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Martial World - Chapter 220


Chapter 220 - Suppression of Absolute Power




’’I haven't done anything... other than use a Dreamland Pearl to lay down this illusionary world. It should give me enough time to play with you a bit. Don't uselessly struggle;it's pathetic. This enchantment can only be broken by a Xiantian realm master. All perception is isolated within. No matter what goes on in here, whether it be some earth-shaking power or wondrous ability, anyone looking in from the outside will only see a calm scene. If Mister Ouyang does not believe me, then feel free to try breaking the enchantment.’’

Lin Ming slowly said as he crossed his arms across his chest. A cold smile flit across his features.

Hearing Lin Ming's words, Ouyang Dihua's heart sank. Only a Xiantian master could break through this enchantment? Was it really such a great treasure? Just where did he get this pearl from?

Such a pearl would be incomparably precious even within the Seven Profound Valleys!

Once again, Ouyang Dihua guessed that Lin Ming had an unknown yet fantastical background!

’’What do you want?’’ Ouyang Dihua no longer doubted Lin Ming's power. If he dared to come here today, then he must have had the absolute assurance to kill him.

’’You ask what I want? Mister Ouyang, I can't believe that you would ask such a silly question. Isn't it obvious? I'm going to kill you. This illusionary world was laid down in order to avoid the attention of others, so that I can turn your corpse into ashes without a single trace.’’

’’Good! Very Good! I want to see just how you will kill me!’’ Ouyang Dihua roared, true essence erupting from his body like a geyser. His body short forwards like an arrow, but what he aimed at was not Lin Ming, but the void of the illusionary world.

’’Life Severing Dead Bone Blade!’’

Ouyang Dihua's entire body stirred with true essence. The long sword in his hand turned to a bone white color, and deep chilly wind ran out from it, followed by countless sad cries and mournful wails;it really made one feel a scalp-tingling creepiness!

This move had been used by Zhang Guanyu when he and Lin Ming had dueled each other. This was the most ruthless ability of the 'divine Acacia Powers' first layer. But seeing it now, Zhang Guanyu's version could not hold a candle to Ouyang Dihuas'.

’’A wise move, unfortunately, useless.’’ Lin Ming hadn't even moved. He simply watched as Ouyang Dihua's sword struck against the edge of the illusionary world.

Zhi !!!

A blinding white light sprung forth, and Ouyang Dihua's sword emitted an ear-tingling grating sound, as if it were about to break. Ouyang Dihua gave a stuffy cough as his body trembled. The web between his fingers had cracked apart, dripping red with blood.

However, the invisible enchantment was motionless and intact, without even the least bit of damage.

It couldn't be broken! It really couldn't be broken!

Ouyang Dihua's heart sank. Even though he felt as if a mountain had fallen upon him, the illusionary world wasn't affected in the least! Perhaps what Lin Ming said was true, and only a Xiantian master could break apart this illusionary world!

’’I already said that only a Xiantian master can break it. Otherwise, it is impossible to forcibly open this enchantment. Ouyang Dihua, accept your fate. Today is the day you die!’’

Lin Ming touched his spatial ring, and the nine feet nine inch Heavy Profound Soft Spear appeared in his right hand, gripped horizontally. The silver-white spear edge gleamed a deadly radiance, overflowing with coldness!

Ouyang Dihua turned towards Lin Ming, his eyes glimmering with dark and decisive color. ’’Lin Ming, don't force me! You think that you can win against me!? If I damage my cultivation to bring forth the Soul Severing Sword, don't think that you will survive!

As Ouyang Dihua said this, his body suddenly shuddered. With a loud shout, all of his silk clothing was completely torn asunder, revealing a purple gold colored flexible armor. This was shockingly a high-grade human-step treasure armor!

As Ouyang Dihua flourished his sword, the blade began to resound with a mournful howls, as if countless grieving spirits were bitterly sealed within the sword.

