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Martial World - Chapter 236


Chapter 236 - Youthful Instincts




’’Humph! How overconfident. Don't bite off more than you can chew!’’ Ouyang Ziyun flipped his wrist and a three foot long purple-red sword appeared in his hands. This was a high-grade human-step treasure.

True essence flooded the blade, and the purple-red sword began to turn the color of bleached bone. Ouyang Ziyun's sword cut out, and noise of crying ghosts sounded out as his blade met Long Yun's spear.


As spear and sword crossed, a wave of true essence raged out, directly tossing aside several tables. Long Yun shuddered;he had felt a Yin cold drill into his body like a poisonous serpent. His right hand that held his spear instantly lost all feeling, as if it wasn't his own.

Long Yun took a few steps, his face pale. Ouyang Ziyun was still quietly sitting there - not even the table behind him had been impacted in the least.

’’Big Brother.’’

’’Senior-apprentice Brother.’’

The two young men and the girl behind Long Yun hurried over to support him. However, as soon as they touched Long Yun, they instantly felt a chilling cold and were frightened.

Lin Ming had been watching everything from the side. What Ouyang Ziyun had used was the Life Severing Dead Bone Blade. He had personally experienced this technique from the hands of Zhang Guanyu and Ouyang Dihua.

Ouyang Ziyun had a lower cultivation and his true essence was less thick than Ouyang Dihua's;but, in terms of controlling the strength of the Life Severing Dead Bone Blade, he was much more skillful than Ouyang Dihua.

’’This Ouyang Ziyun, although his cultivation isn't at the Pulse Condensation Period, his 'divine Acacia Power' is at a higher level than Ouyang Dihua's. He should be considered a genius who has his own pride.

Ouyang Ziyun laughed, ’’You can't even take my sword? Those that come out from the 16 martial families are nothing but waste!’’

’’I think that your 16 families and 36 countries should hold their own Martial Meeting, and not come to the Seven Profound Valleys' to embarrass yourselves. Otherwise, later you might not even be able to cross the mountain gate! You would all be a joke!’’

’’Haha, well said Brother Ouyang. This bunch of rat shits really ruin the soup pot. The Total Faction has raised their age limit to 22, and also lowered the threshold as far as possible. They have more than 200 people that come, and yet only little more than 70 can pass the mountain gate! With such a great effort, they came hundreds of thousands of miles here and still can't pass through the gate, isn't that just too funny?’’

Listening to these unscrupulous people mocking him, Long Yun burned with anger. He gave a loud shout, and true essence surged within his body. His face turned a strange purple red, and a large crack appeared in the floor beneath his feet. Even the walls began to faintly tremble.


Long Yun's figure blurred, and he rushed like a phantom towards Ouyang Ziyun. With both hands on his spear, he smashed downwards. A shining bloody light burst out from Long Yun just like a rising red sun;apparently, this was his ultimate ability.

Ouyang Ziyun's eyes revealed an imposing color for the first time. He bit the top of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood that covered the blade of his sword. The cold and shining sword, after absorbing the blood, turned a dangerous blood-red.

’’Soul Severing Blood Skull!’’

Ouyang Ziyun gave a piercing roar as if his heart and lungs were being ripped out. A chilly wind blew through the entire restaurant, and vitality seemed to drain from the air. A red skull shot out from the blade of the sword, swiftly rushing towards Long Yun!

The skull opened its massive mouth. Long Yun shouted and thrust his spear directly into the bloody skull's jaws. True essence erupted outwards. However, afterwards the blood skull actually swallowed all of Long Yun's true essence and inflated like a balloon, then bit down on Long Yun's shoulder!

’’Ah !’’

Long Yun miserably screamed. It felt as if all of the blood vitality throughout his body was being drawn out by this blood skill. His right arm that was bitten by the bloody skull began to visibly wither, and that bloody skull which was absorbing his blood essence grew more and more red as if it were dripping blood.

’’Big Brother!’’

’’Senior-apprentice Brother!’’

