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Martial World - Chapter 194


Chapter 194 - Sacred Flame's Flame Essence




As Chi Guda died, the several thousand Fire Worm soldiers were completely cowed. Lin Ming stood within the army, but there wasn't a single one among them that dared to move against him.

An ordinary soldier usually had a second-grade martial talent. They could practice for several years, but their cultivation still wouldn't have surpassed the Second Stage of Body Transformation. A middle-level officer could reach Viscera Training or even Altering Muscle, while a high-ranking officer could achieve Bone Forging. However, in front of Lin Ming, they would all fall at the first blow.

Besides Chi Guda, the only ones whose strength was at the Pulse Condensation Period were the Left General and the Right General.

The Left General had already been sent to capture the people that had fled. Only the Right General was left, his entire body covered in a sheen of cold sweat. With the atmosphere now, he didn't even dare to breathe. He feared that Lin Ming would suddenly come to kill him, and he wouldn't even be able to escape death.

In front of Lin Ming, the several bodyguards could only been considered as decorations. It could be said that with Lin Ming's strength, even these thousands of soldiers could not stop him!

Lin Ming didn't even bother with the Right General. He glanced towards the group of prisoners that had been captured. These prisoners looked at Lin Ming with eyes full of hope and pleading. To them, Lin Ming was a war god that the Sorcerer had sent down from the divine Kingdom to save them.

Lin Ming's heart was gloomy and morose. Even if he killed Chi Guda, it was impossible for him to change the fate of these prisoners. After all, he was just one person. He couldn't stop an entire tribe. All that waited for these prisoners was a lifetime of suffering, slavery, and death.

Lin Ming's vision swept over the chief's twins. He hesitated for a moment, and then his figure flashed as he arrived beside the two of them.

He took one in each hand, and instantly launched Golden Roc Shattering the Void, flying forwards.

They could not stay here. Otherwise if the Fire Worm Tribe's Houtian master arrived, things would become decidedly dangerous.

Rescuing the chief's twins was the only kindness that Lin Ming could offer, and could be regarded as leaving behind a little hope for the Blackmarsh Tribe. If these two people made every effort possible, they might be able to rebuild their Blackmarsh Tribe in the future and then avenge their tribesmen.


As Lin Ming departed from the chief's quarters, no one dared to stop him.

Lin Ming sped away, ready to send these two to a small tribe so he didn't have to manage them. But at this moment, his expression changed. He turned around and saw a bright red light speeding towards him.


In a flash, Lin Ming could tell that the red light was from a flame. After Lin Ming had formed a Flame Essence from the Heretical God Seed, Lin Ming was no longer afraid of fire. True essence flooded into his right hand, and he aimed towards that red light, ready to slap it down.


The red light blew up. But Lin Ming's expression changed. He felt the power of the flames within it break into his meridians, wreaking havoc! No matter how he tried to vibrate the flames within his body, he was unable to control this flame!

’’What's going on?’’

Back in the Lava Cave, no matter how much lava fire there was, the Heretical God Seed was still able to tame it. But now, something like this was actually happening.

Lin Ming revolved all the true essence within his body and suppressed the flame. At the same time, Lin Ming's mind stirred and he looked forwards.

A hundred feet away in the air, a mass of crimson flames coalesced, forming a shape of flames in the figure of a three foot tall little boy that floated in the air.

The little boy's entire body was a deep red, and swirls of flame wound around his hands and feet. His small face had a laughing expression, but that smile was tainted with evil.

Lin Ming's eyebrows furrowed. What was this?

He could feel that the boy's body contained a very powerful flame attribute true essence;it was much more powerful than his own. No wonder he hadn't been able to suppress that flame from a moment ago.

Was this little boy the Fire Worm Shaman?

No, that wasn't right. Even if the Fire Worm Shaman trained in some strange cultivation method that turned his appearance into that of a little boy, he would still have a mortal body. This little boy's body was clearly composed of fire. Otherwise, it would also be impossible for him to float in the air.

This is...

Lin Ming's mind went cold. He said to the Blackmarsh twins that he had been carrying, ’’You're on your own now. I can't help you any longer.’’

The two siblings listened to Lin Ming, and a bit of despair crossed their expression. The girl opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but stopped before the words came out. She knew that at this moment, Lin Ming could no longer save them. They had to run away from the Fire Worm army before they were caught, and had to depend on themselves.

Lin Ming released their hands, and the two siblings silently thanked him before they ran off into the depths of the jungle.

The little flame boy darkly smiled. Flames swirled within his little hand, and he threw a fireball straight towards the two siblings.

Lin Ming coldly snorted, and the Heavy Profound Soft Spear pierced out like a lightning bolt towards the fireball. 5000 vibrating true essence filaments broke into the fireball and there was the sound of an explosion as it turned into a mass of fireworks.

The two siblings were shocked out of their minds. The girl looked back and sent a look of gratitude towards Lin Ming. Without another word, they lowered their heads and continued to run into the jungle.

Seeing this, the little flame boy no longer chased after them. Compared to those two siblings, Lin Ming was the true threat.

The little flame boy's hands crossed against its chest, and it wickedly smiled as it looked at Lin Ming. The flames swirled on its face, turning into a playful expression.

Lin Ming sneered. ’’You are the eternal flame's Flame Essence. The Flame Essence has a soul. After the Fire Worm Shaman fused a part of his soul into the Flame Essence, it formed you. Something neither human nor monster, in the end you're a Flame Essence that became the Fire Worm Shaman's avatar.

