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Martial World - Chapter 232


Chapter 232 - Awakening Thunder




’’Brother Sun, our Seven Profound Martial House has really picked up a gem. Lin Ming's thunder fusion has probably reached fifth, or even sixth grade...’’

A martial artist's martial talent had a grade, and the fusion compatibility that a martial artist had with metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and thunder, also had a grade, each corresponding to each other. A sixth grade fusion was something that hadn't been seen in the entire Sky Fortune Kingdom for millennia!

Sun Youdao nodded, ’’If it really is a fifth or sixth grade fusion, then indeed. I think it is strange how I never noticed Lin Ming's potential to cultivate lightning. This Lin Ming, the more I look at him, the less I understand.’’


’’I lost.’’ Ling Sen let a dreary breath loose. The difference in their strength was simply too great. In that flash a moment ago, if it weren't for Lin Ming's amazing control of the thunder force, his heart would have stopped beating and even his body would have been charred black.

His own strongest strike could not even halt half of the opponent's blow. He sincerely admitted defeat.

’’Well fought.’’ Lin Ming humbly said as he put his spear away, cupping his fists in respect.

Ling Sen was silent for a moment, and then he asked, ’’Was that your strongest strike?’’

Lin Ming had opened the Heretical God Force slightly while spurring the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder. This was indeed most of his strength. Of course, he had Thunderfire Annihilation and the Coiling Dragon steel needle as well, but these two powers contained a massive killing potential. Unless he went all out in desperation, he normally wouldn't use it.

Lin Ming nodded and said, ’’Yes.’’

After hearing Lin Ming's less than positive answer, Ling Sen sighed with emotion. One should always strive to get to the top, and there would always be someone beyond him. He suddenly felt that after he graduated, joining the army might not be the wisest choice.

When Lin Ming had left the Seven Profound Martial House to adventure, he had obviously found some sort of lucky opportunity. Otherwise, there was no way that his strength would have grown so fast.

Although Ling Sen's combat prowess was far beyond a martial artist at the same level, his talent was limited, and he would find it difficult to reach the Xiantian realm in his entire life. But there was simply too big a difference between the Xiantian realm and Houtian realm. To defeat weak Pulse Condensation period martial artist with only Bone Forging cultivation was stunning, but there were talents in every country that could do the same thing.

But for a peak Houtian master to defeat a Xiantian master, there might not even be one in the entire Seven Profound Valley's 36 countries that could do this!

After joining the army, Ling Sen would absolutely become one of the ten Great Generals. He could even become a State Marshall like Qin Xiao. But if it were only this, it would be impossible for him to break through the bottleneck and reach the Xiantian realm.

After his fight with Lin Ming, Ling Sen firmly decided that he would leave Sky Fortune Kingdom and find his own lucky chance!


The winner's bracket had ended, and according to the original rules, the loser's bracket would begin. But, Ta Ku was the first to forfeit. Zhao Jifeng and Jiang Bin looked at each other and could only ruefully smile before similarly forfeiting. Although Ling Sen had been defeated by Lin Min, he could still deal with them just like chopping a chicken. There was simply no reason to disgrace themselves.

So the final two spots for participation in the Total Faction Martial Meeting were given to Ling Sen and Lin Ming.

The total list of names was: Qin Xingxuan, Zhou Yu, Liang Long, Ling Sen and Lin Ming.

This news spread like the wind. Ling Sen and Lin Ming were both recognized as the fiercest two in the group of five.

The battle between Lin Ming and Ling Sen also spread through Sky Fortune City like wildfire. Everyone who watched the competition of top talents was incomparably excited to tell everyone else. For those that hadn't watched the match, after listening with wringing hands, they would excitedly beat their chests and stamp their feet. Many people would regret that they didn't have the qualifications to enter the Seven Profound Martial House and personally watch the competition. Otherwise, how could they possibly miss such an event?

