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Martial World - Chapter 243


Chapter 243 - Fairy Maiden Qinghong




’’What was I thinking... ? How could she possibly... ’’ Lin Ming shook his head, laughing at his own thoughts.

Mu Qianyu was the top-tier fourth-grade sect divine Phoenix Island's Saintess among Saintess'. In the future, she would become the Sect Master, a fairy maiden that came to Earth who would be respected and admired by countless people. As for him, who hadn't even truly broken through to the Pulse Condensation period, the difference between them was greater than the clouds and mud. Mu Qianyu would probably only think of him if she were bored in her spare time, how could she possibly come to the Seven Profound Valleys and watch such boring matches... ?

In Lin Ming's opinion, a Saintess was probably a figure that would become the successor to the Sect Master, with an extremely honored status. But in fact, he had underestimated her. A Saintess of divine Phoenix Island was even rarer than a divine Phoenix Island Sect Master.

divine Phoenix Island changed Sect Masters every 100 years. Afterwards, they would retire and become an Elder Ancestor. But, a Saintess was rarely seen every 500 years, and not every sect had a Saintess.

The main branch of divine Phoenix Island was the ancient phoenix family, the Mu Family. The Saintess could only come from the Mu Family. The Mu Family had excessive Yin energy and a lack of Yang energy. Because of this, they had very few children. Although there were many disciples of divine Phoenix Island whose last name was Mu, the truth was that this was only a last name, and it didn't mean that they were true juniors of the Mu Family.

Every few hundred years, the Mu Family would produce a girl who had the bloodline of a phoenix descendant, and her talent would be a heaven defying seventh-grade. She was the Saintess. Also, only a Saintess would be able to summon their own Saint Beast. For instance, the Vermillion Bird that the masked woman was riding was not hers. It was left behind by an ancient Saintess who had passed away.

The life of a phoenix descendant was much longer than humans. Some phoenix descendants would continue living on even after their master had died, and stay at divine Phoenix Island for several hundred years or even 1000 years. Through all these years, divine Phoenix Island had gathered three Vermilion Birds and a Blue Luan.

One of those Vermillion Birds was Mu Qianyu's Saint Beast. As for the Blue Luan, it was the Saint Beast of her younger sister, Mu Bingyun.

Every time a Saintess would appear every 500 years, there was a small chance that there would be a pair of twin sisters born. That was a Vermillion Bird and a Blue Luan. If this happened, divine Phoenix Island would enter incomparably prosperous times. If they were able to grasp this opportunity, they might even be able to upgrade themselves to a fifth-grade sect.

’’How does Fairy Maiden prefer to be addressed?’’

Shi Zongtian stood at the front of the spirit boat leading the way, as the Vermillion Bird slowly followed behind it. The black-clothed masked woman softly said, ’’My name is Mu Qinghong.’’

’’I see, so it is Fairy Maiden Qinghong. Please.’’

With these words, the spirit boat had already fallen out of sight. Shi Zongtian led Mu Qinghong to the Grand Hall. As for the person from Peacock Mountain, he was forgotten and left on the side. Naturally, Peacock Mountain didn't have anything to say about this. The difference in their strength was an entire grade. Even if the Sovereign of Peacock Mountain was to go to divine Phoenix Island, he would barely have the qualifications to mix with the Elders. Not only that, he would only be equal to an unimportant Outer Sect Elder.

In a third-grade sect, the Elders were at the Xiantian realm. And there might not even be a Revolving Dan master. If there was, it would be an extremely rare one or two. In a fourth-grade sect, the Elders were at the Revolving Dan realm. This difference was big.

Mu Qinghong and Shi Zongtian sat side by the side on a dais overlooking the square. Mu Qinghong glanced at all the young talent's cultivation and frowned.

’’Is there really anyone in this small third-grade sect that is worthy of Qianyu to give such a high evaluation of?’’ Mu Qinghong muttered to herself.

Mu Qinghong was an orphan. But, since her natural martial talent was amazing, she had been given shelter as a child at divine Phoenix Island, and she had received the surname of Mu. After Mu Qianyu was chosen as the Saintess of divine Phoenix Island, Mu Qinghong was assigned to be her assistant.

