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Martial World - Chapter 212


Chapter 212 - Thunder Soul Evolution




Lin Ming looked at the wide variety of seasonings and chose some to sprinkle on the barbecue. He had a very relaxed and enjoyable expression as he moved. The woman was completely speechless;was this really a martial artist? She had never seen a sect elder or any talented disciples ever bring out seasonings and pots when going out on adventures. This was more like a chef than an actual martial artist.

After a considerable amount of time, the woman in red finally heard the long awaited words from Lin Ming, ’’It's done grilling, you can eat it.’’

’’Mm, yes.....’’ The woman in red seriously nodded, and then immediately asked, ’’How do I eat this?’’

This blue-eyed deer was so large;obviously, there was no way she could use her mouth to bite into it.

Lin Ming was stunned for a moment. He sent her a strange look;did she not know how to eat food? Why would she ask such an idiotic question? He patiently replied, ’’Of course you eat by biting. Here, this is yours.’’

He tore off a piece of the deer leg and thrust it towards the woman in red.

The woman looked at such a large chunk of meat and was directly dumbfounded. She had never eaten something like this before. Was she supposed to use her hands and gnaw on it?

’’Is there something wrong? You don't like barbecue?’’ Lin Ming asked her with some puzzlement, seeing that the woman in red still hadn't taken it.

The woman in red didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She awkwardly received the barbecue slice. As she attempted to take a bite, she saw that Lin Ming was staring at her.

The woman in red's cheeks flushed. She turned around and used her sleeve to hide herself as she gently took a small bite.

Lin Ming was left speechless. Wouldn't she be tired from eating like this? Exasperated, he didn't care too much. He tore off a piece of the deer thigh and chomped on it.

The woman in red was focusing on eating the tender deer meat. Oil flowed through her lips and teeth, and the fragrance flowed into her mouth. At this moment, she had a strange feeling;delicious, this was just too delicious.

In fact, people that originated from large sects and families would rarely eat food like this. They mostly eat spiritual food and spiritual vegetables that were filled with abundant Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. They could be the abundant treasure troves of sects. They grew while continually absorbing Heaven Earth Yuan Qi which embedded into the fruits and vegetables themselves. Eating food like this long-term was advantageous to enhancing one's cultivation and accumulating Xiantian air.

As for the food of the mortal world, such as barbecue, it was considered to be contaminated with the foul Houtian air;it wasn't good for eating.

Therefore, this was the first time the woman in red had eaten barbecue.

’’How does it taste?’’ After eating dry rations for several days, Lin Ming's appetite was hearty. He tore down a big chunk of eat and ambiguously asked his question. He had full confidence in his cooking skills.

’’It's very tasty, do you know how to prepare food?’’ The woman in red swallowed a bit of meat and sent a puzzled look towards Lin Ming. This little boy was just too mysterious.

Lin Ming continued eating the barbecue. He replied without looking up, ’’My family owns a restaurant.’’

’’Uh....’’ The woman in red suddenly choked on her food, ’’What did you say?’’

’’My parents own a restaurant, that's how I know how.’’ Lin Ming looked up. He didn't feel this was anything to be surprised about.

’’No...I see.’’ The woman in red was bewildered. She thought that Lin Ming originated from some profound martial cultivation family, Will a martial cultivation family open a restaurant?

Did this imply that he was thoroughly a mortal?

A mortal, whose cultivation had managed to reach the peak Bone Forging stage before he was 16 years old. This was simply a talent that went against heaven's will. What was his martial talent? At least a medium sixth-grade?

A sixth-grade talent would be considered a top-tier even within divine Phoenix Island. In the mortal world, the probability of this happening was simply to small;there might not even be one in a billion!

If he was really a mortal, then she could try to pull him into divine Phoenix Island!

Thinking this, the woman in red asked, ’’Where do you study your cultivation method from?’’

’’The Martial House...’’ Lin Ming hesitated before he responded.

