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Martial World - Chapter 253


Chapter 253 - Absolute Defense




The two strong contestants faced each other as a chilling wind slowly blew across the martial stage, gently touching against Jing Chanyu's face veil. This face veil had never been lifted by any opponent's attack or true essence aftermath. This was the symbol of Jing Chanyu's tranquility, and also the reason that almost everyone had unanimously recognized her as the one would who seize the title of champion amongst the 36 countries.

This young girl had left an unfathomably deep feeling in everyone's heart!

’’You are very strong. Unfortunately, my cultivation method is a bit special. Your techniques will all become null in front of me.’’ After the match started, Jing Chanyu and Lin Ming didn't immediately make their move. Instead, they looked at each other as Jing Chanyu slowly spoke.

With her soft words, a hazy and dim halo of light began to condense around her, as if it were a translucent yellow eggshell.

Seeing this eggshell, Lin Ming didn't have any reaction.

In the audience, Zi Ling let out a heavy breath. When she had been fighting Jing Chanyu, her 36 Light Blade Extreme Execution had been blocked by this dainty looking yellow eggshell.

Zi Ling had confidence in the power of her 36 Light Blade Extreme Execution. However, once it entered that eggshell, it was like a blunt knife that was used to chop into a thick tree trunk. It moved forwards like a slowly, and the energy that gave her technique substance soon dissipated.

Lin Ming was silent. His eyes closed and then opened, and the dark vortex of the endless Samsara rushed straight towards Jing Chanyu, carrying a powerful pure soul force!

Lin Ming used 90% of his soul force power in this strike. When he had been fighting against Bi Tinghua, Lin Ming had been gone easy on him. After Bi Tinghua used a Soul Alacrity Law, Lin Ming had let him persist for another quarter hour longer in order to better absorb the pure soul force that had been buried beneath his spiritual sea, and to also attain more enlightenment and comprehension of his Samsara martial intent.

Now that he faced Jing Chanyu, Lin Ming felt that his opponent had an extremely deep soul defense. Even if he went all out with his soul attack, he still might not win.


The soul attack was invisible and had no substance, but when it fiercely impacted on the yellow eggshell, it still created a fierce distortion on the surface.

Zi zi zi!

The yellow eggshell was like a soap bubble in the wind. Although it seemed to be on the verge of breaking, it still hadn't broken.

The ring of tiles on the martial stage floor was shattered by the violent vibrations of the yellow eggshell, forming a spiderweb of spreading cracks. At the center of all this, Jing Chanyu was standing vigil, her eyes shut as she maintained her usual calm and quiet.

The fierce storm of energy that was occurring outside of the yellow eggshell formed a distinct contrast with the peaceful expression of Jing Chanyu. Her clothes fluttered in the wind, her veil swayed, and many young martial artists were looking at her with obsessive infatuation shining in their eyes.

’’Earth-attribute martial artist?’’ Lin Ming realized that the thick eggshell contained an incomparably powerful earth-type Yuan Qi that had managed to fend off his formless soul attack.

’’Yes, I was born with inborn Earth-attribute Yuan Qi, with medium sixth-grade fusion compatibility. My true essence shield is formed by my Earth-attribute Yuan Qi, and is infamous for its defensive power and vitality. Not only can it defend against martial arts skills, but it can also defend against your soul attacks! This is my absolute defense. Although I am inferior to you in soul force and am also inferior to Bi Tinghua, I have a way to make your soul attacks null!’’

Jing Chanyu's voice wasn't loud, but every word was still clearly heard.

’’Medium sixth-grade fusion!’’

There weren't many martial artists that had specific attribute true essences. Not only that, but most who did only had a third-grade or fourth-grade fusion. A fifth-grade fusion was already extremely rare. As for a sixth-grade fusion, that was rare even within the entire Sky Spill Continent!

A superior fifth-grade fusion was a 100% fusion of true essence and a special attribute Yuan Qi. As for a sixth-grade fusion, that was when their attribute true essence penetrated into them and tempered their flesh and blood.