Lin Ming chuckled and said, ’’You truly are worthy of being the nephew of a Seven Profound Valley's Elder. You have a flexible armor protecting you, a long sword as a weapon, both of which are high-grade human-step treasures. Even I covet such treasures. That being the case, then I will kindly accept them.’’

’’You are reckless!’’ Ouyang Dihua's feet pressed against the ground. He tread so hard that even the floor beneath him ruptured as he disappeared into a series of afterimages, his sword piercing straight towards Lin Ming's throat!

’’Fleeting Blade!’’

Ouyang Dihua's sword sliced through space, the air grated with a loud explosive sound. The momentum behind this strike was terrifying!

However, Lin Ming only laughed. Without using any martial skill, he gripped his spear in both hands and smashed down!

After absorbing the power of vitality in the Sorcerer Pagoda, in addition to the cultivation of 'Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians' in his body, the strength behind his spear had reached a mind-boggling degree.

10,000 jins!!


Ouyang Dihua felt as if a mountain had fallen onto him. As spear and sword crossed each other, a massive vibrating strength sent Ouyang Dihua flying backwards as he vomited blood. He felt as if his bones were about to fracture!

’’Flow like Silk!’’ Lin Ming thrust out his spear, and 5000 vibrating true essence filaments formed a spiral that pierced towards Ouyang Dihua's right shoulder. If this spear struck, then Ouyang Dihua's right arm would but torn apart!

In this moment of life and death, Ouyang Dihua's eyes flashed with a sinister color. He immediately drew backwards, and at the same time opened his mouth to spit out two beads towards Lin Ming's eyes!

’’Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead?’’

Lin Ming sneered. The Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead that Zhang Guanyu had was given to him by Ouyang Dihua. Lin Ming had already guessed that Ouyang Dihua would secretly mix in Thunderbolt Devilfire Beads in his attacks, but he just didn't that the beads were hidden between his lips.

A Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead was best used in a surprise attack. Once the enemy was prepared for it, the effects would be greatly reduced.

’’Concept of wind!’’

Lin Ming waved his left hand, and a strong wind surged upwards, blowing away the Thunderbolt Devilfire Beads. At the same time, Lin Ming stepped forwards, his body shooting forth like an arrow as he stabbed his spear towards Ouyang Dihua's belly!

Bang! Bang!

The Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead's exploded in the sky, but they didn't even have the slightest effect on the illusionary world enchantment. At this moment, Lin Ming's long spear had already closed in, and was less than a hundred feet away! With Ouyang Dihua flying backwards in the air, there was no way for him to dodge!

’’Lin Ming! I will bet my life against you! Soul Severing Blade!!!’’ Ouyang Dihua pounded his own chest, spitting out a mouthful of blood. This blood sprayed across the blade of his sword. After absorbing the blood, the originally gleaming silver blade transformed into a strange blood red color. There was a soul piercing scream as a massive red skull struggled out of the sword, as if it had emerged from a sea of crimson blood!

As soon as the skull appeared, it inflated like a balloon. In a short moment, it had already swelled to over ten feet wide. It faced Lin Ming and let loose a maddening howl. For a time, the entire sky was filled with a bone-freezing wind, as if all nearby human blood and flesh would be drained by this giant skull.

After he released this bloody skull, Ouyang Dihua immediately looked faint and lifeless;he could barely stand on his feet. This was the strongest skill in his repertoire - Soul Severing Sword. Once activated, he would lose 20% of his cultivation. He probably wouldn't recover his vitality even in half a year.

Seeing this massive red skull appear, Lin Ming revealed an expression a surprise. Even though his own blood vitality billowed out into the sky, he still felt a chill from the depths of his soul when faced with this skull;it was as if he were stranded naked within an endless plain of snow in the middle of a great winter storm.

’’Die, Lin Ming! Once this Soul Severing Blood Skeleton appears, it will never give up until it has sucked up all the blood essence of its enemies!’’ Ouyang Dihua hysterically raved. His entire face was a gloomy bright red, as if he had been possessed by a devil.

