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Martial World - Chapter 1768


Chapter 1768

Chapter 1768 - Scorching Blood Sun




In this battle with the Good Fortune Saint Son, Lin Ming had bet nearly everything he had!

To win, was to forge a future for humanity and allow them a chance to breathe and gather themselves!

To lose, was to lose the Black Dragon Spear, to lose the black dragon egg, and to lose Xiao Moxian. This was a price that Lin Ming absolutely could not withstand!

As for how strong the Good Fortune Saint Son truly was, Lin Ming had no absolutely no idea.

If he were to fight the Good Fortune Saint Son at the end of the full 100 years, then he would have absolute confidence in victory. But now, because of what happened with Xiao Moxian, he had no choice but to fight here and now.

In this battle, Lin Ming didn't know how many cards the Good Fortune Saint Son would have in his hands, nor did he know what kind of cultivation method the Good Fortune divine Art was.

Thus, for this battle, Lin Ming had already thrown everything he had on the table and cut off all paths of retreat. He was determined to fight until the end!

On the other side, the Good Fortune Saint Son similarly couldn't understand Lin Ming.

As for the depths of Lin Ming's strength, not even Xiao Moxian was completely clear.

’’I really have no idea where your courage comes from...’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son stared at Lin Ming's Black dragon Spear. Towards that spear, he felt nothing but incomparable jealousy. As long as he defeated Lin Ming, that spear was his!

He couldn't take a liking to something like an Empyrean spirit treasure, but as for a peak top level True divinity spirit treasure, let alone possessing one, he had only ever seen two in his entire life.

’’If you want to deliver me your treasures, then come!’’

As the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke, his body flashed and he flew out from the main hall.

Lin Ming followed close behind.

In the blink of an eye, the two left the divine palace and flew a hundred miles away, floating high above the skies of the primal jungle island beneath them.

All around them great mountains towered and massive trees loomed!

This world was located within the monster race's Black Pagoda. It was an ancient ruin opened up by an ancient True divinity level powerhouse and the space here was as stable as a boundless true universe. No matter how Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son fought here, it would be impossible for them to cause this world to collapse.

Behind Lin Ming, the other Empyreans and young elites flew out in abundance, including even the Monster Emperor and Empyrean Demondawn.

All of them were watching this battle.

And outside of the divine palace, all of the young disciples that were waiting, as well the massive number of monster race disciples and followers, were all shocked as they looked up and saw Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son fly high up in the air, confronting each other, and then the droves of high level figures that flew after them.

What was going on here? Why did it seem that Lin Ming was going to fight the Good Fortune Saint Son?

Before they could think further, there was a loud ring as the Good Fortune Saint Son drew out a heavy sword from his spatial ring. This heavy sword was pitch black and didn't give off any light at all. It was as long as a person and looked incredibly heavy.

The heavy sword's blade had no edge, but with a weapon of this level, whether there was an edge on the blade no longer mattered.

Seeing this heavy sword appear, the human Empyreans present felt their hearts shake. ’’This is...’’

The aura emitting from the Good Fortune Saint Son's sword was clearly far inferior to Lin Ming's Black Dragon Spear. But, it was far, far mightier than any ordinary Empyrean spirit treasure!

’’That is a True divinity spirit treasure, but amongst the lowest level...’’

Empyrean divine Dream faintly whispered. Her words caused everyone's hearts to skip a beat. They felt that Lin Ming was inferior to the Good Fortune Saint Son, but by relying on the Black Dragon Spear, he should be able to make up for a part of the difference. Yet now, the Good Fortune Saint Son had also taken out a True divinity spirit treasure!

The Good Fortune Saint Son diabolically grinned. ’’I am skilled in all weapons. Swords, sabers, spears, anything I touch I can wield! Your spear shall be taken by me!’’

Although he was arrogant and insolent, he wouldn't lower his guard. He didn't believe that Lin Ming would be so stupid and freely deliver such treasures into his hand. But no matter what cards Lin Ming had up his sleeve, he had absolute confidence he would win!

And at this time, Lin Ming did something incredibly mind-boggling.

They saw Lin Ming put away the Black Dragon Spear and take out the Phoenix Blood Spear once more. He wanted to use the Phoenix Blood Spear to fight the Good Fortune Saint Son!

The eyes of all martial artists present turned as wide as full moons.

What was Lin Ming doing? Things had already come this far and he still wanted to hold back? Was he insane?

The Phoenix Blood Spear was only an ordinary spirit artifact. It could just barely manage to face an Empyrean spirit treasure, much less a True divinity spirit treasure. It might even be instantly split in half by the Good Fortune Saint Son's sword!

’’Lin Ming! You You brat, what are you doing!’’

Empyrean Vast Universe was already breathless with anxiousness.

But Lin Ming remained unperturbed. He still used the Phoenix Blood Spear to face the Good Fortune Saint Son.

The Black Dragon Spear was almost 20 billion jins heavy. In order for Lin Ming to use it, he would have to consume his strength at an alarming rate. In the past, when killing the Undying Polar Ice, Lin Ming using the Black Dragon Spear in a single all-out attack had exhausted nearly half his strength.

After that, Lin Ming entered the final trial's sixth level and obtained the Asura Sutra's second volume. With several years of training, his comprehension and skill in the Asura Laws increased by leaps and bounds. Finally, he could use the Asura Laws to control the Black Dragon Spear to barely utilize a few percent of its power. However, this had to be done when a battle reached its most white-hot stage.

Otherwise, he would rapidly exhaust his strength and no longer be able to defeat the Good Fortune Saint Son. At that time, Lin Ming would only be able to wait to be struck down.