’’No wonder Jing Chanyu was able to fight until now without moving a single step. She actually has such an absolute defense;she simply doesn't need to fear an attack from anyone, thus she has no need to hide or dodge.’’

’’If Lin Ming can't break through her defensive eggshell, then she is in an invincible position. Now that Lin Ming's soul attacks no longer work, how else will he fight?’’ The one who spoke was a minor martial artist who was one of the few that had bet on Lin Ming to win. He believed that the odds were good, but now looking at the situation, it was a possibility that they he would lose everything.

’’Hehe, you should have bet on Jing Chanyu. Although you might not have earned as much, the chances were much higher. A soul attack simply isn't the proper way of doing this. The only reason that Lin Ming was able to arrive here with his trivial peak Bone Forging cultivation was because he was relying on his soul attack trickery. His opponents were martial artists that didn't know how to defend against soul attacks, so they were caught off guard. Otherwise, how could Pulse Condensation period martial artists lose to a boy at the peak of Bone Forging? That Bi Tinghua was also stupid. Obviously he had some martial skills, so why would he want to compare soul attacks with Lin Ming. If he fought Lin Ming in a head-to-head martial arts contest, how could he possibly lose?

’’Now that Lin Ming has encountered a martial artist who is proficient in soul force defense, there are no other tricks that Lin Ming can pull!’’ The martial artist who spoke was in a good mood. He had placed 10 true essence stones on Jing Chanyu. Although he wouldn't make much of a profit, it was still enough for him to spend for some time.

In the yellow eggshell, Jing Chanyu held her jade-white hands together, and that yellow hazy light covered her hands, just as if she were bathing in bright yellow lights.

’’Is your attack over? Then... it's my turn!’’

Since his soul attack wasn't working, Lin Ming simply pulled away his soul force. He smiled and said, ’’Warning your opponent before you attack, you really are confident in yourself.’’

Jing Chanyu's red lips parted, and she began to form a series of seals with her hands as she said, ’’This is just a friendly match, not a life and death struggle. Also... my attack is very difficult to hide from. Even if I told you, you cannot dodge it!’’

Jing Chanyu was a girl with an upright and honest personality;she wasn't someone who exaggerated her words in order to show off her strength. If she said her skill could not be dodged, then it could not be dodged!

Her seal-forming fingers began to move faster and faster until they became a series of blurs. In a short period of two breaths, she had formed 1000 seals!

’’Halcyon Reflection 1000 Shaded Hands!’’

Jing Chanyu turned her hands up and a series of dense finger-shaped shadows condensed, shooting out like a volley of radiant arrows, shadowing the sky!

In an instant, Lin Ming was surrounded by these finger shadows on all sides! These countless shadow fingers broke through the air, sizzling sounds following in their wake. There were thousands of these shadows!

Halcyon Reflection 1000 Shaded Hands. Since this move dared to call itself 1000 Shaded Hands, it of course lived up to its well-deserved reputation!

’’No wonder she said it's undodgeable, there's just no way to avoid all these!’’

Previously, when Zi Ling had personally experienced this move, she had almost been instantly struck by these nearly invisible shadows, and was then defeated by Jing Chanyu's Halcyon Reflection Great Wisdom Palm.

Zi Ling was fully aware of just how strong this move was, there was simply no opportunity to resist. She believed that if Lin Ming was struck by the Halcyon Reflection 1000 Shaded Hands, he would have no way to avoid the following Halcyon Reflection Great Wisdom Palm. The result of that would be - defeat!

Facing against the thousands of finger shadows of Halcyon Reflection 1000 Shaded Hands, if it were someone like Fang Qi, he could easily block all of them with his overwhelming strength. But to dodge them? Zi Ling didn't think this was possible.


Jing Chanyu gathered her hands together, and all of the finger shadows attacked Lin Ming together!

