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Martial World - Chapter 210


Chapter 210 - Healing Wounds




The woman in red frowned at Lin Ming. She had been born with an inherent dignity and pride. Now, with her current cultivation and status, her noble manner had already integrated into her being. That didn't mean she was arrogant, this was only a normal response. It was just like the impossible prospect of a supreme Empress obeying the orders of a common peasant, not to mention that the peasant was speaking such unrealistic words.

Lin Ming saw that the woman in red was silent, so he tentatively took a few steps forward. ’’Senior, if I may, can I suggest using my soul force to examine your injury?’’

Hearing Lin Ming's inquiry, the woman in red expression became increasingly dark. Soul force was able to penetrate most objects, for instance, things like the human body, or clothes. If she lay down the true essence shielding her body, and let the other party scan her, it was no different than removing all her clothes. Everything would be visible.

How could she possibly agree to such a request? The woman in red coldly snorted, then turned around to talk away. With her identity and status, she would normally never come into contact with such a simple boy. They were people of completely separate worlds. If it weren't for today's special circumstances, these two would have never exchanged so many words.

Lin Ming saw the woman in red turn away. He rolled his eyes, and loudly said, ’’Senior, you were struck by the Thunder Flood Dragon's Thunder Soul, right!?’’

The woman in red stiffened. In surprise, she turned her head to look at Lin Ming. Although she had guessed this teenager in front of her was some extraordinary person in the mortal world, she didn't think that he would have such good sight. Although he hadn't used any soul force to examine her, he was still able to correctly guess what sort of injury she had.

’’How did you know?’’

’’Just a guess.’’ Lin Ming shrugged. His speculation was the start, but the restlessness of the Thunder Soul in the Heretical God Seed let Lin Ming be confident in his guess.

Seeing the woman in red hesitate, Lin Ming continued, ’’How about it? In any case, you'll find it difficult to suppress the Thunder Soul in your body any time soon. There's no point in abandoning any hope. In desperate situations, you should try everything. If it doesn't work, then there's no loss for you.

Hearing 'desperate situation', the woman in red's eyebrows slanted upwards. An invisible pressure suddenly rolled off from her body.

Lin Ming shrunk backwards. He knew that he had said something wrong, just like a peasant that had insulted an Empress. To say such words to an existence like her, his fate could be imagined. He hastily said, ’’I'm sorry, I spoke incorrectly.’’

’’Mm?’’ Seeing that Lin Ming did not feel distress under her pressure, the woman in red was somewhat surprised. She was a maiden of divine Phoenix Island and the bloodline of the Vermillion Bird flowed through her. If she didn't deliberately restrain her aura, those that came closer to her would usually feel a sense of discomfort.

This suppression originated from the depths of her special bloodline. Yet, this young body didn't even have the least bit reaction, it was really weird. Was it possible that he also had some special bloodline?

’’How old are you?’’ The woman in red asked.

Lin Ming hesitated, and then, he truthfully said, ’’I'm one month from 16.’’

He thought that his cultivation being at the peak Bone Forging stage at this age would surprise the woman in red, but he didn't think that the women in red's eyebrows would only prick up a bit, sizing Lin Ming up once more, not looking too impressed.

Lin Ming ruefully smiled;it seemed that he had thought to highly to himself. In the eyes of this woman in red, his cultivation was only considered good, not stunning. Of course, Qin Xingxuan was half a year younger than him, and she had already reached the early Bone Forging stage a month or two ago. If Qin Xingxuan was his age, it wouldn't be strange for her to reach the peak Bone Forging stage.

The woman in red said, ’’Alright. I'll let you look once. But, when you use your soul force, behave yourself!’’

The woman in red's tone was extremely harsh. To think that she, a master half-step into the Revolving Dan realm, would actually agree to such ridiculous demands from a little boy and let him attempt to treat her. She really would be the laughing stock of everyone in the world.

’’I understand.’’

Lin Ming didn't even have the courage to randomly scan her body with his soul force. Otherwise, this woman in red would start raging and probably kill him.

As Lin Ming walked over to the woman in red, he was able to clearly smell a delicate fragrance emanating from her body. Although this fragrance smelled very nice, Lin Ming didn't dare to even breathe for fear that the woman in red would go crazy.

’’Well... can you sit down first?’’

The woman in red looked at Lin Ming, and then sat down. Although she felt that this young boy had some secrets on him, she had no hope that he would be able to help her.

When the Thunder Flood Dragon had used his final strike, he had poured his life essence and blood into the Thunder Soul. In addition to that, the Thunder Flood Dragon had nourished and refined the Thunder Soul in his body for many millennia. It could be said that the Thunder Soul contained the origin will of the Thunder Flood Dragon, and it was equal to an unthinking avatar of the Thunder Flood Dragon.

Not even a master with Xiantian realm cultivation and thunder-attribute would be able to absorb this Thunder Soul.

The Thunder Soul also had immortal characteristics that refused to be extinguished. If she wanted to extract it without harming herself, she could only ask a Revolving Dan Elder of her sect!

Lin Ming wasn't clear of the mysteries present;otherwise, he would hesitate to expose his secrets in order to risk the danger of absorbing the Thunder Soul. If he managed to arouse the interest of the woman in red, he would be finished if she decided to investigate him.

