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Martial World - Chapter 1784


Chapter 1784

Chapter 1784 - Return




Sky Spill Continent -

Deep in the 8000 Mile Black Swamp, the clouds were dark and gloomy like ink.

The only light here was the flashes of lightning occasionally shimmering in the layers of clouds.

In the endless depths of lightning, it sounded as if infinite rumbling chariots were passing by. Bolts of lightning as thick as giant pythons tore through the skies like ferocious beasts, making it clear that this was an absolute life forbidden zone of the Sky Spill Continent - the Sea of Miracles!

In the Sky Spill Continent there were many so-called life forbidden zones, but most of these life forbidden zones were not guaranteed deathtraps. For instance, if a peerless powerhouse were to enter they could still rely on their dreadful cultivation to safely enter and leave. However, no matter what martial artist entered the Sea of Miracles, all of them perished here!

Even in the past when Yang Yun began his grand plan to drag in all the heroes of the world and subjugate them, he had done so by taking advantage of the moment when the Temple of Marvels that floated above the Sea of Miracles had fluttered to the edge of the area. Only then did he begin his plans. Otherwise, if Yang Yun were to pierce deep into the Sea of Miracles he would have died all the same.

On this day, the Thunder Dominion that was formed high above the 8000 Miles Black Swamp was bustling with activity.

Golden battle chariots galloped through the endless clouds to arrive here. They broke into the furthest edges of the Thunder Dominion, using flying flood dragons to rush into the surrounding area.

Standing on the largest golden chariot was a heroic and vigorous-looking young man and woman.

The young man was handsome and dashing, with a face as soft as jade. The woman was a peerless beauty of her time, her looks completely glamorous.

These two people were royalty from the nearby Nine Furnace divine Kingdom. They were both proud children of heaven.

In the last hundred years, the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom had grown much stronger. Currently, they had expanded enough to consider the outermost edge of the 8000 Mile Black Swamp as a tempering field for the disciples of the royal family.

However, the depths of the black swamp where the Thunder Dominion shined high in the skies was still a restricted area that no one dared to step into.

’’This is the Thunder Dominion. Our goal here is to stay at the edge for several days. If we can catch a few earth-step Thunder Souls, then our father sovereign will definitely hold us in much higher regard.’’ The handsome young man said, his face filled with excitement. He looked sufficiently confident as he stared into the depths of the glittering Thunder Dominion.

Although the Thunder Dominion held numerous risks and perils, this was also a land of great lucky chances. If one could travel through the Thunder Dominion they could surely train their martial arts and temper themselves to a new level.

In particular, it was said that there were incredible divine treasure troves hidden within this land. These types of rumors lit the heart on fire.

’’Big Brother, we must be careful. Last time, Thirteenth Brother and Seventh Brother had divine Sea realm Protectors but they were still severely wounded by the rolling thunder. If we recklessly enter then we might suffer the same dangers they did...’’ The beautiful young woman said, not too optimistic. There were some vague worries in her tone.

’’What the Princess says is true. The Thunder Dominion is extremely perilous and all of us must be at full alert upon entering. Even if the divine Sovereign personally came he still wouldn't dare to venture in too deeply... the depths of the Thunder Dominion is a true absolute life forbidden zone that no one care enter...’’ A loud voice echoed out from behind the golden chariot.

The one speaking was a middle-aged half-step divine Sea master.

The young Prince thought otherwise upon hearing this. He certainly knew that the Thunder Dominion was risky, but if he didn't take these risks to try for better rewards, how could he establish a foothold amongst the many Princes of the Nine Furnace divine Kingdom?

Just as he was lost in thought, the Prince suddenly saw that deep in the Thunder Dominion where mist filled the air, arcs of blue thunder fell down, seeming as large as a mountain.

As the thunder passed through the heavens and earth, it was like the galaxy was falling into the world. Massive star-like runes glittered in the air, bringing with them an unstoppable momentum as they blasted into the Thunder Dominion.

