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Martial World - Chapter 1780


Chapter 1780

Chapter 1780 - The Flames of Hope




The first time Lin Ming proposed marriage he had been mocked as someone who was doing nothing but bringing shame upon himself. But the second time he proposed marriage, his words caused the expressions of the many Empyreans present to change.

When Xiao Moxian had journeyed with Lin Ming in the past, she had no expectations of any happy ending for them. Although she had stated several times that she didn't have any wild hopes of them ending up together in the future, what kind of girl didn't want to end up married with someone they sincerely loved?

Thus, Lin Ming had solemnly proposed twice.

At this time, Xiao Moxian's emotions were in upheaval. She could no longer think clearly, but she knew that within her lifetime she would always keep this memory in her heart. Even if she were to perish in the future great calamity because she chose Lin Ming, she would have no regrets in her life!

As Empyrean Demondawn saw the range of emotions pass over his granddaughter's face, he deeply sighed. Then, he waved his hand and took back the true essence lock he had placed within her. Immediately, strength was restored to Xiao Moxian. She felt her body lighten and then she turned to look towards Empyrean Demondawn.

From her angle, all she could see was his back.

That back was tall and strong, a sight she had gazed upon since her birth. But at this moment, for some reason Xiao Moxian only felt an infinite sorrow from that back.

’’Go...’’ Empyrean Demondawn gloomily said.

’’Henceforth you are no longer my granddaughter. The demon race also has no relations with you. Follow Lin Ming and assist him well. Make sure that his achievements are peerless. If there is even the tiniest shred of hope, perhaps he will obtain the power to turn the tide and rule the world. If so... please ask him for your sake... to leave a single incense stick for the demon race...’’

Empyrean Demondawn's voice reverberated in Xiao Moxian's ears. At this time, he didn't seem like the matchless ruler of the demon race, but only a poor old man whose actions had been compelled by circumstance. And in his heart, he had always felt nothing but the deepest love and concern for his granddaughter...


Xiao Moxian bit her lips, unsure what pained feeling was rising in her heart. ’’Can't you believe in Lin Ming? Believe in humanity? Do you really believe that there is no chance for humanity to survive the great calamity?’’

’’Humanity...’’ Empyrean Demondawn shook his head. ’’There are some things that you do not know. Three days from now, come and see me with Lin Ming. I will give you something and also tell you something...’’

After Empyrean Demondawn finished speaking he didn't stay any longer. During the monster race's grand longevity feast, because of the battle between Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son, the longevity feast itself had become irrelevant.

The Good Fortune Saint Son also had no interest in dawdling here any longer. He immediately left the monster race and returned to the Bright Luster World.

As for the human martial artists, most of them stayed to celebrate the Monster Emperor's birthday. As for this longevity feast becoming as bizarre as it did, it had completely run counter to his expectations.

Originally, the human and monster races couldn't be called friends or enemies. But now, they were sharing drinks around the same table. This left the young elites of the monster race feeling this was all too weird.

All of this was because of Lin Ming.

After the Monster Emperor's grand longevity feast ended, three days passed.

News of Lin Ming defeating the Good Fortune Saint Son had been spread through all great influences into every intelligence network, soon reaching the entire divine Realm.

The Good Fortune Saint Son had repeatedly challenged the World Kings and Great World Kings of humanity and had won again and again. The armies of the saints had pressed upon the territory of the human race and the divine Realm was in a precarious position, teetering on unrest. At this time, humanity desperately needed a victory!

Moreover, this was a tremendous absolute victory that had been completely unexpected!

Before this, people only knew that Lin Ming had a 100 year duel with the Good Fortune Saint Son. Even if they didn't have much faith in Lin Ming to begin with, none of them imagined that after just 60 years, when there was was still 40 years remaining, Lin Ming would have already defeated the Good Fortune Saint Son!

A half-step Holy Lord had battled and surpassed a middle Holy Lord!

Even though the Good Fortune Saint Son had used every possible move in his arsenal, including the Grandmist Spirit Bead, he still wasn't Lin Ming's match!

And, what was most terrifying was that after Lin Ming defeated the Good Fortune Saint Son, he had made use of that momentum to break into the Holy Lord realm and awe everyone present!

For a time, news was spread with headlines such as 'Lin Ming defeated the Good Fortune Saint Son and subdued the monster and demon races afterwards' or 'Lin Ming broke through the Holy Lord realm with strength nearing that of a half-step Empyrean' by every large intelligence network.

As the countless human martial artists of the divine Realm's 3000 great worlds heard this news, all of them seemed to be shot with a cardiac stimulant. They were filled with a zealous joy and celebrated daily.

In all the restaurants there would be people retelling the tale of how Lin Ming defeated the Good Fortune Saint Son.

