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Martial World - Chapter 203


Chapter 203 - Near the Summit




This medium-grade human-step cultivation method was absolutely worth more than 20,000 gold taels. Although Lin Ming had said that this cultivation method could give rise to a fatal calamity, the risk was nothing compared to the tremendous rewards that this cultivation method would bring.

The black-clothed martial artist thought increasingly more that telling Lin Ming about the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo was the best choice he had ever made. He didn't have the ability to cut the spirit bamboo down, but even if he did, there was no way he could sell it. If he took this level of treasure out and showed it to others, he would be eaten to the bones.

’’You can only take the Thunder Lizard's blood away;I have no need for it.’’ Lin Ming said this because the Thunder Lizard had the bloodline of a Flood Dragon flowing in it, so their blood had a very great medicinal value. If it was placed in a bath, one could soak in blood and come out with a stronger and healthier body.

The black-clothed martial artist's group of four nodded in joy. This was a great harvest of income. The blood of a Red Thunder Lizard that was on the same level as a peak Pulse Condensation Period martial artist could sell for at least one or two thousand taels of gold.

’’Alright. Then we shall part from here. About today's events, I don't want others to know about it. Otherwise... ’’

Lin Ming didn't say it out loud, but he let the clear meaning behind his words linger in the air. In fact, he wasn't afraid if others knew, he just didn't want to be troubled.

The black-clothed martial artist shrank backwards and hurriedly nodded. The only one that they could not conceal the truth from was their master. But, after he obtained this medium-grade human-step cultivation method, the black-clothed martial artist already planned to leave the school. If he went back and faced his master, would he still be able to keep the cultivation method jade slip treasure that he had obtained?

It wasn't only the black-clothed martial artist, the twin girls also had similar thoughts. They had finally managed to obtain a treasure sword after so much difficulty. They didn't want their master to take it away.

All in all, they had been in the school for such a long time, yet they hadn't obtained any substantial benefits from their master there.

After Lin Ming departed, the black-clothed martial artist gathered the twin sisters and their young junior-apprentice brother to have a meeting. They decided that all of them would leave their school and establish their own gang. By relying on the medium-grade human-step cultivation method that Lin Ming had given them, they would make a name for themselves.

However, this was a story for another time.


After he had parted from the black-clothed martial artist's group, Lin Ming looked for a safe place and started to absorb the power of thunder from the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo.

This red lightning was much more cruel and savage than all of the lightning that Lin Ming had absorbed so far.

But Lin Ming was not worried. First, he sat down in meditation. After he had completely recovered all the true essence he had lost, he entered the ethereal martial intent state, and adjusted his mental condition to consummate tranquility.

Then, he took the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo out from his spatial ring.

Gripping the Spirit Bamboo in both hands, Lin Ming began to guide the power of thunder in the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo, allowing it to flow into his body.

After the crimson power of thunder entered Lin Ming's meridians, it was just like a wild horse that was dashing around in defiance. If a normal martial artist at the Pulse Condensation realm or even the Houtian realm, had this tyrannically oppressive red thunder enter their organs, their meridians would be destroyed and they would be severely injured or even die.

But Lin Ming had the existence of a Thunder Soul in his body. No matter how overbearing the lightning was, once it encountered the Thunder Soul, it would slowly be absorbed.

In this way, the small Thunder Soul was just like a small silkworm. It continually nibbled on the power of thunder that was in the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo, slowly eroding it. During this period, Lin Ming only felt a faint numb feeling;it wasn't particularly painful.

After Lin Ming had sat in meditation for half an hour, he had managed to completely absorb the power of thunder. As he looked in at the Heretical God Seed, Lin Ming was pleasantly surprised. After absorbing the lightning from the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo, the energy of his Thunder Soul had increased by 50%.

If just a 900 year old baby bamboo was able to increase the power of his Thunder Soul by 50%, what would a 9000 year old bamboo do to it?

Lin Ming was filled with anticipation. Unfortunately, there might not even be a sliver of hope in obtaining this bamboo.

After absorbing the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo, Lin Ming continued climbing upwards.

The higher he went, the more Thunder Lizards there were.

These Thunder Lizards were superior vicious beasts that had the bloodline of a Flood Dragon. Although the Thunder Lizards at the base of Thundercrash Mountain had a very shallow bloodline, they still weren't easy to deal with.

As Lin Ming approached the mountainside, he began to feel it becoming difficult.


The spear wind pierced the void. Lin Ming's spear shot through the immense body of a Red Thunder Lizard and vibrating true essence erupted. This middle Pulse Condensation Period Red Thunder Lizard immediately died a terrible death.

After Lin Ming had fused with the reverse scale blood, his Flow like Silk continued to grow. Even if it entered the enemy's body, it wouldn't easily break down, and its power had also increased a bit. Otherwise, with just true essence attacks alone, Lin Ming would have found it exceedingly difficult to kill a middle Pulse Condensation Thunder Lizard. After all, the physical defense capabilities of a Thunder Lizard were much sturdier than those a human at the same level of cultivation.

Lin Ming let a breath loose as he cut the Thunder Lizards open and dug out the Thunder Pearl. With a though, he absorbed the power of thunder from the Thunder Pearl into his meridians. This was already the 20th Thunder Lizard that he had killed. Through the continuous absorption of the Thunder Pearls, the total increase in power of his Thunder Soul had already reached 60%.

