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Martial World - Chapter 1779


Chapter 1779: 1779

Chapter 1779 – The Rewards of Victory

To an entire race, a single Holy Lord realm martial artist wasn’t anything at all.

Amongst the human race of the divine Realm alone, there were several hundred Empyreans, 3000 rulers of great worlds, the numerous Great World Kings of the many Empyrean Heavenly Palaces as well as those that were hidden, and as for ordinary World Kings and Holy Lord realm martial artists, they were simply innumerable.

When an ordinary martial artist broke into the Holy Lord realm, to someone on the level of an Empyrean, that was the same as a tiny bug breaking out of its cocoon. It simply wouldn’t arouse their interest.

But, Lin Ming breaking into the Holy Lord realm left all the Empyreans present shocked speechless for a long time.

The half-step Holy Lord Lin Ming had already been strong enough to suppress the Good Fortune Saint Son. Then, just how strong would he be after becoming a Holy Lord?

If the current Lin Ming were to fight with the Good Fortune Saint Son again, just what sort of scene would that be?

Not too far away, the Good Fortune Saint Son had already awoken from his unconsciousness and swallowed a recovery pill.

Today was the most frustrating day he had experienced in his life.

During his battle with Lin Ming he had even burnt a bit of his blood essence and still lost. Even so, the damage to his mortal body was nothing compared to the blow to his deepest feelings.

In particular, after the battle finished, the seriously wounded Lin Ming had broken into the Holy Lord realm and had cast him further behind by a larger margin. When this was combined with the fact that Lin Ming was younger than he was, this left him unable to summon the courage to chase after him.

“Your Highness Wumo…”

Beside the Good Fortune Saint Son, the saint Empyrean sighed in his heart. When the saints invaded the divine Realm, the Good Fortune Saint Son had won a series of victories. First he had led the grand army of the saints in an expedition through the Bright Luster World, obtaining countless accolades, and after that he had continuously challenged human World Kings and even a Great World King, beating them all one after another!

For the last several dozen years, the momentum of the saints had risen to the top of the wave. At the same time, the morale of humanity had been pushed into a pit. The Good Fortune Saint Son was originally someone with illustrious and nigh undefeated exploits, but today he had been defeated by Lin Ming and it had been an absolute loss!

The saint Empyrean didn’t know how to comfort the Good Fortune Saint Son. He could only say, “Your Highness, the day for our saint race to conquer the divine Realm is not too far away. At that time… Lin Ming will absolutely not have had the time to grow. A dead genius is no genius at all…”

As the saint Empyrean spoke, the Good Fortune Saint Son didn’t seem to hear him at all. The Good Fortune Saint Son gripped his fists together, releasing explosive crackling sounds from his knuckles. He could not tolerate such a defeat. Even if the saints were to destroy humanity in the end, he had still lost to Lin Ming – this was an unchangeable fact as well as the ultimate disgrace of his life!

“Wumo! You have been defeated! According to our agreement, take out the methods for humanity to break into True divinity as well as the Nine Orifices Exquisite Pill, and also cancel your marriage proposal to the demon race!”

Lin Ming grasped the Black Dragon Spear and pointed it towards the Good Fortune Saint Son. Killing intent gushed out from his body, forming a sound like rolling thunderclaps that stunned the world!

At this time, because Lin Ming had just made his breakthrough, his originally damaged body and energy had been restored by over half. Thus, as he spoke, his aura was extremely powerful. The sound waves of his voice caused space to shiver and the already severely wounded Good Fortune Saint Son found this difficult to withstand. His body shook and his complexion paled.

The saint Empyrean beside him released a wisp of astral essence and poured it into the Good Fortune Saint Son. Only then was the Good Fortune Saint Son able to relax.

To the Good Fortune Saint Son, this was an unprecedented humiliation. In the past, when hadn’t it been him who had used his aura to suppress and frighten others? Even when Empyreans were present, the Good Fortune Saint Son was still able to rely on the Grandmist Spirit Bead in his body to remain composed.