Even though these stories had numerous embellishments, the people shouted out loud for them to be repeated as they were excited to the extreme.

Lin Ming's victory was the same as announcing to all of existence that the young elites rising from the ranks of humanity were not weaker than those of the saints!

All of the young Linmaniacs from various influences took Lin Ming as their goal and idol, worshipping him.

As for those Empyreans in their Heavenly Palaces and those that stayed in hidden worlds, they all praised Lin Ming's accomplishments. Many of them even rushed to divine Dream Heavenly Palace the same day, preparing to wait for the return of divine Dream and Lin Ming.

If one had to look for a reason, it was definitely because of the two human True divinity cultivation methods that he had obtained. Many supreme elders that were stranded at the late Empyrean realm couldn't sit still upon hearing this news.

Cultivation methods to break into True divinity, this was far too important for them!

Of course, only very few people could be like these divine Realm Empyreans and go to divine to divine Dream Heavenly Palace to wait there for Lin Ming and divine Dream to return. For the vast majority of martial artists, it was impossible to see Lin Ming. They could only step back and try to flatter some of the influences that were on good terms with Lin Ming.

For instance, the Ancient Phoenix Clan.

Because of Lin Ming, the current Ancient Phoenix Clan now had an amazing status.

They were given all sorts of precious resources, and many young talents rushed to join the Ancient Phoenix Clan. These Linmaniacs dreamt of becoming disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan like their hero was.

This also caused the Ancient Phoenix Clan to increase the threshold of disciples they accepted again and again.

Young disciples were the future of a sect. To have so many outstanding disciples also meant that a sect would have wonderful prospects.

And in order to allow the Ancient Phoenix Clan to rapidly develop and not delay the growth of these young disciples, divine Dream Heavenly Palace specifically sent some World King level powerhouses to go to the Ancient Phoenix Clan as teachers.

At the same time, these people also brought cultivation resources and superior inheritances.

If this continued, the Ancient Phoenix Clan would soon become a World King Holy Land. Even becoming a Great World King Holy Land was only a matter of time and accumulation.

Because of the fierce duel between Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son, the Ancient Phoenix Clan had become a bustling land filled with activity.

In the skies above the Ancient Phoenix Clan, countless people from innumerable large influences arrived. All sorts of spirit beast mounts, extravagant spirit ships, and majestic spirit boats filled the skies, blocking out all sight.

And as for Lin Ming's first wives, Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan, as well as his little sister Lin Xiaoge, they obtained the endless attention and care of others.

After being in the divine Realm for all these years, Lin Xiaoge sometimes went to the Ancient Phoenix Clan and sometimes went to divine Dream Heavenly Palace. And no matter where she went, she was guided with the full ability of those influences and numerous resources were given to her. When added with her not-too-bad perception to begin with, she was now at the late at the late divine Lord realm.

Although Lin Xiaoge had the ability to leap ranks to fight, she wasn't as heaven-defying as a true Empyrean descendant. Even so, for her to have such a cultivation at this age was more than enough to be proud of.

And at this time, amongst those people visiting the Ancient Phoenix Clan, many of them were Great World Kings.

A Great World King was the ruler of a great world. To the Ancient Phoenix Clan, they had once been legendary existences, able to annihilate the Ancient Phoenix Clan with a turn of their hands.

But even these people didn't have the qualifications to contact Lin Ming.

Even Empyreans were politely waiting at divine Dream Heavenly Palace, so what were Great World Kings considered as? Thus, they could only come to the Ancient Phoenix Clan and greet Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan.

A wife's status was as great as their husband's. As these extremely high level overlords saw Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan, they were extremely polite and even faintly respectful.

The various precious congratulatory gifts piled up high in the cultivation chambers of Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, and Lin Xiaoge. If any one of these gifts were casually taken out, they would be enough to cause Holy Lord powerhouses to engage in a life or death battle for them. They were the ultimate stabilizing treasures of Holy Lord level Holy Lands.

But now, Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan had enough of these treasures to fill entire rooms.

They couldn't decline them even if they wanted to.

And as these overlords of various influences were currying favor with those close to Lin Ming, Lin Ming was actually together with Xiao Moxian. They were accompanied by Empyrean divine Dream and avoided all eyes, quietly arriving at the Heaven Lifting Black Pagoda to see Empyrean Demondawn.

Just a while ago, Empyrean Demondawn had told Xiao Moxian that he had some words to say to them.

As for Empyrean divine Dream following them, that was in order to protect Lin Ming. After all, the monster and demon races were not the allies of humanity. Even if divine Dream didn't believe that Empyrean Demondawn would use some disgraceful methods to deal with Lin Ming, she still had to plan for all possibilities.


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