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Martial World - Chapter 263


Chapter 263 - Genius of the Spear Path




’’Lin Ming, victory!’’

As the referee declared the result, the audience was completely blown away by this unbelievable conclusion. Fang Qi said he would allow Lin Ming three moves, and in the end, he was defeated in three moves...

Especially the disciples of the Array Faction, they looked like overripe eggplants that had been trampled on. Their complexions were simply beyond ugly. They had been counting on Fang Qi to maliciously stomp on Lin Ming, and let these toads known as the country hick martial artists that they would never be able to eat swan meat. They wanted Fang Qi to show them just what true disparity was. They simply never imagined this result, they could hardly accept it.

Fang Qi had been so completely defeated. If it were them, they would no doubt be in an even worse position!

As Lin Ming arrived at the contestant waiting area, he saw a yellow-clothed girl waiting there for him. This girl was Jing Chanyu.

’’Thank you.’’ Jing Chanyu said in a hushed tone.

’’Fang Qi is someone that I would have to defeat sooner or later. You don't have to thank me.’’

’’Mm, I know...’’ Jing Chanyu was silent for a moment, not knowing a topic of conversation to bring up. When Lin Ming had unleashed the Flood Dragon shade behind him, and pierced through Fang Qi's defensive barriers with a single spear thrust, it had left a deep impression on her.

He was simply like a handsome, peerless god of war, shattering all barriers. Unstoppable!

At this moment, Jiang Lanjian walked over. He and Lin Ming barely knew each other.

’’Lin Ming!’’

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Jiang.’’ Lin Ming cupped his fists together and bowed. Lin Ming had a good impression of Jiang Lanjian. Jiang Lanjian was a swordsman who pursued the path of the blade with all of his heart and soul. With such a person, there was no need to be reserved or guarded.

In many cases, one could determine the basic character of someone from the cultivation method that they practiced. The Seven Profound Valleys contained both good and evil, but no kind and righteous person would cultivate the dark and wicked legacies of the Acacia Faction. But the disciples of the Sword Faction and Zither Faction were mostly conscientious and virtuous people, they could be considered good people. At least, they weren't the type that would stab you behind the back. Even if they thirsted for your blood, they would be honest. Otherwise, if their heart was not right, then their Sword Heart or Zither Heart would never reach the stage of Perfection.

’’Lin Ming, you just turned 16 years old?’’ Although he had just heard this news from Jiang Baoyun's own mouth, Jiang Lanjian had to personally confirm it. This new information had simply been too shocking.

Hearing this question and seeing Lin Ming not answer, Jing Chanyu was suddenly startled. He had just reached 16 years of age!? She unconsciously covered her small mouth with her tender hands, her large eyes blinking as she stared disbelievingly at Lin Ming.

Lin Ming didn't hesitate, he directly nodded to acknowledge the claim. After all, this was something that he couldn't conceal. As long as the Seven Profound Valleys wanted to check up on him, they could investigate all the generations of his family with ease.

Although his age was a bit too suspicious, Lin Ming didn't worry. The more outstanding one's talent was, the more valuable they would be to the Seven Profound Valleys, and the more resources they could earn.

Looking at a broader view, even if he exposed too many of his powers and some people began to have dark intentions towards him, he could still stand behind divine Phoenix Island. If he did, these people who harbored evil intentions could do nothing at all.

Lin Ming believed that Mu Qianyu might not necessarily care about him, but he believed that she would help him if he was in a time of dire trouble.

Seeing Lin Ming nod in affirmation, Jing Chanyu gasped.

She was already considered young within all the martial artists that entered the Total Faction Martial Meeting. But she was still two months from reaching 18 years of age. She thought that Lin Ming was similar to her, at most a few months or half a year younger, but she never thought that he would actually only be 16 years old!

A 16 year old boy had participated in the Total Faction Martial Meeting, and also defeated the direct disciple Fang Qi in three moves.

What sort of terrifying result was that?

Even if it were a direct disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys like Jiang Baoyun or Ouyang Ming, they still wouldn't have such strength at 16 years of age!

