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Martial World - Chapter 217


Chapter 217 - Power of the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder




Mu Qianyu was astonished beyond belief. The bottleneck between Bone Forging and Pulse Condensation was neither too great nor too insignificant. For a genius with great talent, the bottleneck wasn't considered much. Despite this, it was normal for them to take several months to even half a year to overcome it.

These month long gaps couldn't be underestimated. In a month, Lin Ming would become 16 years old.

There was a very big difference between breaking through to the Pulse Condensation period at 15, and breaking through to the Pulse Condensation period at 16.

Mu Qianyu had reached the Pulse Condensation period at 15 years of age. In divine Phoenix Island, this was considered a first-class achievement. But now, she had actually tied with Lin Ming!

Thinking of Lin Ming's ordinary mortal identity, Mu Qianyu felt a shiver crawl up her spine;what sort of monstrous genius was this? Compared to him, even the growth rate of her cultivation, which she was so arrogantly proud of, was eclipsed!

Needless to say, Lin Ming was also incomparably excited. Not too long ago, becoming a Pulse Condensation martial artist had only been a faraway dream. However, unbelievably, he had reached his goal of becoming a Pulse Condensation martial artist so quickly!

Lin Ming was thinking of revolving his true essence and officially breaking through to the Pulse Condensation period. But, at this moment, Mu Qianyu advised, ’’Lin Ming, the reason your meridians opened and connected was because of the power of thunder from the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder, not due to your own accumulation of true essence;it could be considered a fortunate accident. If you use this as a stepping stone to breakthrough to the Pulse Condensation period, then it will cause your foundation to be unstable. My advice is that you don't breakthrough to the Pulse Condensation period just yet. Wait for your Bone Forging true essence to gradually accumulate and naturally overflow. Then, it will spontaneously flood your meridians. Doing this will let you achieve the best results.’’

Lin Ming paused, before immediately nodding. What Mu Qianyu said was right. When he had entered the Altering Muscle stage and the Bone Forging stage, his true essence had naturally overflowed and thus, he had spontaneously broken through to the next level. Through this way, his foundation would be the most solid and complete. Otherwise, if he were to use shortcuts to quickly improve, then even though his cultivation would experience a short-term increase, his foundation wouldn't be steady. From then on, the further he cultivated, the more difficult it would become.

Mu Qianyu saw Lin Ming listen to her opinion, free from arrogance and ego, and slightly nodded.

As she fiddled with the fire, Mu Qianyu didn't know what to say in this situation. The flames rose and whistled, and the firewood crackled under the heat of the flames.

As the soup boiled over the fire, fragrant waves wafted through the cave.

However, even though this soup smelled delicious, Mu Qianyu still lost interest in the yesterday's savory soup. She understood that it was time for the two of them to part ways.

Her wound had healed, and there were still matters that she needed to attend to. This brief, fateful union of chance was about to come to an end.

The atmosphere fell into a silent lull. The night was dark, and within the dim cave there was only the sound of burning fire and the boiling of soup. The Vermillion Bird had fallen asleep in a corner. After Mu Qianyu restored her strength to its peak, she had transfered a massive amount of fire true essence into the Vermillion Bird. The Vermillion Bird's wing was well on its way to a full recovery.

’’Do you have any plans?’’ Mu Qianyu asked, as she saw Lin Min silently watching her.

’’I have to return to my country. There's a matter I have to settle.’’

’’You're a disciple of the Seven Profound Valleys?’’ Mu Qianyu guessed this because the closet sect was the Seven Profound Valleys.

’’Yes.’’ Lin Ming hesitated, and told it as it was.

’’Oh.....’’ The truth was, Mu Qianyu very much wanted to ask Lin Ming if he would be willing to join her divine Phoenix Island. The words were at the tip of her tongue, but she still hadn't said anything. To have him betray his sect just because of a casual acquaintance, that was simply overdoing it. Moreover, since this young boy had obtained such results, she presumed that the Seven Profound Valleys had invested a great deal of resources in him.

’’That's right, I've been wanting to ask. Why did you want the Flood Dragon's blood?’’ Lin Ming suddenly remembered, curious.

