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Martial World - Chapter 186


Chapter 186 - Wolf Toxin




Outside of the Sorcerer Pagoda, seven days and seven nights had already passed.


In the dark and silent halls of the Sorcerer Holy Land, a wolf suddenly howled. A Corrupt Wolf the size of a small cow rushed forwards, bits of carrion flesh hanging from its cruel jaws. Its body reeked of death, and its bright white fangs were exposed and dripping saliva. In the darkness, its luminescent green eyes were especially bright.

In front of the Corrupt Wolf, a little girl was quickly running. This little girl was Na Yi.

At this point her innocent face held no fear or panic. Instead, her teeth were clenched as she desperately pushed her true essence to the max and displayed her fastest speed.

However, Na Yi was only at the Viscera Training stage. Not only that, but a human was already inferior in running to a vicious beast;how could she compare to the peak Altering Muscle Corrupt Wolf?

The Corrupt Wolf closed in, almost overtaking her. Na Yi could already hear the sounds of whistling wind from behind her back and even feel the rancid breath of the Corrupt Wolf.


The Corrupt Wolf pounced forwards, its sharp wolf claws piercing straight towards Na Yi and scratching her delicate back.


Na Yi forced the last vestiges of her faltering strength to the forefront and suddenly leapt forwards. However, the wolf's claws had ripped open her back, her clothes had been broken and she was covered in blood!


Na Yi fell onto the ground, her body rolling around. The Corrupt Wolf once again pounced forwards, this time aiming its razor sharp claws towards Na Yi's throat!

At this juncture of life and death, a cold light flashed in Na Yi's eyes.


The sound of a sharp piercing sound suddenly rang in the air. A darksteel javelin as thick as thumb flew out from a hole in the wall, and stabbed the Corrupt Wolf, sending blood flying everywhere!

’’Aowoo....’’ The Corrupt Wolf pitifully yelped. The javelin had a tremendous force contained behind it as it shot out, and it had nailed the Corrupt Wolf to the ground. But this was not the end. Just as the Corrupt Wolf fell on the ground, rows of sharp knives immediately stabbed out from underneath, their piercing cold blades stabbing into the Corrupt Wolf's body.


The Corrupt Wolf was like a dead dog that had been stabbed through the heart with a thousand knives. It was deader than dead.

Seeing this, Na Yi let loose a breath of relief and collapsed to the ground. Her back was slick with blood;the wolf had left three bone-deep claw wounds on her back.

Bursts of pain came roaring at her like the tide of an ocean. Na Yi's forehead began to seep with sweat.

’’Big Sister!’’

Na Shui rushed over to tend to her injured big sister. Her tears were freely falling, an unstoppable waterfall.

To Na Shui, her big sister was her only hope, but also the sustenance that kept her spirit running and alive. If something was to happen to Na Yi, then she would lose all courage to continue living.

’’I'm fine... I... just need a rest.’’ Na Yi forced out a smile, feeling extremely bitter within.

She had underestimated the speed of the Corrupt Wolf, and finally received such a heavy wound.

There was also another Corrupt Wolf outside. With her current condition, how could she possibly kill it?

There was only enough food left over for a day. Na Yi still hadn't gone to the Sorcerer Pagoda. She estimated that with her own strength, she could at most pass the third floor and enter into the fourth. After that, any further progress was simply far too difficult.

She could only enter the Sorcerer Holy Land one time. It was also the most important opportunity in her life. If she could only reach the fourth floor, then how would she ever find the power to avenge her parents in the future?

She had made two oaths to the heavens. One was to protect her little sister, and the other was for revenge. She had never thought to give up either of these goals.

If she could cultivate for one year in the Sorcerer Holy Land and reach the Altering Muscle stage, then when she entered the Sorcerer Pagoda, Na Yi had faith that she could enter at least the fifth floor and break through to the Bone Forging stage inside the Sorcerer Pagoda. Then, even if they didn't have horses, she had some assurance that she would be able to lead her little sister through the wild jungle.

But the major problem she was confronted with now was her lack of food. Her only solution was to kill the two Corrupt Wolves.

Na Yi was not a match for the Corrupt Wolves;so she made a crazy decision that seemed rational to her. She would use herself as bait, and lure a Corrupt Wolf into the Sorcerer Holy Land. Once there, she would utilize the traps within to kill it!

She knew that if she was to enter the Sorcerer Pagoda and enhance her strength, that it would be much easier to lure the two Corrupt Wolves into the traps. However, Na Yi was not willing to do so. She could not reconcile with the fact that because of these two Corrupt Wolves, she would have to waste her one chance at the smelting trial, the most important opportunity of her life.

She would make this one gamble!

Corrupt Wolves were scavengers that usually ate carrion. However, they would also eat living creatures. Na Yi took advantage of the time when one of the wolves went to look for live prey and lured the remaining one it. She would guide it to the traps and kill it!

But her gamble had already half failed from the start. She had underestimated the speed of the Corrupt Wolf, and had been seriously injured due to her own overconfident negligence.

The claw of a Corrupt Wolf was toxic!

A Corrupt Wolf ate carrion year round. Their bodies contained corpse gasses and corpse poison. Once scratched by them, one would be infected by the plague and die afterwards!

Now they were running out of food, and there was also another Corrupt Wolf outside. Having been scratched by a Corrupt Wolf, how could she escape death in this situation?

Na Yi bit her lips and pulled out a dagger strapped to her thigh. She threw it at her little sister and said, ’’Ah Shui, there are many books in the Holy Land's Library. Look for some that don't have much value and gather them here. Create a fire and heat up the dagger. Then, cut out the carrion toxin from my back wound...’’

Hearing Na Yi say this, Na Shui was frightened out of her wits. She looked at the bloody wound on her big sister's back. How could she do this!?

