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Martial World - Chapter 202


Chapter 202 - Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo




Looking at this red thunder bamboo, Lin Ming was able to feel a formidable power emanating from it.

Feeling exuberant, he prepared to pick the bamboo. However, he immediately paused. Was there a taboo in picking this sort of valuable material?

He had never seen this thunder bamboo before, but maybe the black-clothed martial artist might have heard about it. With this thought, Lin Ming called out to the black-clothed martial artist to come in.

The black-clothed martial artist had been waiting patiently outside the cave, feeling a bit perturbed. He was afraid that he had guessed wrong and had aroused Lin Ming's wrath because of that. Although Lin Ming had said it didn't matter if he was right or wrong, no one could guarantee that Lin Ming wouldn't turn hostile against them.

At this moment, he heard the voice of Lin Ming sound in his ear, speaking only a few words, ’’Enter the cave and check this for me.’’

The black-clothed martial artist's heart tightened. He grit his teeth and told the twin sisters and the Viscera Training stage youth, ’’Come in with me.’’

The group cautiously entered on their tippy-toes. Due to the dim lighting in the cave, as the twin girls were walking deeper, they felt something bump against their feet. As soon as they peered downwards, they saw a massive Red Thunder Lizard lying dead on the floor. The twins almost fainted as they let out an alarming cry.

’’It's okay, it's already dead,’’ The black-clothed martial artist assured.

As he saw the deep scarlet scales of the Thunder Lizard, the black-clothed martial artist was startled. This was a Thunder Lizard that was equal to a peak Pulse Condensation Period martial artist in strength! Even if it was his master who encountered this fellow, he would instantly be killed, yet now, this fearsome beast had been slaughtered.

As the group reached the end of the cave, the black-clothed martial artist finally arrived to where Lin Ming was at. The moment the black-clothed martial artist laid eyes on the crimson bamboo in front of Lin Ming, he let out a sigh of relief. He wasn't wrong!

Lin Ming pointed at the red bamboo and asked, ’’You know what this is?’’

The black-clothed martial artist shifted his vision to the red bamboo. He hadn't taken a good look at it a moment ago, but now that he carefully reviewed hit, he was instantly awed. ’’This...this is probably Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo!’’

’’Mm? Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo?’’ Lin Ming looked at the red bamboo and the red lightning that twined around the bamboo. 'Why wasn't this called Red Electricity Violet Bamboo instead?'

The black-clothed martial artist saw Lin Ming's doubting expression and said, ’’This is because the bamboo hasn't grown up yet. When Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo is 60 years old it's's shoots would be white. When it's 900 years old it's shoots would be red. And when its 9000 years old it's shoots are purple.’’

Lin Ming said, ’’This is only a young bamboo?’’


’’This....’’ Lin Ming couldn't help but be slightly disappointed. Even if it was a rare material, it was still only a young bamboo, so its inherent power was limited.

The black-clothed martial artist saw Lin Ming's disappointment and consoled, ’’Senior, although it is only 900 year-old bamboo, it is still very precious and rare. Not only that, but since there is a young bamboo, then there should be a Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo too. Every 9000 years only one bamboo shoot will be born. The small bamboo shoot will drill through magnetic ore and live inside until it finds a good place to break out, where it will grow into white bamboo.’’

’’Oh?’’ Lin Ming mind's stirred. ’’You mean to say that there is an adult Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo in Thundercrash Mountain?’’

’’Yes, if there isn't a problem, then there should be. Moreover, that bamboo should already be 9,900 years old.’’

A Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo would only breed a new bamboo shoot every 9000 years. Since this red bamboo shoot was already 900 years old, then the adult should be 9900 years old.

’’9900 years old.....’’ Lin Ming furrowed his eyebrows. It was said that thunder had been striking Thundercrash Mountain for 10,000 years. That would mean that this bamboo was nearly as old as Thundercrash Mountain!

If Lin Ming wasn't wrong, then this bamboo would definitely be at the summit of Thundercrash Mountain!

But with his current strength, if he met a Houtian realm Blue Thunder Lizard, he could only run for his life;how would he ever reach the summit?

And the legends even said that there was a Purple Thunder Lizard that was equal to a Xiantian realm martial artist!

In addition, he was afraid of the probability of there being more than one.

Even if Lin Ming was able to resist the lightning that the Purple Thunder Lizards spat out, there was no way that he could resist their physical assault.

The Thunder Lizards had the blood of a Flood Dragon flowing through their veins;they were not common vicious beasts.

Although he knew there was little hope, more so that there would be danger within danger, Lin Ming still decided to climb up Thundercrash Mountain. He would climb until he reached his limit;until he was no longer able to go even one more step higher, otherwise he would regret it forever.

Lin Ming asked the black-clothed martial artist, ’’Is there a taboo to picking the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo?’’

The black-clothed martial artist answered, ’’It is hard to sever Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo with swords or spears;it can only be easily cut off with the power of thunder. But Senior, this sort of Spirit Bamboo doesn't form easily, it comes from a combination of Thundercrash Mountains energy and the spiritual pulse of the land. If possible, I hope that Senior can leave the bamboo root so that in a few hundred or thousand years, a new Violet Electricity Bamboo can be born.’’

’’I understand.’’ Lin Ming nodded. It wasn't admirable to destroy a valuable material's origins;it was quite a dreadful thing. This sort of treasure only formed in extremely difficult conditions;it needs all sort of luck and special environments to form.

Normally, a martial artist would abide by this unwritten rule;it could be considered accumulating a bit of good karma.

Lin Ming pulled out his saber. It's sharp blade was bright as snow, and it shimmered with a deadly cold gleam. This was the high-grade human-step treasure that was taken from Huo Gong, and it was also the saber he carried with him.

