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Martial World - Chapter 226


Chapter 226 - Lin Ming VS Jiang Bin




After Yang Lin arrived, he glanced at Lin Ming, nodding at him with a smile before he went to sit down at his own seat. Ever since Ouyang Dihua died, the status of the Crown Price had risen, and all the major powers were much more polite and gracious towards Yang Lin.

Following closely behind the Crown Prince was the State Marshal, Qin Xiao. As soon as Qin Xiao appeared, everyone that was present from the military stood up and saluted. Even the two Great Generals rushed over to greet him. These past years, Qin Xiao's fame had been unparalleled within the hearts of the people. The citizens of Sky Fortune Kingdom may not know the name of the Emperor, but everyone recognized the name of Qin Xiao.

Flanking behind Qin Xiao was Qin Xingxuan and Muyi. As Qin Xingxuan appeared, she instantly attracted the wandering lustful gaze of every single aristocratic junior. Although these juniors clearly knew that they would never reach the level of Qin Xingxuan, they inevitably sent out peeking glances.

Lin Ming smiled at her from afar, politely greeting her. Just half a year ago, Qin Xiao had been an unattainable existence that was far beyond his reach. Even just seeing the carriage of the Marshal Quarters had filled his heart with a naïve sense of awe. But now, after coming to know Mu Qianyu, Lin Ming was somewhat indifferent after seeing Qin Xiao again. In the minds of Sky Fortune Kingdom's citizens, Qin Xiao was a living god. But outside of Sky Fortune Kingdom, he was only considered an ordinary Houtian realm martial artist.

In the eyes of existences like Mu Qianyu and those like her, someone like Qin Xiao was a completely negligible character.

At this time, the Elder who chaired the qualifying contest stood up after seeing the time. He said, ’’We shall begin drawing the lots.’’

The qualifying contest was conducted via double-elimination. Of the five disciples, one would draw a bye, and the other four would pair up in duels. The defeated would enter the loser's bracket, and the winner would continue onwards.

The defeated could still carry on in the contest. However, once they lost again they would be disqualified.

Finally, the victor of the winners bracket and the losers bracket would be the ones to participate in the Total Faction Martial Meeting.

Lin Ming placed his hand in the drawing box and fished out a jade tablet. On the jade tablet was written 'first'. The deacon responsible for registering the competition numbers wrote Lin Ming's number on the notice board.

Finally, everyone had drawn their lots.

The first round would be Lin Ming VS Jiang Bin, and the second round would be Ling Sen VS Zhao Jifeng. Ta Ku had drawn a bye.

After the schedule had been posted on the notice board, the enthusiasm of the audience reached a feverish pitch. Lin Ming was fighting in the first round;this was what they had all been waiting for!

In a distant corner of the martial stage, Jiang Bin was looking at the zealous audience. He coldly laughed.

Zhang Jifeng glanced at Jiang Bin, noticing his expression. He asked with a smile, ’’Are you dissatisfied?’’

’’Why don't you take a look at the audience? Is there even a single one that favors me? I don't think that any of them even know my name,’’ Jiang Bin said with a sneer.

Jiang Bin was a fifth-grade martial talent. He was 18 years old and his cultivation had reached the peak of Bone Forging. Hopefully, if everything went as expected, he would breakthrough to the Pulse Condensation period before he was 20 years old. Although he admitted that his cultivation speed was far slower than Lin Ming, in terms of combat strength, he didn't believe he was any worse.

Who wasn't a talent here? Lin Ming may have defeated the early Bone Forging Zhang Guanyu when he had merely been at the Altering Muscle stage, but Zhang Guanyu was ultimately a non-core disciple. Just how fierce could he possibly be? Was there even any meaning in defeating someone like that?

As for the so-called miracles that Lin Ming kept creating, in Jiang Bin's opinion, these were all a joke. If defeating small fries like Zhu Yan and Zhang Cang could be considered creating a miracle, then miracles were too damn cheap!

