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Martial World - Chapter 215


Chapter 215 - Absorbing the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder




Although the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder was tenacious and vigorous, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi it supplemented itself with was limited. How could it compare with Lin Ming who was popping pills like candy and also using the Magnetic Birth Stone?

After a quarter hour of this back and forth battle, the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder's strength was finally exhausted. It was grasped by Lin Ming and stuffed into the Magnetic Birth Stone!

Chi chi chi!

The Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder unwillingly submerged into the Magnetic Birth Stone. Thus, a small Purple Flood Dragon was seen swimming inside the beating heart stone.

The woman in red grabbed the Magnetic Birth Stone and her hands flew in a series of seals. With a move, a series of dazzling white runes fell onto the Magnetic Birth Stone, completely sealing it up. With that, there was no way for the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder to escape.

After the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder was sealed, the woman in red decided to vent her anger and frustration. She laid layer upon layer of a Heaven Earth Yuan Qi isolating seal onto the stone. After this seal was placed, the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder would be unable to absorb Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Clearly, the woman in red had a mortal hatred towards the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder. Not only did it cause her so much trouble and suffering, but it also caused her pure body to be seen by a little teenage boy with nothing left hidden. Even her chest had been grabbed!

Lin Ming was secretly left horrified and flummoxed as he watched from the side. This woman was not someone to be trifled with. Even though she looked like the epitome of grace and elegance on the surface, if she were annoyed, whoever did so would really eat some bitter fruit.

Thinking this, he immediately turned around as to avoid provoking her wrath.

Behind him, there was the rustling sound of clothes. The woman in red also had spare clothes inside her spatial ring to switch into.


The woman spoke with an explicitly icy tone. Lin Ming turned around and happened to see the woman in red's hands behind her head, clearing out her hair. Her long locks fell down around her neckline, and her beautiful ink-black hair cascaded down her back like a pitch black waterfall. Although the woman in red had spoken in such an icy tone, her beautiful visage was still slightly blushing, it formed quite a beautiful picture.

Lin Ming was temporarily stunned silly. The beauty of the woman in red combined with her calm dignity and holy and inviolable character, really caused anyone looking to experience a moment where they lost their breath.

'In the past I've read novels in which it described beauties whose smiles could force men into submission. I had thought that these claims of such ridiculous beauties were nothing but exaggerations, but now seeing this woman in red, I somewhat understand. This beauty is so terrifying that I'm afraid the emperors of the mortal world would sacrifice their kingdom for it. This is what they would call 'Love not one's country, but love beauties.''

Thinking this, Lin Ming began to revolve the 'True Primal Chaos Formula' as he rapidly suppressed these thoughts and feelings within his heart, returning his mind to a tranquil and calm state of clarity.

’’In accordance to what I said before, if you helped me extract the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder, then I would help you absorb it,’’ The woman in red casually said. She had changed her clothes and recovered her calm, just as if nothing awkward had ever happened.

Lin Ming tactfully didn't mention what had happened a moment ago. He said, ’’Thank you, Senior.’’

Ever since coming into contact with the woman in red, Lin Ming had respectfully referred to her as Senior. Before, the woman in red didn't think much of this, but now hearing this title, she thought that it was very grating on her nerves.

After such a shameful and embarrassing moment had passed, he still actually called her Senior. Didn't this mean that her pure body was touched by a mere child?

Her eyes twitched. The woman in red said, ’’I'm 27 years old.’’

A woman usually wouldn't ever state their own age, and doing so right now was considered a stupid and silly matter. Still, for some particular reason, the woman in red couldn't help but state her age.

Lin Ming's eyes widened. 2... 27?

This woman in front of him was only 27?

He had thought that even though she looked very young, she was probably 40 or 50 years old. After all, once a martial artist reached the Xiantian realm, their lifespan would increase. A 60 or 70 year old would look like a 20 year old. But, he hadn't thought that she was only 27 years old.

Heavens! For her cultivation to reach the extreme Xiantian realm at only 27 years of age, just what was her martial talent?

Seeing Lin Ming's shocked look, the woman in red finally had a little feeling of accomplishment and triumph. She had been constantly surprised these past few days, it was about time that this little boy was also surprised.

In fact, even if this woman in red was the same age as Lin Ming, she would still have surpassed him in terms of cultivation. She had a Xiantian fire spirit refined in her body, and she also had the bloodline of the Vermillion Bird. Her martial talent was a superior seventh-grade, ranked among the highest in the world!

She had reached Pulse Condensation at 15, the Houtian realm at 17, the Xiantian realm at 22, and the extreme Xiantian realm at only 26 years. Now, she was already a half-step into the Revolving Dan realm;breaking through was only a matter of time.

Lin Ming had reached the peak Bone Forging stage at 15 years of age. In a fourth or fifth-grade sect, this result could only be considered decent. It was only incomparably surprising when paired with Lin Ming's ordinary mortal background.

Lin Ming gulped. What a monstrous genius! He could be considered a bit experienced. With her talent, she was at the pinnacle in any large sect. Let alone the small Seven Profound Martial House, but she would be above anyone at even the Seven Profound Valleys.

But why had she suddenly blurted out her age? Was it possible that she disliked the title Senior because it implied she was old? With an 11 year disparity, the truth was he could also call her big sister. Of course, this was a name he didn't dare to utter. Then what should he call her?

Lin Ming blinked, clueless, and said, ’’My name is Lin Ming.’’

There was no reason to hide his name, especially in front of a Xiantian master like herself. They were simply two people of two different worlds. If it wasn't for such lucky occurrences happening, then there was no way that their paths would ever have crossed.

