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Martial World - Chapter 1769


Chapter 1769: 1769

Chapter 1769 – Good Fortune divine Art

Sword potential soared through the heavens as dark winds swallowed the world. The boundless black sword light seemed as if it would destroy the very foundation of this independent space, severing the pillars of the world!

Facing this titanic sword strike, everyone felt as if the apocalypse had come and the world would collapse and be annihilated.

Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear. The 10 foot long spear shaft gently shivered in this catastrophic sword light!

The Phoenix Blood Spear was only a spirit artifact. For it to face a True divinity spirit treasure, even one that could display less than a tenth of its true power, was far too difficult.

Everyone looked at Lin Ming and held their breath. Without the Black Dragon Spear, how would he block the Good Fortune Saint Son?

But if he couldn’t use the Black Dragon Spear as he pleased, then facing this terrifying sword light that filled the heavens and earth, the Phoenix Blood Spear might be cut in half!

Wu – wu – wu – !

The Phoenix Blood Spear violently trembled, emitting keening cries as it was unable to withstand the burden!

Lin Ming’s complexion changed. His greatest weakness right now was his weapon, and at the start he really was planning on using guerilla tactics to slowly whittle down the Good Fortune Saint Son’s strength.

However, the Good Fortune Saint Son didn’t give him this chance. This move not only blocked out space, but it also forced him to directly meet his enemy!

Up until now, the Good Fortune Saint Son was the strongest opponent Lin Ming had ever faced!

Hum –

The vibrations traversing the Phoenix Blood Spear became increasingly intense. Seeing it reach its limits, Lin Ming turned his right hand and the Phoenix Blood Spear disappeared into his spatial ring. In the next moment, another spear appeared in Lin Ming’s hand. This spear was gold all over and blazed with a brilliant golden light!

This spear was named the Purple Gold Spear and was the Empyrean spirit treasure spear Duke Fullmoon used a sky high price of 2 billion contribution points to win at the divine Rune City Auction. At that time, it had been Lin Ming’s intention to mess with Duke Fullmoon and cause him to lose more wealth.

Afterwards, Duke Fullmoon had been killed by Lin Ming and this spear finally fell into Lin Ming’s hands.

In terms of quality, this Purple Gold Spear was far inferior to the Good Fortune Saint Son’s black divine sword. However, it was far harder than the Phoenix Blood Spear. At the very least it wouldn’t break in half within the turbulent sword light.


The Purple Gold Spear violently collided with the black sword light. Massive chunks of golden light were swallowed up by the black sword light.

Lin Ming was forced back again and again. As for the Good Fortune Saint Son, he pushed forwards with unstoppable force, his every sword strike aiming for Lin Ming’s neck.


Lin Ming struck the barriers of the space cage!

The Good Fortune Saint Son hurtled forwards. The astral essence around his body blazed like a scorching sun. With his black hair wildly flying about, he was like a peerless war god.

His arms were as sharp as swords and energy erupted from his body like waves in a stormy sea. His blood vitality billowed upwards, shooting straight into the starry skies!

“He’s been suppressed!”

Seeing this scene, the human Empyreans nearly felt their hearts leap out of their chests. The Good Fortune Saint Son was just far too strong and the blood vitality and physical strength he possessed was nearly that of a grown God Beast. It was simply impossible to match him!

On the other hand, although Lin Ming had taken out an Empyrean spirit treasure, the grade of this spear wasn’t even too high amongst Empyrean spirit treasures. It was still far too difficult for him to use this spear to block the Good Fortune Saint Son.

Now, Lin Ming had been forced back to the edges of the space barrier. He could only forcefully withstand the Good Fortune Saint Son’s strike!

“Even if you could use a True divinity spirit treasure you would be far from my match, much less the current you that cannot use a True divinity spirit treasure. Now, watch as I take your head!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son cruelly chuckled. He could finally strike Lin Ming with everything he had. After this strike, all of Lin Ming’s meridians would be torn to pieces and his organs would be reduced to a puddle of goo!

Facing the Good Fortune Saint Son’s sword, Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. At this time, a blue divine light shot out from deep within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, pouring into the shaft of the Purple Gold Spear.

This was Lin Ming’s large success blue soul battle spirit!

By fusing his weapon with his battle spirit, he could just manage to bridge the difference in weapon grades!

In that instant, Lin Ming opened the Heretical God Force to the limit. Behind him, the phantom of an ancient and massive tree appeared. The bough towered into the skies, blocking out the clouds and shrouding the sun.

Even when that annihilating black light shined upon the crown of this ancient tree, it found it difficult to penetrate through.

All of the energy energy condensed, forming a giant vortex in front of Lin Ming. Lin Ming thrust out his spear, sweeping through the void.

Eternal Darkness!


A terrifying eruption exploded between Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son. A tide of energy cracked open a massive fissure in the ground, and even the sea that was hundreds of miles away began to violently rage and storm as tsunamis started to form.

Lin Ming grasped the Purple Gold Spear, solidly clashing with the Good Fortune Saint Son!

Spear to sword, it was a simple but brutal collision!

Lin Ming’s muscles began to bulge. His meridians and blood vessels expanded, and with a loud cracking sound, the space barrier behind him collapsed from the pressure!


The Good Fortune Saint Son never thought that Lin Ming would manage to block his direct strike.

Although the Good Fortune Saint Son hadn’t used his complete strength nor had he used the Good Fortune divine Art, in his opinion, the strength he used now should still easily be able to defeat Lin Ming.

Especially since Lin Ming’s weapon was far inferior to his own.

