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Martial World - Chapter 216


Chapter 216 - Controlling the Thunder Soul




Seeing such a powerful Thunder Soul delicacy appear in front of it, the Heretical God Seed began to make excitedwuwu sounds.


The Heretical God Seed took the initiative to launch an attack for the first time. It swooped down, like an eagle swooping down towards its prey, towards the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder. It charged directly into the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder's body.

The Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder began to shake, tumbling around in a frenzy as it roared. But no matter how much the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder struggled, it was unable to throw the Heretical God Seed off.

The power of thunder surged around like a turbulent tide that threatened to drown him. Lin Ming's already severely wounded body once again suffered the baptism of wild and violent energy. But, with the aid of the 'True Primal Chaos Formula' which he had cultivated for a long time to quench his meridians, and the perfectly circulating true essence from when he entered the ethereal martial intent state that moistened his meridians, he was able to get by with no damage to his meridians.

Clenching his teeth, Lin Ming held back the excruciating pain that came from his meridians. He forced the manic and rapid power of thunder into the Magnetic Birth Stone. If he didn't have the Magnetic Birth Stone, his body might have already exploded by now.

In this war, Lin Ming's advantages lay in the Heretical God Seed, which could hold the power of thunder, and the bloodline suppression of the True Dragon. He also had Mu Qianyu assisting him, as well as the Magnetic Birth Stone. But, the advantage of the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder was that it had terrifying power. If it burst out with its full strength, Lin Ming's body would be as fragile as a piece of paper in front of it!

All of Lin Ming's muscles tensed. His clothes had already been burnt by the thunder fire and turned to ashes. The handsome symmetrical muscles of his body were oozing out large beads of sweat.

Mu Qianyu was waiting on the side, carefully watching Lin Ming. Once Lin Ming encountered a life threatening situation, she would immediately make her move. However, what caused her to be incomparably surprised was that Lin Ming was actually persisting through everything. From the beginning, because Lin Ming couldn't withstand the sudden attacks of the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder, his meridians had nearly been broken. But now, it was as if he slowly found a way to deal with the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder, and the confrontation of energies in his body was beginning to stabilize.

’’If he can sustain this state, he really might succeed...’’ Mu Qianyu took a deep breath. It was the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder, an existence that even a Xiantian powerhouse would be able to handle barely. Yet, he was only a little Bone Forging martial artist. If he actually managed to absorb it, what kind of concept would that be?

’’What's so special about his body?’’ Mu Qianyu muttered, as a surge of mixed emotions fluctuated through her heart. She remembered when Lin Ming had let out a low roar that had even caused her own bloodline to tremble in fear!

She had the bloodline of a Saint Beast, this wasn't possible unless Lin Ming had the bloodline of a legendary God Beast.

’’Impossible. It's impossible for there to be a God Beast's bloodline.’’ Mu Qianyu muttered as she denied this dreamy speculation. As a Saintess of divine Phoenix Island, she had some knowledge of God Beasts. Such existences did not exist in the lower realms. Even in the upper realms, there was only a pitiful number of God Beast's. There were even some species of God Beasts where only a single one of them existed.

However, no matter what she thought, there was something unusual about his body. His body must have undergone some sort of awakening...

’’Is it the bloodline of a Flood Dragon?’’ If that's the case... ’’ Mu Qianyu pursed her lips, she was perplexed.

Time passed second by second, minute by minute. Lin Ming was struggling to persist. Although the Heretical God Seed had locked the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder up, the power of thunder still escaped. In order for him to withstand it, his true essence was gradually being exhausted. Even if he opened the Heretical God Force, the situation wouldn't change.

But at this moment, Lin Ming suddenly felt a cool feeling on his lips, as if something incomparably soft was touching him. He opened his eyes to see that Mu Qianyu had pinched a Bloodstone Pill with her slender fingers and was putting it in his mouth. That icy cold touch was Mu Qianyu's finger's moving along Lin Ming's lips.

The Bloodstone Pill came at too prompt a time. Lin Ming swallowed it, and the Bloodstone Pill turned into a warm power that spread throughout his body, nourishing his meridians that were on their final legs.

In Lin Ming's heart, the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder was continuously being compressed, and the Heretical God Seed was becoming brighter and shinier. The Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder was reduced to an inch in size, when suddenly, there was a long sound, and a scarlet dragon shot out of the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder's body, angrily rushing towards Lin Ming's heart.

’’This is... the blood essence left behind in the Thunder Soul by the Thunder Flood Dragon?’’

Lin Ming had just reacted, when the Magic Cube suddenly awoke from its slumber. An invisible force locked onto the blood essence, covering it, and dragged it directly into the Magic Cube.

The scarlet Flood Dragon crazily struggled to free itself, but in the face of this implacable force, its struggles were to no avail!

In a flash, the scarlet Flood Dragon was dragged into the Magic Cube, completely vanishing. There wasn't even a single ripple to indicate anything was different.

Lin Ming was stunned. The Thunder Flood Dragon's blood essence, which he had expected to expend a great deal of effort to control, was actually so easily and simply dealt with.

After the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder had lost the support of the Thunder Flood Dragon's bloodline, it immediately calmed, becoming very sluggish. As for the Heretical God Seed, because it had devoured so much power of thunder from the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder, it was actually much more active and robust than before.

Lin Ming's mind moved, and he began to try controlling the rampaging violent purple thunder in his meridians. But, the purple thunder was simply too savage and fierce, it wouldn't listen to his directions.