Zhao Jifeng also sneered, echoing his opinion. ’’It's normal for these people not to have heard of us. After all, we aren't people of Sky Fortune Kingdom;why would the government publicize our achievements? These fools and misinformed losers are waiting for Lin Ming to crush you beneath his boot. You need to show these people just who you are.’’

’’I may not roll over him, but at least I won't lose! Both of us are peak Bone Forging martial artists, and our true battle efficiency is higher than normal martial artists at the same level. Why would they think that I will lose so easily? What a joke!’’

Jiang Bin came from the Jiang Family, an ancient martial cultivation family that was one of the four great martial families that existed on the edge of Sky Fortune Kingdom. Anyone that came from one of these four great families was born with inherent superiority and a loftily arrogant attitude. Not to mention that Jiang Bin was one of the most outstanding young disciples of the Jiang Family. Young people often were full of spirit and vigor;there was no way that Jiang Bin would willingly be placed underneath someone else.

’’Once the competition starts and we go on stage, make sure you eliminate Lin Ming and I will eliminate Ling Sen. Then we'll see what sort of expression these bunch of fools will have.’’

Lin Ming was waiting on the stage. He was already holding the Heavy Profound Soft Spear, waiting for his opponent to show up.

Jiang Bin billowed with a formidable aura as he walked on stage. He looked at Lin Ming and sneered,’’ Lin Ming, I've heard many things about you. In the Seven Profound Martial House, you are a genius only seen once in a hundred years. But this so-called 'Seven Profound Martial House' only consists of non-core disciples;the four great martial cultivation families that surround Sky Fortune Kingdom are not included! Our four great martial cultivation families have a thousand years of history! We have legacies that you cannot begin to imagine!’’

The four great martial cultivation families lived at the frontier of Sky Fortune Kingdom;occupying their own spiritual mountains. Truly, they had an inheritance that stretched back almost a thousand years. In these thousand years, the dynasty of Sky Fortune Kingdom had changed hands, and the ruling family had been overthrown six times. But during all this conflict, these four great martial cultivation families had always existed. No dynasty dared to move against them. If the four great martial cultivation families united, then they would be a monstrous force to be reckoned with.

’’Oh? The four families already have a legacy of 1000 years? Lin Ming merrily smiled, then shook his head. A family with just a thousand years of history could be considered as having a deep heritage? That was really a waste of a so-called thousand year history.

Jiang Bin saw Lin Ming's smiling face and knew that he was refuting his claims. He suddenly burned with anger. ’’Lin Ming, since you look down on my four great martial cultivation families, well then, I will let you experience the ancestral blade of Jiang Family!’’

Jiang Bin wasn't sure who was stronger between him and Lin Ming, but after seeing Lin Ming underestimate him, his confidence of winning shot up by several points.

’’Just you wait boy, I will make you pay for your rampant arrogance. I will defeat you within 20 moves. I want to see just what sort of expression your adoring audience will have!’’ As Jiang Bin thought this, the treasure long sword in his hand immediately began to congeal with thick true essence. This was a medium-grade human-step treasure sword, and was also considered at the pinnacle of its rank.

At this moment, the Elder who was acting as referee loudly announced the rules of the contest.

’’You may use any treasure;there is no limit to the grade. If you willingly admit defeat or are lying injured on the ground, then you will automatically forfeit! You cannot kill the opposite party, and you cannot intentionally cripple them. The competition starts now!’’

The voice had just fallen, but Jiang Bin had already gathered his power and taken a step forward, launching his movement technique to close in on Lin Ming. This was the ancestral movement technique that only the Jiang Family possessed - Traceless River!

Jiang Bin's body flashed and he dissolved into a series of shadows. His movements were simply like the floating clouds and flowing rivers;it was completely natural and filled with grace. The shadows gradually increased, until it was difficult to distinguish just which one Jiang Bin was.

The audience gasped in amazement as they watched this scene. They didn't know who Jiang Bin was, they only knew he was a core disciple of the Martial House. As for his strength, they were unsure. But because they blindly worshipped Lin Ming with raging fanaticism, they only regarded Jiang Bin as a minor side character, someone for Lin Ming to step on.