Lin Ming's lips curved up in a mischievous smile, Golden Roc Shattering the Void!

Pah pah pah pah pah pah pah!

In that moment, it was unknown how many of those finger shadows pierced Lin Ming. They passed through his body, slicing through the floor and shattering the tiles, sending crushed stone flying into the air!

The audience didn't even have to cry out in alarm. But at this moment, Lin Ming's form disappeared - his form had only been an afterimage!

’’There he is!’’

A spectator cried out and pointed his finger at the sky. The audience followed his gaze, but could only see shadows, a series of blurs that shunted across the air. It was impossible to tell which one was the true Lin Ming!

Ta ta ta ta ta!

Lin Ming's body was like swirling whirlwind. With his keen perception, he was able to clearly grasp the location of every finger shadow. He discovered that these finger shadows had had a first and a last - it wasn't a volley. It must have been difficult for even Jing Chanyu to simultaneously control these thousands of finger shadows.

Lin Ming saw a gap between the thousands of finger shadows. Like a swift storm, he crossed through!

With the support of the Concept of Wind, Lin Ming's movements were like a liquid dream. Even when the audience saw that he had been forced into a corner and could no longer dodge, when his true self seemed to be pierced by the shadow fingers, it turned out to only be an afterimage left behind by Lin Ming.

To be able to maintain such a high velocity and turning ability in a dense rain of shadows, the audience could only gasp and exclaim again and again. This extreme speed under the collisions and explosions was simply an unprecedented visual feast!

’’Good speed!’’

Even Mu Qinghong, who was sitting in the Grand Hall was shocked. For a 16 year old boy to have this sort of agility was simply inconceivable. The thousands of finger shadows were even faster than arrows. Not only that, but they were controlled by human sense;there was simply no order or law that governed their attack path. In order to dodge them, one needed not only speed, but amazingly keen perception and instant judgment!

Whiz whiz whiz whiz!

In this storm of chaos, Lin Ming managed to completely avoid every attack and approach Jing Chanyu's side!

Jing Chanyu finally lost all of her former calm. Her pair of limpid eyes were wide with bewilderment as she started at Lin Ming and her heart was madly beating within her chest.

Just what was this fellow going to do?

Remembering that she had an absolute defense covering her, Jing Chanyu felt a little peace of mind. But at this moment, the rapidly moving Lin Ming suddenly lifted his fist.

This strong defense was truly able to place many martial artists in a predicament. However, this was no problem for Lin Ming. Flow like Silk was especially useful for subduing defense-based martial artists. The true essence would directly penetrate through all defenses, and completely collapse the internal structure of any defense with extreme vibrations!

All of the tiny units in Lin Ming's body began to breathe at the same time. Lin Ming's true essence stirred, and 5000 vibrating true essence filaments condensed onto his right hand!

’’Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist!’’

Lin Ming gave a shout, his punch was just like Flood Dragon Goes to Sea!


Lin Ming's solid punch landed against the shield. 5000 vibrating true essence filaments roared forwards, and began to disintegrate the integrity and structure of Jing Chanyu's 'eggshell'.

Ka ka ka ka!

The sound of shattering glass filled the ears. Although this eggshell had been called an absolute defense, at this moment it was cracking apart like a pane of glass, breaking into thousands upon thousands of tiny pieces!

Vibrating true essence was able to tear apart anything it entered. If Lin Ming was able to enter the realm of creating hundreds of millions of vibrating true essence filaments, then Flow like Silk would be able to turn everything it touched to dust!

Seeing with her own eyes the dissolution of her absolute defense by Lin Ming's fist, Jing Chanyu was spooked beyond all measure!


How was this possible!?

Jing Chanyu wasn't someone who liked to brag. If she dared to call her ability an absolute defense, then she had complete confidence in it. Her yellow eggshell was outlandishly tough. Facing any powerful attack, it would only deform, but would not break.

But now, it couldn't even deform;it directly shattered into pieces!


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