After failing to escape several times in a row, the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder was finally and completely engulfed by the Heretical God Seed. Suddenly, the purple thunder instantly calmed down, and began to follow Lin Ming's will, circling its way through his meridians.

He finally controlled the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder!

Lin Ming felt cheerful and ecstatic. At this moment, he discovered that dim purple lines had appeared on the surface of the steel needle Thunder Soul that was quietly suspended in the Heretical God Seed. On closer inspection, these small purple lines of light were actually the purple Flood Dragon, baring its teeth and claws!

This steel needle that was engraved with the Thunder Flood Dragon was the latest evolution of Lin Ming's Thunder Soul!

He did it, he finally did it! After suffering through so much pain, his efforts hadn't been in vain!

Lin Ming's mind suddenly relaxed. He only felt a blinding dizziness in his mind, and then, he lost consciousness.

After an average person relaxed from such a high intensity state and deep psychological stress, they would find it easy to faint. Not to mention Lin Ming had experienced inhuman torture for such a long time. His soul force and true essence consumption had reached the limit;he was far too tired.

Mu Qianyu was sitting beside Lin Ming, and saw him faint. She put out a hand to grab hold of him, slowly laying him down on top of a straw mat.

She silently observed the young boy's quiet and peaceful sleeping expression. She thought back to a day ago when he had been focused on cooking the barbecue and boiling the soup, and she remembered how he had used the barbecue to con the Vermillion Bird into exchanging a feather. Thinking this, the corners of her lips unconsciously formed into a beautiful smile.

What sort of person was he? There were simply too many mysteries and riddles contained in him.

First, he had climbed to the summit of Thundercrash Mountain by himself. Then, he had broken into the Flood Dragon's cave and stole the Magnetic Birth Stone. With just his trivial Bone Forging cultivation, he had managed to help expel the Thunder Soul that was in her body. Now, he had absorbed a Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder that even Xiantian masters had to be careful of. At such a young age, he could control thunder.

These days, everything he did sound ridiculous and impossible. Even she, who had seen countless talents, geniuses, sages, hermits, and others, could not help but have a very intense curiosity towards Lin Ming.

If she didn't have her own matters to deal with, she thought of quietly following Lin Ming back to his country, and having a good look at his parents and where he grew up.

’’Mm? Why would I have such strange thoughts...?’’ Shaking her head, Mu Qianyu tossed this thought away. She took a red cloak out of her spatial ring and covered Lin Ming with it. Her movements were very light, in fear that she would disturb his rest.

’’Now that he's fallen asleep... I want to... explore his body to see what secrets he has...’’ Mu Qianyu was startled as this thought suddenly emerged in her heart.

To use soul force to penetrate someone's body was an extremely uncouth and frivolously naughty behavior. Because soul force could penetrate clothing easily, it was no different than seeing someone naked and exposed.

Of course, if a martial artist was conscious, they could easily use true essence to form a barrier to shield their body and preventing others from peeping at them.

But now, Lin Ming was completely defenseless as he lay down on the straw mat. He had fallen into a deep sleep, and any barriers on his body had been lifted. Also, he was completely unconscious;he wouldn't know if others were probing him.

’’How could I have such a shameful idea? If he knew about this, I won't have the face to appear in public anymore.’’

Mu Qianyu's gorgeous face blushed. To take advantage of someone being unconscious to snoop through them was absolutely despicable and contemptible behavior. It wasn't anything that a regal and moderate woman like herself would ever, ever do.

But, an intense curiosity burned within her. It was like an enticing devil that lingered inside her heart;it wouldn't go away until she did something.

’’When he had expelled the Thunder Soul, he also investigated me with his soul force. This can be considered returning the favor... ’’ Mu Qianyu muttered as she grasped at a reason to console herself.

Finally, she could not resist the temptation. As she blushed, she extended her soul force into Lin Ming's body.

Lin Ming had no guard up. Mu Qianyu first investigated Lin Ming's heart. Except for the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder's Thunder Soul, she didn't notice anything strange except a strange mark on Lin Ming's heart. But, this mark didn't seem too special or different. After a fruitless probe, she continued forth.

She probed his viscera, and almost didn't find anything too strange. As she considered whether or not to continue her search, at this moment, Lin Ming's finger suddenly moved.

Mu Qianyu jumped up, startled. She quickly withdrew her soul force, and respectfully sat down.

’’He woke up so fast?’’

Mu Qianyu found that it was only Lin Ming's finger that had moved. He hadn't really woken up. She let out a breath of relief, and no longer dared to examine his body.

As she quietly waited, a day passed.

When Lin Ming woke up, it was dark.

Opening his eyes, he saw Mu Qianyu stirring up a fire. She was heating the leftover soup up from last night.

’’You're awake.’’

Mu Qianyu smiled.

’’Mm. How long have I been sleeping?’’ Lin Ming sat up. He examined his body, and he was suddenly filled with surprise. His meridians had been opened up, and they were completely connected!

The purple thunder that had flooded Lin Ming's meridians and almost destroyed his body, had unexpectedly opened his meridians up.

The sign that a martial artist had stepped into the Pulse Condensation period was when their meridians were opened! But, to open up one's meridians and connect them was an extremely difficult task. It was the bottleneck of the Bone Forging stage to the Pulse Condensation period. Because of this bottleneck, there were many martial artists that were trapped beneath for their entire lives!

But to Lin Ming, this bottleneck didn't exist. As long as he poured enough true essence into his meridians, he could immediately break into the Pulse Condensation period.

Mu Qianyu also discovered the change in Lin Ming's body. ’’You have broke through to the Pulse Condensation period?’’


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