Lin Ming politely extended his soul force into the woman in red's body, carefully avoiding any sensitive regions. Quickly, he was able to discern the source of the power of thunder. It was exactly at the woman in red's heart. Without a doubt, this was where the Thunder Soul was hiding.

The heart was the weak point of a human. If the Thunder Soul was hiding in her heart, it would be extremely troublesome to deal with.

Lin Ming penetrated his soul force into her heart, and he saw a small purple Thunder Flood Dragon roaring and clawing as it made threatening gestures. It constantly generated purple arcs of electricity from its body that constantly seeped into the woman in red's body.

’’This is the Thunder Soul?’’

Lin Ming could feel that his Heretical God Seed was becoming very excited;it wanted to devour this Thunder Soul!

’’Mm? This Thunder Soul seems to contain a fiery soul... as if it is self-aware. Is this the Thunder Soul, or the Thunder Flood Dragon's soul?’’

Lin Ming hesitated. At this moment, he discovered that there was a faint cage of flames that surrounded the small purple Thunder Flood Dragon, firmly trapping it. The small purple Thunder Flood Dragon continuously attacked the flame cage, biting at the bars in an attempt to tear it open.

This flame cage was a true essence seal that the woman in red had put in place. If it weren't for this seal, the small purple Thunder Flood Dragons spirit would have already broken into the woman in red's body, destroying everything recklessly.

Retracting his soul force, Lin Ming moved behind the woman in red. He sat down and put his hand on her back.

This action caused the woman in red to suddenly stiffen. Not in all her years had a man dared to touch her like this. ’’What are you doing?!’’

Lin Ming confidently said, ’’I'm sucking the Thunder Soul out. My true essence is a thunder-attribute, so I might be able to absorb the Thunder Soul.

The woman in red was disgruntled. ’’You want to absorb the Thunder Soul with your cultivation? Even an ordinary Thunder Soul would ruin your meridians! This Thunder Soul has the inherent origin will of the Thunder Flood Dragon. Even thunder-attribute masters would be helpless, and you think you are enough? Hurry up and leave, I don't have time to play with you...’’

The woman In red's words trailed off. To her amazement, she felt that the power of thunder that the small purple Thunder Flood Dragon released was being pulled by an invisible strength towards her back, as if it were being sucked away by the youth's palm.

The young boy's hand became extremely hot on her back. With his palm touching her, it was a very strange feeling.

This is...

The woman in red was stunned. Although this was only the power of thunder that was released by the Thunder Soul, it shouldn't have been easy to absorb. Just how was this young man doing this?

At this moment, something more startling occurred. The woman in red discovered that the small purple Thunder Flood Dragon in her heart was become violently restless, as if it feared something that was approaching. It no longer released the power of thunder. Instead, it put its full force into breaking the flame cage, wanting to escape immediately.

What was going on? What was the Thunder Flood Dragon afraid of?

The woman in red was shocked. Was it because of the youth behind her?

The small purple Thunder Flood Dragon was struggling with all its might, but there was an invisible force that had locked onto it. This force wasn't too strong, but it contained an immense pressure.

This pressure not only suppressed the Thunder Flood Dragon's soul, it also suppressed the Thunder Soul itself!

What was acting on the Thunder Flood Dragon's soul was the blood of the True Dragon. This was bloodline suppression of the Thunder Flood Dragon!

As for what was acting on the Thunder Soul itself, it was the Heretical God Seed's suppression!

Under this dual suppression, the Thunder Flood Dragon began to violently fear.

Lin Ming's true essence was nothing compared to the Thunder Flood Dragon. But, this suppression had nothing to do with cultivation at all. This was akin to the law of suppression, not allowing any dissent or rebellion!

Chi chi chi!

The power of thunder was unceasingly siphoned from the small purple Thunder Flood Dragon's body. The Thunder Flood Dragon grew increasingly anxious and frightened, madly slamming against the flame cage. This caused the woman in red to bite her lips, her complexion becoming increasingly pale. She had used almost all of her true essence to maintain the flame cage, and her body was extremely weak at the moment.

However, at this time, Lin Ming didn't feel much better. Although the Heretical God Seed and the True Dragon's blood were dually pressuring the Thunder Soul, Lin Ming's cultivation was just too weak. This was like a little child that took two peerless treasure swords to deal with a wild tiger.

Lin Ming was able to absorb the power of thunder. This power of thunder was a trivial product of the Thunder Soul, but yet, it placed a huge pressure on Lin Ming. He was almost unable to suppress it.


Lin Ming shut off his soul force and removed his right hand from the woman in red. He gasped for breath in great, heaving gulps. At this time, his right palm was completely covered in sweat.

The woman in red turned around, her beautiful pair of eyes blinking at Lin Ming. Her exquisite face was filled with a look of utter disbelief.

She hadn't imagined that this little boy would actually have a way to move the Thunder Soul. It had even managed to frighten the origin will that the Thunder Flood Dragon had left in the Thunder Soul! Although this boy's cultivation was only at the Bone Forging stage, it was the truth.

Of course, if the woman in red knew that during the battle on the summit of Thundercrash Mountain, the reason that the Thunder Flood Dragon had been suddenly distracted and allowed her to injure it was because this young boy had inexplicably gave out a fearsome True Dragon's roar, she would be shocked speechless.


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