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Martial World - Chapter 1788


Chapter 1788

Chapter 1788 - Thunder Punishment Sword




As Empyrean Thunder Punishment finished speaking, Lin Ming coldly sneered in his heart. So, it seemed that this land of inheritance that Empyrean Thunder Punishment left behind was not just because he wanted not only to pass on his legacy, but to have his wisp of remnant soul be reborn.

And to use this thunder-type cultivation to refine the essence of souls to nourish his soul force, this was something that required one to reap an incalculable number of lives.

However, what Empyrean Thunder Punishment said was not wrong. The road of martial arts was one filled with murder and destruction. As long as one was a martial artist it was inevitable that their road would be paved with the lives of others. Lin Ming, Primordius, Xiao Moxian, all of them were the same in this regard. Lin Ming himself cultivated the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, a soul refining cultivation method similar to what Empyrean Thunder Punishment suggested.

However, up until now, there was a single line that Lin Ming had never crossed - he had never deliberately gone to take innocent lives.

’’What, you aren't interested? Heh, if this were 100,000 years ago and I were to release news that I was receiving a descendant, who knows who many people would stampede over each other to kneel at my feet, hoping that I would accept them. Yet here you are, still hesitating!’’

Empyrean Thunder Punishment frowned, extremely annoyed.

Lin Ming lightly said, ’’Junior is naturally interested and what Senior says is also correct. For great accomplishments, killing some people isn't much at all. Moreover, up until now I have also slaughtered innumerable people. However, this Empyrean Primordius though...’’

Lin Ming quietly raised this point. He wanted to understand some of the events from 100,000 years ago.

However, Lin Ming's question seemed to poke at Empyrean Thunder Punishment's sore point. Empyrean Thunder Punishment coldly said, ’’Humph, that old dog Primordius was originally my sworn brother but because of a mere treasure he turned against me and finally attacked me. He thrust me through this planet, destroying my body and tearing apart my soul. What a cruel and vicious man! My millions of years of cultivation were instantly destroyed and now all that's left over is this wisp of remnant soul. My only choice was to seal myself away here and linger about, waiting for my chance to come. If I cannot destroy his legacy how could I possibly rest!?’’

Empyrean Thunder Punishment's tone was sharp and filled with malice. Lin Ming quietly listened. It seemed that Empyrean Thunder Punishment's explanation of events was completely different from what the Black Dragon had said.

Lin Ming wouldn't blindly believe any side. However, according to divine Dream's third-party view of events, in addition to the invasion of the saints, the tomb of Heavenly Empress Xuanqing, and other references, Lin Ming could judge that what Empyrean Thunder Punishment said wasn't too true.

The so-called treasure that caused Empyrean Primordius to turn against him was undoubtedly the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

As for why they had become enemies, there were many possibilities. Perhaps Empyrean Thunder Punishment thought that he was owed a part of the Grandmist Spirit Bead, or perhaps Empyrean Thunder Punishment wanted to borrow the Grandmist Spirit Bead to practice his devil arts, but Primordius hadn't allowed this, and eventually their conflicts and contradictions had accumulated and accumulated and finally erupted.

It was far too normal for such a valuable treasure to arouse the greed of others.

Lin Ming maintained his composure. After a period of silence, he said, ’’So that's what happened. Then, the two requests that Senior spoke of are well within reason.’’

’’Haha, great!’’

Empyrean Thunder Punishment nodded. ’’Since that's the case, then accept my inheritance. The moment you accept my inheritance my remnant soul will also temporarily reside in your body. I will plant a curse seal in your spiritual sea, so don't think of violating the oath you made!’’

As Empyrean Thunder Punishment spoke, his remnant soul suddenly surged upwards. A mass of pale green soul force began to rise up from his body, forming into runes.

These runes seemed to swim around like fish. Wrapped in Thunder Punishment's remnant soul, they appeared in the skies of Lin Ming's spiritual sea.

After some time, Empyrean Thunder Punishment's remnant soul slightly dimmed. At the same time, a cruel and chaotic soul force appeared.

Hu hu hu -

Ghostly cries swept through the air. Above Lin Ming's spiritual sea, rows of grisly green curse seals appeared. These curse seals were formed by soul force.

Empyrean Thunder Punishment had divided a portion of his remnant soul's strength to carve curse seals into Lin Ming's spiritual sea.

A martial artist's spiritual sea was an extremely fragile and delicate place. Once someone else intruded upon this area, there were all sorts of dangers that could happen. Empyrean Thunder Punishment believed that by taking the initiative to come here he could control the situation.

With his own soul force submerged into Lin Ming's spiritual sea, this would make it so that Lin Ming wouldn't dare to play any tricks.

’’Now you can be considered my descendant. From this point on, my remnant soul will reside in the middle of your soul. If you violate your oath then I will energize the curse seals in your spiritual sea and destroy your mind and soul.’’ The phantom of Empyrean Thunder Punishment's remnant soul slowly said.

