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Martial World - Chapter 271


Chapter 271 - Stealing From a Master




Jiang Lanjian's face flashed with bewilderment. Lin Ming had obviously used the Concept of Wind a moment ago. Not only that, but he was able to faintly feel that Lin Ming's Concept of Wind boundary was even higher than his own! It was as if he had touched upon the origin of all wind!

How was this possible?

There was complete silence in the entire area for several breaths of time. Suddenly, the noisy sound of discussion broke the quiet.

’’Lin Ming actually comprehended the Concept of Wind? How did that happen?’’

The Sword Faction disciple that had been so haughtily explaining the difficulty in comprehending the Concept of Wind to everyone around him that would listen, suddenly found himself unable to accept this new reality. In the entire Seven Profound Valleys' younger generation, the number of people that could understand a Concept could be counted on a single hand, and they had all did so in their later years when they had reached 19 or 20 years of age.

But as for Lin Ming, he was a mere 16 years old, and he also came from the pitiful background of the 36 countries. Who had taught him how to comprehend the Concept of Wind? Had he learnt it himself?

’’Haha! You just said that we 36 countries' disciples couldn't comprehend the Concept of Wind, and look at that! Now what, huh!?’’ All of the 36 countries' disciples that heard the bragging of the Sword Faction disciple suddenly felt extremely proud and glorious. Before, they had been talked down to like little country bumpkins who had wandered into a bustling major city, and their hearts had already lit with a simmering fire. Before, they didn't know what a Concept of Wind was, nor that Lin Ming had also managed to understand it, so they could only shut up as others boasted around them.

Now, they could finally come back.

’’Haha, a little pitiful Concept of Wind, even if the Seven Profound Valleys doesn't have over 5 people that can comprehend it, it's not anything to someone as cool and awesome as Lin Ming.’’

’’Maybe Lin Ming hadn't even understood the Concept of Wind, but comprehended it after watching Jiang Lanjian display it. Comprehending this sort of small fry stuff would probably only take Lin Ming half an incense stick of time.’’

’’Right, right, right! Or else why would Lin Ming drag this fight out for so long? The reason is because he was meditating on the Concept of Wind from Jiang Lanjian's blade!

This disciple's wonderful fantasies were immediately approved and welcomed by everyone. In their minds, the Concept of Wind sounded very powerful, but to the omnipotent Lin Ming, it should be enough just tossing it a few thoughts, it was just absolutely nothing.

Hearing this idea spread through the crowd, the Seven Profound Valleys' Sword Faction disciple could only force a smile, he was disinclined to argue with them. Did they think that the Concept of Wind was some cabbage that they could eat whenever they wanted?

In the Grand Hall of the Seven Profound Valleys, several Great Elders had the feeling that this was something they couldn't immediately accept, even if placed in front of them;they had simply never seen a genius of this level before.

If he could actually comprehended a Concept, then there was probably nothing else that Lin Ming couldn't!

A Sword Faction Great Elder lamentably shook his head and said, ’’Lin Ming not only comprehended the Concept of Wind, but the boundary at which he's done so is very high. Unfortunately, Lanjian's Concept of Wind was his final trump card, but it's too bad he's only showing off his meager skill in front of a true expert.’’

Shi Zongtian was silent. Jiang Lanjian was already considered a talent among talents, and the Concept of Wind was sufficiently powerful to be called one's secret card.

What a pity it was that Jiang Lanjian's match was against Lin Ming.

As Mu Qinghong looked at the amazing expressions on these old elders' faces, the smile that crossed hers was growing more and more. She felt that Lin Ming was simply an endless trove of treasure, he always brought new and wonderful surprises.

Something like the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder could be said to be obtained by luck or fortune. Individual cultivation could be enhanced by valuable materials or other rare medicines and treasure. But as for Lin Ming's comprehension of the Concept of Wind, spear skills, and martial intent, all of those depended on his own heart of martial arts and monstrous perception. There was no fortuitous encounter that could ever help him with that.

Spear path, Concept, martial intent, soul force;Lin Ming had made startling progressing in all four of these major aspects. Not only that, but his cultivation could also be considered at the pinnacle of his age, and he also had a high Thunder Yuan Qi fusion compatibility. With his mere Bone Forging cultivation, he had managed to absorb the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder, and his body seemed to contain the bloodline of some ancient beast.