In a way, it was similar to a long distance contest. If he sprinted at the start it would be impossible to keep running near the end. Only at the final stretch where he ran with everything he had would he be able to fight for victory.

At this time, the Good Fortune Saint Son came to a conclusion as to why Lin Ming put away the Black Dragon Spear. He laughed and said, ’’I understand now. It's true that you have a peak True divinity spirit treasure, but you simply aren't able to use it! Even for the heavy sword in my hands, I was only able to move less than a tenth of its power after breaking through to the fifth level of the Good Fortune divine Art. And, this edgeless heavy sword is amongst the worst of True divinity spirit treasures, whereas your Black Dragon Spear is a peak True divinity spirit treasure. It's unbelievable how much strength it must take to wield, so how could the likes of you possibly use it??’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son's words were like a bucket of cold water that was poured over Empyrean Vast Universe's entire body, making him feel chilled to the bone!

All of the human Empyreans present felt their hearts drop. They had been hoping for the Black Dragon Spear to show some miraculous effect in battle, but it seemed that this spear could not be used because Lin Ming wasn't able to control it!

Then what was the point of fighting!?

Did Lin Ming plan on using the Phoenix Blood Spear to contend with the Good Fortune Saint Son's True divinity spirit treasure? Wasn't this just a hopeless struggle?

The Good>The Good Fortune Saint Son became even more arrogant, more brazen. ’’I was also afraid of that spear because I thought it might contain the battle spirit of some True divinity, but now it seems that you cannot even use it. Just how do you plan on fighting with me? Just sit down and die!’’

As the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke his body shot forwards. The astral essence around him shot out like endless golden divine swords, making him seem like a scorching blood sun, making it impossible for others to look at him.

His sword cut down. As his long hair scattered, a wild and savage light burst out from his eyes.

From the heavy sword, a several hundred thousand foot long black light split apart the blue skies. The towering mountains and massive trees were swept up by this sword light. For a time, stones crashed to the ground and pieces of shattered wood swirled in the air.

This sword light left all the young elites holding their breath. Even though they were dozens of miles away, they felt their mortal bodies nearly be crushed by the terrifying momentum alone.

It was hard to imagine that this was a battle between juniors. Even those lords who had ruled for several hundred thousands of years were humbled in the face of such power!

Facing this sword, Lin Ming's complexion was earnest and dignified. In a situation where he couldn't use the Black Dragon Spear, his weapon became his weak point. It would be hard to directly confront this attack!

He drew back and opened the Heretical God Force. The power of thunder and fire erupted, wrapping around his body. A boundless and ancient strength rose up, completely surrounding Lin Ming!

This was Lin Ming's grandmist force field, an offensive and defensive ability.


As the black sword light broke into the barrier of the grandmist force field it was rapidly weakened by the grandmist space. Then, Lin Ming thrust out the Phoenix Blood Spear again and again. With the support of his immense bodily strength, the weakened sword light was pierced through by Lin Ming's spear.

A crazy and furious energy erupted outwards. Lin Ming was forced back 100 miles and wherever he went, mountains and rivers would disintegrate and the earth would be hollowed out. It was unknown how many towering ancient trees were twisted to pieces by the energy and evaporated into ash!

The Good Fortune Saint Son's black light seemed to contain a dark demonic strength to it. Any object that was swept within would be completely annihilated, leaving almost nothing behind. As the young elites saw the millions upon millions of ancient trees be destroyed in the maelstrom, all of them felt streams of cold sweat dripping down their back.

If they were sucked into that black sword light, even just the tiniest bit, perhaps tiniest bit, perhaps they would turn to nothing but ashes.

At this time, there was a loud explosive sound as the black sword light completely dissipated.

Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear, standing proud and tall in the wild fluctuations of energy.

’’He withstood it, he withstood the Good Fortune Saint Son's first sword strike. However, that wasn't a true frontal confrontation but rather avoiding the sharpness and then using his own force field to diminish the sword light. As for what Lin Ming finished off with his weapon, that was in truth just a tiny part of it.’’

An Empyrean commented. In just one move, the battlefield that Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son had been fighting on was razed. Where Lin Ming had withdrawn by a hundred miles, a massive chasm formed with everything within it annihilated.

This was the horrifying scar that the Good Fortune Saint Son's sword light left upon the land.

All of the human Empyreans present were nervous. Although Lin Ming didn't suffer a loss in that strike, he wasn't able to directly confront the Good Fortune Saint Son. This made all the human Empyreans feel doubt in their hearts.

’’Hey, all you can do is run away?’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son held his black heavy sword in his hand, slowly flying in the air like a peerless war god. The bright light of the sun shined in his hair, casting a blinding golden light.

’’You cannot withstand my attack directly... so you want to use skirmish tactics to fight me. If you don't want to face me then should I chase you around like a mouse everywhere? Since I use a True divinity spirit treasure I consume strength faster than you, and no matter how much strength I have I will suffer a loss. So, you want to use that tactic to slowly reduce my strength? A well thought out plan, but what a pity it is nothing but a dream! This time I'll make sure there's nowhere you can run!’’

As the Good Fortune Saint Son spoke, wild astral winds rose up all around him. These strong astral winds blew into the void, constraining the power of space!

With a light crackling sound, the space surrounding Lin Ming and the Good Fortune Saint Son was locked up like a cage.

’’Let's see how you'll run away this time!’’

The Good Fortune Saint Son maliciously grinned, rushing forwards. And as he did, the space cage also tightened!

With Lin Ming's strength he could naturally break through this space cage and escape, but in the brief moment it took him to do so he would be overtaken by the Good Fortune Saint Son.

’’Die! I will split you and your spear in half together!’’

As the Good Fortune Saint Son hurtled forwards, his black sword slashed through space!


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