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Martial World - Chapter 193


Chapter 193 - [Killing Chi Guda]

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Just as Chi Guda spoke, a black-clothed youth who had been mixed in with the crowd suddenly rushed out, a dark gray spear in his arms as he pierced towards Chi Guda's throat like a poisonous snake!


Chi Guda urgently retreated backwards. The spear strike from a moment ago had been blocked by his high-grade human-step treasure armor. However, the true essence from that attack had managed to penetrate the flexible armor and sink into his body;the true essence within his entire body had an unbearable feeling!

With Chi Guda's cultivation, he could have stopped a surprise attack, but he hadn't thought that one of the prisoners in the group was a master that had actually managed to conceal their cultivation.

Normally, only a Xiantian master, or occasionally a peak Houtian master would be able to reach the realm of returning to one's true origin and restraining all of the true essence within their body to hide their cultivation. But this sort of powerhouse would have no reason to make a sneak attack in order to kill him.

This youth who had made a sneak attack on him hadn't even broken through to the Pulse Condensation Period, how had he managed to hide his murderous intent and cultivation?

The situation had already progressed beyond Chi Guda's imagination, the enemy's long spear pressing down toward his throat. In the end, Chi Guda was still a half-step Houtian realm martial artist. Even in a sneak attack, he had the ability to quickly react. He instantly pulled out a treasure sword from his spatial ring and cut towards the spearpoint!


The sword and spear struck each other. Chi Guda used the rebound of this attack to fly backwards into the army.

Everything had happened in just a split second. The Fire Worm Tribe soldiers were finally able to react, they shouted, ’’It's an assassin!’’

’’Protect the general!’’

Chi Guda's personal guardians took out their own swords and sabers and cut towards the black-clothed youth. However, that black-clothed youth was simply like a god of death. His hand shook the dark gray spear and vibrating true essence manifested into a raging tsunami that rushed outwards. Immediately, 7 or 8 soldiers were like seaweed as they were sent flying out in all directions, vomiting blood.

The black-clothed youth was Lin Ming, and the spear in his hand was the Heavy Profound Soft Spear. He had spread a special matte grey paint on it in order to cover up the too-recognizable silver color. Not only that, but he had snuck in with a black mask wrapping around his face and hiding his appearance. Only his eyes were visible from the outside.

This unexpected change in events caught everyone by surprise. Even the chief's children who were preparing to commit suicide were dumbfounded by the black-clothed man who had suddenly rush out. Who was this? With such strong skills, he shouldn't be someone that belonged to the Blackmarsh Tribe's chief's quarters.

At this time, Chi Guda was becoming more and more startled;he wasn't able to suppress that small amount of true essence within his body. It was as if that true essence had an infinite vitality within it.

’’What kind of true essence is this?’’

Chi Guda's expression continued to sink. If people were like flames, then the more profound and deep a martial artist's cultivation was, and the more pure and vibrant their true essence became, it would be like a flame that was becoming more and more vigorous. However, the nature of it wouldn't change. Yet this true essence actually had a core qualitative difference. It was just like a Flame Essence, it was far too difficult to suppress!

Chi Guda had already seen through Lin Ming's cultivation, he was without a doubt at the peak of Bone Forging. But this left him baffled. Just what sort of origin did this fellow have?

A vast wave of soldiers rushed towards Lin Ming like a tide. Lin Ming's eyes narrowed, and the 'True Primal Chaos Formula' began to rapidly revolve within him, and a crimson lotus flame bloomed upon his long spear.

Total Annihilation!


The Heavy Profound Soft Spear drew a wide crescent moon and the flames formed a massive arc. The powerful impact swept the soldiers and sent them flying backwards.

Lin Ming spotted a gap between the solders - Golden Roc Shattering the Void!


Lin Ming was like a black bolt of lightning that threaded through the surrounding soldiers. He instantly arrived in front of Chi Guda!

The long spear shot out - Flow like Silk!

5000 vibrating true essence filaments manifested from the spear at an astonishing rate. They weaved together in the air, forming a tight true essence net that fell down on Chi Guda.

As Lin Ming's strength increased, his use of Flow like Silk had already reached a degree of near perfection - he was close to reaching a breakthrough.

Chi Guda saw this shimmering net filled with deep killing intent fall on him, and gave a loud shout. The high-grade human-step treasure sword in his hand began to glow with a yellow light. He brandished his sword and chopped out at the bright net of true essence.

’’Earth Splitter!’’

Chi Guda was forced to resort to his most infamous martial skill. His sword was filled with a vibrant energy as it cut out at the shining net. With a loud bang, the net was torn apart!

Chi Guda fiendishly sneered. After all, this enemy was only at the peak of Bone Forging;how could he possibly compare to his cultivation of a half-step into the Houtian realm? Although he didn't know why this young fellow was so strong, since he actually dared to attempt an assassination within a group of soldiers, he was simply seeking his own death!

However at this time, Chi Guda's smile froze. Although that shining net had been torn apart by his sword, it hadn't faded away. Instead, it turned into filaments formed of true essence and pierced towards him.

Before fusing with the reverse scale blood, Lin Ming's vibrating true essence had many weaknesses. One was that, although it was extremely formidable, its tenacity wasn't enough and it was easily destroyed. Even after entering the enemy's body, it would gradually weaken. In the life and death smelting trial he had encountered the Witch Slave, which had massively overwhelming defensive capabilities;it had simply been too difficult to injure the enemy

But now, after having integrated with the reverse scale blood, Lin Ming's 5000 vibrating true essence threads had taken on a qualitative change. Not only could they not be broken, but they were extremely tough and very difficult to destroy. Although they weren't like the Flame Essence that was inextinguishable, but if one wished to destroy them, they needed to use several times more true essence to wear them down.