“The Good Fortune Saint Son’s sword light was terrifying but it was still blocked by Lin Ming. And Lin Ming has only a half-step Holy Lord cultivation…”

A hundred miles away where members of the monster race had gathered, the young elites were all quietly watching this battle. Although they had heard that Lin Ming possessed a talent that defied the will of the heavens, today was the first time they witnessed it with their own eyes.

“Amongst the juniors, no one can compare to Lin Ming’s heroic daring. If the young elites of my race were compared to him, it would be no different than fireflies to a bonfire. It's no wonder he had the courage to challenge the Good Fortune Saint Son.”

To fight the middle Holy Lord Good Fortune Saint Son with a mere half-step Holy Lord cultivation, and also with a weaker weapon, everyone thought that Lin Ming would be quickly defeated. But in two continuous moves, Lin Ming still hadn’t fallen.

Just this alone was more than enough to be proud of!

“Your Highness Wumo, what are you doing? You must hurry and defeat this Lin Ming. In this battle you have the advantage of cultivation so you must thoroughly obtain victory. You must not only defeat him but also rout the confidence of the humans, otherwise it is the same as you having lost! Do you not see the expressions that these human Empyreans are making? Destroy their hope, make it so that they lose all courage to resist our people!”

At this time, a sound transmission from a saint Empyrean echoed Empyrean echoed in the Good Fortune Saint Son’s ears.

The Good Fortune Saint Son took a deep breath. As the dignified Saint Son of the entre saint race and also with a middle Holy Lord cultivation, if he couldn’t defeat a mere Lin Ming who wasn’t even a Holy Lord yet and also drag out the battle for a long time, that simply couldn’t be justified.

At this time, the Good Fortune Saint Son had fallen completely silent.

He turned his burning eyes towards Lin Ming. “I will acknowledge that I have underestimated you. Your strength has surpassed my imagination, but even so, that will not change the outcome. You will still be miserably beaten by me.”

As the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke, the astral essence surrounding him turned pure gold, as if there was a golden sun burning within his body.

As the color of the Good Fortune Saint Son’s astral essence changed, his aura also experienced an earth-shaking transformation.

“This is…”

Many of the human masters present had keen senses. They realized that the Good Fortune Saint Son was undergoing some type of transformation at this moment, and his strength was rapidly ascending.

“This is the Good Fortune divine Art! Several years ago when the Good Fortune Saint Son defeated a human Great World King, he used this golden astral essence!”

Amongst the human Empyreans, there were some that had witnessed the battle between the Good Fortune Saint Son and the human Great World King. Through that battle, they had gained a profound impression of the Good Fortune divine Art.

The ordinary Good Fortune Saint Son and the Good Fortune Saint Son who used the Good Fortune divine Art were two completely different concepts. Moreover, the current Good Fortune Saint Son had even broken into the fifth level of the Good Fortune divine Art!

“Lin Ming, be careful of him! This Good Fortune divine Art is an upper or even peak True divinity cultivation method!”

Empyrean Vast Universe’s sound transmission echoed in Lin Ming’s ears.

Because his experience was limited, he couldn’t clearly distinguish what grade of cultivation method this Good Fortune divine Art was.

With Empyrean Vase Universe’s words, Lin Ming’s heart skipped a beat. A superior or even peak True divinity cultivation method!

Lin Ming didn’t know what level True divinity the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was, but what was without doubt was that through all the years of the saints, they should have obtained many rare and precious inheritances from the Primeval Realm Ruins.

Moreover, the saints possessed an unfathomably deep background. Their martial arts civilization and inheritances had never been cut off like humanity’s had, thus humans were incompare with them.

In this sort of situation, even if the Good if the Good Fortune Saint Son wasn’t a superior True divinity, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he possessed a superior or peak True divinity cultivation method.

If so, then Empyrean divine Seal’s divine Seal Art would most likely be inferior to the Good Fortune Saint Son’s Good Fortune divine Art!

As Lin Ming thought of this, his complexion became increasingly grim.

And at this time, all of the strength of the world seemed to be summoned by an invisible call. All of it started gathering towards the Good Fortune Saint Son.

This strength consisted of not just heaven and earth origin energy, but all the strengths of the world.

Light, heat, microscopic ions in the air, the power of life, the power of the rocks, the power of streams, all of it began to gather towards the Good Fortune Saint Son!

With his own eyes, Lin Ming could see changes occurring hundreds of miles away.

Grass and plants began to wither and fall. Those towering old trees that reached the skies rapidly atrophied, becoming nothing but dead wood.

The rivers running through the forests evaporated, revealed dried up riverbeds.

This sort of feeling was as if the entire river had been sucked dry of its essence energy and vitality, and had undergone something similar to death. And all of the dissipated essence energy and vitality was completely absorbed by the Good Fortune Saint Son.

As the forest was completely destroyed, birds began to scatter. The land began to shake as all the creatures were filled with a manic fear. Beasts fled from the forest, as if they had encountered the most terrifying existence.

They crazily struggled in the withering forests, but just a moment later, all of these creatures emitted agonizing screams and their bodies burst open and they turned into masses of blood fog.

All of this blood fog also began gathering towards the Good Fortune Saint Son!

It was like the Good Fortune Saint Son was wresting away all the strength of the world, using it to strengthen himself!

This strength could no longer be called heaven and earth origin energy, but the power of good fortune.

The Good Fortune divine Art was a technique that seized the good fortune of the world!

The so-called good fortune was that of nature. In a universe, besides the mortals that lived there, it was the sum of everything!

When a person seized the power of good fortune then the world would lose its spiritual energy and vitality, slowly moving it towards entropy, towards death and decay.

This was a truly cruel and overbearingly tyrannical cultivation method!

If a True divinity were to use this ability, they could suck dry a great world!


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