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Martial World - Chapter 1797


Chapter 1797: 1797

Chapter 1797 – Dispute

“Hand it over, otherwise we’ll mess you up!”

A cold girl’s voice sounded out. Her words had a bullying tone to them.

At this time, in the maidservants’ room, three beautiful young girls were holding their arms against their waists as they surrounded a small and weak 15-16 year old looking girl.

This young girl was pale and her fists were tightly clenched together. She subconsciously guarded her chest, clearly indicating just how much fear she was feeling right now.

“You lowly slut, delay any further and we’ll kill you! Hurry up and hand it over! When we entered the room we saw you panic and hide the pill bottle and we even smelled the medicinal fragrance. Don’t try to deny it!”

These three beautiful young girls were all spiritas maids. The young human girl they were bullying was the maid that Lin Ming had given a bottle of pills to.

To Lin Ming, these pills didn’t have any use at all. But to these young maids who were still struggling at the Houtian or Xiantian realm, these medicines were incomparably precious treasures.

When these maids had entered Lin Ming’s room they had smelled the light medicinal fragrance and were able to discern just how precious these pills were. They were definitely pills that could nourish one’s energy and soul. Whether it was for a human or a spiritas, they were highly beneficial.

Thus, they began to form thoughts of stealing them. However, they naturally couldn’t reveal these thoughts in front of Lin Ming, after all, even though Lin Ming was only a mere human, he seemed to be a martial artist at the Life Destruction realm or above and they were not his match. But now that these pills had fallen into the hands of this young girl, the situation was different.

One couldn’t only look at the demeanor that these spiritas maids adopted in front of their superiors;normally, they arrogantly rampaged around. The human maids were instead the ones forced to wash their clothes and do other tasks.

“Hurry up! Those pills aren’t something that a low class human like you should have!”

The maid with the highest status amongst the three, and also the leader of the maids, grabbed onto the young girl’s collar and slapped her face repeatedly. Her tone was threatening as she said, “So you want to do this the hard way, right? Be careful or I might rip your face off!”

The head maid began to pinch the young girl’s cheeks and slowly twisted the skin into a circle. Even as the head maid smiled, the young girl’s face was already twisted red.

The young girl held back her tears. She forcefully opened her eyes, not allowing any tears to fall or showing any pain. She clenched her fists and grit her teeth, saying, “This is something that the young sir gave me, it is not yours!”

“Haha! You little slut, you must have formed a crush on that human and thought that he would take you in as his concubine, right? Just who do you think you are? Take a good look at yourself in the mirror! You’re nothing but an inferior human maid, even if you died no one would care! If you died we would simply toss you off the side of the ship like we would a dead dog! Let alone you, even that ‘sir’ you speak of is only some human that was found frozen outside! Although he might be considered a master amongst us, in Zenith Palace amongst the Elders, Protectors and core disciples, he is just a dog!”

The maid shoved the young girl over.

The young girl wobbled and fell to the floor. Her head hit the wall behind her with a thick thumping sound.

The young maid had started cultivating the essence gathering system before training in the six stages of body transformation. Because of that, this strike caused her sight to blur. Even so, she grasped her fists and didn’t say a single word.

In this universe where spiritas ruled, it was common for humans to be discriminated against and bullied. This young girl was clearly aware that strength was everything.

Because she was weak, she could only allow herself to be pushed around like this.

For a young human girl to be killed by others and have her treasures stolen, that was a commonplace scene.

But now, she had managed to seize an opportunity with these medicines that the young sir had gifted to her. This allowed her to see the light of hope for making a breakthrough. How could she give up this chance and resign herself to her fate?

Perhaps in her entire life, this would be the only chance for her to crawl onto her feet and walk as a proud human.

“Ho! What a stubborn bitch! I can take it from you whether you want to or not, but if I do then your fate will be miserable!”

The head maid sneered as she spoke.

And at this time, another young maid said, “There’s nothing in her ring!”

As the the maid spoke, she grabbed an extremely low quality spatial ring from the young girl’s finger and crumbled it. From inside fell out a pile of clothes, ordinary weapons, and some medicinal herbs.

These were the entirety of the young human girl’s possessions.

The head maid crushed these inferior medicinal herbs beneath her feet, jeering as she said, “Then she must be hiding them on her body. It’s impossible for her to have the time to refine such high quality pills or to swallow them all in one go. Tear apart her clothes until she’s naked. We’ll slowly look for what we’re searching for.”


As the other two maids spoke she rushed forwards and began to pull the young girl’s clothes. With a ripping sound, part of her clothes tore apart, revealing her bellyband.


The young girl screamed out loud. But, the two maids’ actions became even more fervent.

“I found it!”

A young maid raised a pill bottle. After opening it, several jade-green, bean-sized pills rolled out.

“What great pills! Are these Blue Miracle Pills or something else? It seems that almost frozen human’s wealth isn’t too poor!” The maids laughed and looked towards that young girl.

“Finish her up. Tear off all her clothes and lash her!”

As the head maid spoke, she felt a sudden chill rush over her, causing her heart to skip a beat. She quickly leapt backwards and turned around in midair.


