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Martial World - Chapter 242


Chapter 242 - The Martial Meeting Begins




As Lin Ming stepped through the gate into the Profound Sky Mountains, he immediately felt that the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was much thicker here, by around 60 to 70%. If one were to cultivate here, they would have twice the result with half the effort.

As he turned around to look back at the gate, he was surprised to see faintly shining charms and runes inscribed onto it. Apparently, there was also an array formation placed on the mountain gate.

’’I see, so the Profound Sky Mountains were formed over the center of a dragon pulse, but there was also an array formation barrier that gathered the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.’’ Not even considering the highest peak of the Profound Sky Mountains, but even the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi of Profound Sky City was much more vibrant than Sky Fortune Kingdom's by far, not to mention all the other resources that were available to the Seven Profound Valleys. No wonder this caused so many martial artists to be jealous, and why even peak Bone Forging martial artists would rather stay and defend Profound Sky City as gate guards than go to a smaller country and work as commanders.

It wasn't only Lin Ming who discovered the extremely rich Heaven Earth Yuan Qi of the Profound Sky Mountains. Many of the young talented heroes that came for the first time were amazed, vividly speaking about this astonishing phenomenon. They also began to envy the resources that were available to the disciples of the Total Faction.

Not too far away from the main road on a cliff, there were several Seven Profound Valleys disciples that were looking down on the dense stream of people. Their expressions seemed as if they were accustomed to seeing this small fry country bumpkin martial artist entering their city.

’’Is that him?’’ A white-clothed man standing in front of the group asked a nearby disciple with true essence sound transmission as he tapped his fingers.

’’Yes, it's that guy, his name is Lin Ming. He was the one that injured Ouyang Ziyun.’’

’’In the mountain gate trial, what number was he?’’ Although the ranking of the mountain gate trial didn't reveal one's true strength, it was usable as a reference point.

’’Around 80 something. I don't recall the exact number.’’

’’A decent rank. With such a rank, there is no need to worry that he won't qualify later. It's better like this;I will make him rue the day he was born.’’ The white-clothed man revealed a sinister smile as he said this.

At this moment from in the crowd, Lin Ming suddenly turned his head to look at him.

They faced each other, then Lin Ming smiled and turned back.

The white-clothed man was surprised. ’’He truly is worthy of being called a soul force genius, his perception is keen to the degree of startling me. He's even able to sense when people are observing him. Well, good, I'm becoming more and more interested in this fellow.’’


One year ago, Lin Ming would never have dreamed that on his sixteenth birthday he would actually enter into the Seven Profound Valleys. At that time, the Seven Profound Valleys was simply a heaven-like existence that was too distant a goal. Not mentioning the Seven Profound Valleys, even Sky Fortune Kingdom's Seven Profound Martial House was beyond difficult for him to reach.

Now, on the same day as Lin Ming's sixteenth birthday, the Total Faction Martial Meeting would officially begin.

The martial field was located at the highest peak of the Profound Sky Mountains, which was also where the Seven Profound Valleys Total Faction was located.

The Profound Sky Mountains' highest peak was 60,000 feet high. This mountain was simply incomparably massive and rocky. The mountain exuded an invisible pressure that would cause a weak martial artist to feel extremely suppressed, only able to display 50% of their strength.

As the sun rose, there were already thousands of people gathered at the square in front of Great Hall. There were disciples of the Seven Profound Valleys, as well as high ranking individuals of large families and guests of the Seven Profound Valleys. The Seven Profound Valleys had invited them here to watch the Martial Meeting, and also to show their own strength.

The Great Hall's square was 10 miles wide, and flat and smooth as a whetstone. A martial arts master had cut down this section of the mountain and flattened it. At this time, the square was divided into ten regions. Each region was separated by an array formation, and these array formations covered the entire area in order to isolate all true essence, so there wasn't any danger of being affected by the aftermath of fighting.

There were 209 young talented heroes that had managed to pass through the mountain gate. These talents were divided into ten groups, each group having 20 or 21 individuals. Out of these groups, 10 of them would eventually qualify for the next stage. Once all ten groups were added together, there would be a total of 100 disciples.

