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Martial World - Chapter 266


Chapter 266 - Blood King's Triple Murder





A wave of blood soared to the heavens, and even the clouds in the skies parted. The rich true essence surged in the air like ripples in water, visible to even the naked eye. This true essence dispersed, struck the stage protection barrier, and then bounced back.

To the audience, it was as if the entire martial stage had been covered with a faint red tint;it seemed as if blood was floating everywhere in the sky.

’’Blood King's First Murder - Endless Waves!!’’

Zhang Yanzhao gave a loud shout, and the treasure sword in his hand turned a brilliant blood red. A rich blood energy suddenly erupted forwards, it was as if countless surges of blood waves were rushing through the air.

As Zhang Yanzhao cut out with his knife, it was like the entire world had been covered by his saber energy;he could cut anything he wanted!

As Lin Ming faced this sword energy that seemed like massive waves of blood that blotted out the sky, Lin Ming also became incomparably serious. True essence poured into the Heavy Profound Soft Spear, and Flow like Silk broke out. At the same time, countless flashes of thunder arched around Lin Ming's body, spear prestige transformed into a dragon!

A spear thrust out with an unstoppable momentum. 5000 filaments of vibrating true essence pounded wave after bloody wave.


Under the vibrating true essence, the waves of blood turned into a shower of blood. It seemed as if crimson lotuses were blooming in the sky. As the waves of blood were torn apart, Lin Ming's spear and Zhang Yanzhao's saber collided in midair!

A blood red light flashed, and Lin Ming's spear pierced the curtain of blood, unstoppable!

Zhang Yanzhao was shocked in his heart. This spear of Lin Ming's looked simple, but there were profound principles and esoteric truths contained within!

The majestic strength of the world, the power of the strange vibrations, and the wildly savage purple thunder;all three of these powers perfectly fused together, creating an implacable force!

At this moment, he realized Lin Ming's strength. It wasn't that Fang Qi was weak, it was only that Mugu Buyu and Lin Ming were too strong. That was the only reason that Fang Qi had been so thoroughly and completely defeated!

The long spear was like a dragon;after breaking through the mist of blood, it pierced towards Zhang Yanzhao's chest!

At this critical moment, Zhang Yanzhao used his palm as a saber and cut down on the Heavy Profound Soft Spear.


The intense impact caused the Heavy Profound Soft Spear to instantly bend like a crescent moon. Zhang Yanzhao grit his teeth as he retreated backwards, his right hand was already stained red with blood!

’’What? A spear broke through Zhang Yanzhao's Blood King's First Murder, and he was also injured?’’

’’This is too weird. Didn't Lin Ming not use a martial skill during that spear strike? Can there be such strength without a martial skill? How terrifying would it be if he did use a martial skill!!?’’

To most of the audience, whether it was Zhang Yanzhao or Lin Ming, both of them gave them an unfathomable feeling. During the last Martial Meeting, he had reached the top 20. Now, during this Martial Meeting, he had defeated Liu Yan with just a single saber strike. Liu Yan's strength probably wasn't in the top ten, but he could still be around rank 12 or 13;he was definitely not some weak nobody.

There was no need to mention anything about Lin Ming. Against Fang Qi, he had defeated him as if he were just chopping a melon!

However, these matches were not enough to fully explain the level of these two people. Everyone knew that before now, neither of them had used their full strength to fight. This would be a truly powerful battle!

They had thought that the difference in strength between Lin Ming and Zhang Yanzhao wasn't too great, but they never thought that Zhang Yanzhao would be the first one injured, and so quickly too.

’’Second Elder, Zhang Yanzhao seems to be in danger. That Lin Ming had only used a casual spear thrust without any martial skill or technique, and he was able to break through Zhang Yanzhao's Blood King's First Murder!’’ Since Zhang Yanzhao was competing, then naturally people from the Zhang Family would also have come. The group leader was the Second Elder of the Zhang Family.

