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Martial World - Chapter 204


Chapter 204 - The Woman In Red




’’This is the strongest Thunder Lizard that I've met so far, but this one is actually scared of me. Why....?’’

Lin Ming's mind suddenly flashed with a thought;reverse scale blood!

If he wasn't mistaken, this fear originated from the reverse scale blood that was sleeping deeply in his body!

A Thunder Dragon had the bloodline of a Flood Dragon flowing through it. The more powerful a Thunder Lizard was, the richer its Flood Dragon bloodline would be.

A Flood Dragon could be considered to be a low-level dragon.

If a Flood Dragon met a True Dragon, it would have a sense of awe and fear that would inevitably arise from the depths of its soul. No matter how savage it was, it would always be constrained.

Lin Ming's inner reverse scale blood was meager. Not only that, Lin Ming's cultivation was also low, so the blood in him hadn't fully awoken. Therefore, a common Thunder Lizard was unable to feel it.

But this peak Houtian realm Thunder Lizard was powerful, so it's bloodline was much purer. The acutely related bloodline in it allowed it to feel the power slumbering in Lin Ming.

A True Dragon's blood, even if it was only a trace, still emitted an infinitely vigorous Qi that forced all beasts to submit. Although this Thunder Lizard's strength was far superior to Lin Ming, it still felt a fear from the bottom of its soul.

If Lin Ming's strength was more formidable, the Thunder Lizard might even kneel in submission.

The Thunder Lizard constantly roared, arcs of electricity flashing around its body. It was warning Lin Ming to leave its territory.

This result was what Lin Ming had been hoping for. Since he wasn't able to kill a peak Houtian realm Thunder Lizard, he could at least avoid it.

’’It looks like I can still climb Thundercrash Mountain!’’

Lin Ming clenched his fists. The Heavens were truly blessing him. With his strength, he would have only been barely able to climb up the mountainside of Thundercrash Mountain. But thanks to his Thunder Soul, he didn't fear the long distance thunder attacks of the Thunder Lizards, and he was able to climb up the region of snow and ice.

And now when he was at his limit again, the reverse scale blood was actually able to suppress the bloodline of these Thunder Lizards. Like this, he might really be able to pass through this snowfield.

As long as he passed through the remaining 30,000 feet fields of snow, he would reach the summit of Thundercrash Mountain. That was only the location where thunder-attribute materials were most likely to be born.

There, thunder had fallen without end for 10,000 years. If a human walked up there, a little bad luck and they would be struck by lightning. This was true heavenly thunder. Even though Lin Ming had a Thunder Soul protecting him, he was still apprehensive about the situation. He didn't know if he would be severely injured after being struck by this heavenly thunder.

Lin Ming circled around the peak Houtian realm Thunder Lizard and continued moving forwards. After several miles, Lin Ming's suddenly stopped. Stunned, he look forward as he stiffly stood there.

In front of him, about 200 feet away, Lin Ming saw a scene that he would never forget in his entire life.

Above a vast expanse of ice, a tall and slim woman with a full figure was gracefully standing there. Everything about her was outstanding. She wore a flame-red coat, and she had a flowing scarlet dress wrapped around her. Her soft, ink black hair hung down to her waist, and both her feet were bare. Her fair, jade-like feet were standing on an azure platform of 10,000 year frost ice. She was like a vibrant red rose that grew out of the snow. The crimson red and snow white contrast reflected a glamorous and majestic beauty.

And in front of that woman, there was a scarlet crested bird. It seemed to have a blood red crown, and its feathers were red like living flames. Its long tail dragged against the ground, burning the floor wherever it passed.

That is... the Vermillion Bird!

Lin Ming's eyes widened. The Saint Beast that he had seen in Blackwater Swamp was actually in front of him now!

Sensing Lin Ming's presence, the woman glanced back at Lin Ming. Her beautiful face was calm like an ocean, with an otherworldly atmosphere filled with smoke and flames;it really gave one a deep feeling of suffocation.

It seems as if she had noticed Lin Ming's cultivation and she was quite curious. He was only a peak Bone Forging boy;how did he get here with his life intact?

Lin Ming froze. He wasn't just shocked by the beauty of the woman, but also by the mystical breath that emanated from her body.

This lady seemed like a normal lady, her breath told Lin Ming that she was more powerful than anyone he had ever met in his life!


No, maybe not even just Xiantian!

She might be at the late Xiantian realm, or the extreme Xiantian realm, or... maybe she was an existence that surpassed the Xiantian realm!

To be able to use a Vermillion Bird Saint Beast as a mount, what sort of ridiculous concept was that?

Lin Ming's mind was in a state of high tension and nervousness. If this person wanted to extinguish his life, it wouldn't even take a moment!

The woman was still looking at Lin Ming with surprise. One human and one bird, with the same flame coloration, standing above the vast white fields of 10,000 year ice;it was just like a blazing inferno, beautiful and sublime to the point where it seemed unreal.


The woman looked at Lin Ming for a good while, and then suddenly, she smiled gently. With that single word, her voice was revealed to be melodious like a songbird.

Then, her body seemed as light as a feather as she floated up and onto the back of the Vermillion Bird. The Vermillion Bird chirped, and then, it soared into the sky!

A whirling blast of hot air rushed out in all directions. Feeling this strikingly hot air, Lin Ming already felt his back seep with a cold sweat.

’’So... the Vermillion Bird I saw in Blackwater Swamp is this woman's mount... perhaps that Vermillion Bird was already carrying that woman, and she saw the scene where I was being hunted by the little flame boy.’’

’’Why would she come to Thundercrash Mountain? Is it to find the Thunder Soul? Or, does she simply live here?’’