Staring into the middle of this dazzling thunder, the young Princess suddenly covered her mouth. She raised a shaking arm, pointing towards the direction of the thunder as she shakily said, ’’There... that... in the middle of the thunder, there are some people...’’

The half-step divine Sea Protector quickly looked towards where the Princess was pointing. With vision that was sharper than a hawk's, he could see that in the endless arcs of electricity, there were several vague shadows...

’’What is happening? That is already dozens of miles deep into the Thunder Dominion... could a middle or late divine Sea master have arrived?’’

Several dozen miles deep into the Thunder Dominion contained an annihilating thunder that could strike outsiders with a ruinous power. Of the powerhouses of the Skill Spill Continent, only middle and late divine Sea martial martial artists dared to intrude so arrogantly.

At this time, where the mountain-like thunder fell, it was like a giant rock had crashed into a calm lake surface. With a loud eruption the originally much calmer Thunder Dominion suddenly began violently rioting.

The layers of black clouds floating high above the Thunder Dominion suddenly appeared far more ferocious and sinister. Waves of thunder rose up, piercing into the heavens.

Arcs of golden red thunder as thick as pythons shot out from the depths of the Thunder Dominion. These arcs of thunder were accompanied with a horrifying destructive aura that swept out with an unstoppable momentum.

Wherever this golden red thunder went, the void would tear apart and the black fog would be annihilated.

’’This is bad!’’

That half-step divine Sea Protector was panic-stricken. The thunder at the edge of the Thunder Dominion was already terrifying enough, but this golden red thunder should originate from dozens or hundreds of miles deep into the Thunder Dominion and was far more powerful.

Without thinking much further, the Protector slapped his hands atop the golden chariot. The runes decorating the chariot shined with a golden light that created a golden barrier around it.


The moment after the barrier activated, the golden chariot was submerged in an endless sea of golden red thunder that savagely and continuously attacked the golden shield.

A massive human phantom appeared behind the half-step divine Sea Protector that helped support the barrier.

At the same time, in the pupils of the Protector, he was able to see deep into the Thunder Dominion and clearly make out the figure of the person who had accompanied that mountain-like thunder.

The moment he saw the facial features of the black-haired youth who was illuminated in the Thunder Dominion, the Protector was horrified. A name resounded in his heart, that of a supreme youth who had once mastered the entire Sky Spill Continent.

In the past, the Protector was a sixth stage Life Destruction martial artist that had attended a martial arts meeting for the younger generation. At that time, he had watched with his own eyes as many divine Sea supreme elders, those figures that were considered heaven-shaking existences of the Sky Spill Continent, had surrounded this youth with reverence and awe in their eyes. This was a scene he could never forget.

’’How is this... that person... returned?’’

The half-step Protector shivered and froze where he was.

The young Prince and Princess beside him had rarely seen their Protector lose his composure like this.

They couldn't help but think, who is 'that person' the Protector spoke of?

And at this time, that person's lightning-illuminated figure had already disappeared. It was only after a long daze that the Protector was able to gather his composure. Flustered, he quickly took out a out a symbol talisman from his spatial ring and ignited it, then throwing it into the air...

Such a major event was absolutely something he had to report to the Nine Furnace divine Sovereign.


Lin Ming calmly looked at the raging Thunder Dominion in front of him. He allowed the golden red thunder to crash upon his body as it pleased, all while a golden Thunder Source crackled and swirled in the palm of his hand. This scene left him sighing with emotion.

The events of the past rose up in his mind like a rising tide.

This was his home world.

Long ago, he had been chased by his enemies into this area, and through a stroke of fate managed to obtain a great lucky chance. With his back against the wall, he had been forced into the 8000 Mile Black Swamp by the Asura divine Kingdom and had to risk his life several times. Afterwards, he returned here for the Temple of Marvels where he fought Yang Yun and nearly died.

