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Martial World - Chapter 219


Chapter 219 - I'll Let You Struggle In Despair




’’Move against the Lin Family... ’’ Ouyang Dihua hesitated for a moment as he thought about it. The truth was that he also wanted to use this method to force out Lin Ming, but he worried about Qin Ziya.

Now, because of the Total Faction Assembly Tournament, Qin Ziya had been looking for Lin Ming. Perhaps he might even suspect him now, but he just didn't have any evidence to back his speculations up.

If he moved against the Lin Family now, Qin Ziya would easily be able to discover some clues...

Zhang Fengxian noticed Ouyang Dihua's hesitation, and said, ’’I know what Mister Ouyang is worried about. Please let my Allied Trade Association act upon this matter. I will use legitimate means in order to suppress the Lin Family's family business. I have already investigated and found that the Lin Family is comprised of a few thousand people in total, with only two estates and several hundred acres of farmable land. The rest rely on the family business in order to maintain daily expenses.’’

’’If I cut the Lin Family's business off, the Lin Family will fall apart. I think, that for normal commercial competition, Martial House Master Qin Ziya will not say anything. We merely need to wait for the Lin Family to decline, and once Lin Ming's parents are no longer protected, we can secretly capture them. At that time, it won't arouse much suspicion. What does Mister Ouyang this of this plan?’’

Ouyang Dihua nodded. Using legitimate means to suppress the Lin Family was the most reasonable means. Even Qin Ziya could not find any fault with that. The Lin Family did have some amount of influence, but it was nothing compared to the centuries old heritage of the Allied Trade Association.

’’Good, then we'll proceed like so. I want to destroy the Lin Family and decimate everyone in it. I want to see just where that little animal will go to die. If he dares show his face, I will kill him. And if he doesn't appear, I will let him watch as his family slowly perishes, and his parents becoming beggars on the streets, struggling with the wild dogs for food!

As Ouyang Dihua coldly said these words, his eyes flashed with a sinister light.

Zhang Fengxian smiled and suddenly thought of something. He poured a glass of wine and said to Ouyang Dihua, ’’Mister Ouyang, don't worry. I will force the Lin Family step-by-step into a dead end, until they are ruined. I will also force them to sell their daughters to me as slaves. The Lin Family can be regarded as a martial cultivation family;their daughters are always third-grade talents. When the time comes, I would like to honor Mister Ouyang and assist with your cultivation. In doing so, it's not against the rules, as long as the Lin Family voluntarily sells them. They can be sold as maids, and Mister Ouyang can do as he pleases with them. Who could say you can't... ’’

As Zhang Fengxian spoke, he kept attentively poured wine for Ouyang Dihua. Ouyang Dihua took the wine glass with relish, boldly laughing. ’’Good! Very Good!! I will have that little animal take a good, hard look as I have all the woman of the Lin Family wait upon my crotch!’’

Ouyang Dihua crushed the wine glass in his hand, an immoral and dark grin spread across his face. Once the Lin Family declined, he would use the Lin Family women as his furnace to cultivate in it. ’’Lin Ming, regardless of whether you died or haven't died, or even if you are waiting in the shadows for me, I will let you enjoy this great gift!

As Ouyang Dihua was devising a method to deal with the Lin Family, at this moment, he suddenly felt a vast murderous aura penetrating into his bones, chilling him from his head to his toes!

’’Who!?’’ Ouyang Dihua stood up suddenly, true essence rapidly revolving through his entire body. His vision was like a hawk as he swept the surroundings. He didn't notice anything strange, even his four bodyguards were keeping watch not too far away, as if nothing had happened.

Zhang stood up, puzzled. He thought that Ouyang Dihua was simply being overly nervous. They were in the Headquarters of the Allied Trade Association. In the Headquarters, there was even a Houtian master who was on standby. Anyone that dared to barge in here was simply seeking death.