Lin Ming's existence had already exceeded the limits of common sense.

Mu Qinghong secretly thought, ’’Even Qianyu hadn't completely understood Lin Ming, he is even more wonderful than she had imagined! My divine Phoenix Island will never let go of a talent like this.’’

On the martial stage, Jiang Lanjian heaved a heavy sigh. ’’Lin Ming, I, Jiang Lanjian have never witnessed someone of your talent in my life. I might have already lost this match, but until the final moment, I will not put down my sword!’’

Jiang Lanjian brought his sword in front of him, directed straight at Lin Ming.

’’Good, I also want to enjoy a satisfying battle with you.’’ Lin Ming brightly laughed and then smiled at Jiang Lanjian. Jiang Lanjian's words were just what he had hoped for, he also wanted to continue dueling with Jiang Lanjian and attain more inspirations about the Concept of Wind.

’’Graceful Sword!’’

Jiang Lanjian thrust his sword out again, and a strong wind howled around him. Lin Ming's spear had also fused into the wind, and under the blessing of the Concept of Wind, his spear speed had reached a terrifying degree. One could listen to the sharp cries as the long spear broke through the wind;it seemed as if spear shadows covered the sky!

If there was a weakness in Lin Ming's spearmanship, that would be that his attack speed was too slow!

But in truth, this really could not be considered a shortcoming. A spear was originally a heavy weapon meant to be used against armies. It emphasized oppressing and overwhelming all opposition by brute strength;it was simply impossible for it to display such an extreme speed like a sword.

Therefore, when Lin Ming had been facing Jiang Lanjian's sword light that seemed everywhere, he was only able to rely on his vibrating true essence to fend it off.

But now, with the Concept of Wind behind his back, his spear wasn't actually much slower than Jiang Lanjian's sword!

Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding!

In a few breathes of time, it was unknown how many times Lin Ming and Jiang Lanjian's spear and sword had exchanged blows. Lin Ming's speed hadn't fallen at all!

Even the surrounding wind began to fall under Lin Ming's sway, condensing into sharp wind blades that attacked Jiang Lanjian!

The elders in the Seven Profound Valleys' Grand Hall were becoming more and more flabbergasted as they watched the match go on. They had thought that Lin Ming's comprehension of the Concept of Wind was at a very high state, but they realized that even they had underestimated him. As this match progressed, Lin Ming was becoming increasingly deft with the Concept of Wind;it was already far beyond anything Jiang Lanjian could hope to compare with.

’’I can't imagine how he managed to contemplate this!’’ The Sword Faction's Great Elder sighed with emotion. To have a 1200 jin Heavy Profound Soft Spear keep up with the speed of a longsword, Lin Ming's comprehension of the Concept of Wind was simply inconceivable.

’’I feel like... as Lin Ming continues to progress in this match, it seems that Lin Ming is imitating Lanjian's moves!’’


As an elder casually spoke his thoughts, all of them became startled!

Jiang Lanjian's Graceful Sword was able to hide the sword blade in the wind. When he did so, Lin Ming also hid his spear in the wind!

When Jiang Lanjian condensed blades of wind to attack, so did Lin Ming.

When Jiang Lanjian fused the sword energy into the wind so that the wind would not disperse and the sword energy would not disperse, Lin Ming also fused his spear light into the wind - it was almost the exact same process!

’’He is studying Lanjian's styles.’’

’’Heavens... did he not comprehend the Concept of Wind before this, and suddenly comprehended it during this fight against Lanjian?’’

’’That's impossible, no talent can be like such. He must have comprehended it a long time ago, but didn't have a master to teach him. He was only able to rely on his heaven defying perception to comprehend the Concept of Wind, but didn't understand just how to use it to attack. Now, he's found inspiration in Lanjian's sword, and his self-taught Concept of Wind has already surpassed Lanjian by many degrees. This young boy its just too terrifying!’’

On the martial stage, the outcome was already clear to all. Over 90% of the power of wind was sent by Lin Ming. As for Jiang Lanjian, he wasn't even able to muster 10% of the power of wind.