’’Oh....’’ Hearing this reply, the woman in red was somewhat disappointed. Some sects, in order to increase their own strength and numbers, would open Martial Houses in various countries, and select the most outstanding talents to enter their sect. This youth was probably already chosen.

Perhaps he was some personally trained core disciple. Otherwise, no matter how great his martial talent was, it would be impossible to reach the peak Bone Forging stage before the age of 16.

’’Mm...good soup.’’ Lin Ming felt it was about time, so he took the lid off the pot. A rich aroma wafted into the air.

He scooped a bowl and handed it to the woman in red.

The woman in red lowered her head and blew away the steam, before gently sipping it. This soup really was quite delicious.

A blue-eyed deer could be made into barbecue, but it could also be made into soup. The barbecue was a bit greasy, but when complemented with the tasty, clear and cleansing soup, it was simply perfection.

Lin Ming also took a full bowl. But at this time, the Vermillion Bird who had been nesting in a corner let loose a few whines while looking towards Lin Ming with a pleading expression. Lin Ming turned and saw the Vermillion Bird gazing at him with a pitiful expression, its crimson eyes wide and sad. It was eagerly staring at the grilled deer over the fire.

Lin Ming grinned. He took a chunk of the deer and walked over. The blue-eyed deer was over 100 jins;even if Lin Ming ate just the leg, it was more than enough. The leftovers were originally prepared for the Vermillion Bird. But looking at the lamentable Vermillion Bird, Lin Ming's mind stirred with some sly thoughts. He said, ’’Big bird, I can give this barbecue to you, but leave behind a feather for me. In any case, you won't be able to fly any time soon.’’

The Vermillion Bird was a Saint Beast from the lineage of the Phoenix. An adult Vermillion Bird could bath in fires and be rebirthed through Nirvana. However, this young Vermillion Bird did not have such an ability, but, restoring its broken wing was still possible.

The feather of a Vermillion Bird was very beneficial for refining a Flame Essence. Chi Guda had initially invaded Blackwater Swamp with his army in order to seek a feather of the Vermillion Bird. This was an opportunity that Lin Ming didn't want to miss.

Although the Vermillion Bird couldn't speak, it was still able to understand Lin Ming's words. It hesitated for a moment, glancing at the barbecue in Lin Ming's hand, and then at its own beautiful feathers. It clenched its beak and nodded.

The woman in red didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She hadn't known before now just how gluttonous a creature this Vermillion Bird was. It offered its cherished feathers at too cheap a price. Of course, a few feathers weren't much;it would easily regrow them.

As the Vermillion Bird screeched in sorrow, Lin Ming plucked out a large feather and beamed with joy as he placed it in his spatial ring.

Although the Vermillion Bird was heartbroken, the attractiveness of the barbecue was simply too alluring. It quickly gobbled down everything it could.

Thinking of the feather in his spatial ring, Lin Ming thought this was quite funny. How would Chi Guda feel in the netherworld if he knew that he had traded some barbecue for a Vermillion Bird feather - something that him and his entire army couldn't obtain? He would probably be so mad he would die again.

Lin Ming turned to look at the woman in red and said, ’’You eat first, there are a few things that I have to do so I'll be leaving for a while. After some time I'll come back and heal your wound. If it's convenient, can I have your sound transmission information?’’

The woman in red had a Thunder Soul inside her chest;Lin Ming didn't want to accidently lose her.

’’Mm.’’ The woman in red could only place her hope in Lin Ming at this moment. She was accustomed to relying on her own strength, but now that she had sunk so low, her thoughts were in turmoil. If she hadn't met Lin Ming today, her only course of action would be to bring the severely wounded Vermillion Bird and walk through the forest. She wouldn't even have had a place to settle for the night.

The woman in red gave Lin Ming her sound transmission information and also some sound transmission talismans. These sound transmission talismans were quite impressive, it could be used from several thousands of miles away. This caused Lin Ming to sigh with emotion. A large sect truly was different. Since he was a child, the sound transmitting talismans couldn't even cover 100 miles;they weren't much use after he left Sky Fortune City.