But as Zhang Fengxian looked up, he was suddenly rendered completely speechless. He was the President of the Allied Trade Association, and he had survived countless scenes and plots and trickeries. Yet now, his eyes had gone wide, his face an expression of horror.

He helplessly watched as a handsome, smiling boy slowly glided down from the sky, coming to a rest as he tread upon air, floating just above the surface of the lake.

This boy looked at him, a sly smile crossing his face.


Zhang Fengxian was also a martial artist. Although his cultivation wasn't high, he still knew what it meant if a martial artist to fly.

Only a Xiantian master could fly!

A Xiantian master came here to kill him? No... no, that was impossible!

Ouyang Dihua's face sank. He stared at the grandiose youth who was brilliantly shining in the air, transcendent. His heart was in raging turmoil as he was nearly overwhelmed by panic. Not only could this youth fly, but all of the true essence in his body was restrained, so that Ouyang Dihua couldn't see the level of his cultivation. It was just as if he had reached the legendary realm of returning to his origin! No wonder. Even though he had felt a strange atmosphere as this young boy dropped from the heavens, his vigilance wasn't even aroused until the deep murderous intention was exposed. Before he knew it, his enemy had approached him!

’’Lin Ming!’’

Ouyang Dihua bit out those two words from between his clenched teeth. He withdrew the long sword from his spatial ring. Why was he able to fly? Why was he able to reach the realm of returning to his origin?

Did he step into the Xiantian realm?

That was impossible! Even in the ancient times, not even the saints and sages that founded the Holy Land's had reached the Xiantian realm at only 15 years old!

Whatever the reason, Ouyang Dihua had a faint feeling that Lin Ming had been holding his trump cards close to himself and keeping his secrets hidden. And today, he had finally exposed his hidden fangs!

In this confrontation, Lin Ming would reveal all the cards in his hands, his strength reaching the peak!

’’Who are you?’’ Ouyang Dihua had lost his former calm. He now realized that he had never thoroughly understood Lin Ming, nor could he ever. Was Huo Gong killed by him? If so, then Lin Ming's strength had most likely exceeded even his own! Such an existence was usually hidden far away;why would he come to the Seven Profound Martial House to pose as a student? Just what was his goal?

’’Who am I?’’ Lin Ming was slightly astonished, and then, he immediately laughed. ’’How rude. A little more than a month and you don't recognize me anymore? You're too forgetful. You really do have some ability though. You managed to find someone to disguise themselves as Martial House Master Qin and then, lure me into going to the Southern Wilderness. What a pity, the assassin you sent out was too low quality;I killed him already. Too bad. You almost succeeded.’’

As Lin Ming spoke, Ouyang Dihua felt a chill run down his body. Although he had already guessed that Lin Ming had killed Huo Gong, hearing this news from the boy's own mouth was another matter. Now, he truly felt fear. Currently, Lin Ming most likely had the strength to kill him!

’’Lin Ming, this is our first time meeting.’’ Zhang Fengxian brilliantly smiled as he stared at Lin Ming. He crossed his hands behind his back. He had already calmed down from his panic a moment ago. Since this was Lin Ming, there was no way that he could be a Xiantian master. Although he didn't know why Ling Ming was able to fly, as long as Lin Ming wasn't a Xiantian master, then in his own headquarters where he reigned supreme, why would he care that the other party had the courage to actually dare charge in? Even if Lin Ming dared to attack him, he would simply be courting death!

’’I'll tell you now, this here is my Allied Trade Association's Headquarters. You actually dare charge in here to kill us? Haha! I thought you knew Mister Ouyang's status! He is the Sky Fortune Kingdom's Seven Profound Envoy, and his uncle is an Elder of the Seven Profound Valleys. Just how many lives do you have? You actually dare to kill us? If you want to run away with your tail between your legs, you might still have the time. You trespass into my Allied Trade Association and dare attack the Seven Profound Envoy? Even if I send someone to kill you, it's not against the rules!