Those would be the first 100 rankings of the Total Faction Martial Meeting. If one could make it to the top 100, it was already a result to be proud of.

As for those young outstanding talents, they also had an opportunity to continue. They were able to pass through a Ten Thousand Killing Array for a ranking. As long as they passed the mountain gate trial, they would be able to obtain an exact ranking.

Lin Ming already knew which group he would be in - the sixth group. This grouping was not drawn from lots, but was decided by the Seven Profound Valleys.

Sky Fortune Kingdom and Huoluo Nation were both in the same area. At every Total Faction Martial Meeting, they would be assigned to the same group. In addition, there were also three countries and martial cultivation families. Altogether there were 5 second-grade influences on their side.

During this Martial Meeting, these five influences had brought a total of 9 people that were able to pass the mountain gate trial. Sky Fortune Kingdom had three, Huoluo Nation had three, the two large martial families had three, and the rest had none.

The sixth group had 21 disciples altogether. Besides these 9 people, the other 12 were disciples of the Seven Profound Valleys Total Faction.

The Total Faction assigned the groupings of their disciples based on the rank at which they passed the mountain gate. This was in order to ensure that every group had an average strength within.

As Lin Ming began to size up his competition, he suddenly heard the cry of a bird coming from up above. He looked up and saw a massive Heavenly Wind Eagle flapping its wings and circling around. This Heavenly Wind Eagle had a commanding aura as it flew in the skies of the Profound Sky Mountains, looking down at the world below with scorn.

This Heavenly Wind Eagle was several times larger than an ordinary Heavenly Wind Eagle. Not only that, but its wings were a deep gold. This golden color made one think that this bird was actually a Golden-winged Roc, or maybe that this big eagle was from the lineage of a Saint Beast.

’’It's people from Peacock Mountain. Humph, they are too arrogant. Not only are they not coming down to the entrance, but they are still hovering in the sky.’’

’’There's nothing we can do about it. For the past 100 years, Peacock Mountain has been getting more and more fierce, and is beginning to pressure us. It's normal for them to act arrogantly...’’

Lin Ming was standing beside the Seven Profound Valleys disciples of the sixth group as they spoke amongst each other in a low voice.

’’Peacock Mountain? What sort of place is that?’’ Lin Ming had never heard of this place before.

Qin Ziya said, ’’Peacock Mountain is 800,000 miles away from the Seven Profound Valleys, and is also a third-grade sect. Their strength is superior to the Seven Profound Valleys, especially in the last 100 years. There are several peerless talents that have emerged from Peacock Mountain, and they've already become one of the top grade-three sects. During every Total Faction Martial Meeting, Peacock Mountain will always send some people to watch and understand the strength of the Seven Profound Valleys' younger generation. Of course, our Seven Profound Valleys also sends people to attend the tournament that they hold.’’

’’I see... how many grade-three sects are there in the Sky Spill Continent? What is the highest grade sect?’’ Lin Ming couldn't help but ask this. As he came into contact more and more with the vast world, the increasing number of superpowers left him astonished.

Qin Ziya forced a smile and said, ’’I'm not too sure. Our Seven Profound Valleys mostly only communicates with other third-grade sects. As for those higher-grade sects, they are simply out of reach...’’

Qin Ziya's voice had just fallen, when a clarion cry resonated in the sky. This was even more high-pitched that the Heavenly Wind Eagle, and was simply frightening.

As the golden Heavenly Wind Eagle in the air heard this cry, it suddenly became frightened. Its lofty and arrogant manner completely evaporated, and it soared down in panic.

Thousands of eyes turned up to the horizon. At this time, everyone was looking completely dumbfounded.

’’Vermillion Bird!!!!’’

’’Heavens! A Vermillion Bird! Is it for real!?’’