The three maids were immediately vigilant. They discovered that a man had appeared behind them. This man’s face was dark and was emitting a thick killing intent.

“It’s you!”

The maids naturally recognized Lin Ming. However, they weren’t afraid of him. In this spirit ship there wasn’t anything that Lin Ming could do to them.


At this time, the young girl cried out as she saw Lin Ming appear. Sadness, injustice, grief, all sorts of feelings rushed up in her chest before they came out as scalding tears in her eyes. Her knees seemed to give out as she tumbled over like a broken kite.

Her pills were taken and her clothes were torn;there was nothing in her heart but shame.

“You’re fine…”

Lin Ming suddenly said. He didn’t know what he was feeling in his heart. He had only crossed paths with this young girl once and didn’t even know her name, but right now, because of her bitter and painful experiences, he felt nothing but anger for her!

The reason might be because they were both from the human race. From this young girl’s bitter experiences he was able to see the future the future of the divine Realm. This was the sorrow of a race that had their lands fall into enemy hands.

“You want to save this little slut? I never imagined you would be interested in such trash. Fine, to show you some face, we won’t press this issue anymore.”

As the head maid spoke, she received the pills.

The maids simply didn’t fear Lin Ming’s threats at all. Even if Lin Ming was strong, he was nothing but a mere human. This was a spiritas spirit ship;just what could he do here?

“You are courting death!”

Just as Lin Ming said these words, he took great strides forwards and punched out, smashing the head maid in the face!


With a dull thump, the maid screamed out loud as she hurtled backwards and smashed into a wall, vomiting a great mouthful of blood.

“You… you hit me…”

The head maid said as she spat out blood. Her teeth had been knocked out and her face was filled with disbelief.

The other two maids were stunned. They never imagined that Lin Ming would be so reckless to attack them on this spirit ship.

“As well as you two!”

Lin Ming unfolded his arms like an eagle opening its wings. The two young maids were unable to put up even the slightest bit of resistance as they were smashed backwards. They screamed out loud and vomited mouthfuls of blood.

This was the first time that Lin Ming had struck women who weren’t able to fight back at all, and where he also didn’t show them mercy.

With the premise that he didn’t take their lives, he tore apart their meridians. With a low level martial artist’s restorative abilities, it would take at least a month of recuperation before they healed from this.


Lin Ming flicked his finger and the head maid’s spatial ring exploded. He took back the pill bottle he had originally given the young girl.

These pills didn’t have any value to Lin Ming to begin with. But, he would rather feed them to dogs than give them to these three spiritas maids.

“Insolence! How dare you!”

At this time, a man’s icy voice resounded in the air. Lin Ming frowned. He knew that someone had been monitoring him the entire time. Now that he wounded someone, the people from Zenith Palace would immediately know of this.

He calmly untied his outer robe and draped it over the ragged young human girl.

The young girl grabbed onto Lin Ming’s hand, alarmed.

With that shout of ‘insolence’, she immediately understood that a high level spiritas had arrived. It had arrived. It was likely Lin Ming would be sucked into a mess because of her actions.


The young girl’s eyes were filled with guilt. In this situation, Lin Ming would definitely suffer a loss.

“Put on some clothes first.”

Lin Ming calmly said. Then, he slowly turned around. Behind him, a youth with red eyebrows walked in. This youth was thin and had freezing cold eyes. His temperament seemed as if his entire being was carved by an ice saber and his cultivation was at the late Soul Lord realm.

As the red eyebrow youth appeared, the three spiritas maids perked up as if they saw their savior. They all cried and crawled over to him.

“Lord Yi, find justice for us!”

The several maids sobbed, their tears overflowing.

That Senior-apprentice Brother Yi looked over the injuries of the three spiritas maids. Then, his expression became increasingly cold. “You ride my ship and yet strike my people. Just who gave you the courage to do this?”

“You want to fight?”

Lin Ming frostily said, not wanting to drag things on. It was true that he was injured but a skinny camel was still larger than a horse. To deal with this unimportant figure in front of him wouldn’t take any effort at all.

It was just that if he were to fight with this Senior-apprentice Brother Yi, there was no way he could continue to stay at Zenith Palace. Currently, Lin Ming still wasn’t able to contend with the peak masters of Zenith Palace;his wounds left him unable to fully call upon the energy in his inner world.

“Hahaha! Did I hear correctly?”

Senior-apprentice Brother Yi loudly laughed. “You actually asked if I want to fight? You aren’t my match! You can’t even see through my boundary, all I would need is my little finger to crush you to death!”

Senior-apprentice Brother Yi coldly sneered, readying himself to attack. But at this time, from not too far away, an old man walked up and whispered something in his ears.

Senior-apprentice Brother Yi’s red eyebrows wrinkled. “What? This human garbage was chosen by Senior-apprentice Sister Jaderiver?”

“Yes, Miss believes that his talent is adequate and wants to borrow him to further perfect her virtual dantian. Thus it would be best if you don’t injure him, otherwise it will be hard to explain the situation to the Miss.”

As the old man spoke, he looked at Lin Ming and disdainfully said, “Consider yourself lucky this time! Next time I will make sure you walk around without any teeth.”


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