He looked up at Thundercrash Mountain. From where he was now, there was still about 50,000 feet until he reached the summit. He was already able to clearly see the thick lightning that flashed at the summit. This lightning was true thunder. Even though Lin Ming had a Thunder Soul, he didn't dare to attempt to go up there.

Lin Ming used his movement technique and rushed towards the summit. At this moment, a blue light flashed and a blue arc of lightning hit Lin Ming.


A powerful numbing electric feeling made Lin Ming go stiff, almost causing him to fall. This was only because he had absorbed the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo a while ago and his Thunder Soul had become much stronger. Otherwise, Lin Ming suspected he really would have fallen.

’’Blue Thunder Lizard!’’

This was the first time that Lin Ming had seen a Thunder Lizard at the same level as a Houtian realm martial artist.

Without a single word, he launched his movement technique to flee. Although he could resist the thunder attack of a Blue Thunder Lizard, it was impossible for him to kill it. Even if he used Thunderfire Annihilation, he still wouldn't be able to kill it.

In that case, Lin Ming didn't want to waste any effort.

Thankfully, Lin Ming was much faster than the Blue Thunder Lizard. In a few jumps, he had already lost it.

In the mountainside region, there were mostly Red Thunder Lizards. Blue Thunder Lizards would only occasionally appear. Lin Ming went on a killing spree;he slaughtered for one day and one night!

After such a long rampage, Lin Ming's fighting skill were becoming more and more refined, and the Thunder Soul in his body had finally achieved 70% increased power after absorbing a massive amount of thunder. But, as the power of this Thunder Soul increased, the effects of the nourishment from the Thunder Pearl were becoming less and less.

Lin Ming filled an empty pool with Thunder Lizard blood and soaked in it for a quarter of an hour. Afterwards, Lin Ming dried his body and took a new set of clothes out of his spatial ring. Thunder Lizard blood could to increase the health and fitness of the human body. Although it's effect wasn't too obvious on Lin Ming, he still didn't want to waste it.

After eating a simple meal, Lin Ming leapt up on a several hundred feet tree and began to meditate. A Bone Forging martial artist could go for days without sleeping and still remain energetic and buoyant. But, in order for Lin Ming to maintain his peak condition, he had to rest for a couple hours. The next fights would be increasingly savage.

As he closed in on the summit, Lin Ming's speed became slower. Before, it had taken him a few hours to reach the mountainside from the base of Thundercrash Mountain, but now the same distance took him an entire night.

Lin Ming finally arrived at an area blanketed in ice and snow. Every 1000 feet here took at least a few hours.

He needed to use his soul force to constantly assess his surroundings, and then slowly and cautiously, advance forwards. He didn't want to accidently run into a Xiantian realm Purple Thunder Lizard. If that happened, there wasn't much he could do.

Of course, Lin Ming could actually fly into the air and go straight into the sky. But in that case, there was no reason to come to Thundercrash Mountain. He would only be able to float around in the sky and look at the scenery. It would be impossible for him to obtain a shred of thunder power, and then, it would be even more impossible for him to obtain a Thunder Soul.

Cold winds blew everywhere, and snow filled the air. In the upper region of Thundercrash mountain, everywhere one looked there was the frost blue color of ice;crystal clear and incomparably pure.

This was true 10,000 year ice;hard as rock and beautiful like jade.

Clouds pooled at the ground. Leaning over, one was able to see an infinitely dense fog, surging seas of clouds reaching into the vast infinity;this truly was a fabled paradise.

What a pity that this beautiful land was entirely blanketed with a savage killing aura.

When Lin Ming saw a dark Blue Thunder Lizard near a patch of 10,000 year old ice, he knew that he had reached the end of his road. If he took even one step further, then he would be placed in a life-threatening situation.

This deep blue scaled Thunder Lizard was equal to a peak Houtian realm martial artist. Its scales were the exact color of the 10,000 year old ice, and it almost perfectly blended in. If one wasn't carefully looking, it was simply impossible to find.

Seeing this scene, Lin Ming couldn't help but exclaim. This Blue Thunder Lizard was a beautiful animal. Especially in this bitter cold land, it looked just like a fine ice sculpture.

But this beautiful ice sculpture could quickly kill him. The difference in its strength and Lin Mings was simply too great.

Prior to this, Lin Ming had encountered a middle Houtian realm Blue Thunder Lizard that had caused him some distress. Because it's speed wasn't slower than Lin Ming's, Lin Ming had finally flew into the sky and only then was he able to escape unharmed.

Now that he faced a peak Houtian realm Thunder Lizard, the result could be imagined.

Lin Ming didn't dare to go forwards any further. Who knew, maybe the Xiantian realm Thunder Lizard could fly. If it could, then he was dead.

Lin Ming was already prepared to run away, but at this moment, he noticed that the deep Blue Thunder Lizard's eyes were filled a trace of confusion;it didn't seem as if it were preparing to attack him.

’’Mm? What is this fellow doing?’’ Lin Ming was filled with complete vigilance. He didn't even taken the Heavy Profound Soft Spear out, because he knew that using a spear in this situation was useless. It was better to keep less weight on him so he could run faster.

The Thunder Lizard growled in bursts, its eyes revealing its confusion that gradually evolved into vigilance and fear. Its roar became louder, as if it were warning Lin Ming to leave its territory immediately.

Lin Ming had a puzzled look. ’’If I read this right, this Thunder Lizard seems to be afraid of me? What does it have to fear? I don't even have a tenth of its strength.’’

’’This is the strongest Thunder Lizard that I've met so far, but this strongest one is actually scared of me. Why....?’’


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