The woman in red hesitated, then her bright red lips parted and she said, ’’Mu Qianyu.’’

Mu Qianyu... Lin Ming silently remembered this name. Perhaps one day when his strength grew, they would meet again.

’’Miss Mu, I'll have to trouble you to help me absorb the Thunder Soul.’’

’’Alright. But, I'll warn you once more. Even with the Magnetic Birth Stone, the brutal and savage nature of the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder can only be suppressed to an extent. You will find it very difficult to absorb. If there's any accident, all of the meridians in your body will be shattered. Have you considered this clearly?’’ Although Mu Qianyu knew that Lin Ming's body was special, she didn't believe that he would be able to withstand the might of the Thunder Soul. This was a terrifying strength that only someone at least at the middle Xiantian realm would be able to bear.

Lin Ming nodded and said, ’’Yes, I've thought about this already.’’

Mu Qianyu let out a light breath. She knew that someone like Lin Ming who had such a firm heart of martial arts would rarely change their decision. Once they decided to do something, they would. They wouldn't often listen to the counsel of others.

’’I'll let it be and give him a hand this time. If his meridians are broken, then I'll give him a Black Jade Channel Replenishment Pill and consider this favor returned.’’

Thinking this, Mu Qianyu no longer tried to persuade him. As the saying went, the body was easy to train but the meridians were difficult. To a normal martial artist, once their meridians shattered, then their martial arts would also be finished. The Black Jade Channel Replenishment pill was one of the few miracle medicines that could renew and regenerate meridians. It was incomparably precious even within a large sect. Mu Qianyu only had two of the pills on her.

As the two sat in meditation to restore their condition to the peak, Mu Qianyu took hold of the Magnetic Birth Stone and gently held it in her palms, slightly unraveling part of the seal she had placed on it.

Lin Ming took the Magnetic Birth Stone in his hands. Suddenly, true essence erupted from his body, and a formidable power sunk into the Magnetic Birth Stone, acting upon the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder.

In that moment, the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder felt once more the terrifying fear and horror that came from the depths of its soul.

With such a dreadful power suppressing it again and again, it was only able to use 60 to 70 percent of its strength. The result of this was that it had been abruptly pulled out of Mu Qianyu's body.

Now this nightmare-inducing power appeared once more.

The Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder was finally angry!

It exploded with a savage roar, killing its way towards Lin Ming!

But at this moment, a massive pure flame true essence dropped in from above, a relentless pressure that pushed down on the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder's body. The Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder fiercely trembled, and its purple light dimmed.

This fire true essence naturally came from Mu Qianyu. Now that she was restored to her peak condition, the power that she was able to release was something that this small Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder could not contend with.

’’I can only help you in the beginning and weaken some of its power. But once the Purple Flood Dragon diviner Thunder enters your body, everything else will depend on you. If you cannot persist, than speak up and I will grab it. Do not try to be brave!’’

Mu Qianyu spoke as she suppressed the power of the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder. Although her tone was somewhat cold, it actually revealed a hint of concern.

Lin Ming looked deeply at Mu Qianyu, a strange and unfamiliar emotion surging through his heart like a tide. He nodded and said, ’’I will.’’

’’Good. Then be careful.’’ Mu Qianyu pushed out the last law formula, and a chain of flames entangled itself around the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder, limiting its power to the absolute minimum.

Lin Ming held the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder, and pressed it down over his left chest, directly where his heart was.


The skin of Lin Ming's left chest was burned black.

Mu Qianyu's mind jumped. She hadn't thought that Lin Ming would be so resolute and decisive. Normally, when a martial artist was faced with a life and death matter like this, they would hesitate. But Lin Ming's eyes hadn't even blinked. Where did this self-confidence come from?

’’Mm!’’ Lin Ming gave a stuffy cough and his body trembled, just as if he were struck by a bolt of lightning. Although Mu Qianyu's chains of flame had wrapped around the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder, limiting its power, its formidability had gone beyond his imagination. A savage and cruel power of thunder wildly galloped through his entire body's meridians. Lin Ming felt as if his entire body was being pierced by tens of thousands of steel needles - the pain was absolutely terrible!

Lin Ming clenched his teeth and revolved the 'True Primal Chaos Formula'. However, in front of this Xiantian level power of thunder, his true essence immediately collapsed upon contact!

It hurt too much! Purple thunder flooded Lin Ming's meridians, turning his body into shambles. Lin Ming paled as he trembled, his body twitching. His true essence was just like pure white snow underneath a blazing summer sun, it quickly melted.

As his body shook, Lin Ming couldn't help but almost surrender to this power. He lost his balance, and was about to fall over. But, at this moment, he felt himself falling into a soft, warm, and fragrant bosom. Then a hand touched upon his back, and a temperate true essence soaked into his body, moistening his ruined body.

’’Enough. Don't try to be so brave. It will depend on you to absorb the Thunder Soul. What I can do now is give you some breathing space, but I cannot help you in that matter.’’ Mu Qianyu said with some worry as she held up Lin Ming.

’’I'm... I'm alright.’’ Lin Ming spoke with some difficulty. It wasn't that he was trying to be brave, but he had a degree of certainty in his success. It was true that the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder was absolutely strong. As soon as it had entered his body, it had gone on the offensive, waging a full on stormy assault, something that his fragile body couldn't withstand.

But the Heretical God Seed was actually able to resist!

In the moment that the Thunder Soul entered into Lin Ming's heart, the Heretical God Seed began its counterattack!


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