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Martial World - Chapter 1783


Chapter 1783: 1783

Chapter 1783 – The Phoenix Clan’s Grand Celebration

One month later, at the divine Realm’s Crimson Light World, the Ancient Phoenix Clan with a hundred million years of inheritance was celebrating an unprecedentedly grand event.

The many Elders of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, the 72 Palace Masters, no matter if they were deep in seclusion, refining pills, or out on a mission, all of them were notified to immediately stop and return to the headquarters of the Ancient Phoenix Clan to celebrate this grand event.

However, even though the Elders and Palace Masters of the Ancient Phoenix Clan had gathered together, none of them were able to stand within the central palace and could only wait outside. This was because there were simply far too many renowned figures at this grand event.

These figures were the rulers of the divine Realm that the Ancient Phoenix Clan would have found nearly impossible to contact in the past.

But now, all of these people had raced to the Ancient Phoenix Clan and were exceedingly polite.

Within these groups of people there were World Kings, Great World Kings, and even legendary Empyreans!

For a time, countless heroes of the divine Realm had converged upon the Ancient Phoenix Clan. This was something that disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan would never have dreamt of in the past.

The Ancient Phoenix Clan was only a peak ordinary Holy Land. Who would dare to imagine that there would be a day when so many high level figures would gather at the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters, the level of people no less than those that had gone to the Monster Emperor’s grand longevity feast?

And, this grand event was not a clan member breaking into the World King realm or a new Patriarch taking over, but was because of a junior – Lin Ming was hosting his marriage here.

And at the same time this was also to celebrate Lin Ming’s victory over the Good Fortune Saint Son!

Within the divine Realm, Lin Ming could be said to be known by all;he was at the height of his fame!

A half-step Holy Lord had fought the Good Fortune Saint Son, defeating him to obtain the cultivation methods to break into True divinity. Then, he forced Empyrean Demondawn’s hand to betroth Xiao Moxian to him. After accomplishing all of this he had broken into the Holy Lord realm, overawing all present.

These achievements set off tumultuous waves all throughout the divine Realm. Even Empyrean powerhouses would have a slight awe in their faces and voices when they spoke of Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s current strength already surpassed that of many Great World Kings and wasn’t too far away from that of an Empyrean. Thus, Lin Ming could no longer be regarded as a junior but as someone of the older generation, a figure who would one day become a leader of humanity.

Originally, Lin Ming hadn’t wanted to hold a victory celebration or anything like that. With the great calamity approaching time was far too urgent for him so where would he have the thoughts to do such things?

But according to divine Dream, the current human race was filled with too much sorrow and suffering. They truly needed a victory celebration to propagandize the defeat of the Good Fortune Saint Son and inspire the morale of humanity.

Therefore, this grand event was held with great gusto and jubilation.

And because Lin Ming didn’t have much time remaining, he wanted to return to the Ancient Phoenix Clan to hold his wedding before he went to the Soul World. Thus, it was decided that he would hold his wedding and this victory celebration at the same time and this was the reason why so many high level figures of the divine Realm had gathered at Crimson Light World.

The current Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters had long been given news in advance to prepare for the victory celebration. They established a titanic array, gathering over a thousand floating celestial mountains that had hundreds of thousands of brilliant rainbows soaring between them. Phantasmal light filled the air, beautiful to the eyes. Between the magnificent rainbows there were also glorious jade places floating about, continuously tumbling up and down. Countless rare spirit flowers, spirit trees and other world treasures bloomed in full beneath the support of many spells.

Thick heaven and earth origin origin energy condensed into raindrops. Innumerable luxurious spirit ships, dazzling divine carriages, and jade-crafted spirit boats flew through the skies. A near infinite seeming number of saint beast mounts flew about, bathing in the hazy and ephemeral mists of spiritual energy. Looking from afar, everything seemed like a paradise of gods.

This great array that held so many Empyreans and Great World Kings couldn’t be arranged in time by the Ancient Phoenix Clan alone. Because the Ancient Phoenix Clan had obtained news in advance, they worked together with several great influences of the Crimson Light World and many high level array masters sent by Empyrean Heavenly Palaces to complete all the arrangements within a month.

For these arrangements, these great influences had put forth more than enough capital.

After all, this wasn’t just for Lin Ming, but also to help perfectly manage the victory celebration and boost humanity’s morale!

“Vast Universe Heavenly Palace Palace Master – Empyrean Vast Universe!

“Traceless Heavenly Palace Palace Master – Empyrean Traceless!


