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Martial World - Chapter 1772


Chapter 1772

Chapter 1772 - The Might of the Spirit Bead




Although Lin Ming had consumed a great deal of energy, the Good Fortune Saint Son was the same!

In every collision, although Lin Ming's arms would be wetted with fresh blood and his meridians would break, he relied on his terrifying recovery ability to slowly restore the damage to his meridians.

This allowed Lin Ming to never be defeated. His tenacity exceeded the expectations of all present.


A heaven-shaking, earth-shattering sword strike cut through the endless sandstorm. This sword strike seemed to sunder the pillars that supported the world, and even the heavens seemed as if they would fall down!

The entire island was severed by this sword strike. An endless abyss formed, continuing for over 10,000 miles and stretching right into the sea!

The sea within the world of the Black Pagoda was countless hundreds of thousands of feet deep. Underneath the terrifying pressure, the wild sea tides gushed in, filling up the abyss.

Large tracts of land collapsed, turning into endless grains of sand that fell into the sea!

The Good Fortune Saint Son's sword strike had split apart all land for thousands of miles, the same as splitting a small planet in half!

The sandstorm began to calm down. But, the atmosphere entered into a state of unprecedented calm.

The Good Fortune Saint Son was flushed red and his breathing was rapid.

As for Lin Ming, even though his breath was gathered and steady, his entire body was still stained wet with blood.

The meridians in his arms were broken in innumerable places!

The golden spear in his hands was also covered with numerous dense sword marks!

These sword marks were shallow but it couldn't be forgotten that this golden spear itself was an Empyrean spirit treasure and was a weapon refined by an ancient Empyrean. Even so, it had been scarred with so many sword marks. From this one could see just how strong the Good Fortune Saint Son's attacks had been!

Although it seemed that the Good Fortune Saint Son had the upper hand, some people watching actually discovered that this wasn't as true as they thought.

’’The strength of Lin Ming's mortal body isn't much worse than the Good Fortune Saint Son's...’’

A human Empyrean said with shock.

Originally, people thought that because Lin Ming was a human martial artist and his cultivation was low, he wouldn't be able to last long against the continued onslaught of the Good Fortune Saint Son. But, the truth was that by relying on the horrifying toughness of his body, he had persisted the entire time!

In terms of enduring the continued consumption of strength, Lin Ming had taken the upper hand!

The Good Fortune Saint Son wielding a True divinity spirit treasure from the start until now had caused him to expend a tremendous amount of strength. As for Lin Ming, he used an Empyrean spirit treasure and he focused on defending. Even if he had to take a small wound he would do so in order to conserve energy.

Over the course of this battle, Lin Ming would spend energy at a far slower pace than the Good Fortune Saint Son did!

Moreover, even though Lin Ming had opened the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and affected his life source, the human Empyreans discovered that although Lin Ming was slowly burning his life source, it didn't diminish at all!

’’It is the Gate of Life...’’

Empyrean divine Dream eerily said. Although humanity had lost records of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, they had still maintained inheritances about the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.

The Gate of Life was an extremely important gate within the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. It brought with it the ability to regenerate one's life source and blood essence to a certain degree and built a solid foundation for Lin Ming to desperately release the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

’’The tide of battle is slowly changing. If they continue to fight like this, Lin Ming will be on the winning side!’’

Some human Empyreans came to this nearly unbelievable conclusion. This was a completely unexpected result.

The decisive battle between the Good Fortune Saint Son and Lin Ming was like a long distance competition held in the mortal world. Lin Ming followed behind the Good Fortune Saint Son, allowing him to be in the lead first.

The Good Fortune Saint Son was strong and Lin Ming was also strong. However, he only fell behind the Good Fortune Saint Son by a little.

But during this time, Lin Ming had been secretly conserving his strength, planning to surpass the Good Fortune Saint Son in the the final moment!

To force the Good Fortune Saint Son into this sort of situation had surpassed the imaginations of all present.

’’Your Highness Wumo, stop hesitating!’’

At this time, the angry sound transmission of a saint Empyrean echoed in the Good Fortune Saint Son's ears.

With the fight having continued until now, it had been more than enough for Lin Ming to greatly show off his glory. Even though their saint race's Saint Son had a far higher cultivation than this human youth, he still hadn't been able to end the battle. This meant that their saint race's Saint Son was inferior to the young elites of humanity!

The Good Fortune Saint Son clenched his teeth. Suddenly, his aura completely condensed within his body. He looked at Lin Ming, his eyes blazing.

’’You have done well! Your tactics, strength, everything you have has surpassed my imagination! I cannot help but acknowledge that you are the most terrifying opponent I have faced in my life. But even so, you will lose all the same!

’’Originally, I didn't want to use this move...’’

As the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke, a dazzling light burst out from his chest. In the next moment, a startling scene occurred.

The Good Fortune Saint Son thrust his hand into his chest and pulled out a bloody bead!

