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Martial World - Chapter 213


Chapter 213 - Magnetic Birth Stone




As the sun gradually rose from the horizon, Lin Ming had finished zealously cultivating the entire night. When he stood up, he discovered that all of his clothes had already been incinerated into nothing but ashes. Throughout the whole night, Lin Ming had been shining and sparking with the power of thunder;normal fabrics like cotton couldn't withstand the flaming sparks produced by the thunder.

As for the Thunder Soul in his Heretical God Seed that had taken on the shape of a steel needle, Lin Ming was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Thunder Souls and Flame Essences were also divided into different grades. It was only because there were too few of them, thus, it was simply out of reach for most people. That was why the specific grade divisions weren't well known.

Lin Ming guessed that the Heretical God Seed's Thunder Soul had evolved, but he didn't know just how much it had.

As he took out a new set of clothes from his spatial ring and hastily dressed himself, Lin Ming launched his movement technique and ran through the forest, rushing towards the cave where the woman in red was waiting.


At daybreak, the woman in red opened her eyes from a night of meditation. Her current condition was much improved from the horrendous state she had been in last night. The Thunder Soul still lurked inside her body, but it no longer attacked the flame cage like it had last night.

Looking in front of her, the woman in red gazed at the still burning firewood. She smiled with a bit of self-deprecation. If she hadn't run into this strange young boy, then she would have suffered last night. She wouldn't have been able to make it out of the forest in time, and there wasn't anywhere to rest. She would also have had to deal with the continuous bother of vicious beasts and poisonous creatures. Although this wasn't in any way life-threatening, but after a night of tossing and turning, she would be bone-deep exhausted by the next day. It would have been much more difficult to suppress the Thunder Soul inside herself.

At this moment, she heard the sound of twigs breaking from outside of the cave. The woman in red knew that the young boy had come back.

'Mm? It's only been one night, but his strength has increased....' The woman in red was stunned as she looked at Lin Ming. Although his cultivation was still at the peak Bone Forging stage like before, the aura on his body was faintly different, a bit more compelling. The woman in red found the had understood Lin Ming less and less;this young boy just seemed to have a myriad of mysteries contained within him.

’’Are you feeling better? Let's begin healing your wound. For the next few days we'll try to drive out the Thunder Soul within your body,’’ Lin Ming said.

’’Mm. Alright. This time I'll help you,’’ The woman in red said with a bit more positivity. Although she didn't believe that Lin Ming had any way to deal with the Thunder Soul, she hadn't used her true essence to assist him, so Lin Ming's true essence had quickly depleted.

’’Great!’’ Lin Ming was happy. With the help of the woman in red, it would be much less difficult.

Seeing Lin Ming's face light up with happiness, the woman in red's mind stirred. She asked, ’’Are you planning on absorbing the Thunder Soul and using it for yourself?’’

Lin Ming blinked, and then nodded. There was no way to hide this matter.

The woman in red shook her head. She said, ’’This Thunder Soul is called the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder. It began as an ordinary Thunder Soul that was swallowed by the Thunder Flood Dragon and was refined within its body for thousands of years. According to division of grade, it is a low-grade Earth-step Thunder Soul.’’

’’Thunder and lightning are one of the most violent and savage energies between heaven and earth. This is especially true of the Thunder Soul. It will destroy anything that comes near it, and it will be surpassingly difficult to subjugate it for your own use. A low-grade Earth-step Thunder Soul can only barely be absorbed by a middle Xiantian realm master. Not only that, but they would have to expend a great deal of their energy. Your strength right now is too weak. If you try it, it will explode your meridians.’’

Lin Ming's heart sank as he heard this. He didn't think that the Thunder Soul would be so fierce.

Yes, the Heretical God Seed was able to suppress the Thunder Soul and the blood of the True Dragon was able to suppress the Thunder Flood Dragon's primordial soul, but even with this dual suppression, he wasn't fully confident that he could suppress the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder. This was just like a little child taking two peerless godly weapons to challenge a dangerous vicious beast;whether it would be victory or defeat was unknown.

The woman in red said, ’’There might have been a way if this was an ordinary Thunder Soul, but this Thunder Soul has already reached the low-grade Earth-step ranking, and it also contains the blood essence and origin will of the Thunder Flood Dragon, so it is much more difficult to deal with. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been placed in such a miserable condition.’’

Lin Ming forced a smile. Indeed, the woman in red was astonishingly strong, yet she still couldn't do anything about the Thunder Soul. Even with her help, the most he could do was expel the Thunder Soul from her body;absorbing it was just too ambitious.

He suddenly remembered something, and asked, ’’A low-grade Earth-step Thunder Soul is also of great value to a Xiantian realm martial artist. Don't you wish to obtain it too?’’

The woman in red shook her head and said, ’’My body refined with a fire spirit, I was born with pure fire true essence. It is simply impossible for me to subjugate the Thunder Soul. As for taking it away for someone else, that is also a good choice. But....with my current state, even making it out of here is a problem. The Thunder Soul cannot be placed in a spatial ring;otherwise, the dimension inside the spatial ring will be shattered by it!’’

Lin Ming drew in a cold breath. He hadn't thought that the Thunder Soul would be fierce. It seemed that he had been too naïve.

’’Is there no other way? For instance, sealing the Thunder Soul.’’

The woman in red shook her head and said, ’’If there weren't the origin will that was left behind by the Thunder Flood Dragon, then I would be able to seal it. But now that it's in my body, I cannot do anything against it unless I have the Magnetic Birth Stone that the Thunder Soul was bred in.’’

’’Magnetic Birth Stone? What's that?’’ Hearing this, Lin Ming's mind stirred. Could it be....