Mu Qinghong was 19 years older than Mu Qianyu. They had grown up together and the two regarded each other as sisters, their relationship was very solid. A month ago, Mu Qianyu had returned to divine Phoenix Island and asked Mu Qinghong to go to the Seven Profound Valleys to observe a young boy named Lin Ming, saying that he had a very unusual talent and he could become a Revolving Dan master in the future. Not only that, he wouldn't be any normal Revolving Dan master either. If he were willing to assist divine Phoenix Island in the future, then the chances of divine Phoenix Island becoming a fifth-grade sect would be much higher.

This assessment was simply ridiculous. It could said that Mu Qianyu had already thought of Lin Ming as a talent equal to her own.

’’Around 15 or 16 years old, and his cultivation can break through to the Pulse Condensation period at any time. His strength far exceeds a martial artist at the same cultivation, and he has an extremely rare martial intent. His body has a strange bloodline that isn't inferior at all to Qianyu's Vermillion Bird bloodline. His body is special, and he has formidable blood vitality. Also, he can control the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder... ’’

Mu Qinghong was recalling the details that Mu Qianyu had told her. If this description wasn't wrong, then such a character would be a talent at the pinnacle of any fourth-grade sect.

At this time, the group stages had already started. Mu Qinghong watched for awhile but she didn't spot any thunder-attribute martial artists. She pretended to casually ask, ’’Valley Master Shi, in these ten stages of outstanding young heroes, which ones came from the sect and which ones came from the 36 countries?’’

Mu Qinghong knew that Lin Ming came from Sky Fortune Kingdom. As long as she was able to find out which the competition stage Sky Fortune Kingdom was on, she believed it would be very easy to find Lin Ming.

After hearing Mu Qinghong's question, Shi Zongtian thought it was a bit odd. This woman was simply too interested in the Seven Profound Valley's Martial Meeting, was she looking for someone?

It couldn't possibly be that divine Phoenix Island came to the Seven Profound Valleys to recruit someone...

It shouldn't be. The disciples with the best talent, such as the Sword Faction's Jiang Baoyun or the Zither Faction's Qin Wuxin, had all grown up in their factions and they had learnt their factions core cultivation methods. If they betrayed their sect to enter divine Phoenix Island, they would have to switch to the cultivation methods of divine Phoenix Island. This might do more harm than good.

Also, divine Phoenix Island's cultivation methods weren't suitable for men to cultivate.

Although reluctant, Shi Zongtian still described where the martial artists of each stage came from.

’’The sixth stage area? It doesn't look like there's anything special there... ’’

At this time at the sixth stage on the martial field, the third round of the Martial Meeting had started already. Huoluo Nation's Wang Mu was standing on the stage as well as his opponent Zhou Feng, who came from a martial cultivation family.

Zhou Feng's cultivation was at the peak of Bone Forging. Since he was able to stand on this stage with his peak Bone Forging cultivation, it meant that he was a talent who was able to jump ranks in battle.

’’I'll defeat you in five moves!’’ Wang Mu shouted as he took his long sword out. He simply didn't place Zhou Feng in his eyes.

’’You talk so much, aren't you afraid of spitting on your own face? I want to see just how you'll defeat me!’’

Zhou Feng was also an arrogant youth. These words from Wang Mu suddenly caused him to be angry. His opponent was only at the middle Pulse Condensation period, and yet, he was so rampant!

From the very start of the match, Zhou Feng had to resort to using his final master strike. He understood that defeating someone like Wang Mu would be no easy feat, so he had to go all-out from the get go.

The ultimate move of the Zhou Family had been easily received by Wang Mu. After that, Wang Mu struck out with three sword strokes, forcing Zhou Feng into a perilous situation.

With the fourth sword stroke, Wang Mu broke through the true essence barrier that was protecting Zhou Feng's body.

With the fifth sword stroke, Wang Mu sent Zhou Feng's weapon flying out of his hand. Then, he kicked Zhou Feng in the chest and sent him flying off the stage.

’’Third match, Wang Mu wins!' The referee announced from the side as he gave Wang Mu a few glances. The referee thought that it was quite good for someone from the 36 countries to have such strength. He should be able to advance into the top 100. If a martial artist from the 36 countries was able to advance into the top 100, this was a result that they could be proud of.