“Ruler of the True Martial World – the True Martial World King!

“Chief Disciple of Dark Demon Monarch – Sage Skyvalley!”


The master of ceremonies presiding over this event constantly shouted out shocking names and titles without end. These people all had a shocking status, and even half-step Empyreans and the 3000 Great World Kings could only be lined up in the back.

As the disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan heard these horrifying names, all of them were somewhat panic-stricken.

Before this, it had been impossible for them to see any of these characters no matter what they tried. To ordinary martial artists, these figures were like spiritual gods, haughty and aloof!

Because of this grand event, the Ancient Phoenix Clan could be said to be rising to fame. As the Elders and Patriarchs of the other three God Beast Clans looked on at the festivities, a strange feeling percolated in their hearts.

The truth was that a hundred million years ago, the four God Beast Clans explored the God Beast Mystic Realm together and found four incomplete God Beast corpses buried deep underground. That find had been the foundation that helped them develop to their current state. However, they were also were also limited to this scale and their background restricted them from further development. But now, because of Lin Ming’s presence, the Ancient Phoenix Clan had leapt straight into being a top influence of the divine Realm. Even Empyrean Heavenly Palaces had to give them several points of face.

The disparity was just far too great.

“Haha, Lin Ming, if you continue at this rate it won’t be long until you become an Empyrean. Even stepping into the True divinity realm is just a matter of time.”

“Hehe, what Vast Universe said is right. Moreover, when Lin Ming becomes a True divinity he will surely be an outstanding individual amongst all True divinities!”

Many human Empyreans rushed to congratulate Lin Ming.

Lin Ming bowed towards them one at a time like a respectful junior would.

Although these Empyreans spoke to Lin Ming as if he was their peer, Lin Ming had no choice but to be respectful to them. After all, these people were his seniors and they were countless times older than he was.

Like this, the victory celebrations continued for three days.

As for news of the grand calamity arriving early, Empyrean divine Dream didn’t reveal this yet. She planned to convene a secret meeting of Empyreans after the victory celebration was over in order to prevent panic from spreading.

Thus, at this grand event, many human Empyreans didn’t know about the news of the great calamity. They all drank and enjoyed themselves to their heart’s content.

One reason was for congratulating Lin Ming and another reason was because of the True divinity cultivation methods that Lin Ming had obtained after defeating the Good Fortune Saint Son. What Empyreans didn’t wish to break into True divinity even in their dreams?

Moreover, according to what the Good Fortune Saint Son had said, these two True divinity cultivation methods had been obtained from the Primeval Realm Ruins and were no trifling matter. All of them certainly wanted to see them.


Five days later, at nightfall…

Lin Ming sat in a beautiful garden surrounded by lush and enchanting spirit plants. In front of Lin Ming was a stone table that had platters of fragrant spirit fruits and 100,000 year spirit wine piled atop wine piled atop it. If a low cultivation base martial artist were to enjoy any of these spirit fruits or wines, their cultivation would rapidly increase, and their body and inner world would benefit.

“Big Brother… are you planning to leave again?”

Sitting in front of Lin Ming were three women. They were Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, and his little sister, Lin Xiaoge.

Because of Lin Ming’s reputation, these three women who were closely related to him had received endless attention and care over the years. Even the rulers of large influences were respectful upon seeing them.

But, what was most unfortunate was that even though Lin Ming was the most important man in their lives, he had been gone for a great deal of time. Lin Ming had gone to the Asura Road for 60 years and when he finally returned he attended the Monster Emperor’s grand longevity feast, and soon after he would have to go to the far off Soul World.

Once Lin Ming went to the Soul World, it was unknown just when he would return.

Only in the days before the victory celebration was Lin Ming able to enjoy his time with Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu. For these days, Lin Ming completely laid down all thoughts of cultivation and training and spent all his free time with Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan, enjoying a rare and happy time.

Lin Ming sighed. “I have to go, but before that I must take a trip down to the lower realms. You should all come with me too…”

“Lower realms?”

Mu Qianyu was startled. “Do you plan on returning to the Sky Spill Continent?”

“Yes. I have to return to the Sky Spill Continent and take something. For me it is quite important…”

As Lin Ming spoke, both Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan were shocked. In their opinion, the world of the Sky Spill Continent was only a world of the lower realm and there shouldn’t be anything there that was too valuable to the current Lin Ming.

There was only the Eternal Demon Abyss, an ancient ruin left behind by Empyrean Primordius. However, Lin Ming had already gone there.


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