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Martial World - Chapter 231


Chapter 231 - divine Punishment Blade




When Qin Ziya saw this scene, his expression immediately changed, ’’Ling Sen's Slaughter Domain was broken by Lin Ming!’’

In the illusion realm, time flowed at a different speed. In the moment when Lin Ming had ceased physical movement, a fierce battle against Ling Sen had already taken place within the Slaughter Domain. The result was obvious;Ling Sen had been defeated, and Lin Ming had emerged victorious.

’’How could this happen.....Ling Sen's Slaughter Domain is dependent upon his Ashura martial intent as well as the murderous aura he had accumulated over the years in order to create his own unique ability. Although this makes it easy to develop a demon in the heart, in terms of striking power, it should be very strong. Ling Sen's Ashura martial intent is, by itself, savage and brutal;it only helps cultivate one's attack power. As for Lin Ming's ethereal martial intent, that relies on placing one's mind into an empty unconscious state;it is a type of supplementary cultivating martial intent. How could the result be that Ling Sen loses?’’

Although Sun Youdao's cultivation wasn't too high, he had a deep and broad range of experience. In just a few words he had pointed out the characteristics between Ling Sen and Lin Ming's martial intent.

Qin Ziya pondered out loud, ’’I had also thought that his ethereal martial intent could only be used to cultivate. If it could also be used offensively, then I can only say that Lin Ming's perception is just too terrifying.’’

How a martial intent could be used not only depended on one's studying and understanding of it, but also one's perception.

’’Maybe it's not an attack, but it was able to stabilize his mind, therefore he was able to shatter Ling Sen's martial intent dream world. In any case, Lin Ming is truly a genius.’’

The two Seven Profound Martial House Master's only thought was that Lin Ming's perception was amazingly astonishing, and he had comprehended multiple ways to use the ethereal martial intent. They had never dreamt of the possibility of Lin Ming comprehending a second martial intent.

If they had known, they would be stunned speechless. A martial artist that could comprehend two different kinds of martial intent only existed in ancient legends and fairytales. Let alone Sky Fortune Kingdom, even in the entire 36 Kingdoms ruled by the Seven Profound Valleys, there hadn't been anyone that had ever realized two different martial intents.

Although Lin Ming had broken Ling Sen's Slaughter Domain with his Samsara martial intent, he actually felt a bit discontented. There was only one reason that he was able to accomplish this - his Samsara martial intent was of a far higher grade than Ling Sen's Ashura martial intent.

However, in terms of development and usage, he was far inferior to Ling Sen.

Ling Sen had studied and pondered upon his Ashura martial intent to the limit, digging out all of its latent potential. In reverse, Ling Ming knew very little about his Samsara martial intent except that it was able to cultivate the soul. Also, because he hardly used his soul force, he hadn't carefully studied his Samsara martial intent.

'In understanding, I am inferior to Ling Sen.'

Lin Ming sighed with emotion. The truth was, he had forgotten that in just these past six months he had obtained too many abilities that needed to be carefully perceived and studied through meditation over time. There was the Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians, inscription technique, Flow like Silk, Heretical God Force, ethereal martial intent, Golden Roc Shattering the Voice, Samsara martial intent, and so many other things that he needed to thoroughly consider. There were so many things on his plate that he found it difficult to balance.

The fact that he could cultivate Flow like Silk to 5000 filaments while also achieving his current results in the Heretical God Force and Golden Rock Shattering the Void, was because he had the assistance of the mighty elder's memories. Although, this also meant that Lin Ming's perception could be considered very good.

But Ling Sen had already obtained the Ashura martial intent long ago, and he had combed over every aspect of it throughout the years. In terms of martial intent comprehension, it naturally wasn't something that Lin Ming could compare with so far.

At this moment, Ling Sen stood up. His complexion recovered from its pale state, and he brandished his heavy sword across his chest. He sighed and said, ’’Lin Ming, throughout all these years, you are the one martial artist that I admire the most out of the entire younger generation of Sky Fortune Kingdom. I had long been looking forward to this battle against you. Now that my Slaughter Domain has been broken, I'm already half-defeated. Still, I hope that you won't go easy on me;I still want to see just how much strength you have hidden within you.’’

