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Martial World - Chapter 1777


Chapter 1777: 1777

Chapter 1777 – Change in the Inner World

“Your Highness Wumo!”

The saint Empyrean’s complexion was ugly. His figure flashed and he instantly appeared in front of Lin Ming.


The saint Empyrean glared at Lin Ming. The two of them were only several miles apart. To an Empyrean, this distance could be covered in less than a thousandth of a split second.

This caused the human Empyreans present to tense up. Immediately, the energy fields of several human Empyreans covered Lin Ming to deter against any and all possibilities. They were afraid that this saint Empyrean would turn mad and suddenly attack Lin Ming.


The saint Empyrean coldly coughed. He flew down, shooting into the sea like an arrow.


The sea waves splashed up hundreds of feet high before gradually dying down.

After several breaths of time, the sea waves exploded once more. The saint Empyrean flew nonstop from the sea. In his left hand was the dim Grandmist Spirit Bead and in his right hand was the Good Fortune Saint Son who no longer resembled a person at all.

In that final collision with Lin Ming, the Good Fortune Saint Son’s body had been cracked apart in countless places. His right hand dangled uselessly at his side and it was clear all his bones there were broken. There were only a few muscles and meridians still connecting it.

On his body, his golden scales had cracked open and blood flowed out. This blood was also gold in color;this was the Good Fortune Saint Son’s source blood from his Sovereign Blood body metamorphosis.

This sort of blood was several times heavier than mercury. As it flowed out, no sea waves or rain was able to wash it away.

The Good Fortune Saint Son… had been defeated!

Even though he had used the fifth level of the Good Fortune divine Art, even though he had finally summoned the Grandmist Spirit Bead and released his Sovereign Blood body metamorphosis, even though he didn’t hesitate to burn his blood essence and put forth every single one of his skills, in the end he had been defeated by Lin Ming!

He had not been defeated because he had underestimated his opponent;he had poured forth the entirety of his martial arts skills. The reason he had lost was because he was weaker than Lin Ming!

“I can’t… believe this!”

The Monster Emperor stood high in the air. Facing the violent waves, his mind inexplicably shook.

“His speed and strength are without flaws and his utilization of Laws has reached the peak. Even his mortal body is perfect to the extreme, no worse than that of the saint race’s Saint Son. In time, when Lin Ming’s cultivation reaches large success, just who will be able to stop him?”

The Monster Emperor couldn’t help but think to himself.

Lin Ming’s age couldn’t be compared to the Good Fortune Saint Son’s at all. The difference in the levels of talent couldn’t be called a minor difference, but a disparity further apart than the clouds and mud!

If things continued at this rate, Lin Ming wouldn’t even need 200 years before he could fight with an Empyrean!

At that time, without accident, Lin Ming’s cultivation wouldn’t even be at the World King realm.

To fight an Empyrean before even reaching the World King realm, this was a terrifying prospect!

“Demondawn…” The Monster Emperor turned to look at Empyrean Demondawn. Empyrean Demondawn was also left speechless.

In this world, if there could be said to be someone who could resist the invasion of a race alone, then perhaps that person would be Lin Ming.

Empyrean Demondawn looked at Lin Ming. All the human and monster Empyreans, all of the young elites present, everyone turned to look at Lin Ming.

Within their shining eyes was awe and fear, admiration and excitement, all the spectrum of emotions flashing in them.

Today, Lin Ming had written his own legend.

This would be an event recorded in the annals of history. If humanity still persisted for another 3.6 billion years, then after that time the ancient texts of humanity would record Lin Ming’s name, possibly even describing him with more words than Empyrean divine Seal!

Perhaps even if humanity were to perish and the saints were to rewrite history with their own illustrious victories and merits, Lin Ming would be the one point they couldn’t erase!

The vapor in the air became increasingly light. Lin Lin Ming was covered in a faint misty light, and around this light fluttered endless Asura Law fragments. The two Asura wheels still slowly spun beneath Lin Ming’s feet.

At this time, Lin Ming was heavily wounded. The bones in his left arm were completely shattered and his organs and meridians were broken in many places. Fresh blood flowed out from his body, slowly washed away by the thick watery mist and rain.

His true essence, astral essence, and spirit essence had been used up. Even the combat efficiency of his two avatars had reached near zero.

Even so, in the end Lin Ming was the one still flying in the air and the Good Fortune Saint Son had already fallen unconscious.


Lin Ming’s body shook and he spat out a mouthful of blood. He shivered and the Asura Law runes around him flashed with a dazzling light.

“Big Brother Lin…”

Xiao Moxian’s heart tightened. Not too far away, Mo Eversnow and Mo Brightmoon were gripped with fear. They found it hard to restrain themselves from rushing forwards.

