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Martial World - Chapter 191


Chapter 191 - Drain Your Soul




The sword-wielding soldier stopped a mere two feet away from Na Yi. However, Na Yi had the same calm look as before, without the slightest hint of panic. She saw the handle of the blade tremble. The eyes of that sword master had already become glassy and vacant, lifeless;it was obviously impossible for him to attack her.

She didn't know what Lin Ming had done a moment ago. With just a look, he had caused the enemy's spiritual sea to collapse, and turned him into a complete vegetable!

This man that had gone stupid was not some dog or cat, but was a battle-hardened soldier of the Fire Worm Tribe, whose cultivation was at the middle Bone Forging stage. He had fought in countless battles, and his discipline and will were tempered finer than iron.

What kind of power was this?

Lin Ming had already repeatedly given her soul-shaking surprises. Every time that Na Yi had thought she had guessed the limit of Lin Ming's strength, she quickly discovered that she was completely wrong. Concerning Lin Ming, there was only one word to describe him - unfathomable.

The soldier had already dropped his sword. In his current eternally listless state, he was as good as dead.

Lin Ming looked at this soldier who had lost his mind. The black swirling vortexes within his pupils began to wind down. This vortex could only be seen by someone who had been drawn into the 100 Samsaras.

After comprehending the Samsara martial intent, Lin Ming found that this sort of martial intent could be used for more than tempering his heart of martial arts;it could also be used in a direct spiritual attack.

By using the power of the Samsara within both his eyes, he could suck the other's soul into the 100 Samsaras. If they were to lose themselves in the myriad fragments of memories, then their spiritual sea would disintegrate within them.

Of the five soldiers, there was only the spear-wielding soldier left. He was the boss of the five.

As he saw the three corpses on the ground, and the sword-wielding soldier whose eyes had lost all signs of life, his heart began to tremble. From the time when Lin Ming had crushed the neck of the bearskin soldier, to the time that he had made the sword-wielding soldier turn into an idiot with just a glance, the whole process had only taken the time of two blinks. In those two blinks of time, out of five Bone Forging martial artists, four of them had already been defeated!

Was this boy a demon?

The soldier laid down the spear in his hands. He stared at Lin Ming with indifference in his eyes. He knew that today, he could no longer run or hide. In front of such a person, he simply didn't have the qualifications to escape.

The innkeeper who had been hiding in the second floor of the inn was already scared silly. Now, he slumped down in exhaustion against a column on the second floor, his crotch already wet from fear. His mind echoed over and over with one thought, with this many Fire Worm soldiers dead in his inn, he was definitely dead!

’’Boy, you are certainly ruthless. My skills are inferior to yours, and I acknowledge that I am dead! However, even if you kill us, do not think of living! Sooner or later the Big Boss will come and look for you, and then exterminate your entire tribe! When that time comes, he will cut you into pieces and make soup out of you!’’

Lin Ming carelessly threw away the spear in his hands. He laughed and said, ’’Where is your Big Boss? There's no need for him to look for me. I was just thinking of paying a visit to him.’’

As he spoke, his true essence had already formed a barrier around them, isolating all sound.

The spear-wielding man's face suddenly changed, and he felt as if a chilly block of ice had been dropped in his stomach. Of course, why would someone of such superior skill come to a small place like Fog Valley for no reason at all? He was here for the Big Boss!

While his strength appeared to be at the peak Bone Forging stage, his true cultivation might be at the peak Houtian realm, and he would therefore be able to conceal his cultivation, since he would have reached the realm of returning to his true self!

Realizing this, the spear-wielding man already knew that there was no more hope for him to live. His life would end as soon as the interrogation was over. He clenched his teeth. If this was the way it was, then he would abandon his meridians and commit uicide!

Lin Ming's soul force had already locked onto the spear-wielding man's body. As soon as he found that there was a change in his true essence, he coldly snorted and thrust out a palm towards the spear-wielding man's chest.

Pulse Cutting Palm!

The domineering true essence plunged into he man's body, destroying all of his meridians. The gun-wielding man stuffily coughed and fell to the ground. The severe pain that wracked his body made him pale.

He wanted to revolve his true essence, but to his amazement and dread, he found that his body was simply like a deflated balloon;he couldn't summon the least bit of true essence. His voice shook with alarm and fear as he asked, ’’You... what have you done to me?’’

’’I've wasted your martial arts.’’ Lin Ming callously said.

’’Wasted my martial arts... you've wasted my martial arts... ha... haha!’’ The spear-wielding man laughed as if he had a mental disorder. Since he had felt the pain in his meridians, he knew that what Lin Ming said was true. As far as a soldier and martial artist were concerned, wasting their martial arts was much worse than killing them.

Lin Ming didn't care what the spear-wielding man was thinking. He picked him up and told Na Yi and Na Shui behind him, ’’Let's go.’’

’’Okay.’’ Na Yi quickly followed. Na Shui was also in a trance. Every time she saw Lin Ming make a move, she felt goosebumps rising all over her.

No matter if it was when he had dealt with the bald man or the corrupt wolf, or even dealing with these five wicked soldiers, there had never been a fight. He was simply an overwhelming force that crushed and killed all before him!

This mind-boggling strength left a profound impression upon Na Shui.

’’Ah Shui, let's go.’’

’’...Okay.’’ Na Shui froze for a moment before she moved. Lin Ming had already walked out of the inn.