These scenes that flashed through his mind seemed to have occurred just yesterday.

Xiao Moxian was floating nearby. On her beautiful face was a little bit of curiosity.

’’Big Brother Lin, this is the Sky Spill Continent you were born at? Even though this is just a tiny corner of the lower realms, it actually has such a strange and marvelous land. I can feel that deep in this Thunder Dominion there exists some powerful spiritual treasure.’’

The Thunder Dominion seemed to be disturbed by the sudden arrival of the group. Massive bolts of thunder fell down without end.

Flashing within the middle of every volley of thunder were faint thunder runes. It was a strange sight.

But as this thunder fell onto Xiao Moxian, it also had no effect at all.

Instead, the arcs of thunder were caught by the black nirvanic flames that shrouded Xiao Moxian and were constantly swallowed up.

’’Big Sister Xian'er's senses are truly sharp. It's incredible!’’

Lin Xiaoge laughed from beside Xiao Moxian. After the victory celebrations were finished, Xiao Moxian, Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, and Lin Xiaoge had become familiar with each other.

At the very start when Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu met Xiao Moxian, all of them were a bit cautious of the other side. Xiao Moxian had a special and unique status and as the latecomer it was natural for it to be a little awkward.

But afterwards, Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan learned what Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming had gone through and experienced in Tragic Death Valley and also that they were later forced into a dead end in Bai Qi's Tomb by Tian Mingzi. Without any way out of that disaster, Xiao Moxian had given herself to Lin Ming. At the intersection of the intersection of all sorts of coincidences lining up, she had helped Lin Ming break into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace to launch his counterattack and finally strike down Tian Mingzi.

After learning of all this, Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan felt nothing but the deepest gratitude towards Xiao Moxian. If it weren't for Xiao Moxian, Lin Ming really might have died to Tian Mingzi.

As a result, the relationship between the three women had become much closer.

For this trip to the lower realms, Xiao Moxian had come with them. Originally there was an enchantment that surrounded the Sky Spill Planet that had been laid down by a peak Empyrean. Powerhouses that didn't originate from the Sky Spill Planet were unable to enter this world. However, Xiao Moxian had hidden herself in the Magic Cube and within the Magic Cube that was unrestricted by the Laws, they were able to bypass Empyrean Primordius' enchantment and smoothly enter the planet.

Lin Ming said, ’’The Sky Spill Planet has a massive hollow that pierces through the entire world. One end of this hollow is the Eternal Demon Abyss and the other end is the Sea of Miracles. The Eternal Demon Abyss was left behind by Empyrean Primordius in the past, and if I'm not wrong, this land is where Empyrean Thunder Punishment left behind his own inheritance and ancient ruin. When Empyrean Primordius struck out and pierced all the way through the Sky Spill Planet, Empyrean Thunder Punishment was struck all the way through to here and before he died he conveniently left behind his inheritance, which was the reason why the 8000 Mile Black Swamp and the Thunder Dominion was formed.

’’There are some strange thunder aura fluctuations in this Thunder Dominion. In the end, it is still an Empyrean ruin. Since you are all here you must be extra careful.’’ Lin Ming nodded towards the others, carefully warning them.

Xiao Moxian said, ’’What could thunder of this level do to me? Big Brother Lin, hurry and go. Me and the two big sisters will stay here with Xiaoge to await your good news. The power of thunder here is also quite unique and the heaven and earth origin energy is rich. I want to study it a little...’’ Xiao Moxian lightly rubbed her stomach, feeling the little life forming within her. After coming here, she actually felt her child stir up a little.

Perhaps because this child was Lin Ming's flesh and blood, the little life had an inexplicably incredible affinity to the power of thunder. Now, it was actually slowly swallowing up the surrounding thunder as if it were breathing.

As for the black nirvanic flames that surged around Xiao Moxian, the reason they appeared was because the little life within her had triggered them.


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