Although Lin Ming had defeated the Good Fortune Saint Son, he had still withstood many terrifying attacks. If these attacks accumulated, who knew what their effects on Lin Ming would be.

Maybe even though he was standing, the truth was that he was grievously wounded within and he was nothing but a lamp that had run out of oil.

Seeing Lin Ming’s condition, the saint Empyrean sneered.

“Humph! The Grandmist Spirit Bead’s attack isn’t that easy to resist. Even if you block the frontal attack of the Grandmist Spirit Bead, your life source will still be affected and you will lose a tremendous amount of blood vitality. It isn’t strange for there to be hidden wounds left behind!”

In this battle, the Good Fortune Saint Son had combusted a wisp of his blood essence but still wasn’t able to defeat Lin Ming. Instead, Lin Ming was the one to obtain victory and glory. The saint Empyrean was naturally unhappy about this.

But as he saw the changes in Lin Ming’s situation, he finally found something to rejoice over.

The saint Empyrean’s words caused the hearts of many people to skip a beat. Out of Out of essence, energy, and divine, the Grandmist Spirit Bead was the peak divine tool that controlled essence – this included blood essence. If one was attacked by the Grandmist Spirit Bead, it wouldn’t be unusual for their blood essence to be lost.

If this were true, then the consequences would be dreadful.

“Hehe! Although Lin Ming won, he did so by stubbornly persisting until the end. Although the wounds caused by the Grandmist Spirit Bead aren’t enough to endanger his life, they will inevitably affect his future achievements. Lin Ming’s bloodline is powerful;perhaps the highest bloodline in humanity, but at the same time that also means restoring his own blood vitality is that much more difficult! The blood vitality essence energy that was sucked up by the Grandmist Spirit Bead, how will he make up for that?”

The saint Empyrean jeered again. Although Lin Ming had defeated the Good Fortune Saint Son, he would still find some places to push back. If Lin Ming had some hidden wounds and it appeared that he had overdrawn upon his life to barely defeat the Good Fortune Saint Son, that was a far better story of events.

“Big Brother Lin!” The saint Empyrean’s words caused Xiao Moxian to cry out in worry. She wanted to probe Lin Ming’s situation, but because her cultivation had been sealed she couldn’t fly up.

As for Mo Eversnow, her figure flickered and she flew up towards Lin Ming. She took out a transcendent divine pill from his spatial ring, one that Empyrean divine Dream had given her, and prepared to feed it to Lin Ming.

But at this time, Empyrean divine Dream actually blocked Mo Eversnow.

“Don’t panic, Lin Ming’s body is strange… it might not be as simple as an injury. There is a change occurring in his inner world.”

After being reminded by Empyrean divine Dream, Mo Eversnow discovered that there were indeed massive changes occurring within Lin Ming’s inner world.

Because of that violent battle just now, Lin Ming’s inner world had come under repeated attacks of brutal energy, actually causing a fissure to appear within.

The boundaries of his inner world had started to break open!

“This is…”

Mo Eversnow was startled!

The sneering was startled!

The sneering saint Empyrean’s complexion also changed as he saw this.

If the boundaries of an inner world shattered, it could mean the total collapse of that inner world. The consequences of such an event were inconceivable. At the best he would lose his cultivation and at the worst he would perish here.

But there was also a second possibility, and that was a martial artist was making a breakthrough in their cultivation! When a martial artist was making a breakthrough the boundaries of their inner world would tear apart and then reform.

And when a divine Lord broke through to a Holy Lord, the great world within them would transform into a small universe. This heaven-sundering upheaval was a drastic change;it was common for a martial artist to vomit blood.

“Could Lin Ming be…?”

Mo Eversnow held her breath. And at this time, all around Lin Ming, the dispersed power of the Asura Laws began to wildly rush towards him!

The surging power of Asura drove the energy within the world along with it.

The world’s power of good fortune had been previously seized by the Good Fortune Saint Son. But after the Good Fortune Saint Son was defeated, the raging power of good fortune also dissipated, scattering through the world.

But now, all of this power of good fortune followed the scattered Asura Laws in the skies and swept towards Lin Ming’s inner world.


Seeing this scene, the saint Empyrean’s eyes turned wide.

For the inner world to open wide and greedily suck up all the energy of the world, this meant that Lin Ming was making his breakthrough!

He had just said that Lin Ming’s life source had been affected by the Grandmist Spirit Bead, leaving behind hidden wounds and even possibly hindering his future achievements. This would be a normal consequence of surviving an attack from the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

But in the blink of an eye, Lin Ming had begun to converge the power of the world within himself to complete a breakthrough!

Even the power of good fortune that the Good Fortune Saint Son wrested from the world was absorbed by Lin Ming, becoming a gift to him!


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