This endlessly living true essence was scattered apart by Chi Guda's sword.

This gorgeous and charming true essence fell from the sky like drops of rain. But, this rain contained a horrifying killing intent!

The martial artists that were too close to these filaments were shredded to pieces;even the personal bodyguards near Chi Guda were unable to escape, and blood flowed on the ground. With their strength, the role they could play in this fight was miniscule. Even the aftermath of the blows could kill them off.

Chi Guda turned somber. His palms oozed with sweat as the countless true essence filaments reflected in his eyes. His pupils suddenly contracted!

’’Earth Protection!’’

With a roar, Chi Guda stabbed his sword into the ground. A brown membrane of light formed around him, enveloping him in a thick shell.

Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding!

The filaments crashed against the brown light membrane as they tried to pierce through! Located under that protective cover, Chi Guda was unharmed!

At this moment, Lin Ming's lips curved under the black mask covering his face. This was the moment he had been waiting for. He hadn't expected his Flow like Silk to harm Chi Guda;he had only wanted to trap him first, before the real killing would begin!


A dark red lotus flame bloomed on the Heavy Profound Soft Spear.


A purple electric snake emerged from the Heretical God Seed and twined around the cold tip of the spear.

’’Heretical God Force - Open!’’

Lin Ming shouted, and a massive swell of true essence rose within his body!

His powerful aura erupted like a volcano, and his spear thrust out, mincing the atmosphere. The power of thunder and flame gushed forth. The roaring sounds of thunder were no less terrifying than the tiger leopard thunder claps of Thunder Valley!

Chi Guda's complexion changed. He hadn't been able judge just how powerful this move of Lin Ming's was. When the thunder and flame hadn't yet intersected, this move seemed only like an ordinary killing stroke.

Chi Guda clenched his teeth and desperately pushed forth all the true essence he could muster to reinforce the defensive shield covering him. Since he didn't excel in speed, he could only use his true essence to withstand Lin Ming's offensive barrage.

He would outlast the enemy!

Chi Guda's idea was right. However, he had underestimated the power of Lin Ming's move.

The thunder and fire intersected, and a terrifying energy ruptured the air. It was as if a red sun had appeared out of thin air. Space distorted, and the air around the edges began to twist with beams of light as 10,000 ten foot long golden swords of energy shot out in all directions.

The devastating force of the impact formed visible airwaves. The main hall was crushed into fragments by this power, and countless stones filled the skies. All of the soldiers were sent flying away like weightless straw!

Under that crushing explosive power, Chi Guda's Earth Protection shattered like plain glass. The brown shield of light shattered into fragments, and Chi Guda was sent flying out, his chest already mangled and covered with blood.

Lin Ming launched his movement technique and flew forward. Without giving Chi Guda a chance to catch his breath, the Heavy Profound Soft Spear was already piercing towards Chi Guda.

Chi Guda suppressed the pain that was wracking his organs and slashed out his sword at Lin Ming. But at this moment, a massive black vortex appeared in front of him as the world fell apart. The swirling tornado pulled him forwards with an intense attractive power, as if it wished to tear apart his soul!

Chi Guda was shocked. He fiercely bit down on his tongue and forced himself to snap back to reality. However, the moment that he regained his consciousness, the dark gray long spear was already like a snake that was at his neck!


The long spear thrust through flesh. Because the Earth Protection was already shattered by Thunderfire Annihilation, the true essence protecting Chi Guda was like thin paper!

Chi Guda felt coldness in his throat. Lin Ming's spear had cut off his airway and severed his spine.

He gawked at the spear that had pierced him, both his eyes wide with incredulity, as if he couldn't believe what had happened to him. From his spirited triumph to his death, it had all happened in a moment!

He had dreamed of untold wealth, countless women, supreme power. He dreamed of dominating the Southern Wilderness and being recorded down in the annals of history. Yet, with this spear, everything had crumbled around him...

As Lin Ming's spear entered Chi Guda's throat, he sent forth vibrating true essence once again. It spread through Chi Guda's organs, and Chi Guda began to hemorrhage from his head. The lights in his eye began to gradually fade away, and in the moment that Chi Guda lost all consciousness, he heard a young boy's voice whisper into his ear.

’’For the Na Tribe's spirits, your death is their tribute!’’

’’So it was... the Na Tribe...’’ Chi Guda's lips lifted as if he was trying to smile. However, this expression was then forever fixed on his face.


Chi Guda's corpse slumped to the ground. Lin Ming landed on his knees, dizzy. With the help of the Heavy Profound Soft Spear, he regained his balance.

Burning pain sizzled in his eyes and his vision blurred. He hadn't thought that using the Samsara martial intent against a martial artist a half-step into the Houtian realm would have such an agonizing recoil. Later, if he ran into another powerhouse, he would have to minimize the use of the Samsara martial intent.

He waved his hand and received Chi Guda's corpse into his spatial ring. Everyone, including the prisoners and soldiers, were looking at Lin Ming in complete silence...

They had never expected that Chi Guda, a powerhouse with a cultivation of a half-step into the Houtian realm, and who was regarded as one of the overlords of the Southern Wilderness, would be killed like this...

Chapter 193 - Killing Chi Guda


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