Let alone a high-grade human-step treasure, the twin sisters hadn't even seen many low-grade human-step treasures. Only their master had a low-grade human-step treasure sword. The two twin sisters were, once again, filled with envy.

Lin Ming didn't mind revealing his wealth. With his current strength, even if he wore a high-grade human-step treasure and it became public, he would still be able to protect it.

True essence poured into the Thunder Soul within the Heretical God Seed. The power of thunder steadily streamed out, and the snow white treasure sword began to sparkle with a faint purple light.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and aimed at the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo's root. He slashed out!


Lin Ming hadn't imagined that it would be so tough. The crimson blood-coloured Spirit Bamboo was cut down, its edges smooth like a mirror.

When Lin Ming reached out to grab it. The black-clothed martial artist cried out in alarm. This Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo contained the violent power of thunder. A normal martial artist's arm would be charred to ash. But, thinking of Lin Ming's strength and the way he had been able to take on the Thunder Lizard's thunder ball,, he felt that it should be alright.

Sure enough, Lin Ming gripped the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo. Besides looking a little stiff, there wasn't any difference. Even his clothes were alright.

'What a strong power of thunder!'

Lin Ming praised the bamboo in his mind. If 900 year old red bamboo had such a potent force contained within, then what would 9000 purple bamboo be like? It was simply unimaginable.

Unfortunately, this bamboo was taken too early;it wasn't able to grow into that.

Although he didn't entertain much hope, Lin Ming still asked, ’’Is there any way to grow Violet Electricity Thunder Bamboo?’’

The black-clothed martial artist said, ’’It's impossible. Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo must grow in lands that are rich in the thunder element, such as Thundercrash Mountain. Not only that, but the bamboo has a proud character and won't be raised.’’

’’Mm. I understand.’’

Lin Ming placed the Violet Electricity Spirit Bamboo into his spatial ring and glanced at black-clothed martial artist's party of four.

He looked at the two swords in the twin girls hands, and hesitated slightly. He said, ’’Take out your swords and let me have a look.’’

’’....Okay.’’ The two young girls obediently drew out their swords. The soft swords were forged from fine steel. To a mortal blacksmith, making this sword would not have been easy. But compared to a treasure sword made by a refining master, it was far weaker.

Lin Ming traced his finger on his spatial ring and three low-grade human-step treasure swords appeared in his hands.

Seeing the swords emit a snow bright light, the twin sister's eyes idea caught in their mind that made their heartbeat accelerate and their mouths dry. Were these swords for them? Could they also have a treasure like this one day?

’’For you.’’ Lin Ming casually tossed the swords and they pierced tip first into the magnetic ore. These swords were made by Huo Gong. Lin Ming had no use for the 30 low-grade human-step treasures that he had made;giving them away was just right. Of course, the low-grade human-step treasures that Huo Gong had made were very good;they were much better compared to a normal low-grade human-step treasure.

’’For...for us?’’ The twin sisters mind reeled in surprise. They hadn't dared to imagine that they would ever have a reward, and it would be the dream treasure they had longed for!

Lin Ming said, ’’You'd best be careful and put it somewhere safe, otherwise it will likely be taken. These three treasure can tempt even peak Bone Forging martial artists.’’

’’Yes, yes!’’ The two twin sisters hurriedly nodded, looking at Lin Ming with eyes filled with gratitude and hero worship.

At this moment, Lin Ming looked towards the black-clothed martial artist. The black-clothed martial artist felt his heartbeat rapidly rising. He had seen Lin Ming casually toss out three top low-grade human-step treasures without even batting an eye;it was as if he treated them like scrap iron! These three treasure swords were no less than 8 or 9 thousand gold taels!

What would he receive? The black-clothed martial artists had a giddy feeling of excitement, anticipation, and apprehension.

Lin Ming looked at the black-clothed martial artist and said, ’’Your weapon is a staff. It's too bad, but I do not have a treasured staff. I do have a dark purple elastic iron spear, but because it was a weapon I once used, I cannot give it to you...’’

Hearing Lin Ming say this, the black-clothed martial artist was slightly disappointed. But, Lin Ming's following words caused his heart to be filled with a great joy.

Lin Ming stated, ’’Cultivation pills, 20,000 gold, cultivation method. You can choose one.’’

Cultivation pills, 20,000 gold, and also a cultivation method?

The black-clothed martial artist mouth dried. If he wasn't able to reach the Pulse Condensation Period, then he would never be able to earn 20,000 gold in his lifetime. As for the cultivation pills, those were dream treasures that martial artists longed for. And since these were pills given by this Senior, they must be priceless.

The black-clothed martial artist went through a series of mental battles. He finally said, ’’I want the cultivation method!’’

Compared to pills or gold, a cultivation method was the most important. This was the foundation of every martial artist!

’’Good. But, I warn you. Do not reveal this cultivation method to the public, otherwise you may experience calamity.’’ Lin Ming flicked his hand and a jade slip appeared in his palm.

This was the medium-step human-grade cultivation method manual that he had taken from Huo Gong after his death. This set of cultivation methods did not belong to the Seven Profound Valleys, otherwise Lin Ming would not dare to hand it over. If he was right, then this cultivation method should be taken from other martial artists that Huo Gong had killed. In short, it had a questionable background, and Lin Ming didn't want to have it with him in order to avoid future trouble. Giving it to someone of the Southern Wilderness was a good choice.

The black-clothed martial artist received the jade slip and probed with his soul force. He was immediately overjoyed.

'Medium-grade human-step cultivation method!'


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