The bards and storytellers of Sky Fortune Kingdom also retold this story. They started with the exact events, but as time passed, each version became more and more exaggerated. But no matter which version of events was told, the one scene they would never forget is Lin Ming galvanizing a winter thunderstorm.

With his own strength, he moved the thunder of heaven and earth!

The words of these storytellers sounded like fantasy, but on that day, the people of Sky Fortune City also saw that winter thunderstorm. But even if they saw this sight, everyone found it hard to accept. Using one's own power to alter the laws of nature? What sort of concept was that?

There was no snow in summer and no thunder in winter, this was common knowledge.

It was said that yesterday, there was a lover that pledged to the winter thunderstorm, inciting it with his true love.

The lover said: ’’if the winter thunder rumbles, then my love will be eternal and without regret.’’

The girl that heard this was incomparably touched and moved because of this holy promise. But, although it was romantic, she knew that he was playing around...

As the lover pledged this, in the next quarter hour, the sky filled with thunder.

The lover was immediately dumbfounded, his mouth wide enough to stick an egg in.

At this time he only had one thought: ’’Motherf*ker, heavens, are you playing with me!?’’

The truth was, the common people simply didn't understand the difference in strength between martial artists and their corresponding divisions. However, to create thunder in winter was actually too shocking for everyone. Wasn't this just the same as god?

Before, Lin Ming's name had been mainly known among the aristocracy as a martial artist. But now, even the commoners knew that there was a young martial artist in the Sky Fortune Kingdom named Lin Ming, who had incomparably fierce strength, and was able to call down heavenly thunder.


Zhou Mountain peak, Martial House Main Hall

Qin Ziya sat in the main seat, followed down the row by Lin Ming, Ling Sen, Qin Xingxuan, Zhou Yu, and Liang Long. In addition, there was a blue-clothed old man. This old man was the Seven Profound Martial House's Deputy House Master, Sun Youdao.

Qin Ziya's gaze swept over the 5 youths one at time. Finally, it landed on Lin Ming. Although Qin Ziya had long concluded that Lin Ming would blossom in dazzling radiance in the future, he had never thought that this young boy would make so much progress in such a short time. It was just too shocking. To have such strength at his age, let alone Sky Fortune Kingdom, he would be a top figure even in a large sect.

Obviously, Lin Ming had encountered a fortuitous opportunity when he went out on adventure. It was rare for a martial artist to encounter a lucky chance outside, but it wasn't uncommon. Thus, Qin Ziya didn't press him for details. Everyone had their own secrets. As long as he wasn't traitorous or disloyal, it was fine.

If it wasn't for Lin Ming being so young, he would have the grand opportunity to seize first place!

If he really did manage to grasp first place, that would be an unprecedented record in the Seven Profound Valleys. According to what Qin Ziya knew, there had never been a disciple outside of the Total Faction that was able to attain first place at the Total Faction Martial Meeting.

However, the current Lin Ming had a very high chance of reaching the top 20.

Qin Ziya wasn't underestimating Lin Ming. It was just that the geniuses of the Total Faction were simply too strong. These top talents all had the qualifications to seize first place. At 19 or 20 years of age, they would have reached the peak Pulse Condensation period, and their battle prowess would be worthy enough to face a Houtian master. To Qin Ziya, Lin Ming's strength seemed far off from such a level.

However, Qin Ziya didn't worry, Lin Ming still had time. In the future, his chances of winning first place would be gigantic.

Qin Ziya lightly coughed and slowly said, ’’The reason I called you here today is to discuss matters of the Total Faction Martial Meeting. As you have guessed, in just half a month's time, the Total Faction Martial Meeting will begin. The second-grade powers under the jurisdiction of the Seven Profound Valleys can send 5 people to participate.’’

In Sky Spill Continent, it wasn't just sects that were divided into grades. Great martial families and countries were also divided into grades. The Seven Profound Valleys was a third-grade sect, and was also at the top of third-grade sects.