Zhang Fengxian sneered. As he said this, he was already quietly crumbling a sound transmitting talisman between his hands. It was an order for the Allied Trade Association's Houtian master to come immediately. As long as he came, no matter how superhuman Lin Ming's powers were, he would also suffer to the extreme!

Lin Ming saw Zhang Fengxian's little tricks, but he didn't care it. His illusionary world couldn't even be broken by a peak Houtian realm master. That Zhang Fengxian using an inferior sound transmitting talisman to penetrate it was simply a joke.

’’Humph, just because your uncle is a Seven Profound Valley's Elder, you think you can do whatever you want without care for any laws? Hehe, if you want to kill me, why can't I kill you? Your name is Zhang Fengxian? As the Allied Trade Association's Head, it truly is like father like son. You father and son pair are simply too rampant for your own good. Before, I had already crippled Zhang Guanyu and turned him into waste. Now, it's probably best if I cripple you too, so that you can accompany him together.’’

’’You're dead!’’ At the mention of Zhang Guanyu, Zhang Fengxian was sent into an apoplectic rage, seething with murderous intention. This insult touched upon his greatest wrath. ’’Don't think you're getting away today. I'll have you stay here and beg for your death!’’

’’Good. I'm waiting.’’ Lin Ming said with indifference. Ouyang Dihua's eyelids jumped. A moment ago, Zhang Fengxian had already crumpled the sound transmitting talisman, and yet, Lin Ming didn't seem to have any fears. What sort of card did he have in his hand?

Thinking this, Ouyang Dihua's heart was suddenly filled with a dire sense of foreboding.

’’Guard One! Guard Two! Just what are you standing there so stupid for!? Come and kill this assassin!’’ Ouyang Dihua suddenly turned his head, shouting at the four bodyguards that stood not too far away. These four bodyguards were Ouyang Dihua's personal bodyguards. One of them had even reached the middle Pulse Condensation period;their strength wasn't that much different from Ouyang Dihuas'.

Lin Ming watched as Ouyang Dihua uselessly roared, a smile crossing his face. His hands folded across his chest. He looked calm and collected, just as if he were watching the playacting of a clown.

’’Guard One? Guard Two?’’ Ouyang Dihua found that no matter how much he yelled at the four bodyguards, his voice fell on deaf ears. Standing in the distance, it was as if they hadn't even hear him shout.

Seeing this strange scene, Ouyang Dihua's heart was filled with an inexplicable chill. He turned towards Lin Ming, his voice trembling, ’’You... what did you do?’’

Lin Ming mockingly said, ’’Call them? How will you call them? You can shout all you want until even your throat goes numb, but no one will come to save you.’’

Lin Ming had originally planned to quickly and cleanly kill Ouyang Dihua. But he came just as they were discussing a heinous plan. Luckily, he had come back in time. Otherwise, if that plan was sent into motion, he couldn't imagine what sort of pitiful and sad fate his parents and the women of the Lin Family would have to face.

If such a thing ever happened, killing Ouyang Dihua a hundred times over still wouldn't be enough!

He originally had no enmity with Ouyang Dihua. Yet, Ouyang Dihua had tried to deal with him again and again. He had used all sorts of cheap tricks and vile tactics in order to kill him. He had put him in a deathtrap, almost killing him. And now, he even wanted to move against his family. This grudge wouldn't be resolved with simply killing Ouyang Dihua.

He would galvanize and prod Ouyang Dihua, so that the he would struggle in despair, knowing that there was no way he could escape. Only by doing so would he be able to assuage his heart of this hatred and clear his mind.

Seeing this strange scene, Zhang Fengxian also felt some panic as he flustered again. The sound transmitting talisman should have already arrived by now. The Allied Trade Association's Headquarters was only a few miles wide. With a Houtian master's speed, he should be able to arrive in the blink of an eye. And yet, why wasn't there even the slightest movement?

’’You... what the hell did you do!?’’


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