’’No martial skill? Heh, you're wrong. Lin Ming's spear skill has fused many unknown principles within - every move he makes is the same as a martial skill!’’ As the Second Elder gazed at the two people onstage, his pair of deep eyes shined brightly. ’’Don't worry, that casual spear thrust is powerful, and it wouldn't be strange if he had other cards in his hand, but that Blood King's First Murder that Yanzhao just used was the weakest saber. The second saber will be three times as strong. And the third saber will be three times stronger than the second. Breaking through the first saber doesn't mean anything at all!

On the martial stage, Zhang Yanzhao's eyes were brilliant. ’’Lin Ming, your strength astonishes even me! But you're wrong if you think you'll defeat me so easily!’’

As Zhang Yanzhao said this, the saber in his hand began to shine. The tiles under Zhang Yanzhao's feet began to be pulverized by waves of violent air.

’’Blood King's Second Murder - Extermination of Gods and Ghosts!!!’’


The blood energy in the air seemed to incinerate, and a crimson vortex appeared on Zhang Yanzhao's saber, instantly absorbing all of the blood energy everywhere, wiping even the sky clean! Suddenly, the energy condensed onto the saber was several times stronger than before!

Lin Ming was startled. Mm? Once the blood energy from the first saber was fused into the second, the power actually increased so much!

’’This is at least three times as strong!’’ Lin Ming frowned. It wasn't as if he couldn't block this saber - he could. The problem was if the second saber's power had already increased by so much, then what would the third saber be like?


Burning waves of blood surged towards Lin Ming. The saber energy was just like a massive river that had suddenly been unleashed from a dam, resulting in an unstoppable flood!

Facing a saber energy that even covered the sky, Lin Ming instantly activated Golden Roc Shattering the Void, his body like a shadow as it retreated. At the same time, the Heavy Profound Soft Spear struck out like a serpent!

Flowers in the Storm!

Puff puff puff puff puff puff!

In that moment, Lin Ming pierced out with hundreds of spear strikes. Each spear contained the power of thunder fused with vibrating true essence.

In this continuous onslaught, the massive wave of blood continued for hundreds of feet, pushing Lin Ming to the edge of the stage before finally dissipating.

The audience hadn't yet been able to respond to such a quick reversal of fortune. Just awhile ago Lin Ming had broken through Zhang Yanzhao's first saber, and had even injured him. Now, Lin Ming had been pushed back so far by Zhang Yanzhao's second saber.

There could only be one explanation, and that was that Zhang Yanzhao's Blood King's Triple Murder became increasingly powerful with each saber. Not only that, but the disparity between each strike was gargantuan. If so, then just how strong would the third saber be? How would Lin Ming deal with it?

The disciples of the 36 countries couldn't help but feel nervous for Lin Ming, their faces dripping with anxious sweat.

’’Haha, good!’’

A Zhang Family elder laughed. In all of Lin Ming's matches so far, no one had been able to push him back. Now, he was actually forced back hundreds of feet by Zhang Yanzhao's saber.

Moreover, this was only the second saber of the Blood King's Triple Murder. The third saber would be three times stronger than even the second saber. The Zhang Family elder wanted to see just how Lin Ming would be able to block that.

’’Yanzhao has already won half the battle. Now, even if Lin Ming has a hidden card in his hand, it still might not be enough to block the third saber!’’

’’Mm. If Yanzhao can defeat Lin Ming here, then that would be a great advantage to my Zhang Family's momentum. This match is just too important!’’ The Second Elder confidently spoke this as he stroked his beard.

The Zhang Family had been hiding their strength for the last several hundred years. Now, it was finally time to begin their revival;there was just no significance in blindly and constantly hiding their family's resources. On the contrary, what they had to do was expand their family's influence. The more influence they had, the more powerhouses they could hire to join their family.

’’There is still the last saber. Lin Ming, I want to see how you'll block this!’’ As Zhang Yanzhao said this, his entire body erupted with a surge of true essence. He lifted the Blood Wave Saber high above his head, and the entire saber began to blaze with a brilliant light. The true essence of his body was just like a flood that was being held back by the treasure sword in his hands.

Lin Ming could clearly feel that the true essence reserves in Zhang Yanzhao's body were rapidly depleting!

’’This is truly worthy of being called an Earth-step treasure sword;it can actually store so much true essence!’’

