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Martial World - Chapter 1786


Chapter 1786

Chapter 1786 - Entering the Land of Inheritance




The palace of dark purple thunder crystals stretched into the skies. A gate of two massive carved doors blocked Lin Ming like twin towers.

As soon as he approached the doors of this palace, Lin Ming could feel a suffocating and unfathomably deep aura, one as vast as the sea that was emitted from every inch of the structure.

Just as Lin Ming was about to open the doors of the palace, his heart suddenly chilled.


A deafening cry spread out from the golden gate.

On this golden gate, the originally lifelike carving of a thousand foot thunder dragon came to life.

It broke free from the golden gate and clawed at the air. Its body carried an incredibly vast electric current that crackled space.

As the thunder dragon hovered in front of the door, a terrifying thunder aura gushed out from its eyes as it regarded Lin Ming as an invader.

’’I am the guardian spirit beast of an Empyrean Holy Land! For those that dare tread foot upon this sacred ground and defile this land, all that awaits is death!’’

The dragon's head dropped down and its lantern-like eyes filled with purple electricity tightly stared at Lin Ming. Its voice was deep and bass, like a roiling thundercloud obliterating everything before it.

As if it wanted to suppress the will of everyone it encountered.

Lin Ming only faintly frowned, not flinching in the least.

Towards Empyrean Thunder Punishment, he held a little bit of vigilance in his heart. As for things like awe and reverence, he didn't feel any of that.

That fellow had once been Empyrean Primordius' sworn brother in the past, but he actually secretly colluded with the saints to betray him. In the end, Empyrean Thunder Punishment had been struck down and killed by Empyrean Primordius, and the place where he fell became Thunder Punishment's land of inheritance.

Towards an Empyrean who had such a filthy character, Lin Ming didn't have the tiniest bit of goodwill.

The only reason he came here was to take away something he needed.

If anything dared to stop him, he would cut it down and continue on.

After defeating the Good Fortune Saint Son and stepping into the Holy Lord realm, Lin Ming's combat strength had reached an unprecedented level, so why would he be afraid of some mere guardian spirit that had been deeply slumbering for a hundred thousand years?

The Phoenix Blood Spear released a resonant cry. A crimson flame phoenix flew out, swirling around the Phoenix Blood Spear with an intense fighting spirit.

A red light shot out of Lin Ming's flesh and blood, following and joining with his spear strike as it cut a beautiful path through the air that followed the Heavenly Dao. Like a rainbow, the spear tore through the void, curling up endless blood red waves of air.

With a loud blast, the spear cut directly into the purple thunder dragon's reverse scale.

In an instant, a purple electric light collided with the radiant spear light, causing waves of energy to spread out.

In the high heavens, all thunder clouds for a hundred miles were washed away by the terrifying waves of energy.

This purple dragon that seemed unbearably arrogant issued a mournful scream. A massive number of dragon scales the size of a boulder were instantly shattered into several pieces by the Phoenix Blood Spear.

Every dragon scale that fell off turned into pure thunder energy that tore through space before eventually dissipating.

’’Mm? It still hasn't died? It truly is worthy of being a thunder spirit condensed through the years by Empyrean Thunder Punishment's land of inheritance. Its strength is about that of a Great World King.’’ With a single spear strike Lin Ming was able to accurately judge the strength of this guardian spirit beast.

After all, his spear strike contained over 800 million jins of strength.

If this thunder dragon was able to survive his spear strike, it must be considerably strong.

Although Empyrean Thunder Punishment was someone that lacked any sense of morals, in the end he had still been a superior Empyrean with an immeasurably deep level of strength in the past.

The thunder dragon was enraged. For the last 100,000 years it had guarded this Empyrean land of inheritance. On the Sky Spill Planet, there was not a single being that dared to offend its draconic majesty.

But now, there was someone that had caused it pain. The thunder dragon even perceived a threat to its existence.

As a guardian spirit, its instinctual desire was to eliminate this threat.

In its sparkling purple pupils, stars began to shine. Thunder balls the size of comets began to appear in the skies, blocking out the heavens.

Each thunder ball contained a dreadful annihilation aura. Thunder clouds accompanied them, all of them restlessly stirring up.

In an instant, these countless thunder balls fell towards Lin Ming like a meteor shower.

Lin Ming frowned. The Heretical God Tree appeared behind him and began to rise, growing taller and towering upwards.

In an instant it became a lofty tree over over 10,000 feet high, its crown reaching into the skies.

On one side of this tree was a carpet of purple leaves. These purple leaves emitted a terrifying aura and resembled thunder dragons, emitting a true meaning of thunder that couldn't be resisted.

On the other side of the tree, fire phoenixes perched on the branches. Heavenly tribulation flames burned, even burning holes in space.

The thunder dragons sent out a dreadful dragon majesty as they soared upwards. As the thunder balls came crashing down, the thunder dragons seethed with excitement. They opened their jaws wide in anticipation and began swallowing up the thunder balls.

Every time these thunder dragons swallowed up a thunder ball, arcs of purple electricity would spark over their bodies and they would roar in comfort. They would even grow larger.

It was clear they benefitted greatly from this.

As the purple thunder dragon in the skies saw all of this its heart shook. These thunder balls were a manifestation of its life spirit and the explosion of a single one was enough to severely wound a Holy Lord realm martial artist.

But, that strange large tree had appeared, and it was even occupied by countless thunder dragons that could gobble up the thunder balls?