’’Good! Come!’’

Against an opponent like Ling Sen, Lin Ming only had heartfelt admiration. This was a true martial artist who single-mindedly pursued the path of martial arts. As for those like Zhang Guanyu and Ouyang Dihua, they only practiced martial arts in order to consolidate their status and position. They would have power, and more time to enjoy wealth, beauties, and authority.

The Heavy Profound Soft Spear crossed out, a purple thunder leapt onto its bright silver spear point!

The winding arcs of thunder twisted around like snakes, crawling up the shaft!

Summoning the power of thunder meant that Lin Ming no longer held back. He would defeat his opponent with everything he had!

This was a martial artist's respect for another.

As Ling Sen gazed upon this scene, his eyes narrowed. This was....control over the power of thunder?

Qin Ziya and Sun Youdao couldn't keep still. Not even Qin Xingxuan, Qin Xiao, Muyi, or Bai Jingyun were unaffected. They all stared wide-eyed, unblinking.

Thunder-attributed martial artist?

Most martial artists had no specific attribute to their true essence. But, there were a few whose true essence was associated with the five elements. For instance, Bai Jingyun's water attribute and Zhu Yan's fire attribute.

Compared to non-attribute true essence, these five element true essences offered many special abilities. However, the tradeoff was that they were limited in the cultivation methods and skills they could learn. It was difficult to say whether this was ultimately good or bad.

Besides the five element aligned true essence, there were also the forces of wind and thunder that existed beyond the five elements of nature.

There were exceedingly few who had these two kinds of true essence attributes, but, they were also much stronger than the five elements.

Especially the thunder attribute. In terms of attack speed, it went against the will of the heavens. Even if one searched the entire Sky Fortune Kingdom, there weren't many thunder-attributed martial artists. And not only that, even if they were of the thunder attribute, it didn't mean that they were a good match. Even if they practiced a thunder-based cultivation method, they wouldn't necessarily achieve any results.

But now looking at Lin Ming, it appeared that he had the power of thunder at his beck and call. Not only that, but there was a prodigious energy contained within. He had clearly cultivated it to the Large Success stage.

How was this possible? In just half a year Lin Ming had managed to comprehend a thunder-based cultivation method?

’’It looks like during his adventure, Lin Ming also experienced another fortuitous encounter,’’ Qin Ziya applauded, somewhat envying Lin Ming in his heart. There were many lucky opportunities that could be found with the Sky Spill Continent. However, these lucky opportunities were often fraught with peril. There was fortune that just lay there for one to pick up. However, if one wished to obtain it, one had to have the courage while also putting in 120% of their effort.

These opportunities were fleeting;only those martial artists that were prepared could reach for them.

Sun Youdao sighed with emotion, ’’This kid is just too scary. If he just cultivated, with his combat talent, he would certainly reach the Xiantian realm, even the extreme Xiantian realm. But if he is able to attain the fortunes that come with danger, then he might reach the Revolving Dan realm, or an even higher existence!’’

’’This sort of martial artist must not only have cultivation and combat talent. They also have to have a firm mind and be incomparably calm. They must act bold, be fearless, daring to do what no one else does! In front of a fortuitous encounter, just a little bit of hesitation will cause them to lose their chance.’’

Lin Sing looked at the thick electric arc that was twisting around Lin Ming's spear point and suddenly laughed, ’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, today I, Ling Sen, have truly gained in experience. It is a rare opportunity and honor to be able to fight a martial artist who has reached Large Success in thunder cultivation!’’

’’You may have broken my Slaughter Domain, but I also have a martial skill!’’

As Ling Sen said this, he gripped his 5 foot long heavy sword horizontally outwards. The hilt of the heavy sword was very long;it would take at least 4 or 5 hands to cover it.

’’divine Punishment Blade - Purple Air Comes From the East!’’


