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Martial World - Chapter 188


Chapter 188 - Na Shui's Thoughts




Listening to Na Yi's question, Lin Ming cracked a smile. He guessed the so-called Eye of the Witch God was Yan Mo.

He said, ’’Everything I experienced in the divine Kingdom was an absolute mess. I did see the Eye of the Witch God there. There is a fortuitous chance within the divine Kingdom;if you work hard, then there is chance that you will be selected. If you do, then your power will grow by leaps and bounds.’’

Lin Ming didn't mention that he had passed the seventh floor;that would simply be too shocking for everyone.

’’I... I can also go?’’ As Na Yi heard Lin Ming's words, her heart started to crazily beat within her chest. Day and night, she longed for strength. Not only did she want to get revenge for her parents, but she also wanted to rebuild her Na Tribe. If possible, she even wanted to avenge her master.

However, her master's enemy was a middle Houtian realm master;the distance between them was simply vast, to the point that she might never achieve this goal in her entire life!

But what if she was given the chance to go to the divine Kingdom? That meant that she would become a master at least as powerful as Na Yanda!

She might even step into the Xiantian realm!

When that time came, regardless of the reconstruction of the Na Tribe or the death of all her enemies, it would all be simple!

Thinking this, Na Yu unconsciously clenched her fist. She wanted to become strong. Strong enough to control her own destiny!

There was a jumble of emotions as she looked at Lin Ming. Lin Ming hadn't said how many levels he had passed, however, Na Yi had a hunch that he must have at least reached the fifth level, or even surpassed His Majesty the Feather Emperor to enter into the sixth!

Those of the Southern Wilderness worshipped the brave heroes. Now there was a future hero standing right in front of her. Na Yi found it hard to keep her mood calm. She also understood that there was too large a gap between them;it was only wishful thinking to expect him to stay by her side and help her.

Only she could build her own destiny.

By now, the three of them had already arrived at the entrance to the Sorcerer Holy Land. Na Yi opened the transmission array and Lin Ming stepped out. It was just like Na Yi had said;there were four horse corpses lying not too far from the entrance, and two had been mostly eaten.

Because the weather of the Southern Wilderness was scalding hot and also extremely humid, the horse corpses had already started to rot away. There were masses of flies gathered around the four corpses - it was quite a disgusting sight.

After Lin Ming appeared, there was shaking in the bushes nearby. A Corrupt Wolf emerged, its green eyes shining as it stared at Lin Ming with hate and hunger.

Its mate had gone missing and couldn't be found no matter how much it called for it. Now its mood was extremely irritable, and it intended to shred any game that appeared in front of it.

Seeing this Corrupt Wolf, Na Shui paled. She unknowingly ducked behind Lin Ming. But Na Yi's expression didn't change. She knew that to Lin Ming, this Corrupt Wolf was nothing but an ant on the floor.


The Corrupt Wolf madly howled, and then leapt forwards. It stretched out its sharp claws and slashed towards Lin Ming's throat.

Lin Ming sneered. He waved his hand and 100 vibrating true essence filaments issued forth and sunk into the Corrupt Wolf as if they were a hail of arrows.


The Corrupt Wolf spat out a gob of black blood. Its organs already having been completely turned to mush by the vibrating true essence, it finally fell onto the ground like a dead dog. All of its bones were crushed to bits and it turned into a pile of rotten meat - immediately and violently killed.

’’Dead... it's dead?’’ Na Shui was incredulous. She had guessed that Lin Ming would be able to easily kill the Corrupt Wolf, but she didn't think it was be easy to such a degree. He had only looked at the Corrupt Wolf and it had died!

What kind of strength was this?

Na Shui breathlessly looked up as Lin Ming filled the entirety of her vision, and admiration mixed with worship towards a hero filled her.

’’Let's go.’’

Lin Ming said.

’’Where are we going?’’ Na Yi asked.

’’We'll find a place where you can settle down, and then I will fulfill my end of the bargain. I will go to the Fire Worm Tribe and kill Chi Guda, and take revenge for your parents.’’