’’Big Sister... Big Sister...’’

’’Quickly! The wolf claws are toxic, go before it's too late!’’

’’I... I understand.’’ Na Shui clenched her teeth. She turned around and ran towards the Holy Land Library and gathered some worthless books there. Then, as Na Yi had said, she set that pile of books on fire and used it to heat the dagger.

With the dagger in her hand, Na Shui began to violently tremble. She was a gentle soul;she had never even killed a chicken. Now she must use this knife on her big sister's back, and this knife was even blazing hot.

’’Ah Shui, you can do it. I believe in you. If the corpse toxin spreads, then it will be too late!’’

Na Yi tightly bit down on a piece of cloth, waiting for the harsh pain to come. If it wasn't for the wound being on her back, then she would never have asked Na Shui to do this.

As Na Shui's eyes flowed with tears, she tore away the clothes on her big sister's back. There, she could see the wound oozing black blood. Indeed, it was just as Na Yi had said. The wolf's claws were toxic.

Na Shui found her breath coming out in gasps. She didn't want to do this, but she had to, otherwise her big sister would die.

Just as she began to swing her dagger down, Na Shui suddenly heard the sound of footsteps behind her. Startled, she jerked around, her dagger leading the way.

’’Who is it?’’ Na Shui was already jittery;even the slightest sound frightened her.

But as she turned around and saw who it was, Na Shui suddenly froze in shock. Behind her was stood a ragged young boy. Although he had a pitiable expression, there was a surge of confidence and a calm temperament between his brows.

Mo... Mo Lin...

Na Shui went slack, and then the tears down started falling down. If it wasn't for the current situation, she would have rushed towards him and cried in joy. ’’Mo... Big Brother Mo, please, please can you save my big sister? She was poisoned by a scratch from a Corrupt Wolf!’’

Na Yi also saw Lin Ming, and her heart was filled with an incredible amazement and relief. Mo Lin was still alive!?

How could this be? In Na Yanda's records, Na Yanda had only stayed within the divine Kingdom for a few hours. But Lin Ming had been inside for 7 days and 7 nights!

7 days and 7 nights... and he had actually returned safely?

Lin Ming looked at the wound on Na Yi's back;the blood there was already starting to become a rancid black.

Lin Ming pressed his hand against Na Yi's back, and a flux of true essence merged into Na Yi's body. Lin Ming's manipulation of true essence had already reached a degree of near perfection. Several thousand filaments of true essence wove into a net that covered the wound.


A stream of black ichor began to pour out from Na Yi's back. In just a few minutes, Lin Ming had already completely forced out all of the toxins within Na Yi's body.

Then Lin Ming took out a small jade bottle from his spatial ring and sprinkled a handful of powder on Na Yi's back. This was top-tier quality healing medicine;one tael cost several hundred gold taels.

Lin Ming gave the small jade jar to Na Shui and said, ’’Apply this medicine on your big sister.’’

Na Yi was missing half of her clothes;Lin Ming felt it a little inconvenient to apply the medicine himself.

’’Oh... okay.’’ Na Shui whispered before rushing over to help her big sister apply the medicine. As she applied the medicine, she couldn't help but sneak peeks towards Lin Ming. The way that Lin Ming had forced out the poison from Na Yi's body a moment ago had left a profoundly deep impression within her young heart.

This scene was even more memorable then when Lin Ming had eliminated the monkey-faced man and the bald man, saving them.

She thought that Lin Ming was only proficient in his combat prowess. She hadn't expected that he would also have such a mysterious way of curing wounds.

Unknowingly, Lin Ming had already become an omnipotent figure within Na Shui's impressionable mind.

Once the medicine had been applied to the wounds, the pain in Na Yi's body was instantly lessened.

A moment later, she felt the wound itch a little. This itching feeling was only when a wound began to regenerate.

’’What happened? Why is there a vicious beast here?’’ Lin Ming noticed the corpse of the Corrupt Wolf that was off in a corner. How did this strange vicious beast enter the Sorcerer Hold Land?

Na Shui dried her tears and explained the long and sordid matter to Lin Ming.

As Lin Ming listened, he felt some guilt and regret. He hadn't thought that he would have been in the life and death smelting trial for 7 days, and cause such a crisis for the two sisters.

Lin Ming took out barbecued meat, fresh fruit, and steamed buns from his spatial ring, giving these to Na Shui and Na Yi. ’’Everything's fine now. Eat a little first, and then we'll leave here.’’

One of the benefits of a spatial ring was that everything inside could maintain its freshness. No matter how long food was placed within, it would remain fresh, and never rot.

Na Shui stared at these delicious foods like a zombie, and unconsciously swallowed saliva.

These past days, the two sisters had been eating hard dry food;it was simply like chewing on wax. Not only that, but they could only eat a little every day, and they were always haunted by pangs of hunger.

Now with so many fresh and delicious delicacies placed in front of them, Na Shu's mouth had already started watering.

She rushed to hand a steamed barbecue bun to her sister, and also grabbed one for herself. She wanted to wolf the whole thing down, but remembering that Lin Ming was looking on from the side, she suddenly flushed red with embarrassment. Instead of taking a big bite from the barbecue bun, she only tore off a small piece.

In front of Lin Ming, Na Shui unconsciously maintained her girly image.

Lin Ming thought that was quite funny. He deliberately said, ’’You eat first, I'll go to the exit and have a look.’’

With that, he rose up. He wanted to go out and solve the problem of the Corrupt Wolf, but remembering the layers of traps within the Sorcerer Hold Land, he dismissed this idea. It was better to wait for Na Yi's wounds to heal and leave together.

Na Shui blushed. But this time she didn't care so much, and she ate in massive gulps.

Na Yi also ate a lot. The two sisters were indeed extremely hungry.


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