The reason for Lin Ming wanting to avoid the woman in red, thus leaving, was to find a place to absorb the Thundergrass, and grow the Thunder Soul in his Heretical God Seed.

He wasn't afraid that the woman in red might covet his Thundergrass;this kind of thing probably wouldn't even enter her eyes. But, he didn't want this woman in red to guess that he had entered into the Thunder Flood Dragon's cave.

The small Thunder Flood Dragon in the woman in red's body was too vigorous and contentious. Although Lin Ming was able to deter it, he couldn't absorb it. He planned to enhance his Thunder Soul within his Heretical God Seed first, and then come back to deal with it.

After he found a secluded place, Lin Ming took out the millennium Thundergrass Fruit and continuously guided the power of thunder into the Heretical God Seed.

Time slowly passed. The flashing lightning arcs on the Thundergrass Fruit began to gradually die down, before completely shriveling as Lin Ming absorbed it into his body.

Lin Ming opened his eyes. Examining his Thunder Soul, he was immediately delighted. The power of his Thunder Soul had increased by about 10%;millennium Thundergrass was simply too different.

It took around a quarter hour to absorb a Thundergrass Fruit. Lin Ming decided to continue until dawn, absorbing them unceasingly.

Lin Ming slowly entered into the ethereal martial intent state. The power of thunder was pulled into his true essence and spontaneously entered into Lin Ming's meridians as they circulated in a perfect route. Purple arcs of lightning constantly flashed around Lin Ming, and the surrounding vegetation was scorched black.

The Thunder Soul continuously grew;it had previously been less than an inch but currently, it was the length of an adult's finger.

The night was deep with the bright moon hanging in the boundless sky. The forest sounded with countless insects and the occasional beastly roar. Where Lin Ming was hiding, there were a few vicious beasts that had thoughts about ambushing him, but after feeling that crazy power of thunder that twined around him, they instantly shrunk back and ran as far as possible.

As dawn approached, the last Thundergrass Fruit withered away as it was absorbed by Lin Ming. The Thunder Soul in his Heretical God Seed had grown to a full half a foot.

At this moment, the Heretical God Seed began to fiercely shudder. The purple Thunder Soul began to emit a bright purple light as it quickly shrank, becoming shorter. Eventually, the Thunder Soul's final appearance was similar to a small steel needle.

Before, the Thunder Soul looked as if it were a purple snake swimming in the air. But now, the Thunder Soul was completely straight like a needle, quietly suspended within the Heretical God Seed, with the purple light contained inside.

It didn't look like thunder, but more like a material object.

Although its shape was tiny, the dense cold aura emanating from the steel thunder needle let Lin Ming clearly know that this little thing's striking power was absolutely deadly!

'The Thunder Flood Dragon was able to control the Thunder Soul within its body to attack. Can I do the same?'

With that thought in mind, Lin Ming used his soul force to contact the Thunder Soul. As soon as his mind moved, the small needle that was quietly suspended in the Heretical God Seed instantly vanished.

In the next moment, an almost invisible tiny purple light flashed forwards from Lin Ming's fingertips. With an unimaginable speed, it penetrated a large tree just across from him and instantly returned to Lin Ming's body as if nothing had happened.


The fiery purple thunder had shot out without any warning. In that instant, the entire large tree had been turned into charcoal!

Seeing this scene, Lin Ming was stunned. The attack power of the Thunder Soul had surpassed his wildest imaginations. Moreover, the key was the compressed purple radiance;its speed was simply frightening. Someone who didn't have an extremely keen perception would never be able to see the trajectory of the Thunder Soul's attack!

Could such an attack kill Ouyang Dihua? Lin Ming was reminded of this enemy that had almost killed him.

After he absorbed the Thunder Soul from the woman in red, he would head back to settle this blood debt.


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