’’It was to let Little Flame evolve,’’ Mu Qianyu explained, referring to the Vermillion Bird who quietly slept in the corner. Little Flame was obviously the Vermillion Bird's name. ’’Little Flame is my life's Saint Beast;our minds are connected with each other. I sensed that Little Flame was approaching maturity, and needed a Saint Spirit pill in order to quickly evolve. But, in order to refine a Saint Spirit Pill, I needed the blood of a Saint beast. I wouldn't have come to Thundercrash Mountain if there had been any other way. Actually, I had already prepared lucrative terms of exchange, and I didn't think that some blood from the Thunder Flood Dragon would be too big a loss for it. However, the Thunder Flood Dragon wasn't willing to make the exchange, and we finally came to blows. I didn't think that the Thunder Flood Dragon would have less than a hundred years of life remaining so it had fought with everything it had, causing me to suffer a major loss.....’’

Thinking this, Mu Qianyu ruefully smiled. A Saint Beast had its own pride and arrogance;asking it to sell its blood was truly a grave insult.

’’ you want to stay a few more days to let Little Flame's wounds recover?’’ Lin Ming mumbled as he lowered his head, also fiddling with the fire.

In truth, as long as Mu Qianyu sustained the input of true essence into the Vermillion Bird, its wounds would be healed by tomorrow. But, as she was about to say this, a strange and unfamiliar feeling creeped into her heart, and she changed her words, ’’It may take two or three days....’’

’’Mm. Well, then it's also good if I wait two or three days;I just happen to want to improve my condition.’’ Lin Ming brilliantly smiled, and that suppressive and dreary atmosphere seemed to instantly be swept away by a clear breeze. ’’Wait for me, I'll go catch a few hares. The leftover deer and soup from yesterday won't be enough.’’

’’Mm. Alright.’’ Mu Qianyu's mood was also much more relaxed and languid. The Vermillion Bird was sleeping soundly at the side, without knowing the reason it had been sold out by its master. For these next few days, it would continue to endure pain.

However, even if the Vermillion Bird knew why, it would still gladly endure any torture. After one hour, the scrumptious smell of barbecue drifted out, causing the Vermillion Bird to instantly raise its head, sniffing left and right. Its gazed fell on the golden caramel barbecue over the fire;its two eyes began to shine with a greedy, voracious light.

Any pain, grief, or loss of feathers, all became nothing but drifting clouds in front of this delicious barbecue.

Time passed quickly. Every day Lin Ming would go out out hunt, then head back to cook and make soup. During the morning of the second day, Lin Ming encountered a Golden Flood Dragon Beast in the forest.

The Golden Flood Dragon Beast was a dark gold color, and it was over 20 feet long. Its entire body was draped with scales, impenetrable.

The Flood Dragon was a promiscuous and overly se*ual creature. This Golden Flood Dragon Beast was the result of the Flood Dragon mating with a Gold Armored Rhinoceros;it was one of the many descendants that had been produced from such a union.

It's actually a direct descendant of the Thunder Flood Dragon.’’ Seeing this Golden Flood Dragon beast, Lin Ming was slightly surprised. The Thunder Lizards of Thundercrash Mountain were extremely fierce and dangerous, but most of the Thunder Lizards weren't direct descendants of the Flood Dragon. Rather, they were separated by many generations, and the Flood Dragon bloodline within them had naturally faded over time. However, the existence of this Golden Flood Dragon Beast was due to the Thunder Flood Dragon venturing out in the past dozen or so years and mating with the surrounding wildlife. The Flood Dragon bloodline in this Wurm's body was extremely rich, and its strength was equal to a peak Pulse Condensation martial artist.

'You came at a great time;I just so happen to want to test the power of the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder! This place is near Thundercrash Mountain. Once I leave this area, It would be very difficult to find a top quality vicious beast that is equal to a peak Pulse Condensation martial artist.'

Lin Ming flicked his finger, and a steel needle, with a Purple Flood Dragon coiled around it, immediately jumped to his fingertip, spinning. This was the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder's Thunder Soul. Although it contained an incomparably violent and savage power of thunder, it couldn't be seen at a glance as anything too threatening or unusual. The power of thunder was highly compressed inside of the needle;not even a tiny bit leaked out.