That golden Heavenly Wind Eagle from a moment ago only had the bloodline of a Saint Beast. But a Vermillion Bird was a true Saint Beast. Because there were no True Phoenixes within the Sky Spill Continent, the Vermillion Bird was considered the king of all bird. Once the golden Heavenly Wind Eagle encountered the Vermillion Bird, it would inevitably feel a deep dread and dismay emerge from its bloodline, and could only flee in panic. How could it possibly dare to occupy the same skies as a Vermillion Bird?

’’I've never seen a Saint Beast in my entire life! Even the sect elders might have never seen something like this!’’

’’This is truly worthy of being the Seven Profound Valleys Total Faction. In my small land it would simply be impossible for me to ever see a Saint Beast...’’ A disciple from the 16 martial families clenched his fists, his face ruddy with excitement. To see a legendary Saint Beast, he felt that he could say he lived his life without regret.

Lin Ming noticed that the several Total Faction disciples near him were speaking as if they were at a loss on how to explain this. A Seven Profound Valleys disciple thought aloud, ’’One of the factions actually has a Vermillion Bird? I've been here for over 20 years and I've never heard something like this...’’

The Vermillion Bird flew to the top of the Profound Sky Mountains' highest peak. Even the usually calm Qin Ziya seemed to have lost all his composure. He said, ’’They... they are probably people from divine Phoenix Island. That is... a fourth-grade sect.’’

The various graded sects usually stayed in their own circles. A fourth-grade sect wouldn't normally associate or speak with a third-grade sect. Qin Ziya had said that the Seven Profound Valleys didn't keep in contact with a fourth-grade sect, but in the next moment, a fourth-grade sect had actually come.

Listening to Qin Ziya's words, Lin Ming gulped, his face revealing a strange color.

’’divine Phoenix Island?’’ Qin Xingxuan echoed as she watched the Vermillion Bird flying in the sky. Qin Xingxuan's eyes filled with longing. How nice would it be if she could ever have her own Vermillion Bird?

Qin Ziya said, ’’divine Phoenix Island is among the top of all fourth-grade sects. I never expected that they would come to the Seven Profound Valleys' Total Faction Martial Meeting. This is the probably the first time that this has happened in the last several hundred years...’’

Qin Ziya hadn't finished when the Seven Profound Valleys' spirit boat flew up to welcome the guests.

Lin Ming glanced upwards. The ones on the spirit boat were the three Valley Masters of the Seven Profound Valleys. In order to have such a welcoming party, it could only be for the absolute pinnacle existence.

’’The guest is strong and the host is weak. Not only that, but we are lower by an entire grade. It's just the way it is...’’ Qin Ziya said as he shook his head. The difference in power between grades was enormous. For instance, Sky Fortune Kingdom was a second-grade power whilst they Seven Profound Valleys was a third-grade power. When someone came from the Seven Profound Valleys who wasn't even an elder, like Ouyang Dihua, the Emperor of Sky Fortune Kingdom had to come out and pay his respects, lest he provoke the other. With this, the difference between the two could be ascertained.

The Seven Profound Valleys' Valley Master Shi Zongtian had just gotten the message a few days ago that divine Phoenix Island would be sending out someone to observe their Total Faction Martial Meeting. Shi Zongtian had been absolutely bewildered by this;he had no idea why a fourth-grade sect would suddenly decide to take interest in the festivities.

’’I am the Seven Profound Valleys' Valley Master, Shi Zongtian. I cordially welcome the martial cultivators from divine Phoenix Island to our land,’’ Shi Zongtian said as he stood in front on the spirit boat, cupping his fists together in greetings. His welcome had embodied respect, while not showing too much humility.

’’Valley Master Shi, well met.’’ The one who spoke was a black-clothed woman wearing a mask. Her cultivation was at the extreme Xiantian realm. There were also two maids behind her clothed in purple, whose cultivations were at the peak Houtian realm.

The divine Phoenix Island took the Phoenix as their representative Saint Beast. Their legacy cultivation methods also originated from meditating and comprehending the majesty of the phoenix. Because of this, their cultivation methods were more suitable for women, and in their sect, 90% of the disciples were women.

Lin Ming saw the masked woman, and even though her appearance was covered, he was able to recognize that she wasn't Mu Qianyu.


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