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Martial World - Chapter 207


Chapter 207 - Plundered Treasures




This sort of treasure wasn't recorded in the Thundercrash Mountain pamphlet. But, if it was something that the Thunder Flood Dragon cherished enough to place under his bed, it was definitely some extraordinary object.

Lin Ming bluntly pried the strange purple stone out and wrapped his fingers around it. He could feel that the jade-like stone was lukewarm to the touch, not ice-cold like he had imagined.

What surprised Lin Ming the most was that the flashing purple electric arcs around the strange stone were also temperate in nature. It was known that most powers of thunder are fiercely violent, destructive and of an uncontrollable nature. If it entered the meridians of a normal martial artist, they would often suffer serious injuries that took a long time to heal.

But the power of thunder emitting from this strange stone was gentle and pure, like a chaste summer girl. It was really inconceivable.

Lin Ming wanted to absorb it immediately, but if he did, his body would have absorbed too many different sources of power. Not only would that not increase his strength, it would also negatively affect the flow of his true essence.

Lin Ming placed the stone in his spatial ring.

In just a half incense stick of time, Lin Ming had taken the 30 to 40 Thundergrass Fruits and that strange purple thunder stone as well. There were simply treasures everywhere for his taking. Of course, Lin Ming had risked his life in order to get this opportunity.

After leaving the bedroom, there was one last stone chamber in front of Lin Ming. This stone chamber was much smaller than the last two, and it was only a few hundred feet wide.

After entering the stone chamber, Lin Ming's eyes instantly gleamed with delight. In front of him, there was a single bamboo about 10 feet tall. It's entire shaft was a deep, glossy purple. It's lush leaves were like sharp swords that grew upwards, and each leaf was about a foot long.

The edges of the bamboo leaves flashed with tiny arcs of purple lightning. Lin Ming only leaned over, and he was able to feel all the hairs of his body stand up from the electricity. This was the force field that was created by a formidable power of thunder.

Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo!

Lin Ming recognized this type of bamboo. He discovered a 900 year old red Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo with the black-clothed martial artist at the base of Thundercrash Valley. With the information that the black-clothed martial artist had provided, Lin Ming knew that there was also an older Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo somewhere on Thundercrash Mountain. It had been hiding in the Thunder Flood Dragon's cave!

Really, how could that avaricious Thunder Flood Dragon now have such a good treasure in his cave?

The Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo was almost 10 feet high, which meant that it was 9900 years old;it was almost as long as Lin Ming's Heavy Profound Soft Spear.

If there was a method where it could be specially processed, could this Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo be used to make a spear shaft?

Lin Ming began to pant.

The most difficult factor in constructing a spear was constructing the spear shaft. Normal wood was easily cut by swords or sabers, but metal aren't elastic enough. As for dark purple elastic iron and Heavy Profound Soft Silver, they took a very long time to forge, and because of the extremely specialized process, it was very difficult to make them into high-grade treasures.

In truth, the best material to make a spear shaft out of was spiritual wood!

For instance, this Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo.

Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo had the required flexibility. As for toughness, since the 900 year old Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo was already so difficulty to cut with swords and sabers, even an early Xiantian realm master would find it difficult to destroy this 9900 year old Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo.

It's only weak spot was where it was connected to its roots. Not only that, it could only be cut with the power of thunder.

Just in terms of rigidity, it was an excellent material. And this material could naturally conduct true essence. Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo was simply a natural vessel for true essence to flow through, especially thunder-attribute true essence. If thunder-attribute true essence was poured in, not only would it be immeasurably smooth, it would also have an increased effectiveness!

Lin Ming's own true essence contained the power of thunder. If he was able to have a spear made of Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo, it would inevitably become even more alarmingly powerful.

Lin Ming licked his lips in excitement and he took the high-grade human-step treasure saber out. He flooded the sword with the power of thunder and fiercely chopped at the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo's roots.

However, even with this strike, there wasn't a single scratch.

Lin Ming was delighted. If even its weak spot was so tenacious, everywhere else must be more so.

Since time was running out, Lin Ming poured all of his strength into his next strike. The high-grade human-step treasure saber began to shine with thick arcs of electricity, and then, he slashed at the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo's roots. This time, it was cut open a little.

Lin Ming retracted his saber and made several more saber cuts. Each strike was as intense as the first, and they hit the exact same spot. With every strike, intense lightning flickered against the stone walls of the stone chamber. Lin Ming's speed was becoming faster and faster. Finally, on the 22nd cut, he was able to chop the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo down.

After he placed the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo in his spatial ring, Lin Ming roughly dispersed his soul force to probe the cave. After determining there were no other treasures present, he launched his movement technique and rapidly fled from the cave.

During the time he had been robbing the Thunder Flood Dragon's cave, Lin Ming was able to hear the explosions of the fierce battle in the sky. He could even feel the faint vibrations that passed through the mountain and shook the ground. Obviously, the fight outside was entering its supernova period, otherwise, Lin Ming would never have dared to go into the cave so deeply.

If the sounds of battle ever began to die down, Lin Ming would have immediately fled from the Thunder Flood Dragon's cave.

Treasures were nice, but none of it compared to keeping his own life intact.

Thankfully, the woman in red's power was beyond his wildest imaginations. With just the strength of one person, she had been able to face off against the entire Thundercrash Mountain without falling backwards.

The Thunder Flood Dragon cave was less than 10,000 feet deep. Compared to the cautious manner in which he entered, Lin Ming exited at full speed. This time, it only took a few breaths to reach the entrance.

As he approached the cave entrance, Lin Ming slowed down, and he completely restrained all of the breath of his body.