The girl that was with Long Yun cried out. Obviously, the feelings she had towards Long Yun were very deep. Their relationship probably wasn't as simple as apprentice brother and sister.

Ouyang Ziyun saw the girl's reaction and a deviant light shined in his eyes. He wiped his mouth of blood, true essence restlessly roiling in his body. He paid a large price to use the Soul Severing Blood Skill. Without several days of time, he wouldn't be restored to his peak condition.

At this time, Long Yun had been completely swallowed by that bloody skull. His body was suspended in midair, as if he were wrapped in a giant bloody bubble. He had lost all his color, his eyes shrank, and almost seemed dead.

Although it looked horrifying, the truth was that Ouyang Ziyun had never dared to kill since the start. The Total Faction Martial Meeting would begin soon, and if he killed a contestant in front of so many people, it would be very bad. Even if he had a backer in the Seven Profound Valleys he wouldn't dare to do so.

The young girl wished she could tear Ouyang Ziyun to shreds. But, she was just able to maintain her reasoning. She was no match for Long Yun, and the gap between her and Ouyang Ziyun was even greater. ’’Let go of my Senior-apprentice Brother!’’

Ouyang Ziyun lewdly grinned at the young girl and said, ’’You want me to let go of your Senior-apprentice Brother? Hehe, why would I do anything so cheaply? I lost a great deal of my blood and vitality in order to use the Soul Severing Blood Skull;I won't be able to fully recover for several days. Since the Martial Meeting is about to begin, this won't just be a small loss for me.’’

The young girl trembled with rage, her chest heaving up and down. She hatefully said, ’’What do you want?’’

Ouyang Ziyun's eyes lasciviously swept over the young girl's milk-white breasts. He vulgarly smiled and said, ’’It's simple. Double cultivate with me for three days so I can recover my vitality. Don't worry, double cultivating also has advantages for you...’’

’’You... you...’’ The young girl could hardly believe her own ears. This Ouyang Ziyun was actually shameless to such a degree!

’’Ninth Younger Sister, don't speak nonsense with such an animal. Let's go and kill him together!’’ The two young boys behind the young girl were ignited with rage. They pulled out long spears from their spatial rings.

’’Right, let's go together!’’

They couldn't endure this rage any longer. True essence erupted from their bodies. Their cultivation methods were identical;obviously, their cultivation stemmed from the same heritage of the Long Family.

Ouyang Ziyun coldly snorted, ’’You are not my match!’’

’’Hey, we'll come play with you for a bit.’’ The silk-robed disciples behind Ouyang Ziyun stood up, smiling. They were at the peak of Bone Forging, and since Long Yun was defeated, they were more than enough to deal with these three remaining.

Suddenly, the imposing momentum of both sides burst out, but, the Long Family was obviously the weaker side. The young girl's eyes flashed with loathing, but her face was extremely pale. She knew that if they fought, her side would absolutely lose.

At this time, the three of them suddenly heard a sizzling sound overhead. A purple electric snake drilled into the skull, took a circle around, and then with a 'peng!' sound, the bloody skull exploded into a crimson fog. Long Yun fell down from the air, unconscious.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother!’’

’’Big Brother!’’

The young girl and the two young boys ran over to catch Long Yun. Seeing Long Yun's pale face, the young girl's heart ached and her lips trembled, it felt as if a blade had been thrust into her heart.


The Soul Severing Blood Skull was connected to the blood and vitality of Ouyang Ziyun. Since it was suddenly broken, the blood within his body began to surge restlessly, and he almost spat out a mouthful.

Ouyang Ziyun angrily glared at Lin Ming and Qin Xingxuan. Because they had been sitting in a remote corner, he hadn't really taken notice of them.

’’Who are you? Which family are you from?’’ Looking at Lin Ming and Qin Xingxuan's clothing, they were obviously not from the Seven Profound Valleys. That was why he asked this question.