Lin Ming would first eliminate Chi Guda, and then he would go to Thundercrash Mountain and see what sort of value this Thundergrass had. As for the tribal flame of the Fire Worm Tribe, he wasn't in a hurry to take that.

’’You're going to kill Chi Guda now?’’

Na Yi froze. Chi Guda's cultivation was a half-step into the Houtian realm. Not only that, but there would certainly be many masters protecting him. Lin Ming was only at the peak Bone Forging stage. Although she knew that Lin Ming's strength was amazing, this was still too big a risk to take!

After all, the difference between the Altering Muscle stage and the Bone Forging stage was far less than the difference between the Bone Forging stage and the Pulse Condensation Period.

She couldn't help but say, ’’Mister Mo, I know that you are very strong, but Chi Guda is already a half-step into the Houtian realm...’’

Lin Ming said, ’’It doesn't matter. If there is an unexpected turn of events and something goes wrong, then I can easily escape. Let's go.’’

Before she could say anything more, Lin Ming had already turned around and started walking. Na Yi could only sigh and keep her thoughts to herself.

She could sense that Lin Ming was a very stubborn young boy;he wasn't someone who would easily change his mind. Moreover, he was someone who would be a future god-like character. If he had the confidence to say he could, then he would have the ability to do so.

As Na Yi was thinking, she accidently caught a glimpse of her little sister. She actually saw her little sister looking at Lin Ming's back, her small face flushed red, and her eyes moving around as if she didn't know what she was thinking.

Na was stupefied, and then it suddenly dawned on her. Perhaps Na Shui liked Lin Ming.

When teenage girls hit puberty, they would often gain an interest in those of the opposite se*. Of course, there was also the fact that Lin Ming had outstandingly handsome features, and he was powerful, and also had a sharp and calm personality. Not only that, but when Na Shui had been facing a crisis and had been drowning in despair, Lin Ming had appeared in front of her and easily resolved every single crisis. This would inevitably produce the feeling of worship towards Lin Ming from Na Shui, and she had unknowingly fallen deeply in love with him. Perhaps even she was not aware of her own feelings...

Na Yi sighed. There was simply too great a distance between her little sister and Lin Ming. However, she didn't want to interfere with her little sister's feelings, and she also didn't want to consider the difference in status between her and Lin Ming. She could only let nature take its course...


Fog Valley Tribe was a very common tribe within the countless large and small tribes of the Southern Wilderness. Its population was only at 4 or 5 thousand. It was located in a mountain valley, and in the early morning the valley would fill with a heavy fog, thus it had acquired its name.

Fog Valley Tribe was only 600 miles away from the Fire Worm Tribe. Ten years ago it had fallen to the Fire Worm Tribe, and was now a servant tribe to them. Its Tribal Chief had been slaughtered, and now their ruler was a Fire Worm man. Every year they would have to pay tribute in pigs, cattle, sheep, silks, wines, and minerals all to the Fire Worm Tribe.

Sometimes, they even had to send tributes of their beautiful women. Most tribes of the Southern Wilderness were matriarchal societies, and those in power were not permitted to create harems. However, there were patriarchal clans who did, such as the Fire Worm Tribe.

The Fire Worm Tribe's chief, generals and shaman were all men, and they also had harems filled with countless beautiful women.

Fog Valley Tribe wasn't too big. However, because they were located in the south near a nexus of key roads, there were usually many visitors that would come and go. There were many inns and restaurants and other facilities that were built in order to accommodate them.

Fog Mansion Inn was one of the bigger ones. Today, a young man with two young girls, all looking around 15 or 16 years old, had come to Fog Mansion Inn. The young man wore a bamboo hat and carried a saber on his back. He should be a martial artist. The two young girls wore veils, and one couldn't see their faces. However, their figures were slim and elegant, so they were presumably beauties.