The woman in red continued, ’’The Thunder Soul is an existence that is conceived from Thunder Yuan Qi. When it was born, it was wrapped within a mystic stone. Then, the Thunder Soul would slowly break free from the stone. This stone is the Magnetic Birth Stone that the Thunder Soul was born within. Because they were born together, they can perfectly fuse as one. As long as the Thunder Soul enters the Magnetic Birth Stone, it will naturally become docile.’’

Lin Ming's heartbeat accelerated as he listened, ’’What does the Magnetic Birth Stone look like?’’

The woman in red looked at Lin Ming in puzzlement. ’’Every Thunder Soul's Magnetic Birth Stone is different. I don't know what sort of appearance the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder's Magnetic Birth Stone looks like.’’

Lin Ming took a few deep calming breaths. He had a growing suspicion that the mystical purple stone he had found under the Thunder Flood Dragon's bed was the Magnetic Birth Stone!

Although he had the Magnetic Birth Stone, he was still far from being able to absorb the Thunder Soul. Unless, the woman in red was willing to help him seal away the Thunder Soul;that was the only hope that he had. Still, could he trust her?

The woman in red noticed Lin Ming's change in expression and faintly realized the reason. She tentatively asked, ’’Do you have the Magnetic Birth Stone?’’

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment, before taking out the mystical purple stone from his spatial ring. ’’Is this it?’’

The woman in red was completely stunned. Looking at the glittering, translucent crystal stone exuding a faint purple light;it was just like a gem. It appeared like a living, beating jewel;a magnetic embryo. She was speechless for a long time.

Even though she had originally queried Lin Ming, she didn't think that he actually had the Magnetic Birth Stone. Something like this was definitely only found within the Thunder Flood Dragon's cave. Could it be that he had entered the Thunder Flood Dragon's cave?

With this thought, the woman in red's eyes changed as she looked at Lin Ming. A mere little boy with a Bone Forging cultivation actually snuck into the Thunder Flood Dragon's cave. What sort of concept was this? This was simply absolute audacity;his guts were greater than the sky!

And what was most amazing was that he survived, even stealing away the Magnetic Birth Stone!

Massive waves surged through her heart. This young boy had obviously taken advantage of the time when she had been battling the Thunder Flood Dragon in order to sneak into the cave. But, who would have the courage, wisdom, and spirit in order to grasp such an opportunity?

In that chaotic battlefield, there were many peak Houtian realm and even a Xiantian Realm Thunder Lizards that were guarding the cave entrance. With just his Bone Forging cultivation, he would be immediately killed once his location was discovered. How did he safely go in and come out unscathed?

In large sects, talents that were at this age had mostly never left the sect. They had lived a devout life while receiving the teachings of their elders. On the other hand, this youth in front of her had not only climbed to the summit of Thundercrash Mountain by himself, he had also ransacked the Thunder Flood Dragon's cave. There was simply no comparing the two of them.

It was no wonder this young boy, who came from a humble mortal background, had already reached this level of cultivation and strength, as well as comprehended a martial intent at only 15 years of age!

Realizing this, the woman in red no longer looked at Lin Ming as if he were some trivial junior. She had a feeling in her heart that so long as this young man didn't fall from the sky, sooner or later he would step into the Xiantian realm, Revolving Dan realm, or an even higher level!

The woman in red let loose a long breath and then spoke to Lin Ming, ’’If you help me remove the Thunder Soul then I will help you seal it. With the Magnetic Birth Stone, even if you cannot absorb the Thunder Soul, you can still take it away.’’

’’Okay.’’ Lin Ming believed that with the woman in red's identity and proud nature, there was no way that she would lie to him.

’’Let's begin.’’

Lin Ming and the woman in red sat down cross-legged, facing each other.

’’First, absorb the power of the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder like you did yesterday to weaken it. This time I will lend you a hand. Take this divine Spiritual Pill;it will increase the force of your true essence for a brief period of time.’’ The woman in red took out some white pills from her spatial ring. She handed one to Lin Ming and ate one herself. These pills were most effective when used by Body Transformation and Houtian realm martial artists;its effects for a Xiantian realm martial artist weren't very obvious.

Lin Ming didn't suspect anything, and immediately swallowed the pill. The pill entered his Dantian and turned into a flow of heat the spread through all his limbs. He immediately felt the true essence within his body surge forth, filled with energy!

The filling sensation caused Lin Ming to feel as if his blood was close to overflowing;it was as if he had a sudden breakthrough to another realm.

'This feeling is fantastic. Even my meridians were opened;it's as if I had reached the Pulse Condensation period.'

Well, let's hurry up. The effects of the divine Spiritual Pill only last half an hour. After that, you will be fatigued, but that is just a normal phenomenon. Let's begin.’’


As Lin Ming heard the woman in red, he suddenly realized that a very, very serious issue had sprung up. If he wanted to absorb the power of thunder within the woman in red, then he would have to make physical bodily contact with her. As luck would have it, the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder was positioned within her heart, which was also the spot over her left chest.....

Lin Ming couldn't help but glance at the woman in red's left breast. He saw the thin red silk clothing, and the full, round shape of the beautiful woman's peak. Seeing such a perfectly enchanting curve, Lin Ming's heartbeat began to quicken.


The woman in red noticed where Lin Ming was looking at. Realizing that Lin Ming would have to touch her in order absorb the power of thunder, her body began to quiver. The left chest was the spot above the heart;if one put their ears over it, they could clearly hear the heartbeat. As for the back, it was difficult to hear from there.

Thinking that the young boy had to touch her own chest, the woman in red's beautiful face blushed crimson. She whispered, ’’Do you have to...physically touch....?’’

Lin Ming nodded with a bit of a guilty conscience. ’’If I want to absorb the Purple Flood Dragon divine Thunder, that is the best spot. The back of the body isn't so good.....’’


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