But now that they looked at him, they noticed that this Jiang Bin wasn't some common talent of his generation. A layman simply enjoyed the show, but an expert recognized the art. There were many martial artists present, including several generals that had reached the mid or late Pulse Condensation period, that were extremely startled after seeing this movement technique from Jiang Bin. Even though they were closely watching, they still couldn't see where Jiang Bin's real body was!

’’Hehe, Jiang Bin is just being a deliberate show off. Of the four great family's movement techniques, the Jiang Family's Traceless River is the most beautiful and exquisite. A normal martial artist would simply have no means to counter this movement technique,’’ Liang Long said in the crowd, as he was sitting down eating a pine nut.

’’Lin Ming is not an ordinary martial artist. If Jiang Bin had reached the point where he could advance and retreat like the flowing waters and be untouchable, then he would be able to defeat Lin Ming. But his movement technique is only 50% complete. Victory or defeat is still undecided. However, he should still be able to give Lin Ming some trouble.......’’ Zhou Yu had a good understanding of the Jiang Family's Traceless River, and was able to immediately identify the level of Jiang Bin's movement technique.

Just as many in the audience grew worried of Lin Ming, Jiang Bin drew his sword. But, it was more accurate to say that over a dozen Jiang Bins had drawn their sword.

The many sword rose at the same time, a thick true essence condensing at the sword point, substantialized into a visible sword light that reflected off the tip!

’’Mm, true essence manifestation!’’

With that, many of the audience gasped in amazement. True essence manifestation was usually only achievable by Pulse Condensation period martial artists, but Jiang Bin was only at the peak of Bone Forging.

’’Moon Traversing the River!’’

Jiang bin gave a loud shout, the sound coming from all sides, and the numerous swords thrust straight towards Lin Ming. This strike surged with momentum, true essence swelling forth just like a torrential river!

The dense rain of sword light made the audience's hearts tense up;how could one possibly hide from this?

Moon Traversing the River was one of the top three sword skills of the Jiang Family. Although Jiang Bin had spoken demeaning words towards Lin Ming, he didn't dare to underestimate his opponent!

’’What good swordsmanship. The sword is the river, permeating all, seizing every weakness. When the Jiang Family's Moon Traversing the River and Traceless River are combined together, it is nearly unstoppable. Just how is Lin Ming.....’’

Before Liang Long could finish half his thought, he was already stunned speechless.

He helplessly looked as Lin Ming didn't even use his Heavy Profound Silver Spear. Instead, Lin Ming only took a sudden step forwards, and punched out with his fist!

Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist!


The tiles under Lin Ming's feet shattered under the power of his step. 5000 vibrating true essence filaments erupted outwards, and plunged towards Jiang Bin like a savage Flood Dragon.

If Jiang Bin's sword was like the torrential river, then Lin Ming's vibrating true essence was the ferocious dragon that crossed the river!


All of Jiang Bin's shadows were directly demolished, and Jiang Bin's main body was struck by Lin Ming's punch. Jiang Bin was sent flying backwards like a broken kite, and he vomited a mouthful of fresh blood. Even his sword was sent flying off in another direction.

Unless a martial artist was severely wounded, they would never abandon their blade. But, no matter how Jiang Bin tried to hold on, he couldn't keep his grip. A deadly and fierce vibration transmitted down the sword hilt and the resulting shock shattered the web of his palm!

Seeing Jiang Bin fall off the martial stage, the entire audience rose up in an uproar!

Although they believed that Lin Ming would win, they hadn't expected he would triumph in such a complete victory. That fellow Jiang Bin, who had thought that Lin Ming was trash, was actually thrown out by Lin Ming like a bag of trash. Lin Ming hadn't even needed to use the Heavy Profound Soft Spear.

Murong Zi stared on, her eyes unmoving. She mumbled, ’’It's only been two months, ah, damn your sister, how did this farm animal make so much progress? Do you really want to give this sister a heart attack?’’


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