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Martial World - Chapter 235


Chapter 235 - Conflict




Lin Ming finished the keel soup and licked his lips. He said, ’’This is the heritage of a large sect. An ordinary martial artist can't even think about things like this, much less eat it. When I went out adventuring, I ran into a senior. Every day, she would eat the rarest spirit fruits, and what she drank was the dew of a spring morning. She truly didn't eat the smoke and fire of the mortal world and contaminate her body with the Houtian air.’’

Qin Xingxuan scooped another bowl of soup for Lin Ming and asked, ’’If these delicacies were eaten every day, wouldn't it be several dozens of true essence stones spent every day as well?’’

Lin Ming said, ’’That's right, but how many true essence stones do you think our Sky Fortune Kingdom's true essence mines produce every year? 99% of that is sent to the Seven Profound Valleys. Besides us, there are also 35 countries whose resources, such as medicinal herbs, materials, precious ores, and other things, are shipped here every day. The direct disciples of the Seven Profound Valleys probably enjoy over a thousand true essence stones every month. Even if they eat food like this every day, it probably isn't anything to them. They might even eat foods better than this.’’

’’The difference is just too big!’’ Qin Xingxuan sighed. In Sky Fortune Kingdom, she lived in the upper echelons of society. But once she arrived here, she actually had to be careful about every meal, for fear that she wouldn't be able to afford it.

In Sky Fortune Kingdom, common martial artists had to risk their lives in order to obtain a few normal medicinal herbs. And there were even more who couldn't afford the materials and money for medicine to practice martial arts, and thus, they had hidden internal injuries left over in their body. These martial artists would be disabled in their late forties. When Qin Xingxuan thought of this, she suddenly felt sad.

This was the disparity that a martial artist had to face from their very birth!

Many martial artists of Sky Fortune Kingdom wanted to reach the Pulse Condensation period, but even if they were diligent in cultivating their entire lives, it might not bear any fruit. But those that came from the Seven Profound Valley's Total Faction only needed to eat and sleep every day, and with just a bit of practice, they could break through to the Pulse Condensation period, or even reach the peak Houtian realm. If their parents were Valley Elders, they would be given focus and resources during training, and with a few Heaven Opening Pills, they could become a Xiantian master.

Thinking this, Qin Xingxuan quietly looked at Lin Ming. She suddenly thought, wasn't Lin Ming from an ordinary family? He had struggled so far to arrive where he was now. What price did he have to pay? What kind of danger did he have to face in order to obtain his lucky opportunities?

As she recalled Lin Ming's rare once in millennia perception and his ethereal martial intent, Qin Xingxuan felt some regret. If Lin Ming was born in a large sect, his results might even be better than they were now.

’’What are you thinking of?’’ Lin Ming asked with a smile after he demolished the second bowl of soup. He found that Qin Xingxuan was quietly gazing at him, a thoughtful and deep look in her limpid eyes.

’’Nothing much. I just think that this world is very unfair. An ordinary martial artist can diligently practice for a lifetime, and yet, they would never be able to touch a toe of these sect juniors.’’

’’Yes, life is unfair. But even so, you can either resign yourself to fate, or fight against the heavens. I heard in the legends that in the past, Emperor Shakya also came from a humble background. He fused 7 different types of martial intent and broke through the martial void. It is harder for a common martial artist to succeed then to ascend to the heavens. But, if one truly does succeed, because they were tempered by their road of hardship and suffering, the path they walk down might even go farther than that of the disciples of a sect.’’

Lin Ming was very calm as he spoke this. Qin Xingxuan suddenly felt that Lin Ming was talking about himself.

Qin Xingxuan was silent for a moment, and then, she turned her head to look out of the window. Her heartbeat quickened as a strange thought popped up in her mind, ’’Can I catch up with his shadow? In just half a year, I was overtaken by him. In the future... the gap between us will only grow... ’’

Thinking this, Qin Xingxuan felt something aching in her young heart that she couldn't identify.