This caused the massive purple thunder dragon to be even more enraged.

A dragon's roar came bellowing out from its throat. Its massive figure rose up into the air, breaking through the clouds of thunder.

Its massive body turned into a bolt of lightning as it hurtled towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming's eyes exploded with a sharp light. Ripples of condensed essence energy appeared around his body as his blood vitality began wildly raging like a flooded river.

The surrounding void began to tremble with his every gesture.

With a single step, the ground split apart, causing a massive gully several hundred miles long to appear.

Like an arrow he shot up into the skies. Without avoiding or evading, he directly collided with that purple thunder dragon.

Amongst the human race, the toughness of Lin Ming's mortal body was unparalleled.

After opening the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and also breaking into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, Lin Ming had been able to use his mortal body to completely roll over the Good Fortune Saint Son. It wasn't an exaggeration to say that his moving body was comparable to a moving planet.

Even if he only opened a single Dao Palace right now, he would still be completely fearless of this purple thunder dragon that was formed from countless arcs of thunder.



Lin Ming's momentum was like a planet as he smashed into the purple thunder dragon.

In an instant, endless arcs of thunder swirled up from the giant dragon's claw and bombarded Lin Ming's body.

Zizizi! Zizizi!

As this endless thunder fell onto Lin Ming's body, all it could do was leave behind the faintest black marks on the surface of his skin.

Seeing such a tough body, the purple thunder dragon couldn't help but feel fear.

Lin Ming's blood vitality surged. His spear strikes struck out like infinite waves. In an instant, innumerable spear shadows appeared in space as their strengths superimposed upon each other.

Finally, the entire Phoenix Blood Spear began to hum and cry. Thunder and fire wove together atop the spear point, like thousands of purple and red solar flares were occurring at once. Massive tracts of space collapsed and endless space storms howled out from the holes, increasing the potential behind the spear strike even further.

The spear directly nailed into the purple thunder dragon's head.

Ka ka ka.

With a deafening cracking sound, the purple thunder dragon screeched in pain. A slit had appeared in its extremely hard head.

After all, this purple thunder dragon had only been formed by a tiny bit of Empyrean Thunder Punishment's essence energy and blood vitality before he died.

It was because it had been tempered for 100,000 years that it had been able to substantialize its own body.

But even with such a body, how could it resist Lin Ming's heaven-shaking strike?

The entire purple thunder dragon was finally torn apart through the slit by the Phoenix Blood Spear.


A world-shattering explosion erupted. Endless thunder essence energy spewed out into the world before quietly dissipating.

At the same time, the golden gates with the purple thunder dragon carving also dimmed down.

Then, in the moments after that, the golden gates began to loudly swing open.

As the gates opened, the mysterious sound of the Great Dao constantly echoed out from within, accompanied by words that shook the world.

Every word inspired the soul and awakened the mind to truth.

Every word absorbed the mystical power in the void and emitted a faint trace of thunder energy.

All of this floated in space.

’’...This is someone explaining the source Great Dao of the power of thunder...’’

As Lin Ming listened to these sounds, a trace of surprise appeared on his face.

He had already grasped onto the seventh level of the true meaning of thunder. In terms of the Thunder Laws, he possessed a profound understanding.

After listening for just listening for just a little bit, he immediately understood just what this strange language was trying to say.

These were all things he had never heard of before. They were an understanding of the essence of the Great Dao of Thunder that was far deeper than what he knew.

’’This is the Great Dao of Thunder left behind by Empyrean Thunder Punishment.’’

Lin Ming's thoughts stirred. After intruding into the Thunder Dominion it was extremely important for him to obtain the Thunder Source left behind here. But, if he could temper his own Thunder Laws and obtain a deeper understanding that Empyrean Thunder Punishment once possessed, that would also be a lifelong benefit.

As he stepped into the grand hall of the palace, Lin Ming felt a great and powerful aura, like a mountain pressing down on his heart.

He was startled and looked towards the direction where this aura came from.

In that direction, he could see a faint tall figure standing in the center of the hall.

This figure wore a purple black robe that exuded an aura of thunder. Its entire body surged with the mystic power of thunder and even the ground beneath its feet became hazy, as if it had transformed into thunder essence energy.

Just by glancing at this figure, Lin Ming's heart shook. This person was simply a god of thunder. Even the true meaning of thunder in the Heretical God Tree was galvanized by this person's shadow. A strange flow of the Dao beat in tandem around this figure, scattering in all directions without end.

However, in the center of this person's chest was a fist-sized hole.

In the center of this hole was the aura of chaos. It gathered there, unable to be dispersed as it also released a powerful pressure.

The strength of this pressure surpassed that of almost every other Empyrean Lin Ming had encountered so far. Even so, it was incredibly familiar.

This pressure belonged to an ancient Empyrean - Empyrean Primordius!

That chaos energy was also the most source essence energy of the universe - grandmist energy.

’’That hole is the fist wound left behind by Empyrean Primordius? Could this be Empyrean Thunder Punishment's corpse!?’’ Lin Ming gulped in shock.

’’Well done. After so many years, someone was finally able to enter here...’’

At this time, a voice filled with grandeur and majesty resounded in the grand hall.

This sudden voice filled with Lin Ming with surprise. He focused his eyes, staring at the figure in front of him and finally making out his dragon-like beard and deeply contoured features.


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