This bead was dark and dense, emitting a thick black light. For a time, the skies were covered in chaos. All the martial artists present felt as if their hearts would be swallowed up by this chaos!

’’Grandmist Spirit Bead!’’

Some martial artists cried out in panic. Even Empyreans also felt fear and apprehension upon facing this Grandmist Spirit Bead!

The Good Fortune Saint Son had finally used the Grandmist Spirit Bead!

The Good Fortune Saint Son had his pride. As the dignified Saint Son and also possessing a middle Holy Lord realm cultivation, he should have been able to rely on his own strength to completely roll over this human martial artist that was much younger than he was.

However, he had failed again and again. The Good Fortune Saint Son had then given up on rolling over Lin Ming and decided to defeat him in a high intensity melee.

But, that plan also failed.

With that, the Good Fortune Saint Son had no choice but to bring out the Grandmist Spirit Bead.

After bringing out the Grandmist Spirit Bead, the Good Fortune Saint Son felt wretched in his heart. As the Saint Son, he couldn't defeat this human martial artist that had a lower cultivation, and even had to rely on the strength of the Grandmist Spirit Bead to obtain victory in the end. This was completely unreasonable!

Even if he won, it would still be a great loss of face!

However, winning was always better than losing.

’’Lin Ming...’’ On the side of divine Dream Heavenly Palace, Mo Eversnow and Mo Brightmoon both tensed up. The Good Fortune Saint Son was finally willing to go all-out. Would Lin Ming be able to withstand the attack of the Grandmist Spirit Bead?

Xiao Moxian's forehead dripped with sweat. Lin Ming had already been injured many times, and although the wounds weren't heavy, they had accumulated over time. Lin Ming may have possessed a formidable body, but it still wouldn't be easy for him.

And now, the Good Fortune Saint Son had summoned the Grandmist Spirit Bead. The battle was reaching its climax!

Lin Ming quietly stared at the spinning black bead. He took a deep breath.

It had finally appeared!

He had been continually keeping his final cards in hand all in order to contend with the Good Fortune Saint Son's Grandmist Spirit Bead. If he were to use all his master moves before the Good Fortune Saint Son took out the Grandmist Spirit Bead then he would have exhausted all his strength. Then, when the Good Fortune Saint Son did summon the Grandmist Spirit Bead, he could only sit and die!

The reason Lin Ming had such concerns was that no matter what happened, he didn't dare to use the Magic Cube to struggle with the Grandmist Spirit Bead!

The reason that the Good Fortune Saint Son could freely and openly use the Grandmist Spirit Bead was because he had the entire saint race supporting him from behind.

But, if Lin Ming were to use the Magic Cube, the consequences would be disastrous.

Lin Ming possessed the Magic Cube. This was a secret that no one knew besides him, Xiao Moxian, and Mo Eversnow knew. It was a world creation class divine artifact. It was enough to arouse the greed of the saint race's True divinities, and especially the soul race's True divinities!

Just the Black Dragon the Black Dragon Spear alone was not enough for a True divinity level powerhouse to desperately struggle for it.

But, the appearance of the Magic Cube might even force the spiritas and saints to enter into a temporary ceasefire. Then they could join forces to attack humanity and steal away the Magic Cube!

If so, the result would be him and humanity perishing together.

Thus, even if Lin Ming lost to the Good Fortune Saint Son in this battle, he still couldn't bring out the Magic Cube.

If Lin Ming couldn't use the Magic Cube, he would have to retain all his strongest cards in order to battle the Good Fortune Saint Son's Grandmist Spirit Bead!

’’So that is the Grandmist Spirit Bead! The Good Fortune Saint Son has finally laid down his arrogant heart. Lin Ming, he... is in danger...’’

Most of the martial artists present had never seen the Grandmist Spirit Bead before. This was because nearly all who saw the Grandmist Spirit Bead with their own eyes had died!

Still, the name of this divine tool struck like a peal of thunder in their ears!

Most people didn't know of the existence of the Magic Cube or the Purple Card. To them, this Grandmist Spirit Bead was the number one divine tool to ever exist!

’’What a terrifying aura. Even though I'm so far away and I'm not being targeted by the Grandmist Spirit Bead, I still feel my blood vitality tumbling in me, as if it's about to be sucked away by that bead!’’

A human master said, panic-stricken. He had a half-step World King cultivation.

Even a half-step World King was still affected by the aura of the Grandmist Spirit Bead, feeling as if the flow of blood in their body would reverse.

Then, without a doubt, if the Good Fortune Saint Son were to attack this half-step World King with the Grandmist Spirit Bead, it would only take an instant for his body to collapse, turning into endless flesh and blood essence that was absorbed by the Grandmist Spirit Bead!

Not to mention one half-step World King, even if many half-step World Kings and even ordinary World Kings were gathered together, they would still be instantly slain by the Good Fortune Saint Son!

Such a result left one drowning in despair!

This was the might of a divine tool!


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