After defeating Zhou Feng in five moves, Wang Mu looked at Lin Ming haughtily, provocation stirring in his eyes. ’’There are a dozen or so matches still left, then it will be time for our match.’’

Lin Ming only smiled, not saying anything. He turned his head to glance at the competition's schedule table, and just like Wang Mu had said, their gambling match would begin soon enough.

Lin Ming had heard that Huoluo Nation's Seraphic Pond contained an incomparably pure Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. Not only that, but there would be no side effects from soaking in this pond. He was quite looking forward to it.

’’Fourth match, Lin Ming against Chen Xiao.’’

This would be Lin Ming's first match. His opponent, Chen Xiao, came from the Seven Profound Valley's Array Faction and his cultivation was at the early Pulse Condensation period. In the last Total Faction Martial Meeting, he had reached rank 105.

Although rank 105 didn't sound too impressive, at that time, Chen Xiao had been at peak Bone Forging. Now three years later, his strength had greatly improved from before. And over half of the disciples that had been ahead of him before now were unable to participate in the Total Faction Martial Meeting due to their age. It could be said that this time, Chen Xiao would definitely enter the top 100.

Mu Qinghong was watching this match from afar. So far, this Lin Ming had matched the description of the youth that Mu Qianyu had described. He looked around 16 or 17 years old, and his cultivation was at the peak Bone Forging stage and it might even be enough to enter the Pulse Condensation period.

Mu Qinghong was waiting for Lin Ming to take out his weapon. If it was a spear, then she would be certain. Or, if he used thunder true essence, it would also most certainly confirm her suspicions.

The strength of Lin Ming's opponent was just barely passable in Mu Qinghong's eyes. Well, at least, she could see how Lin Ming would deal with his opponent.

In the stage, Chen Xiao was holding a small array flag, smiling at Lin Ming. ’’It's already quite good that a peak Bone Forging boy could stand on this stage. But what a pity, you just ran out of luck, the first person you are up against is me.’’

Chen Xiao didn't even view Lin Ming as an opponent. He was also a talent that could jump up realms to fight opponents, only a middle Pulse Condensation period opponent was worth him giving his all to. As for someone with a lower cultivation than him, it was simply something to be settled in a single move.

’’Mm?’’ Chen Xiao hadn't finished speaking when he saw that Lin Ming had closed his eyes.

What is this fellow doing? Is he looking down on me? Chen Xiao frowned. He wanted to send Lin Ming off stage with a casual move, but seeing Lin Ming's flagrant disrespect, he decided to give Lin Ming a little lesson in humility.

’’Match begins!’’

As the referee's voice stopped, Chen Xiao immediately flourished his array flag and a succession of symbols circled around in his hand like a liquid rainbow, it was truly mesmerizing. But, as soon as Chen Xiao waved his array flag, the beautiful symbols melted together into a sharp and deadly weapon.

Compared to all the actions that Chen Xiao had taken, Lin Ming simply opened his eyes.


Countless visions and images poured into Chen Xiao's mind. His body shook, his pupils lost focus, and then, his body slowly slumped to the ground with a hard plop.

Lin Ming slowly turned around to leave. The audience that had been sitting around the stage were watching in stunned silence.

’’Mm? What happened?’’

’’Did that martial artist called Lin Ming even make a move? His actions were too fast, I wasn't even able to clearly see it.’’

’’He hadn't moved... he only gave him a look... ’’

’’How is that possible?’’

Because it was the group stages, the sixth group that Lin Ming was in didn't have a direct disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys. Thus, there weren't many people in the audience. Most of the audience were in different areas watching the more famous and well known disciples. As for the audience that was here, their own martial cultivation wasn't too high, so they couldn't see the mysterious and strange principles that had just occurred.

’’It was actually a soul attack... ’’ Mu Qinghong's slender eyebrows pressed together. Mu Qianyu hadn't said that Lin Ming was able to use soul attacks. She had been counting on Lin Ming using a spear or thunder true essence, but she didn't think that Lin Ming would be able to use just a soul attack to achieve victory. Was it possible that Lin Ming's soul attack was more powerful than his spear play? Or was his opponent not worthy of him using his spear?


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