Ling Sen tread the ground, and pulled the five foot long heavy sword around him, drawing a perfect arc on the ground. True essence manifested as a silver shark that was plowing a path through a sea of ice.

In that moment, Ling Sen had gathered all of his murderous aura, his momentum reaching the extreme.

’’It's Purple Air Comes From the East! This is Senior-apprentice Brother Ling's strongest skill!’’

’’This is a high-grade human-step martial skill. In addition, it is at the pinnacle of high-grade human-step martial skills. I heard that there are six different moves within the divine Punishment Blade, and this Purple Air Comes From the East is the strongest sixth move. I hadn't thought that I would be so fortunate to see Senior-apprentice Brother Ling display this skill today!

Hearing the name Purple Air Comes from the East, those outside martial artists in the audience didn't react much. However, the Seven Profound Martial House disciples were incomparably excited to the point of almost frothing at the mouth. When one was below the 100 rankings of the Seven Profound Martial House, they could only choose a low-grade human-step martial skill. If they entered the top 100, then they could choose a medium-grade human-step martial skill.

There were few true high-grade human-step martial skills. Ling Sen had been especially permitted to practice the 'divine Punishment Blade', which was at the apex of all high-grade human-step martial skills!

Most disciples only heard rumors about this, but when would they ever have the opportunity to see it?

Now, they would personally experience its majesty. Not only that, they would also be able to see the strongest sixth move of the divine Punishment Blade;how could they not be feverish from excitement?

Facing off against Ling Sen, Lin Ming still displayed his eternally unchanging stance, Iron Bridge Blocks the River. This style was not fancy;it was a simple pose that was the most fundamental of spear skills. What Lin Ming depended on was his pure and thick true essence.

At this time, the five foot heavy sword in Ling Sen's hand had already turned into a vibrant and flawless purple color, as if a flame was burning on the blade. At this moment, Lin Ming's momentum had reached its peak.

’’Take my sword!’’

With that final word, Ling Sen stepped forward. The sword was like black lightning;it carried a vast power that roared towards Lin Ming. In a blink of an eye, he had closed the 200 feet distance that separated them!

True essence wildly fluctuated. Purple flames ignited the air. Ling Sen's sword was like a mountain as it smashed downwards.

Lin Ming's vision sharpened, and the Heretical God Force activated. Highly compressed true essence and the power of thunder erupted outwards;the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder began to issue out cries of excitement. A thick arc of lightning jumped onto the silver spear, wrapping around it like thick python, directly striking out to meet Ling Sen's sword.

The Heretical God Force was open, and power of thunder had also been galvanized;this was a strength that wasn't any lower than a peak Pulse Condensation master!


The ground beneath suddenly shook, and Ling Sen's condensed Purple Air Comes From the East was struck by the thunder. It was no different than pure white snow basking in the summer sun;it rapidly melted!


Ling Sen was shocked. His strongest strike was actually broken apart like this?

In that split second, Ling Sen hesitated. The thick purple electric snake burst through the purple cloud and directly struck Ling Sen's body. In that moment, Ling Sen felt his entire body go numb, and even his heart stopped beating.

In that moment, he even thought he would die.

However, that feeling soon passed. That thick electric snake drilled through his body and howled as it pierced into the sky. In a few moments it submerged into the clouds above.

At this time, the sky was still snowing, and dark clouds covered the martial stage. After that thick electric snake broke into the cloud, faint sparks of lightning were seen, and a rumbling thunder began to sound through the air.

This was like a winter thunderstorm!

There was no snow in summer, and no thunder in winter.

Seeing thunder billowing in the sky, the entire audience was shocked speechless. With his own strength, Lin Ming had moved the heavens and created thunder, even changing the laws of nature. What sort of nonsensical exaggeration was this?

Was this really something that a Body Transformation martial artist could achieve?

Qin Ziya looked up at the sky and let loose a breath. This was far from changing the laws of nature. But, to be able to create thunder in the clouds, the intensity and ferocity of that thunder strike was simply too astonishing.


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