At this moment, several martial artists in bright clothing entered the Desert Flower Hall. The one leading them yelled, ’’Waiter! Come get us a table with some good dishes and two jars of Dragon Bone Wine!’’

’’Okay!’’ The waiter could instantly tell from the attitude of these people that they were wealthy patrons. He was all smiles as he walked over to greet them. The manner and aura with which this group of people ordered dishes was completely different than Lin Ming and Qin Xingxuan.

Desert Flower Hall was one of Profound Sky City's best restaurants, and it was also one of the places that was most frequented by young talents. Lin Ming saw the group place their equipment on the table, and all of them were high-grade human-step treasures. Obviously, they came from some extraordinary background.

’’I've waited well enough for these last three years. I didn't have a chance to participate in the last Total Faction Martial Meeting, but now, I've finally struggled enough and they've given me a spot. If I can get a good ranking this time, father won't be able to say anything about it.’’

The young martial artist who said this was a half-step into the Pulse Condensation period. He looked about 18 years old. In another year or two, he would most likely break into the Pulse Condensation period. If he achieved the Pulse Condensation period at 19 or 20 years old, that result couldn't be matched by anyone in the Sky Fortune Kingdom except by Lin Ming and Qin Xingxuan.

And listening to the way he spoke, not only was this youth's cultivation high, but his combat prowess was probably much higher than a normal martial artist. Otherwise, he wouldn't have the chance to participate in this Total Faction Martial Meeting.

’’Haha, Brother Ouyang is too humble. During this Total Faction Martial Meeting, you will at least reach the top 100 rankings!’’

’’I'm just a bit too lacking. If I want to reach the top 100 rankings, I'll need to be at the Pulse Condensation period. If I try hard, I have hope that I'll be able to enter the top 150.’’

’’Brother Ouyang is too modest. Who doesn't know that Brother Ouyang's 'divine Acacia Power' has already reached the fourth layer? There are many Pulse Condensation disciples that are still struggling at the third layer. In terms of combat power, Brother Ouyang's true strength is at least equal to the middle Pulse Condensation period. If compared with those countryside bumpkins from the 36 countries, even their peak Pulse Condensation martial artists wouldn't be Brother Ouyang's match!’’

The young man named Ouyang drank a glass of wine and smiled. His name was Ouyang Ziyun, one of the Acacia Faction disciples that would participate in the Total Faction Martial Meeting. ’’Come on, don't compare me with those martial artists of the 36 countries, that's nothing more than an insult to me. You might as well compare me to the 16 martial cultivation martial families. At least those families have a legacy of a thousand years, and also have some ability. They should have sent a few talented people to this year's Martial Meeting.’’

’’Are you saying that the Zhang Family's Zhang Yanzhao might reach the top 20? Although he may reach the top 20, he is still really inferior to the direct disciples of our Seven Profound Valleys. Let alone Brother Ouyang, even if it were us, if we went to the 36 countries and 16 martial families, we would sweep 99% of those so-called talents away.’’

’’Hahaha... ’’

As the laughter came over from the wine table, Qin Xingxuan had a very unpleasant and angry expression. She clenched her teeth and frowned as she said, ’’These people are simply too arrogant!’’

’’Strength determines status. It's normal for these Seven Profound Valleys disciples to look down on the 36 countries and the 16 martial families. But to speak so brashly and loudly, they really do not place others in their eyes. There aren't only the disciples of the Seven Profound Valleys that dine at this Desert Flower Hall.’’ As Lin Ming said this, he pointed over to a table. Qin Xingxuan followed his finger's direction and saw three young men and a young girl stand up from a nearby table. They had very black and somber expressions as they walked over to where the Seven Profound Valley disciples were sitting.

Ouyang Ziyun also noticed the four people walk over. These four individuals had a small golden dragon embroidered on the chest of their robes. Obviously, they came from the same family.

His eyes swept over them, taking note of their cultivation. The leader of the shabby little group was a youth who was at early Pulse Condensation. The other three were at the Bone Forging stage.

Even though he was at the Pulse Condensation period, the truth is that his meridians had just opened, and his foundation wasn't solid.