Sky Fortune Kingdom was a second-grade influence. The Zhao, Jiang, Liang, and Zhou families that lived at the edge of Sky Fortune Kingdom were all first-grade influences. For convenience in management, the Seven Profound Valleys put the first-gradel influences into the second-gradel countries. That was the reason why this week, the Liang, Jiang, Zhou, and Zhao families had sent their successors to come to Sky Fortune Kingdom's Seven Profound Martial House for training.

Qin Ziya continued to say, ’’You five disciples are the ones that my Sky Fortune Kingdom's Seven Profound Martial House have decided to send to the Total Faction Martial Meeting. There will be countless masters and geniuses at the Total Faction Martial Meeting. You may have been top-tier talents in Sky Fortune Kingdom, but placed in the Total Faction, you are just ordinary!’’

Saying this, Qin Ziya caught a glimpse of a disapproving look from Liang Long. He frowned and icily said, ’’Liang Long, are you not convinced?’’

Liang Long was startled. He quickly rose up and apologized, ’’I do not dare!’’ But thinking a bit, Liang Long whispered, ’’Martial House Master. Although I don't believe we can with the first place title, isn't it too much to say that we are 'ordinary'?’’

Qin Ziya sternly said, ’’Ordinary is fine. Liang Long, what is your martial talent?’’

’’Inferior fifth-grade...’’ Liang Long said. In Sky Fortune Kingdom, this talent was pretty good.

’’An inferior fifth-grade talent is splendid in Sky Fortune Kingdom, and you are also astonishing in your Liang Family. But, the Seven Profound Valleys has an accumulated inheritance of 600 years. When the great founders of the Seven Factions started, they had been constantly screening talents to be married. A fifth-grade talent is nothing at all! Even a janitor would need to be at least a superior fourth-grade talent. Not only that, the disciples of the Total Faction have family backgrounds and resources that are far superior to yours. Thus, their cultivation speed naturally exceeds yours. It is already good that you can catch up to the 'ordinary' level! Now sit back down!’’

’’Yes, Martial House Master.’’ Liang Long submissively sat down, feeling a bit battered. One would need to be a superior fourth-grade talent just to sweep the floor. That was to say, that even if he went to the Seven Profound Valleys, he would be no more than a disciple who swept the floor or cooked the food.

Lin Ming sighed in his heart sourly. Resources were simply too important to a martial artist's cultivation. One needed cultivation methods, cultivation locations, pills, and so forth. It could be said that when the disciples of a large sect were first born, they had already arrived at a starting line that a common martial artist would never be able to reach in their entire life. They could be like Ouyang Dihua, who dawdled around doing nothing, and still reach the Houtian realm. But as for a common martial artist, it was difficult to even reach the Pulse Condensation period!

To a common martial artist, they would be ecstatic to even be able to enjoy one hour of the Seven Profound Martial House's seven major killing arrays. If they could use it as they wished, they would probably willingly shorten their lifespan by a dozen years.

But if the likes of this were placed in the Seven Profound Valleys, what use would it be? A core disciple probably would even disdain themselves to glance at it.

Qin Ziya continued to say, ’’This time, there were will be the 36 countries under the rule of the Seven Profound Valleys, as well as 16 second-grade martial families. This amounts to a total of 52 different powers. With each side being able to send out 5 people, there should be 260 participants in total. But, because of the power of Huoluo Nation, Grace Venerate Nation, and some other great countries, they have an additional quota. So there will be 280 disciples altogether. In addition, the Seven Factions of the Seven Profound Valleys will send 240 of their own disciples. So all together, there will be 520 participants!

’’In these 520 individuals, there will be at least 200 which will have reached the Pulse Condensation period! They might even be middle Pulse Condensation, late Pulse Condensation, or even peak Pulse Condensation! If you want to stand out in this group of 520 people, you can think on your own just how difficult this will be!’’


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