As Jiang Lanjian met Lin Ming's attack, he was forced backwards dozens of feet. He wiped off the blood from the corners of his mouth and put away the longsword in his hand, ’’I admit defeat.’’

’’Thank you!’’

Lin Ming cupped his hands together in respect. He did not say the more formal and polite 'well fought', but instead thanked him. This was naturally because in this fight, Jiang Lanjian had taught him much about how to use the Concept of Wind to attack.

The memories of the Realm of the God's supreme elder was incomparably fragmented, there were very few complete memories. Although Lin Ming was able to comprehend the Concept of Wind, the memories of the methods of utilization were lost. If it wasn't for Jiang Lanjian, then it would have been a long time before he was able to utilize the Concept of Wind in different ways.

’’Lin Ming, victory!’’

With the announcement from the referee elder, many of the Seven Profound Valleys' disciples gasped together.

Jiang Lanjian had also been defeated!

Qin Wuxin who had mastered Large Success of her Zither Heart, or Huo Yanluo who controlled a Flame Essence, could either of them stop Lin Ming's winning streak?

Lin Ming turned around to spot Jiang Baoyun watching him in the midst of the crowd. Jiang Baoyun's two eyes pierced him like twin sword lights, it was impossible not to notice.

Jiang Baoyun faintly smiled. Lin Ming also politely returned a smile, but his heart was feeling quite cold.

Although Lin Ming had defeated Jiang Lanjian, he didn't feel relaxed at all. In this match, he had already used all of his cards besides Thunderfire Annihilation and the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder.

He had already shown the azure true essence, Concept of Wind, Heretical God Force, and Flow like Silk.

All these abilities had been used, and yet he had still been injured!

Jiang Lanjian's Absolute Murder Breeze Blade was too strong. It was not that Lin Ming didn't want to dodge, but that he couldn't.

It could be said that if Lin Ming hadn't 'stolen' the method to utilize the Concept of Wind in attacks and deprived Jiang Lanjian of his control over the wind, then it would have been extremely difficult for him to win the match!

Now seeing Jiang Baoyun's smile, Lin Ming suddenly remembered that from the start until now, he had never seen an expression of panic, surprise, or astonishment on Jiang Baoyun's face.

Maybe this was because Jiang Baoyun had reached Large Success of his Sword Heart, but it was most likely because he had absolute belief in his own ability!

Regardless of whether it was Mugu Buyu's Essence Integration, Lin Ming's own hidden cards coming out one after another, or even Huo Yanluo's shocking Flame Essence, Jiang Baoyun had maintained a tranquil expression through all of it, just like a light spring afternoon.

The feeling he gave off was as if everything was in the grasp of his palm.

Then... what were Jiang Baoyun's own hidden cards? What did he rely on to be so confident in himself?

If Jiang Lanjian, the second ranked disciple of the Sword Faction was already so formidable, then how strong was the direct disciple, Jiang Baoyun? Just what were the limits of his strength?

Lin Ming let out a long breath. He realized that his own chances of defeating Jiang Baoyun were not high at all!

The Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder was without a doubt an attack with a monstrous attack power. But a battle didn't look at whose attack power was stronger, but rather who could win.

In terms of attack power, Jiang Lanjian was still inferior to Zhang Yanzhao.

But Zhang Yanzhao could not win against Jiang Lanjian!

This was because he would have already lost before he used the Blood King's Triple Murder!

Like this, could he defeat Jiang Baoyun using the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder?

The Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder was amazingly strong, but if it could not strike Jiang Baoyun, then it was completely useless.

Would Jiang Baoyun's sword be slower than the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder? Could he dodge it?

Lin Ming surmised the outcome of the future match in his heart, and realized that as long as Jiang Baoyun's sword speed had reached a certain level, and he comprehended another Concept besides the Concept of Wind, then he would definitely lose!

Besides the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder, Lin Ming also had Thunderfire Annihilation. But, because the Flame Essence was much weaker and thus imbalanced, Thunderfire Annihilation wouldn't be much stronger than the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder. Not only that, but the consumption of energy was tremendous and it took a long period of time to wind up. The Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder was currently a much more practical move.

'It looks like I underestimated the Seven Profound Valleys' direct disciples. With Jiang Baoyun's talent, he would also be fantastic if placed within a fourth-grade sect. Not only that, but he is older than me by three years!'


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