He bluntly took the five soldiers' Crimson Blood Horses and threw the spear-wielding soldier over one of their backs like a dead dog. Then, he leapt on the horse.

The Crimson Blood Horse was indeed worthy of its name. This famous horse was quite clever. It didn't recognize Lin Ming as its master, and after Lin Ming jumped on it, it reared backwards to fling him off.

Lin Ming coldly snorted and clamped both his legs down. The Crimson Blood Horse felt a strong pressure being applied to it. It couldn't withstand this force, and almost fell in a kneeling gesture.

The Crimson Blood Horse let out a whining sound, and no longer dared to resist.

Lin Ming didn't think that such a beast would be so difficult. He looked at the Na sisters and said, ’’You ride this horse.’’

Lin Ming pulled off the soldier and jumped on another horse. Na Yi and Na Shui leapt up onto the Crimson Blood Horse. This time, the Crimson Blood Horse didn't resist.

Like this, the group of four rode the two horses away.

The Crimson Blood Horse was very fast. They were several times faster than a person running at full speed. In an hour, they came to a jungle 100 miles out. The Southern Wilderness was vast, and the terrain was very complex. Once someone entered the jungle, it would be very hard to look for them. Even an army would find it difficult to find someone.

After Lin Ming arrived at a glade, he threw the soldier onto the ground like a knapsack. He turned to Na Yi and said, ’’You two, look for some soft mud and spread it on the Crimson Blood Horses. The red color is simply too visible out here.’’

’’Mm. alright.’’ Na Yi said.

Lin Ming turned to the soldier. He had many questions he wanted to ask him. Not only did he want to know about Blackwater Swamp, but he also wanted to know Chi Guda's purpose for leaving. And, most importantly, he wanted to find some information on the eternal flame of the Fire Worm Tribe. Lin Ming wanted to make sure that it was a true Flame Essence, and wanted to also know the real strength of the Fire Worm Shaman.

To Lin Ming, the most interesting part of the Fire Worm Tribe was this eternal flame.

But seeing the soldier's jeering face, Lin Ming realized that it wouldn't be so easy to extract this information from him.

This desperado was usually one of the most difficult characteristics to deal with. Even under torture it would be difficult to pull anything from his mouth.

Lin Ming took out a dagger from his spatial ring. He squatted down in front of the soldier and said, ’’I have several things I want to ask you. If you are willing to answer, then I will let you go.’’

’’Let me go? Haha!’’ The soldier bawdily laughed as if this were the funniest joke that he had ever heard. ’’I don't even want to live. Why would I need you to release me? This father has killed countless people in his lifetime. Dying now is just fine!

’’You take out a little dagger to torture me, and you think this will work? How funny. When this father was tormenting others you were still sucking on your mother's tit! You want this father to tell you where the most excruciatingly painful places are on the human body? Would you like this father to tell you just how to make someone beg for death?’’

The soldier arrogantly smiled. However, as he smiled and laughed, his amused expression began to crack. It was as if the soldier had seen something abjectly terrifying, and he paled.

At this moment, in front of him, both of Lin Ming's eyes had turned into immeasurably deep, black vortexes.

The corners of the soldier's mouth began to twitch, and with a sudden pitiful scream he rolled onto the floor. In just half an incense stick of time, the soldier had been turned into a sweaty mess, unable to even climb up. He had seen countless confusing visions in his mind. It was as if an endless number of knives had twisted into his brain, feeling this pain made him wish he was dead.

’’How did that taste? I don't need you to tell me how to make someone beg for death;I have my own ways of torturing someone.’’

Lin Ming had gone extremely easy on him. If he had displayed the full power of the Samsara martial intent, then this commanding soldier would have already turned into a blathering idiot.

The soldier couldn't smile anymore. That fearful soul-wrenching pain a moment ago had made him wish for immediate death.

Lin Ming's lips curved upwards in a malicious grin;he looked just like a smiling devil. The soldier felt his heart go cold. The most horrible sight was Lin Ming's eyes. He had no pupils. Rather, there was nothing but black spiraling vortexes, as if there was an endless void within him.

’’You... what did you just do?’’ The soldier had lost all of his composure. In his opinion, this youth in front of his was no longer human.

’’Nothing. I just drained a part of your soul.’’ Lin Ming leisurely said. ’’Every human has a soul. After we die, the soul goes onto reincarnation. However, if the soul is lost, then it will be annihilated, and you will not be able to be enter the Samsara. You just saw the images right? That is your soul's memories of its past lives' Samsara. I will give you one more opportunity. If you insist on not speaking, then I will drain your soul and your mind, so that you will not enter the Samsara!’’

Lin Ming was just making random stories up to scare him. But his words were just like the whispers of a devil. Once the soldier heard them, he was scared out of his mind.

The people of the Southern Wilderness had religious beliefs. In the tribe, the theocracy was often stronger than the kings or lords of the tribes. A tribe's highest leader was often a Shaman, Witch God, or Sorcerer Envoy, but it was never the chief.

The belief of reincarnation was firmly ingrained within the hearts of the people.

’’What nonsense! You think that I'd believe that?’’ The soldier put on a brave front, but inside he was cowering in fear.

’’Believe it or not, what is your choice?’’ Lin Ming wickedly smiled. His pupils had turned entirely into the black swirling vortexes like before, slowly spinning around. They simply did not look like human eyes.


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