The little flame boy's face revealed a stunned expression. But right after, it snickered again and said, ’’Your soul force is good. You can actually recognize that I am an avatar. I'm more and more interested in you! Today, you stay behind!’’

The voice of the Flame Essence avatar was extremely hoarse. Coming from a little boy, it sounded absolutely bizarre.

’’Stay here? Who's going to make me? If your true self comes, then I would have already lost. But you are only an avatar, and you still think you can keep me here?’’

Lin Ming spoke to here and then shouted. The aura of his body suddenly rose and he flourished his spear. True essence condensed into an Astral Spear several tens of feet long, thrusting towards the little flame boy's neck!

He wanted to ruin the soul mark that the Fire Worm Shaman had left in the Flame Essence. If he could do this, then the Flame Essence wouldn't be possessed by anyone.

As the Astral Spear howled forwards, the little flame boy wildly laughed and its body suddenly disappeared. Its speed was no less than Lin Ming's!

’’You want to break my soul mark? Dream on! Die!’’

The little flame boy thrust his hands forwards. The power of fire spewed out from his palms, turning into thousands of twisted red lights that converged on Lin Ming from all sides.

However, the little flame boy didn't expect that after Lin Ming had thrust out his spear, he would have not even have the desire to fight. Lin Ming immediately launched his movement technique and ran away.

Puff puff puff! The attack of the little flame boy missed. The red lights were like crimson rain that fell upon the ground piled high with leaves. The ground immediately turned into scorched earth upon contact.

’’Humph! At least you're smart. But do you think you can actually escape my grasp? What wishful thinking!’’ The little flame boy maliciously grinned and started to chase after Lin Ming.

Lin Ming rapidly moved. He displayed the full force of Golden Roc Shattering the Void without any reservations.

If he managed to erase the soul mark that the Fire Worm Shaman had placed in the Flame Essence, then the Flame Essence would lose its consciousness. Then, Lin Ming would have a chance to absorb it!

This idea had an incomparable allure. However, Lin Ming knew that at this point the Fire Worm Shaman was coming. If a true Houtian master arrived, then he wouldn't be able to escape even if he had wings!

Much less, this little flame boy's true essence was excessively powerful. As for himself, he had already used Thunderfire Annihilation and had also opened the Heretical God Gate. 40% of his true essence had been consumed. If they fought, he wasn't sure who would come out on top. To wish to stay here and destroy the soul mark that the Fire Worm Shaman had left in this little flame boy was no different than a moron speaking utter nonsense.

If he didn't leave now and was delayed for a few more minutes, it would be too late!

Lin Ming's speed became faster and faster. It was as if his body was weightless. The tips of his toes traced the tops of trees, and his body was like an arrow that had been shot out. After several ups and downs, Lin Ming's body became increasingly high, until he no longer had the borrow leverage from the treetops, and then completely flew off!

After reaching the peak of Bone Forging, Lin Ming's true essence had become even thicker and purer, and his movements became increasingly close to true flight.

This time, the little flame boy was completely strunned as it looked at Lin Ming. It could fly too, but that was only because he didn't have a body, and was only a mass of flames. But that boy was clearly at the peak of Bone Forging. So why was he able to fly?

Did he have some rare flight-capable treasure on his body?

Thinking this, the little flame boy's eyes flashed with a fierce ominous greed. In any event, he had to make sure this boy stayed. He definitely had some sort of secret!

The wind whistled in Lin Ming's ear as he flew forwards. He didn't look back;his soul force had already locked onto the little flame boy behind him. Not only was he not able to ditch him, but he had been getting closer and closer.

’’Damn, this fellow is just like a haunting ghost!’’ Lin Ming frowned. His Golden Roc Shattering the Void was a top-tier movement technique. But, this little flame boy's body was wholly composed of flames. He was weightless, so he was faster.

’’Humph! You're staying!’’

The little flame boy pursued Lin Ming from 100 feet behind. It balled its hands together and several dozens of finger-thick flame columns came shooting towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming twisted his spear behind him without looking.


The pillars of flame crumbled apart and then exploded into a rain of red light. But during this time, the little flame boy had already caught up to Lin Ming from behind. It evilly smiled as it stretched out its hands, and the power of fire flashed in its palms. ’’With my avatar delaying you, don't even think of running away! Flame Cage!’’


Strips of crimson flames flew around Lin Ming. The columns of flame interlocked together and formed a cage of fire, trapping Lin Ming within.

Lin Ming stabbed out at the flame cage, but it failed to pierce through!

’’Damn!’’ Lin Ming felt anxious. This little flame boy had made it clear that he was only delaying him. As soon as the Fire Worm Shaman's true self arrived, then he would be in an extremely dangerous situation.

But this little flame boy's true essence was thicker and his speed was faster. He couldn't kill him if he wanted to, and he couldn't lose him if he wanted to. With this fellow following him, he would catch up sooner or later.

Lin Ming clenched his teeth. The true essence within his body began revolving to the limit, and the power of the dragon blood within his heart suddenly erupted in a blaze of glory.

’’Break for me!’’

Lin Ming screamed, and thrust his spear out. The true essence within his body that held the power of the dragon blood began to endlessly grow. Even the fire of a Flame Essence would not be able to easily destroy it!


The flame cage was completely torn apart. Lin Ming sprung forwards and soared straight into the sky!

The little flame boy was stunned. It hadn't expected Lin Ming to be able to break out of the flame cage so quickly. But like this, it was even happier. This meant that the secret on Lin Ming's body was even more valuable.


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