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Martial World - Chapter 1778


Chapter 1778

Chapter 1778 - I, Holy Lord




’’How is this possible...’’

The saint Empyrean was in a state of utter disbelief. After Lin Ming fiercely battled the Good Fortune Saint Son, although he had still managed to remain standing in the end, his body was in a mess. He had an unknown number of meridians injured and had lost a great deal of blood vitality. In this situation where he hadn't even had time to heal, how could he experience a breakthrough?

Lin Ming was already a half-step Holy Lord. Once he made a breakthrough, he would be a Holy Lord!

In simpler words, a half-step Holy Lord was ultimately still a divine Lord. From divine Lord to Holy Lord, this was leaping a large boundary upwards, a whole new level for a martial artist.

The inner world of a divine Lord martial artist was like a continent high in the skies, and above the earth were twisting rivers and towering mountains, complete with all sorts of plants and other life forms.

But a Holy Lord realm martial artist was different. Their inner world's continent would shatter and reform into a planet. As for their inner world, it would become a universe capable of holding this planet. This meant that a martial artist's strength would rapidly soar but also involve all sorts of risks.

Many martial artists would undergo all kinds of preparations, waiting until they were in their peak state before daring to make this breakthrough. Even then, they didn't necessarily have full confidence in success, much less someone like the current Lin Ming.

’’I will be his protector!’’

Empyrean Vast Universe's figure flashed and he arrived in front of Lin Ming. He released an energy as great as a cosmos, rapidly surrounding Lin Ming within it.

He did this to prevent the saint Empyrean from playing some trick on Lin Ming. After all, a martial artist was weakest during their breakthroughs, and the slightest interruption could cause severe wounds.

No one anticipated that Lin Ming would be making a breakthrough at this time.

This was simply because at the final trial's third level, after Lin Ming fused with the Asura blood, the energy within his inner world had already reached the limit. He had been ready to break into the Holy Lord realm ever since then!

But during the final trial's third level, Lin Ming had suppressed his breakthrough in order to further consolidate his cultivation. This caused his cultivation to pause at the half-step Holy Lord realm.

And now, with his violent duel with the Good Fortune Saint Son, Lin Ming had displayed his greatest strength again and again, repeatedly impacting his inner world with a tyrannical level of energy. Finally, the suppressed energy within Lin Ming had erupted!

His breakthrough was now an unstoppable event.

Ka ka ka!

Within Lin Ming's inner world, a massive continent dozens of times larger than an ordinary martial artist's began to rapidly sunder open!

The ground cracked and lava came gushing out. Lin Ming paled and blood flowed out from the corners of his lips!

To an essence gathering system martial artist, their inner world was their life source. Once that inner world shattered, a martial artist would definitely suffer the backlash.

Lin Ming's foundation was countless times more formidable than that of others of his level. Whether it was mortal body, meridians, or capacity of his dantian, all of it could compare favorably with a Great World King. But correspondingly, because Lin Ming's inner world was far too magnificent, once it began collapsing it would create a terrifying explosion. This sort of explosion was something that even a World King would find difficult to bear.

And Lin Ming had already exhausted all his strength. It wouldn't be easy to persist through this.

’’Brat, you are more than ruthless! After today, you are your own myth!’’ Empyrean Vast Universe shouted at Lin Ming.

Although Lin Ming's entire body was drenched in blood, Empyrean Vast Universe wasn't worried that he would die here at all.

Lin Ming had an incredible destiny upon his body. Even facing the Good Fortune Saint Son who had his own rainbow-like destiny, Lin Ming had defeated him. So how could Lin Ming possibly die here during his breakthrough to the Holy Lord realm?

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

The energy of the world howled. A crazy power of good fortune rushed forth like a wave of tsunamis, all of it swelling towards Lin Ming. Behind Lin Ming, the Asura war god phantom appeared once more. An infinite amount of mysterious Asura Laws wildly surged out, causing the land to be immersed in a world of independent Laws.

The energy within Lin Ming's inner world was like a snowball rolling down a hill, becoming larger as it went. Soon, it reached a critical point;it would completely erupt!

Rumble rumble rumble!

The sound of echoing thunderclaps transmitted from Lin Ming's inner world. The continent in Lin Ming's inner world world completely collapsed at this moment.

Massive tracts of the continent disintegrated into fragments, mixing together with the lava, broken mountains and rivers. Everything collapsed in on itself.

Lin Ming spat out a mouthful of blood. His face was pale and he was dripping sweat!

At this moment, the minds of everyone present tightened. Even Xiao Moxian clenched her fists, burning with worry.

Even though she knew that it was unlikely for Lin Ming to experience any accidents during his breakthrough, love was never rational to begin with. Her heart had already leapt into her throat.

Rumble rumble rumble -

The explosions within his inner world continued without end. Then, within Lin Ming's completely ruined inner world the vast power of laws rained down, completely condensing atop the remnants of the continent.

An invisible attraction force appeared. All of the fragments of the continent gathered together, condensing into another form.

And at this moment, in the deep center of the continent's fragments, a small black hole appeared. This small black hole released a mighty gravitational force, causing all of the nearby continent fragments to firmly stick onto it, compressing even tighter!