A waiter walked up to greet them with a welcoming smile. Although these three guests were young, according to the waiter's experience in the field of hospitality, they were most likely some outstanding individuals of distinguished background. Therefore he was exceptionally attentive towards them.

In the Southern Wilderness, there were countless different ethnic tribes, all with their own varied customs. The servant knew that many of the men would wear bamboo hats and the women would wear veils, thus he didn't care much about it.

He inwardly sighed with a bit of emotion at seeing such a young boy. This boy sure was lucky with women;he even had two little girls with great bodies following him.

’’Customer, will you be staying at our inn?’’

’’Mm.’’ The bamboo hat youth was Lin Ming. He flipped a gold coin at the waiter and said, ’’Give me your best two rooms next to each other. Our horses are outside;feed them as well.’’ When they arrived, they had already bought three good horses. Once they had made the preparations to kill Chi Guda, they would immediately leave Fog Valley.

Lin Ming didn't worry that anyone would follow or investigate them. Fog Valley Tribe was 600 miles from the Fire Worm Tribe. Not only that, but this was a key location between the traveling routes, and there were many people here that were visitors. Lin Ming and his little group were a common sight that wouldn't raise any suspicious.

The average person simply couldn't see through Lin Ming's cultivation. The two sisters Na Yi and Na Shui were also only at the Viscera Training stage, it couldn't be considered as too outlandish or unique. They had also covered up their appearances so that there wouldn't be any problems.

’’Customer came at such a great time, this must truly be a heavenly coincidence. We just happened to have two of our best rooms remaining, and they are also next to each other. I will immediately prepare them for you.’’

As the waiter finished saying this, he led Lin Ming and the sisters to the rooms. Lin Ming looked inside. The rooms were clean and tidy. Satisfied, he nodded. This would do.

’’Prepare some dishes for us, and a pot of tea.’’

’’Customer wants tea?’’ The waiter hesitated and immediately smiled. ’’Customer must not have known. My Fog Valley's Fog Flower Wine is infamous throughout the Southern Wilderness. Every year we present it as tribute to the Fire Worm Tribe. For all of the Fire Worm Tribe's banquets, they also use my Fog Valley's Fog Flower Wine.’’

’’Oh? If it's like that, then bring me a jar of Fog Flower Wine.’’ Lin Ming didn't care much. Although he didn't drink much, he had grown up in a restaurant, and had some experience with wine.

’’Then I shall bring a jar of Fog Flower Wine. If I may recommend, we also have Valley Mud Frogs. Our Valley Mud Frogs are also very famous. Once you taste it, you will never be able to forget it.

’’Mm. Okay.’’

Lin Ming didn't care what he ate. He placed his saber on the table and sat down with the two young girls. The waiter nodded and walked towards the kitchen.

However, after the Valley Mud Frogs and Fog Flower Wine were served and Lin Ming had a taste of them, he couldn't help but exclaim in delight. These truly were rare delicacies.

Na Shui also ate as if she really liked the taste. It was only that she had a veil covering her face, so it wasn't easy to eat;she could only slowly tear off small bits.

At this moment, there was suddenly the sound of rapid hoofbeats outside the inn. Lin Ming stood up and saw five riders atop five large red horses stop outside the inn. These five horses didn't have a single stray hair. They were over nine feet tall and had massive bodies. Their snorts were like thunder. They must have weighed over 2000 jins.

’’Crimson Blood Horse?’’ Lin Ming recognized this horse. If this was the Sky Fortune Kingdom, these horses would cost 4 or 5 thousand gold taels!

However, it seemed that the Crimson Blood Horses from the Southern Wilderness were much cheaper.

One of the five leather armor-wearing riders dismounted from his Crimson Blood Horses. He was very tall, and carried a long spear on his back. He was very muscular, and walked with calm steps. His breath was long, and one could easily see that he was a master who had perfected the fundamental skills.

The other four people were much more ordinary. However, when they walked, they unconsciously revealed a murderous aura. This was obviously from them being hardened by their experiences, and the countless murders they had committed.


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