Jing Chanyu thought the more she knew of Lin Ming, the less she understood him. Lin Ming was like a massive iceberg, one could only see the tip from the sky. You would only see that insignificant portion of him, without realizing the truly terrifying ability that lay beneath.

Jiang Lanjian took a deep breath, then earnestly and seriously looked at Lin Ming. He recalled the time when he had judged Lin Ming in Desert Flower Hall, saying that if he and Lin Ming were the same level, then there was no way that Lin Ming could be his match... he had never imagined that with just a peak Bone Forging cultivation, Lin Ming was already strong enough to threaten him!

But most importantly, Lin Ming was just too young. Even Jiang Lanjian who had reached Large Success of the Sword Heart began to feel helpless. How many years had Lin Ming practiced the spear? He hadn't even practicing the spear for the entire time, and yet his spearmanship had already surpassed his own swordsmanship.

’’Lin Ming, I'm looking forward to our match!’’ Jiang Lanjian vigorously exclaimed.

Lin Ming smiled, ’’We'll fight soon enough.’’

Jiang Lanjian turned around and left, leaving behind a slack-jawed Jing Chanyu.

Jing Chanyu didn't know what to say at this time. She clearly knew that in the future, Lin Ming would at least become a direct disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys. If the trend of his growth continued, he would easily reach the Xiantian stage, and he might even have an extremely high chance to aim for the Revolving Core realm!

It had to be known that there was only a single Revolving Core master in the entire Seven Profound Valleys. Not only that, but this master was only at the early Revolving Core realm.

If Lin Ming was able to reach the Revolving Core realm, then he most likely wouldn't be some ordinary Revolving Core master. He was likely to be the most powerful being within the entire Seven Profound territory, he might even become the Elder Ancestor of the Seven Profound Valleys!

As Jing Chanyu thought this, her heartbeat began to rise. Was she actually standing next to someone who would control the fate of the entire Seven Profound territory in the future?

Although Jing Chanyu knew she would have endless benefits and advantages if she befriended someone like Lin Ming, she had never done this type of thing before and approached someone unfamiliar on her own initiative. She didn't know how she should proceed from this point.

In fact, putting national interests aside, Jing Chanyu quite wanted to know Lin Ming on a more personal, intimate level. But how should she even begin?

At this moment, Qin Xingxuan and Qin Ziya walked over to Lin Ming.

When Lin Ming had heroically defeated Fang Qi on the martial stage, Qin Xingxuan had felt a precocious jolt within her young heart. Especially when Lin Ming had struck out that last spear and continuously shattered all five Nine Revolutions of Blue Light Arrays, sending Fang Qi soaring backwards and spitting blood. At this moment, just remembering that scene, Qin Xingxuan felt goosebumps rise on her arms and her mind surge with emotion.

’’Lin Ming, did you consume too much energy?’’ Qin Ziya asked as he took out a small jade bottle. ’’This is an Essence Fusing Pill, it's able to help restore your strength and improve your condition.’’

Qin Ziya feared that Lin Ming's second round would be affected, so he didn't hesitate in taking out an Essence Fusing pill that cost several true essence stones. This was a restorative pill and therefore didn't contain pill toxins, one could eat them as they liked.

Lin Ming nodded, he really did need to supplement his own energy reserves. The Heretical God Force had already been used up, and he needed time to compress true essence again. Although the current restoration rate of the Heretical God Force was very quick, he would also need to hurry as fast as he could if he wanted to be able to fully utilize the Heretical God Force during the next round.

Lin Ming immediately took the pills, sat down cross-legged on a cushion, and entered the ethereal martial state to recover.

Suddenly, there was only Qin Ziya, Qin Xingxuan, and Jing Chanyu left.

Qin Xingxuan revealed a well-mannered smiled towards Jing Chanyu, politely saying, ’’Miss Jing, this is our first time meeting. My name is Qin Xingxuan, I am Lin Ming's friend.’’

Jing Chanyu forced a courtesy smile in return, somewhat embarrassed. She saw that Qin Xingxuan seemed to be around 15 or 16 years old, and was most likely Lin Ming's girlfriend. Jing Chanyu didn't want Qin Xingxuan to misunderstand;she only wanted to get to know Lin Ming, there was no other motive.