Lin Ming's mind raced with the possibilities. Looking at the vast Thundercrash Mountain above him, he wasn't sure whether or not he should continue going forwards.

If that woman came for the Thunder Soul, that was a dream he'd best forget.

After hesitating for a long time, Lin Ming clenched his teeth and decided to continue forwards. Since he had come this far, he might as well attempt to go further. Even if the Thunder Soul wasn't for him, that didn't mean there weren't any other lucky chances. The summit of Thundercrash Mountain had already shined with endless thunder for 10,000 years. Who knew what sort of valuable materials were born there? If the opportunity was good, he might find some surprises.

Lin Ming had just taken a few steps forwards, when the sky suddenly resounded with the decisive sharp sound of a bird, directly reaching into the Primal Chaos Heavens!

This was...Phoenix Cry?

Without having a chance to reflect on what had just happened, Lin Ming heard the thunderous sound of a beast roar one after another! For a time, it was like he was in the midst of a massive thunderstorm;absolutely deafening!

’’What... what the hell?’’

Lin Ming felt a little muddled. At this moment, he heard the sound of a rumbling vibration spread through the ground. It was like the countless roaring and thunderous beats of a drum. He could even feel the ground shaking, as if a massive stampede of monsters was rushing out!


Lin Ming withdrew the Heavy Profound Soft Spear. In the distance, he saw a the deep Blue Thunder Lizard menacingly rush towards him. Because of the speed at which it was going, clouds of snow curled around it like a snow dragon, billowing into the sky!

’’That's the peak Houtian realm Thunder Lizard powerhouse I just saw earlier!’’

Lin Ming's pupils contracted. This fellow wasn't so enraged a moment ago;it was something he couldn't afford to mess with!

Without hesitation, he retracted his spear and flew into the air. The Blue Thunder Lizard blew past Lin Ming in a rolling cloud of smoke and snow as it blew through, having no intention to pause.

Lin Ming found that this Thunder Lizard hadn't come to deal with him.

But if not him, had it come for that woman in red from a moment ago? Remembering the scene from before and that resonant Phoenix Cry that had sounded once, Lin Ming tensed up. Was that a declaration of war?

To challenge the entire Thundercrash Mountain, including that Xiantian powerhouse Purple Thunder Lizard!?

What kind of audacious courage was that!!?

Lin Ming's heartbeat accelerated. Compared to such a powerhouse, he was just too far.

At this moment, seven or eight miles out, he saw another cloud of billowing snow like an icy dragon rush towards the summit. Lin Ming had excellent eyesight. Even though it was a far distance, he was still able to see that the Thunder Lizard was very dark blue. From the deep color of its scales, its strength was no less than a peak Houtian realm martial artist!

’’Peak Houtian realm... I fear that anything below that rank doesn't have the qualifications to participate in this war... Also, that woman in red was at least a Xiantian powerhouse. If this sort of low-level Thunder Lizard goes up, it will die with a single strike.’’

Lin Ming rose up a few hundred more feet. As he rose, his range of vision broadened and he could see that the roiling snow dragons were increasing.

He already determined that there were at least 8 or 9.

Lin Ming felt a surge of excitement well up in his heart. He too wanted to take a front-row seat to such a grand occasion.

If it was a Xiantian realm fight, he could still observe it from several miles out.

Thinking this, Lin Ming no longer held any reservations. He used his movement technique and directly sped towards the summit at full speed. Because all of the strong Thunder Lizards had rushed towards the summit, Lin Ming was able to travel up unimpeded. Even if he met an occasional Thunder Lizard, Lin Ming was able to rely on the reverse scale blood in him to scare it away.

Along the way, Lin Ming didn't dare to fly straight up. This was because the Vermilion Bird was flying high in the sky, and it would be too obvious if he flew. These Xiantian existences might find him annoying and casually finish him off;that would truly be an injustice.

Lin Ming had been only 30,000 feet from the summit. With his full speed, he was able to cover this distance in a short time.

Sure enough, Lin Ming was able to rush towards the summit without any resistance.

However, at this moment, Lin Ming stopped once more, stunned. He looked towards the sky, his heart shaking with earth shattering waves!

What he saw was a dragon! A real dragon!

Its claws were sharp, and its scales were a dark purple. It long dragon body wantonly soared in the air. It was just like the dragons that were in paintings!

This titanic dragon was several times larger than the Vermillion Bird. Bright arcs of lightning danced around it like countless purple snakes as it swam in the sky. It's body was filled with a vast and peerless momentum.

In front of it, the Vermillion Bird was waving its wings;stopped in midair!

’’Is this a showdown between a dragon and a phoenix?’’ Lin Ming gulped down saliva. He hadn't ever imaged he would be so fortunate as to witness such a wondrous sight.

No... it wasn't a dragon, it was a Flood Dragon. Lin Ming found that purple dragon didn't have a horn on its head, so it was only a Flood Dragon. Still, even if it was a Flood Dragon it was still sufficiently startling. This was a top Saint Beast of the Sky Spill Continent!

’’So... there was actually a Flood Dragon hidden in Thundercrash Mountain!’’ Lin Ming gasped. ’’No wonder! No wonder Thundercrash Mountain has so many Thunder Lizards, and these Thunder Lizards also have the bloodline of a Flood Dragon. That's because they are the descendants of this Flood Dragon!’’

’’A direct descendent of a Flood Dragon should be a Xiantian powerhouse Purple Thunder Lizard. The Blue Thunder Lizards are the descendants of the Purple Thunder Lizards. With each further generation downwards, the bloodline is more and more diluted.’’

Lin Ming was suddenly enlightened;so this was how Thundercrash Mountain was formed.


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