. After one accomplished this, their fist could shatter the sky, their feet would crack the world, and their roars would have the strength of heavenly tribulation. With just a single all-out attack, they could collapse moons and sink stars!

Even though the memories contained such exaggerates descriptions, Lin Ming still believed in them. However, he had always been a bit worried subconsciously.

He worried whether or not he could achieve the Tempering Marrow realm that was above the Pulse Condensation Period, or whether the 'Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians' that he cultivated had flaws. After all, the human bodies of those that lived in the Realm of the Gods might be different from those that live in Sky Spill Continent;what if he was unable to reach the Tempering Marrow realm?

And now, after Lin Ming had just stepped into the Pulse Condensation period, he had finally felt a tiny bit of true essence enter into his marrow, how could he not be excited about this?

If he could open the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, even if Lin Ming abandoned stepping into the Houtian realm and Xiantian realm, with just the cultivation of Body Transformation he could still become a supreme powerhouse of his generation.

After this tiny trace of true essence, Lin Ming continually attempted to push the true essence into the Tempering Marrow boundary. However, despite any actions he took to stimulate his true essence, it remained just above the bone and would not enter the marrow.

Until the end, his true essence overflow had finally ended, and he had only managed to push a tiny, insignificant amount of true essence into his marrow.

Lin Ming sighed and shook his head, ’’It seems like it must be done as recorded in the 'Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians'. I'll need to use top quality pills in order to wash the muscles and cleanse the marrow, and I'll have to remove the foul Houtian air. I don't know how hard this might be, but it might be more difficult than even stepping into the Houtian or Xiantian realm...

’’Top quality pills... I'll need many of these top quality pills. What sort of pills could be called top quality by a supreme elder of the Realm of the Gods? Is a Heaven Opening Pill sufficient?’’

Lin Ming lacked confidence that he could find a reasonable path. Even if he immediately became a core disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys, a pill at the rank of the Heaven Opening Pill wasn't some joke. Its value was incalculable and it wasn't something that could be sold anywhere.

’’Well, if I can win the Martial Meeting and become the champion, I will be able to obtain a future promise of a Heaven Opening Pill. However, I'll need to be at the peak Houtian realm before it can be honored. I'll have to figure out some way to get it ahead of time, otherwise I don't know how long it will take me to reach the peak Houtian realm...’’

Thinking this, Lin Ming finally opened his eyes. He had officially stepped into the Pulse Condensation period.

’’Lin Ming, you really broke through.’’ Qin Xingxuan smiled. She had been constantly guarding him by his side, and hadn't even moved a tiny step away. Naturally, she could not let anyone disturb Lin Ming during such a critical time period. This feeling of being trusted so completely by Lin Ming... Qin Xingxuan found that it was extremely to her liking.

’’I just broke through and my cultivation hasn't consolidated. My strength probably hasn't increased by much.’’ As Lin Ming said this, he inadvertently glimpsed Jiang Baoyun staring at him from some distance away. Jiang Baoyun smiled and nodded his head, greeting him.

Lin Ming also returned a smile in return. He thought in his heart, 'This Jiang Baoyun's eyesight is just like a sharp sword, it's as if he completely saw through me. Although he can't understand my strength, he's able to roughly approximate just how strong I am. For him to look at me with such confidence, it seems that I can't underestimate him.'

At this time, the afternoon lunch break finally ended, and the contestants were beginning to file back into the arena. Most of the people that entered glanced at Lin Ming, their eyes contained envy, awe, fear, admiration, and even resentment.

Lin Ming had already been very strong, but now he was even stronger and more abnormal.

As the afternoon matches finally started, as of this moment, the only contestants left with complete victories were Lin Ming, Huo Yanluo, Mugu Buyu, Ouyang Ming, and Jiang Baoyun. The fights were becoming extremely heated, and the collisions of masters became more and more frequent. Even powerhouses like Jiang Lanjian and Qin Wuxin were showing up often.

During the tenth round, fifth match, Huan Xiaodie fought against Huo Yanluo. Huang Xiaodie used all her attack styles and created countless illusions. However, Huo Yanluo was able to hang on and stimulate his true essence, finally summoning the Flame Essence within himself to defend and then attack.

The medium-grade human-step Flame Essence formed a ring of molten rocks around Huo Yanluo;all of the illusions and phantoms were completely melted away by the Abyssal Flame!

As Huo Yanluo approached step by step, all of Huan Xiaodie's moves were nullified. Finally, she was defeated.

The audience sent out waves of acclamation, especially the disciples of the Refiner Faction, they were simply mad with excitement.

’’Haha, Elder Senior-apprentice Brother is too fierce, he won again! It seems our Refiner Faction can really hope to reach the top five this time!’’

’’Of course, our Elder Senior-apprentice Brother is one of the five contestants left with complete victories. If you look at the other four people, Jiang Baoyun and Mugu Buyu are without a doubt freaks at a different level. Lin Ming and Ouyang Ming are also two absolute farm animals, but our Elder Senior-apprentice Brother isn't much weaker than them. With the medium-grade human-step Flame Essence in his hand, who can stop him?’’

The Refiner Faction disciples spoke with great enthusiasm. At their side, a young Zither Faction girl was not happy. ’’What do you mean? If our Senior-apprentice Sister hadn't encountered some abnormal fellow, then she would absolutely still have complete victories now. Are you saying that our Senior-apprentice Sister is weaker than your Huo Yanluo?’’


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