This was a special effect of the divine Seal Art. Due to the celestial body condensed through the divine Seal Art, a martial artist's planet would be a hundred times more compact and a hundred times heavier!

As the planet reformed, more and more crazy auras erupted from Lin Ming's body.

The surrounding origin energy in the air, the power of good fortune, all of it chaotically rushed towards this point, creating countless energy vortexes.

These energy vortexes came in different sizes. Because of their appearance, the Laws of the world began to stir up. Some martial artists weren't able to deal with the sudden change around them and stumbled before falling down from the skies.


Someone cried out in shock. With the cultivations of the martial artists present, they wouldn't suffer any wounds even if they fell to the ground. But, this sudden feeling of being unable to control the energy within the world combined with losing the ability to fly made many of these young elites with insufficient cultivations feel terrified.

Luckily, they had their own masters or elders standing nearby to send out beams of true essence to grab onto these people.

Even many divine Lord realm martial artists felt unsteady. They couldn't help but summon more true essence in order to stabilize themselves.

At this time, more and more energy vortexes appeared vortexes appeared in the skies. From afar, the entire heaven was lit up with endless divine light, as if countless tiny suns had appeared on the horizon, innumerable and stretching without end.

When the weaker martial artists were caught in the range of these energy vortexes they felt an extreme pressure push down on them, making them feel nauseous.

’’This is...’’

Another young elite cried out in alarm.

’’This is the aura formed by a peerless powerhouse!’’

A human Empyrean slowly said. Lin Ming had inherited the legacy of the Asura Road Master, and in the Asura Road Master's many lives he had gone on innumerable expeditions. Countless ancient kings had fallen to his hands!

And many of these ancient kings had cultivations comparable to a True divinity!

Through 3.3 billion years of battle, the Asura Road Master had killed these countless peerless powerhouses and their aura had gathered together. This was an extremely terrifying concept!

Even if Lin Ming had only inherited less than a thousandth of this, it was still enough to intimidate the many young elites present. It was difficult for them to withstand this pressure!

’’Is this the breakthrough of a Holy Lord? Although the momentum isn't as great as an Empyrean breakthrough, a Great World King cannot hope to match up to this...’’

On the saint race's side, the saint Empyrean paled. He was a peak Empyrean but because of the breakthrough of a junior breaking into the Holy Lord realm, he had nearly lost his mind. This was because the momentum of Lin Ming breaking into the Holy Lord realm was far too vast. If he were to break into the Empyrean realm in the future, just what would happen then?

Would even a great world break apart?

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

With a sharp cutting sound, the many energy vortexes spinning between the heavens and earth began to rush into Lin Ming's inner world!

The light shining out from Lin Ming's body became increasingly bright. As the massive number of energy vortexes converged within him, it made him look like an exploding sun, blinding to the eyes.

In this situation, many young elites turned as white as a ghost. They found it difficult to breathe.

When this momentum reached the limit, there was a resounding explosion as horrifying light waves erupted from within Lin Ming. A tremendous pressure gushed out!

This sort of feeling was like numerous divine Dragons roaring out together!

The vast sea was pushed away and hollowed out by the out by the air waves, creating a giant blue bowl that extended for hundreds of miles!

At the edges of this bowl, the rough sea waves raged up and down. Every single wave was like a blue mountain, grand and majestic as it soared into the skies.

Behind Lin Ming, a black phantom that was hundreds of feet high appeared. This black phantom had three heads and six arms. Each arm was as thick and sturdy as a pillar that supported the skies and also held different weapons. The aura of this phantom had reached the pinnacle of possibility;this was the Asura war god phantom!

If the young elites present weren't protected by their respective masters and Elders, they might have already vomited blood and been grievously wounded upon facing this giant!


The black phantom leaned back its head and crazily howled into the skies. Its cry broke into the dome of the world and trillions of pillars of water shot into the skies. At this time, the entire Heaven Lifting Black Pagoda fiercely shook!

In the midst of this savage howl, even common Holy Lord realm martial artists were soon unable to withstand it!

After several breaths of time, there was a rustling sound as the giant black phantom rapidly shrunk before submerging into Lin Ming's body and completely disappearing from sight.

In the frenzy of energy, Lin Ming slowly opened his eyes. His eyes sparked with arcs of lightning, as if his gaze alone could penetrate into the skies.

As for the aura of his body, it was completely restrained without the least bit flowing out.

This was because when Lin Ming's inner world had reformed, it had taken a black hole celestial body as its core. All of the strength within his inner world had condensed into this black hole with only a tiny amount leaking out.

At this moment, Lin Ming had finally broken into the Holy Lord realm!

’’Holy Lord realm... it really is the Holy Lord realm...’’

Not too far away, the saint Empyrean had already long lost his previous haughty calm.

At the end of Lin Ming's battle with the Good Fortune Saint Son, the Good Fortune Saint Son had completely exhausted himself and it was likely this battle would affect his future cultivation. But on the other hand, not only did Lin Ming not have any permanent damage but he had broken through his cultivation base and become a Holy Lord!

The disparity was simply beyond description...


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