Lin Ming was like an octopus as he spread his soul force in all directions, probing the situation outside the cavern. Looking up, Lin Ming suddenly gasped. Outside the cave, there was blood everywhere. Thunder Lizards littered the ground,they were bleeding from their head, their life extinguished. They had been killed by the aftershocks.

As for the rest, most of them were wounded. Of the originally fierce Thunder Lizard army, over ⅓ had died, and the most of the ⅔ left were injured.

Seeing this scene, Lin Ming couldn't help but gulp. What sort of cultivation level was that woman in red at? She was simply terrifying.

Although the Thunder Lizard army was in extremely dire straits, Lin Ming didn't let relax his guard in the least. He carefully clambered to the top of the cave entrance, and waited for a big explosion to happen again. When that happened, he would seize the chance to dash out.

From the cave entrance to the nearest outcrop was about 200 feet. But, this distance was completely exposed to the vision of every Thunder Lizard around. Lin Ming didn't dare to take this risk.

In the sky, the battle was going on in full swing. The Thunder Flood Dragon wasn't prevailing. Rather, he was constantly losing ground as the fight continued.

And the woman in red was actually winning this battle. Behind her, there appeared the faint fiery image of a giant blazing phoenix. The fire Yan Qi of the Primal Chaos Heavens had been twisted into four 1000 feet long flaming tornadoes;it was as if a red dragon was madly dancing around the woman in red, spanning the heavens!

Seeing this apocalyptic scene as if the heavens themselves were being broken asunder, Lin Ming's heart rapidly beat. In this sort of battle, even the aftershocks would be able to instantly kill him.

The woman in red waved her sword, and the four flaming tornadoes converged into one, forming a massive 10,000 feet vortex of flames that swept towards the Thunder Flood Dragon.

The Thunder Flood Dragon ferociously roared, purple arcs of lightning twisted all over its vast body. It was struck by the giant vortex of flame!


The flaming vortex slammed into the Thunder Flood Dragon. The Thunder Flood Dragon fought back the searing pain that wracked its body and soared towards the woman in red. Its speed didn't seem to match its giant body;it was like a deep purple laser that shot forward.

The Thunder Flood Dragon had decided to battle the woman in red in close combat. The potent physical power of a Flood Dragon was well documented;it wasn't something that a human martial artist could compare with.

The woman in red coldly snorted. She flourished her crimson blade, and the shrill cry of a phoenix rang out into the night air. A flaming phoenix raced out from the sword's edge and tore towards the Thunder Flood Dragon.

Seeing the imminent fiery collision, Lin Ming decided to take advantage of the cover from this explosion to rush to the nearest shelter. There, he would be safe. But at this moment, Lin Ming instantly paled.

As the titanic forces in the air collided, the severed flame tornado that had struck the Thunder Flood Dragon hadn't dissipated yet. It fell , and the precise location to where it fell was where Lin Ming was!

’’Damn!’’ Lin Ming's face turned green. How could he be so unlucky!? Although the true essence from the flaming vortexes aftermath had dissipated, the scattering flames were still enough to illuminate his position!

Lin Ming didn't delay;he immediately turned around and he was about to run back into the Thunder Flood Dragon's cave to take cover;the flames shouldn't spread here. First, he would overcome this dilemma, and then, he would figure out how to proceed.

But just as he was about to launch forwards with Golden Roc Shattering the Sun, Lin Ming was shocked. The surrounding wind had been whipped up into a powerful whirlpool that forcefully sucked him into the fiery tornado!

Lin Ming had been caught up in that huge suction force, and his body was involuntarily sent flying into the air!

’’This is bad!’’

Lin Ming desperately forced out the maximum potential of Golden Roc Shattering the Void, but the suction force was too strong. He was no different to a leaf in a storm;even the concept of wind that let him flow through the air paled in comparison to this force.

Compared to this flaming storm, even the twelfth level of difficulty of the Seven Profound Martial House's Violent Wind Tunnel was not worth mentioning!

It was not only Lin Ming, there were also 7 or 8 deep blue Thunder Lizards that were sent rolling into the air. Their bodies were several tens of thousands of jins and their strength was equal to a peak Houtian realm martial artist, but even they weren't able to resist this terrifying suction!

Hearing the hissing roars of the Thunder Lizards, Lin Ming's heart cried out with complaints to the heavens. He had actually been sent flying into the air with these fellows! If he wasn't burnt to death by the flames, he would probably be crushed to death by these 7 or 8 overly large fellows.

Lin Ming made the decision to activate the Heretical God Force. With the support of the compressed true essence, Lin Ming activated the 'True Primal Chaos Formula' to cover his entire body with the thickest true essence he could. In this moment of life or death, this was his greatest trump card!

As he finished this, Lin Ming felt something heavy hit his back. His organs trembled, and he spat out blood.

It had to be known that after Lin Ming had gone through the challenges of the life and death smelting trial, his body had been strengthened, and his defensive power had reached an amazing degree. If this single collision was able to make him vomit blood, it only highlighted the terrifying strength of this suction force.

Fu fu fu fu fu fu fu fu fu!

Lin Ming didn't have to time to look back and see what had hit him;he had been swallowed up by that terrifying storm into the flaming vortex. All around him was a bright scarlet red color;his surroundings had reached a scorching temperature that was able to instantly melt steel. Even the peak Houtian deep Blue Thunder Lizards could only let out pitiful screams as they were charred alive. Lin Ming's clothes were instantly turned to ash, and his entire body was bathed in a sea of flames. The feeling of death was close at hand!


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