If a martial artist didn't have an acutely pure and strong soul force, then they would have no way of seeing the volatile and dangerous energies that composed the needle. They would only think that it looked like a solid steel needle.

This was the symbol of a high-grade thunder - thunder manifestation.

Energy was the origin of all. Once this energy became extremely compressed, it would manifest into a tangible substance.

The Golden Flood Dragon Beast's dark amber eyes locked onto Lin Ming, a murderous aura overflowing from it. Its dull perception hadn't grasped or noticed the danger within the steel needle, so it didn't place Lin Ming in its eyes. It only regarded Lin Ming as a delicious afternoon lunch.


The Golden Flood Dragon Beast madly howled as it tore towards Lin Ming, its sharp claws aimed to pierce his throat, wanting to tear this human into shreds.

Lin Ming remained motionless. With a small flick of his finger, the Coiling Dragon steel needle instantly vanished from Lin Ming's fingertip. That small light cut through space at an extraordinary speed without even a shred of sound.

In that split second, light itself seemed to distort as space was split in half by a thin purple line. The Coiling Dragon steel needle sank into the Golden Flood Dragon Beast's mouth and penetrated cleanly through, without even a bit of blood.

The Golden Flood Dragon Beast's body fiercely trembled, its vision blurred, as Lin Ming disappeared from its sight. The Golden Flood Dragon Beast fell to the ground in a vacant daze as it continued to shake. It didn't understand what happened, and that the aching pain it felt was from that instantaneous light that had shot out.

It growled, intending to rush towards Lin Ming again. But at this moment, a purple arc of electricity snaked out from its mouth and its wounds, rampaging all over its body. The manically savage and blazingly hot thunder fire caused the Golden Flood Dragon Beast to howl in suffering. Its body violently struggled and ultimately was unable to escape the final fate of death. It fell to the ground, burned through and through, as it was turned into a charred husk by the thunder.

Lin Ming let out a cool breath. Although he had prepared himself, the power of the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder had gone beyond the scope of his imagination. A peak Pulse Condensation vicious beast had been killed in a single strike! Of course, much of this had to do with the weak perception of the Golden Flood Dragon Beast. It simply hadn't realized that the Coiling Dragon steel needle contained such a horrifying power.

'The Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder is currently more powerful than my Thunderfire Annihilation. The best part is that it doesn't consume true essence. It's not like Thunderfire Annihilation, where it consumes 30 or 40 percent of my true essence within a single strike. Right now the Heretical God Seed's Flame Essence is simply far weaker than the Thunder Soul. If the difference in power is too great, it would have an adverse detrimental effect on Thunderfire Annihilation's power. I'll have to wait until I obtain the Flame Essence from the Fire Worm Tribe before I can use Thunderfire Annihilation again.'

Thinking this, Lin Ming casually caught a deer and returned to the cave.

Mu Qianyu had some interest in cooking;she took towards barbecuing with gusto. Although Mu Qianyu hadn't yet cooked food before, she had been using her soul force to carefully observe each and every part of the barbecue. By relying on the control of her soul force, she was able to make sure that the meat was perfectly grilled without a single burn. However, regardless of how she cooked it, she still couldn't reproduce the tasty flavor from when Lin Ming did the roasting.

Lin Ming would hunt, barbecue, and then make delicious soup. He mediated in his spare time, and occasionally talked with Mu Qianyu;chatting about new, strange and funny things. The days passed peacefully, filled with light and warmth.

On the morning of the third day, the Vermillion Bird faced the rising sun, and stretched out its great fiery crimson wings. Lin Ming clearly knew that it was time the two of them parted ways.

’’What matter would you like me to help you with?’’ Mu Qianyu had just washed her face, and she gazed at the rising sun. Her hands covered her eyes, and her voice was softly faint.

Lin Ming was about to shake his head, but then he suddenly remembered something. He said, ’’I want to kill a man. He is weaker than me, but it still won't be easy killing him. Most of the time he stays in his mansion surrounded by guards. If I decide to make my move, then I will have to do it without being caught and without leaving any evidence. Do you have any means to do so?’’


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