But now, his meridians and organs were damaged and his astral essence was in utter chaos. He was completely unable to stimulate the Grandmist Spirit Bead at all.

He had been entirely suppressed by Lin Ming.

The Good Fortune Saint Son gnashed his teeth and glared at Lin Ming with eyes that could kill. He waved his arm and two jade slips and a pill box shot out like arcs of lightning!


The jade slips and pill box fell into Lin Ming’s hand. The pill box shattered, immediately revealing a longan-sized pill. The pill was a deep green and had a fragrance that warmed the heart and mind. This was the Nine Orifices Exquisite Pill.

The Nine Orifices Exquisite Pill was a pill whose grade neared the True divinity level. It had been personally refined by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and the the materials used to refine it were extremely rare. It was a true miracle medicine for body transformation martial artists. For Lin Ming, it was extremely useful.

As for the two jade slips, they were True divinity cultivation methods that could be used by humans. One was relatively complete and one was extremely incomplete.

Lin Ming cultivated the Asura Heavenly Dao thus these jade slips weren’t too useful to him. But for the Empyreans of humanity, their significance was completely different!

As the many human Empyreans present looked at the two jade slips in Lin Ming’s hand, their eyes shined.

These were human cultivation methods for breaking into True divinity!

In the great calamity 3.6 billion years ago, the inheritances of humanity had been severed and breaking into the realm of True divinity had become a myth that was no longer possible. To the Empyreans of humanity, this had become a pain forever lodged in their hearts.

Although they were clearly aware that even with these two sets of cultivation methods it was still incomparably unlikely for them to become True divinities, there was still a ray of hope. For those dedicated to traversing the road of martial arts, what they feared the most was not that it was dangerous or arduous, but that there was no hope to continue at all.

For a time, the several human Empyreans present couldn’t help but use their senses to probe the jade slips. Hope shined in their eyes without reserve.

Each one of them had extraordinary levels of experience. They were naturally able to see that these jade slips weren’t fakes, but real True divinity level cultivation methods!

“Humph! These half-dead geezers, do they really think they can break into True divinity with this? Even if I gave them the jade slips it would still be useless!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son ferociously thought in his heart. Not only was becoming a True divinity nearly impossible, but even if they could, who knew when that would happen? When an Empyrean cultivated, they used millions of years or hundreds of thousands of years as the unit of time. In the Good Fortune Saint Son’s eyes, humanity would have long perished by then.

Even so, these two jade slips that Lin Ming won had an extraordinary significance for humanity…

“Lin Ming, you have really helped us a lot…”

Empyrean Vast Universe thanked from his heart. Beside him, Empyrean divine Dream also slightly bowed. Although these two True divinity cultivation methods didn’t have much use to Lin Ming, he had still put forth the Black Dragon Spear in a gambling bet with the Good Fortune Saint Son. And, that Black Dragon Spear was definitely highly significant to Lin Ming!

Lin Ming had won these two True divinity cultivation methods all in order to stabilize the hearts of the Empyreans of Empyreans of humanity and so that the Good Fortune Saint Son couldn’t use these cultivation methods to bewitch them. Otherwise, humanity wouldn’t even need the saints to attack. There would inevitably be traitors in their ranks that would cause humanity to be in an even more precarious position.

“We all owe Lin Ming our gratitude.” Empyrean divine Dream softly said. As she looked at Lin Ming, there was a complex emotion in her eyes.

The divine Realm First Martial Meeting was when divine Dream had first seen Lin Ming. At that time, Lin Ming had still been weaker than Hang Chi and Frost Dream and his talent was slightly inferior to that of Xian Moxian. Back then, she had only paid a minor amount of attention to him, not attaching too much importance to him in her heart. She never imagined that so many years later, Lin Ming would have such legendary accomplishments!

His growth could not be described with common sense.