Seeing this bloody skull roaring towards him, Lin Ming put away the Heavy Profound Soft Spear. He flicked his right hand and a Coiling Dragon steel needle jumped out on his fingertips.

This small steel needle was only two inches long and on it engraved a Purple Flood Dragon. The Flood Dragon wound downwards, encircling the steel needle nine times, no more and no less. Although the Flood Dragon's body was tiny, every subtle texture and detail contained the fierce and supremely tyrannical expression of the savage Flood Dragon;it was so vivid and vibrant that it appeared, not as an engraving, but instead a true Flood Dragon that had been pinned onto the steel needle.

The bloody skull rushed towards Lin Ming from the front, opening its jaws wide in an attempt to swallow Lin Ming whole! Lin Ming didn't move;he simply aimed at the big mouth of the bloody skull and flicked his finger.


The Coiling Dragon steel needle transformed into a tiny purple line as it shot towards the blood skull. On one side was a massive blood-colored skull that was over ten feet wide, while on the other a small two-inch long steel needle. Their disproportionate sizes were simply too contrasting!


The Coiling Dragon steel needle pierced straight through the bloody skull. A near infinite purple thunder erupted outwards, as a grid of lightning enveloped the entire blood skull.

The thick arcs of sizzling electricity flashed in the air, as the bloody skull let out piercingly shrill howls of pain. It's body was like a cube of ice that had molten steel poured upon it, rapidly melting!

The greatest fear of ghosts was the power of thunder. If a ghost wished to ascend and attain a Pure Yang body, then they must pass heavenly tribulation. But under the divine judgement of heavenly tribulation, countless spirits and ghosts had been turned to ashes, completely annihilated forever!

Not only that, the Coiling Dragon steel needle in Lin Ming's hand contained the illustrious Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder. While Ouyang Dihua had released a bloody skull, it wasn't some amazingly desolate and evil power. Once the two forces collided, the results could be clearly predicted. In only a few shorts breaths, the bloody skull let out one final sorrowful wail, and then completely vanished into nothing!

The thick arcs of purple thunder still scintillated in the air. Lin Ming stretched out his hand, and the Coiling Dragon steel needle instantly returned to his palm, floating there as it slowly revolved. It was as if destroying the blood skull was easier than crushing an ant.

As Ouyang Dihua saw this scene, he was instantly stunned silly. Overcome with bewilderment, he had never dreamed that his ultimate move, which had taken 20% of his cultivation to use, had been so easily put out like a little candle by Lin Ming.

How was this possible!?

Ouyang Dihua's heart surged with roiling despair and desperation. His hands trembled. The feeling of approaching doom had never been so close before!

’’Did I surprise you? With your background as a nephew of a Seven Profound Valley's Elder, and also being older than me by 7 years, you are actually being toyed with in the palm of my hand. It really must be hard to accept....’’

’’In any case, you will not escape death today. Can you tell me who was disguised as Martial House Master Qin? In exchange, I will send you off with a sweet farewell.’’

Lin Ming didn't know if the one who had posed as Qin Ziya was Ouyang Dihua or someone else, so he could only ask him as a test.

Ouyang Dihua's face twitched. His mouth turned into a scowl as he shouted, ’’You think I will tell you? Dream on!’’

Lin Ming laughed. ’’Although I really do want to know what other enemies are hiding in the shadows, it doesn't really matter anyhow. First, I will kill you, letting you suffer to death in the most painful and excruciating way possible.’’

Lin Ming extracted the Heavy Profound Soft Spear as he said this. The spear point glimmered with electric light as 5000 vibrating true essence filaments were poured into it.

Ouyang Dihua's eyes flashed with a ferocious color. ’’Since you won't let me live, then die with me!’’

Ouyang Dihua swiped his spatial ring, grabbing a handful of Thunderbolt Devilfire Beads.

’’We shall perish together!’’


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