At this time, Lin Ming possessed an extremely powerful soul force. He could clearly detect that these pale green curse seals were in fact a part of Empyrean Thunder Punishment's remnant soul.

In order to completely control him, Empyrean Thunder Punishment didn't hesitate in further splitting apart his extremely incomplete remnant soul.

’’Now I shall pass my inheritance to you.’’ After planting his curse seals in Lin Ming's spiritual sea, Empyrean Thunder Punishment didn't worry about Lin Ming any more. It was clear he was highly confident in his remnant soul curse seals.

’’My inheritance is contained within a spirit treasure called the Thunder Punishment Sword. In the past, this sword cut down countless powerhouses and has become incomparably formidable... I placed a spell on it so it recognizes only my aura. If anyone else were to approach that sword and try to use outside force to influence it, it would self-implode... the entire Thunder Dominion would also no longer exist.’’ Empyrean Thunder Punishment spookily said.

After listening to this, Lin Ming felt a chill shoot up his back. Luckily he hadn't recklessly acted just now. If he had truly extinguished Empyrean Thunder Punishment's remnant soul first soul first then the consequences would have been inconceivably dire.

At this moment, information in the form of memories passed out from Thunder Punishment's remnant soul.

In an instant, Lin Ming knew the location of the Thunder Punishment Sword. Moreover, he discovered something even more important - the foundation of the Thunder Dominion was the top grade Thunder Source he was searching for. It was also sealed beneath the Thunder Punishment Sword.

Lin Ming followed the routes in his mind and flew through the Thunder Dominion for half an incense stick of time until he reached a broad open hall. This hall had countless murals of Empyrean Thunder Punishment in the past, images of him leading armies and expeditions to slaughter in all directions;it was an incredibly majestic sight. It was clear that this was a palace that Empyrean Thunder Punishment had personally built in the past.

Here, mountains of thunderstone shined down onto the hall like suns.

The most primal aura of the source Thunder Laws filled every nook and cranny of this hall.

And the richest aura of source Thunder Laws originated from the grand throne in the center of the hall.

Nine dragons circled above this throne, emitting an inexhaustibly frenzied power, inspiring awe and fear.

Lin Ming's figure was like a bolt of lightning. He tore through space and instantly arrived in front of that nine dragon throne.

He had been acknowledged by Empyrean Thunder Punishment and Empyrean Thunder Punishment's remnant soul also existed in his spiritual sea. Thus, the strange thunder aura of Empyrean Thunder Punishment also exuded from his body.

Those nine dragons wildly roared as Lin Ming approached. But almost immediately they sensed that Lin Ming was emitting the aura of Empyrean Thunder Punishment. Like obedient little dogs, they drilled back into the throne.

The entire throne seemed high and lofty, a dignity and honor that rose above mortals.

But Lin Ming actually knew that this was only a representation of the Thunder Punishment Sword.

The truth was that this throne was formed by the melted dragon bone hilt of the Thunder Punishment Sword.

Two arms climbed up the giant throne. Then, Lin Ming focused strength into his dantian and endless blood vitality swelled up his swelled up his arms.

The nine dragon throne had been firmly planted into the hall of carved thunder crystals. But with strength approaching a hundred billion jins, Lin Ming forcefully ripped it up.

The mountain-like hall violently shivered. Finally, a dazzling sword blade showed itself...

An incomparably great and distant aura emanated from the great sword.

Shrill hisses filled the air. Several hair-thin dragons dissipated from the sword blade and into space, immediately piercing holes into the void.

Just by drawing up a little of the blade, the Thunder Punishment Sword showed just how powerful it was - it was absolutely a top Empyrean spirit treasure!

Lin Ming's body surged with more and more blood vitality. A bit at a time, he constantly pulled out the giant Thunder Punishment Sword.

The entire hall wildly shook, quaking without end as the walls and ground groaned. It seemed that the entire structure could collapse at any moment.


With a final pull, the 1000 foot long Thunder Punishment Sword was completely drawn out from the ground by Lin Ming.

In that instant, Lin Ming felt as if he were holding onto a raging thunder dragon, one that desperately wanted to escape.

But immediately, Empyrean Thunder Punishment's remnant soul sent out traces of his aura.

As this remnant soul aura brushed against the Thunder Punishment Sword, the sword seemed to fear it and began rapidly shrinking, its atmosphere of resistance also weakening.

Lin Ming couldn't lose this chance. He spread out the power of the Heretical God Tree, letting it trickle out of him like streams of water.

Ka ka ka!

Along the way, thunder dragons roared and fire phoenixes burned. Lin Ming constantly fused as much strength as he could into the Thunder Punishment Sword, wanting to leave as much of his mark in the sword as possible.

Empyrean Thunder Punishment's main body had long perished, and in a sense, this sword no longer has a master. The only problem had been that Empyrean Thunder Punishment's remnant soul had left a bit of his will inside the Thunder Punishment Sword, but beneath his own initiative, Empyrean Thunder Punishment had taken back this will himself.

With this, before long, this sword had completely become Lin Ming's treasure.


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