“How terrifying. I fear that in another 100-200 years… Lin Ming will catch up to me…”

Empyrean Vast Universe wryly smiled as he looked at Lin Ming. He felt nothing but heartfelt joy at seeing Lin Ming’s breakthrough but he also felt it was unbelievable. 100-200 years from now, Lin Ming would only be a few hundred years old. To have strength comparable to an Empyrean at this age was mind-boggling.

It could only be said that Lin Ming’s talent defied the will of the heavens to begin with, and with the shifting trends of the world brought about by the great calamity, this allowed his achievements to surpass any reasonable logic.

“In this grand world, heroes will pour forth from the ranks. At that time, Lin Ming will inevitably be the one leading them. As for the other young elites, they will surely shine brilliantly, but no matter how dazzling they are they still won’t outshine Lin Ming…”

The new was constantly replacing the old. At that moment, Empyrean Vast Universe felt the true weight of his age.

Although he was an Empyrean, this great calamity was not his stage. Only Empyrean divine Dream, Great Limitless Buddha, Emperor Shakya, Empyrean Demondawn, and other such peak Empyreans had the ability to stand upon the stage of the world. For them there was even a faint ray of hope that they could take one more step forwards and break into the realm of True divinity!

In the skies, Lin Ming put away the Nine Orifices Exquisite Pill. With a wave of his arm the two jade slips shot out and fell into divine Dream’s hand.

“Senior divine Dream, these jade slips will be left in your care. I believe you are much more suitable for keeping them.”

divine Dream could be called the leader of humanity. If the jade slips were given to were given to her it would give her words that much more weight. After all, divine Dream was only the nominal leader of humanity and many Empyreans might not be willing to listen to her. But with these two jade slips, she would be the one controlling power and authority. Just who would dare not listen to her?

divine Dream grasped these two jade slips that were still warm from Lin Ming’s touch and heavily nodded. She would receive this gratitude. Although Lin Ming owed a graciousness to her, it was far inferior to how Lin Ming had just repaid the favor.

“Cultivate in peace then. Leave the war matters between humanity and the saints to me.” Empyrean divine Dream said with a sound transmission.


Lin Ming could faintly feel that the true outbreak of the great calamity wasn’t too far away. He had to make use of this remaining time as well as he could and increase his strength as much as possible!

Lin Ming clenched his fists and turned around, looking straight at Empyrean Demondawn and the Monster Emperor.

“Senior Demondawn! Senior Monster Emperor!”

Lin Ming’s voice was filled with energy. Facing these two Empyreans his aura shined brilliantly, not weakening in the least!

Demondawn silently looked towards Lin Ming, speechless.

Today, Lin Ming’s actions, all of his performances, could no longer be described as those of a peerless character. Rather, he could be called the number one junior within the entirety of the 33 Heavens!

Whether it was strength, talent, character, bearing, courage, or perseverance, he was simply perfection personified.

By all reasoning, such a character would have countless influences struggling to court him. Innumerable rulers and powerhouses would send out all of their most outstanding disciples, daughters, and granddaughters to Lin Ming, even as concubines.

In peaceful times, even Empyrean Demondawn would be glad and assured to see Xiao Moxian together with Lin Ming.

But now… the situation was completely different…

“Senior Demondawn, junior wishes to propose marriage. Please betroth Xian’er to this junior!”

Lin Ming cupped his fists together, his voice ringing out clear and loud.

As his voice spread through the audience, Xiao Moxian trembled. Her eyes were wet with tears.

At the start when Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son decided to battle, Xiao Moxian had been extremely worried for him. Later, when Lin Ming fiercely fought the Good Fortune Saint Son without falling back at all, she had felt a deep sense of pride. And now, after Lin Ming defeated the Good Fortune Saint Son, she felt endless joy.

Finally, Lin Ming had broken through to the Holy Lord realm and underneath the eyes of all present, he had proposed marriage a second time. Xiao Moxian’s thoughts were in upheaval and she was finding it hard to restrain herself!


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