When Lin Ming used Thunderfire Annihilation, he would instantly consume 40% of his true essence, and that was because he had to suffuse his true essence into the Heretical God Seed. The Heretical God Seed was simply a bottomless pit. But if Lin Ming tried to pour his true essence into the Heavy Profound Soft Spear, it wouldn't take much true essence before the Heavy Profound Soft Spear reached its limit. Looking at it from this aspect, the disparity between a medium-grade human-step treasure and an earth-step treasure was simply like clouds and mud!

’’No wonder it is said that the Blood King's Triple Murder needs the Earth-step treasure Blood Wave Saber in order to display its power, it was for this reason. A human-step treasure simply cannot contain that much true essence.

Within a breath of time, Zhang Yanzhao had already poured over 50% of his true essence into the Blood Wave Saber. In addition to the consumption of the last two sabers, Zhang Yanzhao didn't even have 30% of his total true essence remaining.

He was staking everything on this, a single saber to decide victory or defeat!

’’This is my strongest ability! Blood King's Absolute Murder - Heaven and Earth Collapse!’’

Zhang Yanzhao loudly bellowed, and he suddenly rose several hundreds of feet into the air; everything under his feet had become meaningless!

Lin Ming's eyes widened. The power of Zhang Yanzhao's saber was actually three times stronger than the last! It kept rising by three times every time! In comparison to the first saber, Zhang Yanzhao's third saber was nine times stronger!

Even if Lin Ming opened the Heretical God Force and increased his power by 60%, he still wouldn't be able to block this saber. If he wished to confront his opponent head-on, he either had to use the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder or Thunderfire Annihilation.

However, Lin Ming didn't want to use these two trump cards against Zhang Yanzhao.

That was because he still had another card in his hand - reverse scale blood!

With the fusion of the True Dragon Energy's azure true essence, it would continually grow, endlessly!

Not only was this kind of true essence all-conquering, able to break through any defense, it was tenacious and difficult to destroy. Although it wasn't eternal like a Flame Essence, if one wished to destroy it, they needed multiple times the true essence in order to wear it down.

This was the everlasting concept that existed forever within the True Dragon - eternal and immortal power!

As for the present Lin Ming, he could not achieve true immortality. That was because his cultivation was limited and he wasn't able to display the full might of the reverse scale blood.

Even so, this endless true essence was not so easy to destroy.


With the resonant and majestic cry of a dragon, Lin Ming's aura shot into the clouds, piercing the heavens, and the reverse scale blood completely fused into his true essence.

At that moment, Mu Qinghong, who had been sitting in the Grand Hall, was shocked in her heart, her beautiful face suddenly changing color!

This... this is...

Mu Qinghong had lived in divine Phoenix Island for many years, and she had the bloodline of the Vermillion Bird injected within her body. As she heard that loud dragon's cry a moment ago, she felt the bloodline within her body tremble in fear!

’’Could this... could this be the strange Flood Dragon bloodline that Qianyu had mentioned?’’

She helplessly watched as the shade of a Flood Dragon appeared behind Li Ming once again. Compared to before, this time it was even more real. The more she looked at it, the less it seemed like a Flood Dragon. It was as if... as if... True Dragon!?!?

Long spear manifesting dragon!

It was a true blue, genuine long spear manifesting dragon! Heavens! How old was he again!?

A spear genius of this level was unprecedented from ancient times until now!


The vibrating true essence that contained the energy of the True Dragon intensely impacted against the Blood King's Absolute Murder! Lin Ming's true essence had transformed into a deep azure color, standing out in stark contrast to the deep dark red that stained everywhere;it was an incomparably gorgeous and dazzling sight!

It was as if space was torn apart. Intense red shockwaves violently impacted everywhere, alarmingly dire waves of blood frothing forth. But in the midst of these crazy and turbulent waves, a bright azure colored spear light pierced through, thrusting straight towards Zhang Yanzhao's chest!

Zhang Yanzhao's triumphant expression instantly froze.


It was like his chest had been struck by a mountain. Zhang Yanzhao spat out a mouthful of blood, and he flew backwards like a broken ragdoll.


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