’’We aren't from a family. We are from Sky Fortune Kingdom.’’ Qin Xingxuan said as she sent a loathing look towards Ouyang Ziyun. Towards the disciples of the Acacia Faction who used their strength to bully men and take women, she found them incomparably disgusting.

The Seven Profound Valleys was a paradox with both good and evil. Because of the difference in the Seven Factions' cultivation methods, their personalities also varied greatly. As the saying went, those who walked different paths cannot make plans together. There wasn't much love lost between the Seven Great Elders of the Seven Factions. Not even the Seven Profound Valleys' Valley Master could change this.

In the Seven Profound Valleys, the Acacia Faction was infamous for being absolutely wicked. This was because of their cultivation method, because their sect required one to travel around and plunder women to use as cultivation furnaces. Otherwise, they would not be able to advance in their cultivation method. Not only that, but because the disciples of the Acacia Faction had intense desires, this often resulted in them bullying men and taking their women.

As for these matters, the Great Elder of the Acacia Faction had adopted a manner in which he tacitly consented to this as long as they didn't provoke a deadly calamity. As for the Seven Profound Valleys' Valley Master, even if he wanted to do something, he could not control this.

’’Sky Fortune Kingdom? Haha, so it is Sky Fortune Kingdom. In the 36 countries, Sky Fortune Kingdom is only ranked in the middle. You are even worse than the 16 martial families!’’ Although Ouyang Ziyun was insolently smiling, he was vigilant in his heart. Since when did Sky Fortune Kingdom have a talented martial artist of the thunder-attribute? A thunder-attribute martial artist had a restraining effect towards ghosts and phantoms;they were the most difficult to deal with.

The few people behind Ouyang Ziyun didn't know that he had already taken a disadvantage. Hearing that the two came from Sky Fortune Kingdom, they laughed, ’’Brother Ouyang, there is no need for you to take action, we are enough to handle them. These two country bumpkin martial artists came from Sky Fortune Kingdom with only a trivial Bone Forging cultivation and yet dare to act so rampantly. Speaking of which, that little girl's skin looks quite good. Ah, brothers, let's help take her so Brother Ouyang can cultivate the Perfect level of the divine Acacia Power's fourth layer!’’

Hearing them have such dastardly ideas towards her, Qin Xingxuan became short of breath. She clenched her teeth and took out a longsword from her spatial ring.

But at this moment, Lin Ming held down Qin Xingxuan's sword and said, ’’Let me handle this.’’

As she relaxed her sword hand, Qin Xingxuan nipped her lip and said, ’’I can deal with those underlings, but I'm not confident against that Ouyang boy. Still, I will have no problems protecting myself.

Hearing Qin Xingxuan's words, Lin Ming was a bit surprised. Ouyang Ziyun had the strength of an ordinary middle Pulse Condensation martial artist. If Qin Xingxuan was able to protect herself from him, that meant that she had the power of a peak early Pulse Condensation martial artist. Her progress was just too quick - sixth-grade talents were just too abnormal.

He still pressed down Qin Xingxuan's sword and confidently smiled at her, ’’Don't worry, i'll fight this time.’’

Lin Ming said he would fight, but that didn't mean he would resort to violence. For him, this was just a spur of the moment fight due to circumstances. There was no need to be violent.

The playboy disciples of Sky Fortune City, especially those juniors of large martial families, would frequently come to blows in restaurants or brothels because of misspoken words or because of love for women. These actions may seem as if they came from were brainless and arrogant fools, but what young hot-blooded youth had never been driven by their natural impulses and obsessions towards beautiful women, and acted completely out of sorts?

Although Lin Ming didn't agree with this approach, he had to admit that he once envied the pleasurable and arrogant life of these playboys. However at the time, he had limited strength and no background to speak of. Usually every day he would be in the back mountains, practicing his martial arts day in and day out like endless torture. That sort of life left him completely insulated from this, but also isolated.

His youthful instincts had been suppressed for so many years, and now, he finally had an opportunity to fight for a woman he liked.

He wanted to fight for Qin Xingxuan.


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