’’I see, so it's Miss Qin. It's very nice to meet you.’’ Jing Chanyu bowed. Although she was someone who focused on cultivation, Jing Chanyu was a young girl in the end, and also had the thoughts of a young girl. Seeing Qin Xingxuan, she unconsciously compared herself to her.

Jing Chanyu thought that her looks weren't any less than Qin Xingxuan's. Both of them had different good points in their temperament. Her talent wasn't inferior to Qin Xingxuan, or at least, there was no clear winner between them, but... Qin Xingxuan was much younger than her. This was something that she couldn't change...

Jing Chanyu sighed, somewhat defeated. She said, ’’Chanyu bids farewell.’’

’’Mm. Miss Jing, please take care.’’ Qin Xingxuan bowed back and watched Jing Chanyu leave.

Qin Ziya smiled as he watched this interaction, shaking his head. ’’Xingxuan, let's go. This is the contestant waiting area, it's not appropriate for us to stay here too long.’’

’’Mm, okay.’’ Qin Xingxuan nodded.

As she was leaving, she couldn't help but glance back at Lin Ming one more time. At this moment, Lin Ming had already completely entered into the ethereal martial intent state, and wasn't aware of anything happening around him. During this state, Lin Ming's consciousness was in meditation. Unless there was imminent danger, he wouldn't feel anything at all.


In the Grand Hall of the Seven Profound Valleys, Mu Qinghong smiled as she watched Lin Ming meditate in the contestant waiting area. This was the ethereal martial intent that Qianyu had informed her about. If she hadn't been told ahead of time, then she really wouldn't have been able to detect anything out of place.

’’He's used the power of thunder, and now he's even used his spear. This little boy still has the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder in his hand, I simply have no idea what could force him to use it.

’’Qianyu's judgment is too good. Not to mention Lin Ming's high-grade Thunder Yuan Qi fusion compatibility or the skill at which he can use his soul force, just the momentum of his spear is far beyond any martial artist of the same level. His spear force is like a mountain, his spear might is like a dragon;it's just unbelievable that someone so young could reach this point. This is simply an overwhelmingly monstrous perception! That Jiang Baoyun also isn't too bad, but the results of his swordsmanship just cannot surpass Lin Ming. Jiang Baoyun is someone who cultivates the sword path with all his heart, but he's also older than Lin Ming by several years. In this aspect, the disparity between them is too great.’’

Everyone, including Mu Qianyu, thought that Lin Ming was a once in a millennia rare and gifted spear genius and soul force genius, his perception was just ridiculously high to the point of being preposterous.

What they didn't know was that Lin Ming's soul force attacks all relied on his Samsara martial intent.

As for his spear force like mountain, that was because of his extreme Yang and extreme light 'Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians', which also contained the power of the rivers and mountains.

As for his spear might like dragon, that was even simpler. Not only did Lin Ming absorb the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder, but his body also contained the blood of a True Dragon. If he could not achieve spear might like dragon, then there might not be anyone else in this world who could.

Mu Qinghong shot a glance at Shi Zongtian by her side. She saw that Shi Zongtian seemed calm, but his eyes shined with light. It was unknown what he was thinking.

Mu Qinghong smirked, she was more or less able to deduce Shi Zongtian's thoughts. His Seven Profound Valleys had suddenly produced a monstrous talent of the highest level, and yet this talent was suddenly being eyed by her divine Phoenix Island.

Shi Zongtian was swayed by his own feelings and desires for his sect, and the advantages and disadvantages. He was simply unable to calm down. He even feared that his own prior promises were useless.

Mu Qinghong expected that Shi Zongtian would quickly circulate this news to the Seven Profound Valleys' Elder Ancestor. A genius of this level was already enough to be brought to the Elder Ancestor's attention.

Of course, Mu Qinghong did not care about this old fossil who had half a leg in the grave. That old man may be the ultimate dominating force in the Seven Profound territory, but in divine Phoenix Island he was only an ordinary elder, and not only that, but one that was relegated to the second-tier.


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