Seeing these people's cultivation, Ouyang Ziyun smiled. This kind of brash martial artist had just stepped into the Pulse Condensation period, and even though their strength hadn't increased by much, they still held a superior feeling towards anyone that was at the Bone Forging stage, thinking that they wouldn't be his match.

’’This is nice too,today I will ruin your spirit, and let you know how big the gap is between you and the Total Faction disciples!’’ Thinking this, Ouyang Ziyun's smile widened even more.

’’You said that you will sweep my 16 martial cultivation families away? Good. I, Long Yun, am standing here today. How about you try and sweep me away!’’ The leader of the group, who was a Pulse Condensation, coldly snorted. He looked around 20 years old, and most likely, he came here to participate in the Total Faction Martial Meeting.

’’Long Yun? From Flower Spirit Mountain's Long Family? Humph, you think to speak up with that trivial family name?’’ Ouyang Ziyun played with the wine in his hand, not even disdaining to stand up.

’’Why don't you see if we are your match!?’’ Hearing Ouyang Ziyun insult her family, the young girl behind Long Yun snapped. The treasure sword in her hand had already left its scabbard!

Ouyang Ziyun laughed. ’’This beautiful rose has some thorns. I have recently broken through to the fourth layer of the 'divine Acacia Power', and was just looking for some talented women to cultivate with me. Your looks and cultivation are barely acceptable, are you interested?’’

As Ouyang Ziyun said this, the Seven Profound Valleys martial artists who were sitting with him also laughed. The young girl from the Long Family ground her teeth together. Not only had she been se*ually harassed, she had also been insulted. How could she not be angry?

’’I'll kill you!’’

The young girl pulled her sword out to strike, but she was actually stopped by Long Yun. ’’Ninth Sister, you are not his match. Let me.’’

Long Yun took a long spear out from his spatial ring and took a strange stance, ’’Surname Ouyang, today, I will experience your 'divine Acacia Power'. And I will have a look to see if you have the qualifications to spout such boastful crap!’’

Seeing Long Yun's weapon, Lin Ming's eyes shone. This youth was actually a spear user, that was quite rare.

As the saying went: Sword like Jade, Saber like Tiger, Spear like Dragon. There were many martial artists, who after becoming famous, would use the name of their weapon or cultivation method to establish a martial family. For instance, the Seven Profound Valleys' Zither Faction's Founder took Qin as her surname, qin meaning zither. As for those that used the spear, they might create a family named long, which also meant dragon.

As the guests sitting nearby saw a fight about to break out, not only did they not panic, but they looked over with great interest. They drank their wine, ate their food, and looked forward to a spectacular performance.

The restaurant waiter didn't seem to be overly excited. He draped a towel off his back and began to put the wine away as he slowly said, ’’Several masters, if our store is damaged, then the items must be compensated. Would you prefer the winner to pay or the loser to pay?’’

Hearing the waiter ask this, Lin Ming didn't know whether to laugh or cry. This really was a wonderful restaurant. But, this was quite normal. After all, those that came here were mostly proud and arrogant martial artists. Causing fights over disputes was probably a common matter.

’’Naturally, the loser will pay.’’ Ouyang Ziyun lazily rose from his seat, a playful smile tugging at his face. ’’Surname Long, let me warn you, any item at Desert Flower Hall is not cheap. If you want to fight, having to pay one hundred true essence stones is already a low estimate. Don't think you don't have to pay if you lose! The boss of Desert Flower Hall is not some chump. If you're scared, there is still time for you to kneel right now and beg for forgiveness.’’

Hearing 100 true essence stones, Long Yun's face shifted between red and white. Eating here today had already left him bleeding in the heart. If he had to pay 100 true essence stones, he really wouldn't be able to afford it. But this time, he had no path left to retreat.

’’You think that you've already won? What a joke! Take my spear!’’

Long Yun gave a great shout and stepped forwards. True essence flooded out and gathered on Long Yun's spear, thrusting straight towards Ouyang Ziyun's chest like a black snake!


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